Webcast: Solving the Drought Starts with Mankind’s Mastery over the Solar System

Webcast: Solving the Drought Starts with Mankind’s Mastery over the Solar System
 Surviving the tragic drought and water shortage devastating our nation’s food supply, and restoring the U.S. Presidency from the dictatorship it has become, requires looking to the true nature of mankind, and the human mind to discover that which has never been discovered before. There are no practical, short term, political solutions. We must look beyond even the Earth’s boundaries, and change our relationship to the solar system itself. The BRICS nations and their allies are already doing this; it is time for Americans to join this global transformation.

Rather than accept the destruction of our food supply, our labor force, and our Constitution, it is time for the American people to take charge of our government, and take up Lyndon LaRouche’s emergency solutions. It is time for Americans to look to the crucial scientific breakthroughs and engineering projects in nations like China, Russia, Egypt, and elsewhere across the planet, who have prominently featured both Mr. LaRouche and his wife in their conferences on sovereign banking, high speed rail, nuclear power, space exploration, water projects, and more, in the recent two months.

This webcast was simulcast live from Texas, featuring Kesha Rogers, from California, featuring Michael Steger

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Inspires America

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Inspires America

Political activists with LaRouchePAC organize the inspired and optimistic overflow crowd gathered at Madison Square Garden in New York City on September 28, 2014 to hear the newly elected Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, deliver a live internationally broadcast speech following his first appearance before the United Nations General Assembly.

In a groundbreaking event beamed nationwide from New York’s Madison Square Garden on Sunday, Narendra Modi brought the spark of the BRICS and associated nations’ fight, and electrified the United States. A leading LaRouche organizer said afterwards that he had seen “optimism unlike anything I’ve seen in my life. It was not just rah-rah, although that was there as well. Especially older people expressed a deep pride linked with optimism about the future.” The signs he and his fellows carried said, “LaRouche Welcomes Modi to the United States,” “India Leads Humanity,” and “Namaste Mangalyaan,” the latter the name of India’s spacecraft now circling Mars. Others of our signs said, “This is the End of British Geopolitics,” and, “The British Empire Must be Impeached!” People had flown in from all over the country to pack Madison Square Garden with 20,000 participants; many more gathered outside; 1,500 watched on a giant television screen in Times Square, and satellite events were held throughout this country and some in India.

Watch: Narenda Modi Speech at Madison Square Garden
Watch: Narenda Modi Speech in Central Park Global Citizen Festival

When Modi had called at the United Nations to replace the G-8, G-20, and the like with a “G-All,” he was expressing the same concept as Helga Zepp-LaRouche had in her article, “We Need a New, Inclusive, World Security Architecture.” The movement Narendra Modi represented at Madison Square Garden is the antidote to war and terrorism, as Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez and Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff pointed out at the United Nations just last week.

Modi moved many of his listeners fundamentally; the effect was compared with that of Dr. Martin Luther King. Modi spoke of the “Indian Dream,” as Xi Jinping has spoken of the “Chinese Dream.” Even more than King, for many, he brought to mind the life’s work of Lyndon LaRouche, which has led over many decades to the development of the BRICS system today, now with its sudden dawn of fervent and justified optimism among actually billions of people. That idea has become reality.

This is the contagion of optimism that cannot be stopped. This is how America can be saved.

See: Prime Minister Modi’s Speech to the United Nations

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LPAC Policy Committee 29 Sept. 2014

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The UNHRC Passes Argentine Resolution Condemning Vulture Funds; U.S. Sides with the Vultures

In another blow to the British Queen’s vulture funds, the United Nations’ Human Rights Council (UNHRC) passed a resolution on Sept. 27 “condemning the activities of vulture funds, because of the direct negative effect they have on the ability of governments to meet their human rights obligations, above all, economic, social and cultural rights, and the right to development.

Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timerman introduced the resolution, which passed by a vote of 33-5, with 9 abstentions. The U.S., United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and the Czech Republic voted against it.

As per the Obama Administration’s genocidal proclivities, U.S. representative to the UNHRC Keith Harper labeled the resolution “unacceptable,” arguing that “The state’s responsibility for promoting and protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms is not contingent on its sovereign debt situation.” He had the gall to say that introduction of Argentina’s resolution to address the very “technical” and complex issue of debt restructuring, risks “creating uncertainties which “could drive up borrowing costs or even choke off financing for developing countries.” The issue should be taken up in other venues, he admonished.

The resolution, titled “Consequences for Foreign Debt and International Financial Obligations of states for the full enjoyment of human rights, economic, social and cultural rights,” affirms that the vulture funds’ activities “highlight some of the problems of the world financial system, and are an example of the unjust character of the current system, which directly affects debtor states’ enjoyment of human rights.”

In motivating this action, the resolution points to the vulture funds’ “negative effects on international initiatives for debt relief and on the abilities of poor indebted countries that have benefited from these debt-relief measures, to create the conditions necessary to make effective their human rights, including the right to development.” Pointing to the fact that the vultures’ litigation against nations forces them to divert resources which might otherwise be used to meet the needs of their populations, it asserts that the burden of the foreign debt “contributes to extreme poverty and hunger and is an obstacle for sustainable human development.” Every nation has the “sovereign right” to restructure its sovereign debt, it affirms, “which should not be frustrated or impeded by any measure from another State.”

