To Fulfill the Mission of the Presidency, Obama Must Be Dumped and All Remnants of the Bush League Eliminated

To restore the mission of the US Presidency—without which the United States cannot survive—President Obama must be forced out of office, and all vestiges of the Bush family must be removed. After the experience of eight years of Bush-Cheney, following the earlier 12 years of George H.W. Bush, occupying the posts of Vice President and President, it is an abomination beyond belief that yet another Bush name has reappeared, as a potential Republican Party presidential candidate.

Until such time as Obama is removed from office, and the other legacies of the Bush name are removed, the US presidency will be crippled. Only after such a cleansing can the mission of the Presidency be restored. The Bush family disease did not start with George W. Bush or even with George H.W. Bush. It began with Prescott Bush and his Nazi collusion before and during World War II. That Nazi collusion persists to this day, within the Obama presidency, in the form of former Dick Cheney national security aide Victoria Nuland, who is the Obama Administration’s liaison to the Ukrainian neo-Nazis and oligarchs.

The Bush problem was persistent in the Reagan Administration, when Bush was chosen as Vice President. His influence became all-the-more dominant over time, following the attempted assassination of President Reagan, early in his first year in office.

It is this Bush disease, and the shadow of this disease that hangs all over the Obama White House, that is on the edge of causing a war against Russia and in the Persian Gulf.

The deeper truth that cannot be ignored is that the entire trans-Atlantic financial system is hopelessly bankrupt. The US and Western Europe are bankrupt, and the surrounding areas are mush, as the result of that reality.

The United States is facing an existential decision: Either a qualified US President is elected, after the early ouster of President Obama from office by constitutional means, or the only hope for US survival is to cut some kind of a deal with Russia and China, both to avoid war, and to enter into the Eurasian BRICS process.

All of Hillary Clinton’s problems stem from the fact that she made a bad choice, accepting Obama’s poison pill offer to join the administration as Secretary of State. Had she stayed in the US Senate, with the backing of 16 million Democratic voters, she would have retained her independence, deepened her experience, and avoided the trap that she was drawn into by associating with the Obama Administration.

Fortunately, we now have a pre-candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination—Martin O’Malley—who is doing the right thing, putting policy above personality, and setting the basis for the United States to enter the new global paradigm, being set in place by the BRICS, the AIIB and the growing array of nations entering into that new “win-win” arrangement. This is the rejection of geopolitics of war. This is the proper basis for creating a new US government and putting the United States back on the course of Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton.

To restore a genuine American presidency, the Obama-Bush League must be removed, before they start yet another insane war. The recent actions of Bibi Netanyahu have opened the gates for the Republican yahoos to start a new war in the Persian Gulf.

So, the time has come to get rid of Obama. He should be forced to resign tomorrow. The cheerful effect, of such an action, would both guarantee war prevention, and set the basis for restoring the historic mission of the US Presidency, as envisioned by Franklin and Hamilton, and enshrined in our Federal Constitution.


Chinese Reiterate Offer to U.S. to Join In Developing the World

As heads of state and businessmen from around the world join Asian leaders for the start of China’s four-day Baoao Forum for Asia, dedicated this year to “Asia’s New Future: Toward a Community of Common Destiny,” China’s official media extended once again China’s invitation to the United States to forget geopolitics, and join other nations in the common struggle to improve humanity’s condition.

Top on the agenda of the Baoao Forum, which Chinese President Xi Jinping will address, are the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. According to a report by Xinhua last week, the Chinese government is to unveil here a detailed prospectus of the hundreds of major regional infrastructure projects envisioned in this “One Belt, One Road” initiative. Heads of State from 16 nations, including Armenia, Austria, Indonesia, Nepal, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Uganda, and Zambia, will be there.

Why is the United States not present?

China’s CCTV turned to Peking University professor Zha Daojiong to make the case today that the AIIB should not be viewed as a “a Beijing-vs-Washington issue.”

Professor Zha wrote that “the level of public fury emanating out of Washington in recent weeks is a puzzle…. To view ongoing developments associated with AIIB as a manifestation of soft power competition between Beijing and Washington is overbearing. After all, no country has money to burn.”

Nonetheless, “China would be ill-advised to regard Washington’s disapproval of its allies joining AIIB as an affront. As a traditional Chinese saying goes: ‘Listen to both sides and you will be enlightened; heed only one side and you will be benighted.’ If the US is concerned about AIIB having an impact on its soft power, it could serve its own interests better by keeping an open mind about the project. It should also look at possibilities of collaboration on specific investment projects in the future.”

So, too, Xinhua news agency featured an interview with John Farnell, senior advisor of Brussels’ EU-Asia Center, under the headline, “U.S. Urged to Weigh Its Role in China-Proposed AIIB,” in which Farnell argues that “the AIIB would provide a complement to what has already existed. ‘This is not a question of winners and losers, it is rather one of parallel efforts to achieve a common goal.'”

As Xinhua news agency emphasized in another editorial comment posted yesterday: “The “Belt and Road” initiatives are a product of inclusive cooperation, not a tool of geopolitics… The ‘Belt and Road are original Chinese concepts aimed at improved cooperation with Asia, Europe and Africa and building a community of common interests.”

BRICS Cooperation Advances on Many New Fronts

The BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) will hold their first BRICS Parliamentary Forum in Moscow in early July; BRICS experts will meet in late April to establish unified criteria to be employed by the BRICS Development Bank in evaluating and rating loans, projects, and countries; and a network of 25 institutes in the BRICS countries are already working on developing common methodologies for combatting money-laundering.

In the same vein as the latter, China’s anti-corruption chief, Wang Quishan, met with his Russian counterpart, Oleg Plokhoi, in Beijing on March 25, resolving to deepen coordination between these two BRICS giants in fighting corruption.

HSBC and other “too-big-to-fail” bank criminals, beware!

The article announcing the BRICS Parliamentary Forum, written by Russia’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom and former Deputy Foreign Minister, Alexander Yakovenko, and posted Thursday by Russia Today, captures the new thinking, rejecting geopolitics, which underlies the new BRICS dynamic, as opposed to the “hyper-liberalism” which still dominates the West. He wrote:

“The BRICS countries are united by their aspiration to make common cause on issues concerning global development and shaping a global financial architecture that meets the requirements of the 21st century. They actively cooperate within the G20… There are currently 25 areas where BRICS cooperate. So it would be logical to add a parliamentary dimension to them….”The BRICS parliamentary forum could address in earnest such questions and promote such values as sovereignty and independence of states, prevention of change of government by means of outside interference.

“BRICS member-states possess their common denominator of values that differs significantly from the Euro-Atlantic one, which over the last decades has largely mutated towards hyper-liberalism. The forum could provide a framework for discussion of possible ways of resolution of regional conflicts and reforming the existing international institutions, for example, the IMF. According to Russian parliamentarian Alexey Pushkov, practice shows that discussion of these questions on traditional European platforms leads nowhere. The majority, guided by Euro-Atlantic discipline, would block any draft resolutions containing assessments that differ from these narrow-minded attitudes, stuck in the Cold War past…”

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LaRouchePAC Livestream: International Schiller Institute Event · The BRICS Option

On March 28, 2015 from 2-5 PM Eastern, the Schiller Institute will host a major event in Manhattan. In the weeks since the last such event, a dramatic change has occurred: Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland and Luxembourg have requested to be founding members of the AIIB, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank initiated by Chinese President Xi Jinping. This development has fundamentally transformed the global economic landscape and makes all the more possible the ability for the U.S. and Europe to play a constructive role in the new, global economic movement for development. These Schiller Institute events are a critical part of making this happen.

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Basement Hangout — Vernadskian Time: Time for Humanity

An opening presentation by Jason Ross on aspects of time unique to biology and mankind, from the standpoint of Vladimir Vernadsky and Lyndon LaRouche. With a particular focus on why the laws of thermodynamics do not apply to humanity. Read the paper here Originally broadcast March 22nd.

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The Mission of the Presidency

In what may have merely been an aside in the course of an inspiring discussion with associates yesterday, Lyndon LaRouche noted that the great majority of people are only able to think creatively, when they have a President who at least has some idea of what creative thinking is (as the last two of course have had none).

Within the context in which he said this, that comment provoked the thought of devoting a soon-forthcoming issue of EIR to the subject, to be stated on the cover as “The Mission of the Presidency.” Stating it in that ambiguous way, is intended to weave together the three strands of:

1) the intrinsic mission of the U.S. Presidency, as discovered uniquely in the principle which Manhattan’s Alexander Hamilton embedded in our Constitution;
2) the prior history of development of that mission, which should be traced back to France’s Jeanne D’Arc and her followers; and within all that, as it were:
3) the mission of the next U.S. President.

Finally, that issue-title reminds us appropriately that the Presidency is a top-down institution incorporating numbers of highly-qualified professionals, both with and without official titles, rather than just a single individual as such. Without any public office, Lyndon LaRouche has been a critical, irreplaceable part of our country’s recent viable Presidencies, as were Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton earlier, the latter both as Treasury Secretary and as a private citizen. (And those are only three, although the most outstanding, among many such cases.)