Point 4 of the resolution calls on the UNHRC’s Advisory Committee investigate, and prepare a report on, the vulture funds’ activities and consult member states and multilateral organizations as part of its investigation.

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Modi: Let Us Fulfill Our Pledge on a Development Agenda

In an interesting speech at the United Nations General Assembly Saturday, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking in Hindi and ex tempore, lashed out against the United Nations for not carrying out, during the 69 years of its existence, what it was established for. He used the failure of the UN to attack the countries who have diverted the Development Agenda and not been honest about shouldering responsibilities.

“When we think of the scale of want in the world — 2.5 billion people without access to basic sanitation; 1.3 billion people without access to electricity; or 1.1 billion people without access to drinking water, we need a more comprehensive and concerted direct international action. In India, the most important aspects of my development agenda are precisely to focus on these issues. The eradication of poverty must remain at the core of the Development Agenda and command our fullest attention,’’ Modi said.

At one point in his speech, he said:

‘‘Today, we still operate in various Gs with different numbers. India, too, is involved in several. But, how much are we able to work together as G1 or G-All? On the one side, we say that our destinies are inter-linked, on the other hand we still think in terms of zero sum game. If the other benefits, I stand to lose. It is easy to be cynical and say nothing will change; but if we do that, we run the risk of shirking our responsibilities and we put our collective future in danger.’’

Urging all to pursue a more stable and inclusive global development, Modi said globalization has created new poles of growth; new industries; and new source of employment, but, “at the same time, billions live on the edge of poverty and want; countries that are barely able to survive a global economic storm.”

“There has never been a time when it has seemed more possible than now to change this. Technology has made things possible; the cost of providing it has reduced. We no longer are totally dependent on bricks and mortars,’’ Modi pointed out.

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BRICS Takes the Lead at UN General Assembly

Battle for the Future of Humanity Intensifies as BRICS Takes the Lead at UN General Assembly

On the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly this week, the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), continued to assert a new confidence in their collective role in shaping a better future for mankind.

Following a Sept. 25 meeting of the BRICS foreign ministers in New York, China’s Wang Yi spoke for the group in announcing that the five nations will be developing common strategies and solutions for dealing with the world’s most dangerous conflicts, while broadening the economic, cultural, and scientific collaboration as was set forth at the Fortaleza, Brazil summit, in particular with the launching of the New Development Bank.

The group singled out Egypt for its pivotal role in moving the Middle East peace process forward, by brokering a revived unity agreement among Palestinian factions, and by planning to co-host with Norway a donors conference to rebuild Gaza following the Summer Israeli “shock and awe” carpet bombing and invasion.

From the opening session of the General Assembly through the special session of the UN Security Council on the threat coming from the Islamic State, al-Qaeda and the Al Nusra Front, BRICS heads of state played a leading role in pressing for the new paradigm in international relations,

Prime Minister Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to address the General Assembly Saturday morning, after which he will be meeting over the weekend with Bill and Hillary Clinton, and will then speak at Madison Square Garden, which is already sold out for his anxiously awaited speech before the Indian-American community. On Tuesday, Modi will be at the White House for a State Dinner and summit with President Obama.

With the resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder, Obama is becoming more and more isolated and more and more desperate. Lyndon LaRouche’s clarion call warning about the dangers of Obama going for a full-blown police-state dictatorship cannot be ignored or underestimated.

In a lead editorial Friday, the Editorial Board of the New York Times assailed Holder and the Obama Administration for failing to prosecute a single individual guilty of conducting torture, or to jail a single banker in the subprime mortgage scandal that nearly wiped out what remained of the U.S. economy. Holder, on behalf of Obama, prosecuted more whistleblowers under the Espionage Act than all of his predecessors combined.

Obama continues to ignore the unanimous demands of his entire Cabinet and the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff that he go to Congress for authorization for the war he is waging in Iraq and Syria. The only explanation for Obama’s refusal to go to Congress under Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution and the War Powers Resolution, is that he is intent on wiping out all Congressional authority and going for dictatorship. The war plan that Obama is pursuing, in stark contrast to the recommendations from the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey, is costing American taxpayers at least $10 million a day, according to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and General Dempsey, who gave a Pentagon press conference on Friday afternoon. CNN’s Fareed Zakaria joined the growing chorus of critics of Obama’s latest war, writing in the Sept. 25 Washington Post that no victory against the Islamic State is possible without openly collaborating with Iran and Syria. That was at the heart of the original Dempsey plan for defeating IS. Instead, Obama is allying with the very Anglo-Saudi forces that created IS and al-Qaeda in the first place. There is no intent on Obama’s part to genuinely defeat the Islamic State and restore stability to the region. He is a tool in the British plan for a permanent conflict within the Islamic world.