We will have to make Hamilton’s principle understood as a driver program to change the economy of the entire planet, as LaRouche noted in discussion today. We will link a systematic outline of the principle, to our bringing the Hamilton principle back into Manhattan, right now at this present moment.

“Hamilton may not have been the greatest man of the period,” LaRouche continued,– “he was not Benjamin Franklin. But people have to see what he was, and what we lost when he was assassinated.”

Right now the United States must join the BRICS, as the Schiller Institute petition rightly demands. In order to do that, all viable candidates for President must join hands now, to rid the nation of the curse of Barack Obama. Also, Wall Street must be crushed, as pre-candidate Martin O’Malley’s call for re-enactment of Glass-Steagall would crush it, and the U.S. must create for itself a Hamiltonian credit institution to link up with the credit institutions of the BRICS and China.

In this context, we will take up the thread of the last LaRouche Policy Committee discussion, defining the existential problem of the critical water shortage in the southwest of the United States, and showing that China’s Keplerian path of controlling Lunar orbit and nearby Solar space, is the only path through which that water shortage can be solved. This is a task of the next President.

Megan Beets has written a good article on Jeanne D’Arc, which demands its incorporation in this issue, whether or not revised for this context.

We will portray Martin O’Malley as the only candidate who has shown himself qualified, and counterpose the Seven Dwarves, and the tragic case of the unqualified Hillary Clinton.

All this is only a preliminary sketch; much that will be necessary and much that will comprise useful additions, are still waiting to be fully defined as components.

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St. Patrick’s Day Update – Friends of Sinn Fein USA

President of Sinn Fein Gerry Adams with members of Congress meet in US Capitol on St. Patricks Day

Friends of Sinn Fein Delegation meet with Congressman Richard Neal (MA)

Photos courtesy of Friends of Sinn Fein.

1916 Centenary a Time to Build New Ireland Based on Equality – McGuinness
Sinn Féin MLA Martin McGuinness has said the centenary of the 1916 Rising is a time to build a new Ireland based on equality and partnership.

Speaking at the launch of Sinn Féin’s programme of events in the North to celebrate the centenary of the 1916 rising, Mr McGuinness said;

“The Easter Rising is one of the great watershed moments in Irish history. It transformed politics and the public mood.

“The 1916 Proclamation is a declaration of social and economic intent for a rights-based society in which the people are sovereign.

“It is a freedom charter for this whole island and all the people who live here.

“Today, we need the spirit and the vision; the selflessness and generosity of those who struck for freedom almost 100 years ago. Our goal, like theirs is to build a new future and a new Republic.

“We want a new future in which citizens are sovereign and equal; in a society which is tolerant and inclusive of race, colour, class, creed, gender, sexual orientation or disability – an Ireland built on positive change, equality and partnership.

“Our vision for a new Republic in one where wealth is invested creatively and fairly, and where our children are not burdened by poverty, where our schools are properly resourced and where no one lies on a hospital trolley or has no home or a job.

“The measure of any society is how is treats those most in need and its most vulnerable. It is about cherishing all the children of this nation equally.

“So the centenary celebration of the Easter Rising is an appropriate time to build and rededicate ourselves to the achievement of the Republic declared in 1916.” Ends/Críoch

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Saudi Arabia Launches Massive Terror Bombing of Yemen

The Bush-Obama legacy strikes again. Saudi Arabia launches terror bombing against the people of Yemen.

A desperate Saudi Arabia and allies, with reportedly logistical and intelligence backing from the United States, launched a massive aireal bombardment of the Yemeni capital Sanaa and several other cities, causing the death of dozens of citizens and soldiers. The 100 sorties of “Operation Firmness Storm” were in reaction to the massive victory of the national forces under the leadership of the Al-Houthis and their Ansarullah armed group, who managed in a few days to take over the Southern part of the country. They had taken over the capital Sanaa in June 2014. The Saudis and their allies have been spreading the lie that what Ansarullah did was a “shia coup” against a legitimate government of President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi. Both claims are pure lies. El-Houthis, who are Zaidi Shias indeed, reacted last June as a national force to unite the people against a corrupt government and a Saudi-manufactured political agreement that kept the country split, and the corruption alive. The Houthis are supported by the youth of the revolution of 2011 (who are not Shia), by the former armed forces still loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh(who are not Shia), by many political parties (socialists and nationalists who are not Shia), by many Sunni tribes (who are not Shia) and by a large faction of the South Yemen “separatist” movement (who are not Shia). In a matter of a few months, Al-Houthis and their allies managed to clean large parts of the country from Al-Qaeda terrorists, which the U.S. and its allies failed to do in more than 10 years. They had threatened in the last few days to completely eliminate Al-Qaeda and the ISIS from Southern Yemen. They had launched a national dialog among all the above parties to form a national government and reform the constitution.

Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states, in collaboration with the Obama Administration and the British, tried to split the nation again last month as they withdrew their embassies from Sanaa and moved them to Aden, to which Hadi had fled from house arrest, claiming to represent a legitimate government. Hadi’s term as president ended in September 2014, and thus he cannot claim to be president any longer. Now that Ansarrulah and their allies took over Aden on Wednesday, the Saudis stepped in to destroy the nation of Yemen and remove any hopes of a national dialog. A republican Yemen, with a religiously tolerant culture, has been the Wahhabi Al-Saud’s worst nightmare, as they are connected by long borders and by historical contacts into Saudi Arabia.

What made the affairs more complicated was the Iranian covert and overt support for Al-Houthis, which confirmed for those subject to the Saudi propaganda that Al-Houthis were Iranian/Shia agents. The Saudis and Gulf states have put pressure on Egypt to support the anti-Houthi campaign, using the Egyptian concern over the passage to the vital Suez Canal from Yemen’s Bab El-Mandib Strait, when the Houthis advanced to Taaz in southwest Yemen, which they did last Tuesday. Without an international and regional Egyptian-Iranian diplomatic intervention, not only Yemen, but the whole Arabian Peninsula will be set ablaze. Shia minorities in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain can be mobilized to destabilize the Saudis. Iran, the largest so-called Shia power in the region, has been locked up in diplomatic negotiations with the U.S. over the nuclear program and lifting the sanctions. The Saudis have calculated that the Iranians would not intervene directly lest they sabotage their chances of successful negotiations by the deadline of March 31. This can prove to be a grave miscalculation.


Statement from Sanaa

Statement from Sanaa
Saudi Arabia’s Targetting of the People of Yemen Threatens the BRICS Plan for World Peace.
What happened on the early morning of March 26, 2015, just two days before the planned Arab Summit in Sharm El-Sheikh (Egypt), was a systematic terrorist act and an act of aggression against the people of Yemen under the wings of darkness, that killed and maimed unarmed people, women, children and elderly. This attack is backed by an international alliance that is hysterical due to the collapse of its imperialist world order which is based on sucking the blood and the looting of the resources of other nations and violation of their rights.

This act of terror clearly unmasks a plan for systematic, international violations of the human rights of the people on the soil of Yemen, and for interfering by foreign forces in the affairs of a sovereign and free nation. It was preceded by suspicious and illegal moves in the international corridors of power, to protect ISIS and Al-Qaeda and their partners. This “Firmness Storm” operation is the latest of the conspiratorial acts of this alliance against the peace-seeking nations of the World.

It clearly reveals the fallacy of the so-called Riyadh-dialog, where there are no bases for dialog, which finally removed its mask through this pre-meditated aggression, to add it to the other wounds inflicted upon the people of Yemen by their previous plots. These allies are covering up the fact that they are the creators of terrorism, and their acts today are added to the long list of Saudi crimes, not only as a financier of terrorism, but actually as the patent holder of terrorism.

This demands the dissolving of this system once and for all to spare the world its evil. A strong denunciation must be directed against those who support this aggression, which is aimed at keeping this system breathing. This act demolishes all Saudi claims that the Kingdom and its allies are the peace-builders in the world. This is not only a threat to the security of the region, but also to the BRICS system, because it will put the breaks on the New Silk Road Project at the gates of Yemen.

Mercy for the souls of the martyrs and recovery for the wounded!

Greetings to the brave fighters and resistance forces in Yemen and all around the world!

Warm welcome greetings to the Children who are yet to be born!

I leave you and myself in the hands of Allah.
March 26, 215
Fouad Al-Ghaffari

Fouad Al-Ghaffari is a former diplomat, former office director of the Minister of Human Rights 2012-2014, founder of Gedar (a human rights and civil society organization). He is also a signer of the Schiller Institute Petition for the U.S. and Europe to join the BRICS.

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LaRouche Defines the Standard for a Qualified Presidential Candidate

In assessing the current field of announced and unannounced candidates for President of the United States, Lyndon LaRouche is demanding that only candidates willing and capable of addressing the danger of war and financial collapse brought about by the policies of the Obama and Bush administrations, be considered as serious Presidential candidates. In that light, LaRouche has pointed to former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley’s support for a crackdown on Wall Street and the reintroduction of Glass-Steagall as exemplary of meeting “one of the crucial requirements for candidacy”.