In stark contrast to Obama’s treachery, a group of 126 leading Sunni clerics has issued an open letter to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the nominal head of the Islamic State, tearing apart his abuse of the tenets of Islam. The lengthy theological treatise was composed by leading Islamic scholars, including from Al-Azhar University in Cairo, the oldest school of Islamic thought in the world. It was noteworthy that not one cleric from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, or Kuwait was a signator on the open letter, which was a profound theological attack on Wahhabism, and on the Islamic State’s thorough distortion of the principles of the Koran and the Haditha.

It is imperative that the United States returns to its historic roots and joins with the BRICS nations in forging a whole new framework of collaboration among the sovereign nations of the planet. This starts with Obama’s immediate removal from office–before he makes one final effort at pure evil dictatorship. The American people despise this President, and want to see the nation restored to its once proud heritage. The question is whether the American people will respond in time to the demands and great opportunities of the moment. Those opportunities are most clearly on display in the efforts by the BRICS nations and those other nations like Egypt and Argentina, who are aligned and fighting for what the late Dr. Edward Teller called “the common aims of mankind.

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Argentina’s President Fernandez Confronts Obama at UNSC on Failed U.S. Anti-Terrorism Policy

Clearly reflecting her sense of strength as a member of the BRICS alliance of nations, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner confronted Barack Obama at the Sept. 24 meeting of the UN Security Council (UNSC), aggressively questioning the effectiveness of the U.S.’s methods of combating terrorist groups such as ISIS in the Mideast.

Sitting only one chair away from Obama, Fernandez addressed him directly, which, according to Argentine officials in the room, created evident “discomfort” in the U.S. President, Tiempo Argentino reported Thursday. A picture of him which appeared in that daily, shows Obama with a “deer in the headlights” expression on his face. He did not answer any of the pointed questions she raised.

Without stating it explicitly, Fernandez strongly implied that rather than defeating groups like ISIS and allied jihadists, the Obama administration’s policies have allowed them to expand. While she backed the U.S.-authored resolution on combating ISIS, Fernandez underscored that a simple military response to that group isn’t effective. Instead of disappearing, these groups are growing, emerging with new names, and ever more violent methods. Obviously, she concluded, the methodology adopted isn’t working, and needs to be revised.

“We are living a Third World War, as the Pope says—not a conventional war of the 20th century, but now more targeted wars,” Fernandez warned. So, she asked, “what are the most effective tools to combat terrorism?” The only thing the current policy seems to produce is more “permanent bloodshed” with large numbers of innocent civilian victims.

The Argentine President zeroed in on the U.S.’s penchant for constantly redefining who is an “enemy” and who is a “friend.” After 9/11, it was Osama bin Laden; but recall, she noted, that he was originally trained by the U.S. in the 1980s to combat Russia in Afghanistan. Initially, militants of the Arab Spring, like the Syrian opposition to President Assad, were described as “freedom fighters,” but are now in bed with ISIS.

To drive home her point, Fernandez stated in a press conference the same day, prior to leaving New York, “I agree with what the Russian and then the Chinese Foreign Ministers said: there are no good terrorists or bad terrorists; there are just terrorists.”

Concluding her UNSC remarks, Fernandez called on those governments that possess sophisticated intelligence capabilities to start addressing questions such as, who finances ISIS? Who provides them with training and weapons, and buys their oil, allowing them to accumulate enormous financial resources? Argentina, which doesn’t sell weapons or purchase oil, can’t do that, but the U.S. and its Western allies can, she admonished.

Sovereign Argentina Has No Reason to Listen to New York Judge Griesa

Prior to leaving for Buenos Aires, Argentine President Cristina Fernandez ridiculed New York Federal Judge Thomas Griesa during a Sept. 24 press conference, for threatening to declare her nation in contempt of court for refusing to obey his rulings ordering the government to pay the predatory vulture funds.

Dismissing Griesa as a “municipal judge,” Fernandez said it is “folly” for him to declare a sovereign nation in contempt. Argentina has met all its debt obligations; it has deposited $539 million in Bank of New York-Mellon (BoNY), which Griesa himself embargoed, she said.

Griesa is outraged that the Argentine Congress has passed a law authorizing a new debt swap for bondholders who had participated in the 2005 and 2010 restructurings, which will be governed by Argentine, rather than New York, law. He is threatening to begin imposing daily fines of $50,000 unless Argentina immediately obeys all his rulings ordering it to pay the predators, and is demanding that it also reimburse “legal costs” to the vultures’ lawyers. At the request of NML Capital vulture fund, Griesa has scheduled a Sept. 29 hearing in Manhattan to consider the contempt issue.

Good luck with that. On Wednesday, the Argentine government approved the official contract, as stipulated by the just-passed Sovereign Payment of Foreign Debt Law, establishing the Nacion-Fideicomisos, affiliated with the state-run Banco de la Nacion, as the trustee for a new debt swap, formalizing BoNY’s removal. The contract also establishes Buenos Aires and Paris as the venues from which bondholders may collect their interest payments, and states that Argentine, not New York law, will govern all transactions related to the new swap.

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