By contrast, LaRouche cited Hillary Clinton’s compromise with Obama as,

“typical of the folly of candidacies that have been running around for the past two terms of office, especially for the second one, the Obama term.”
“Hillary is not a viable candidate. She’s made too many mistakes, she is compromised, people don’t know where she stands, and so forth. So therefore, unfortunately, she’s a talented person, and a qualified person, but when it comes to politics, she’s really a terrible amateur in terms of effect.”

Gov. O’Malley, who is considering a run for the Democratic nomination for President, is establishing a crackdown on Wall Street as central to the Presidential campaign. In several media appearances he forcefully championed the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall as necessary to reversing the continued collapse of the U.S. economy. This was followed up by a March 19, op-ed in the Des Moines Register and several public meetings in Iowa in which O’Malley criticized the Democratic Party for becoming the party of Wall Street.

Earlier this month, LaRouche voiced his support for O’Malley’s statements, “We are not talking about 2016, we need Glass Steagall now, before the entire trans-Atlantic financial system comes crashing down and we are faced with the immediate threat of global war or a descent into absolute chaos and hell.”

In Monday’s discussion, LaRouche called on more candidates to take up the initiative, “We would welcome more, and I’m sure O’Malley himself would welcome more of his same breed.”

LaRouche also said that dumping Obama is the highest priority, “it requires special, international standards, which dump Obama. And the first thing that some people have to do, is get to dumping Obama. And if we don’t dump Obama, we’re not going to have a United States, so therefore he has to be dumped. And each person who’s on the list of would-be Presidential candidates has got to say, ‘Look, we’ve got to dump Obama.’ And if they all say that, we might achieve something really important. Because then they would honest about themselves, not about their career ambitions.

“What’s going on now is O’Malley has actually taken the bit, on the operation now, and he’s the one who’s doing the job. The others are sitting there saying “I’m a Presidential candidate, too!” but where’s the action? Where’s the function, where’s the performance? That’s where we are now.”

In other discussions, LaRouche cited Hillary Clinton’s unwillingness to oppose Obama as a major disqualification of her candidacy. This goes back to her decision not to press her campaign for the Democratic nomination in 2008 despite the fact that she won most of the primaries and her decision to join and support Obama as his Secretary of State. He further criticized Hillary Clinton for covering up for Obama on Benghazi.

There’s not much to speak of on the Republican side either according to LaRouche, “I mean the Obama and Bush administration! It means the (Jeb) Bush candidacy, is part of the same thing! So (Jeb) Bush’s candidacy must be thrown out!”. As for U.S. Senator Ted Cruz who announced his candidacy yesterday, LaRouche said, “He doesn’t have a full deck”.

In speaking on the March 23, edition of the weekly discussion of the LaRouche Policy Committee, LaRouche elaborated the type of thinking that must be central in assessing Presidential candidates, “The stupidity of the American people in particular, but the Europeans generally as well, is they believe in what they call the “economic system.” They believe that money, or the money system is a determinant of what productivity will be, and can be, and this is where the problem arises. When in point of fact, the problem is that mankind believes that human economic success is the basis for human success; that’s implicitly what the argument is. Whereas, we know that the progress of mankind, the distinction of mankind from an animal — and that’s what we’re talking about — most human beings that I know of, today, believe in animal behavior, not human behavior. That’s why we like dogs, for example.

“The point is that mankind is the only creature, which does create, voluntarily, create an influence on the processes of nature, which overwhelm nature, so-called ‘nature,’ itself. That’s the fact. And the people who are practical, so-called practical people, are intrinsically stupid on this question, because they don’t recognize that mankind is not an animal! They all assume that animal behavior, as defined by money or something like that, is the determining factor.

“And the fact is, that as Kepler implicitly defines in his writing, is that there is a principle of organization, in the Solar System, which demands and makes possible, mankind’s advancement to higher levels of existence within the Solar System as such.

“No other living species we know of, has that potential.

“And therefore, we need people who can see through to the future, not looking for people who are not practical. Practical people are stupid people, because they limit themselves to an assumption about human behavior which is an animal characteristic. And that’s what the problem is. And you have, in the history of mankind, you have long histories where mankind has endeavored, to achieve human qualities! And what’s happened is the human qualities have been suppressed, and that’s what the problem is. And therefore, we have to get the human quality back into function, and then we can solve the problem.”

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