Liberia: Lacking Food, People Threaten To Break Quarantine, WHO: Death Toll Three Times More than Previously Announced

43 people who were quarantined for Ebola monitoring in a Liberian town after four people died of Ebola, had no food and threatened to break out of quarantine to obtain some food, according to a Liberian state radio account, reported by AP on Thursday.

The food crisis developed in the town of Jenewonda, located in a very poor area of Liberia near the border with Sierra Leone. The UN World Food Program began organizing a mission to ship food to the town when it became aware of the problem. The WFP logistics unit reportedly delivered food there yesterday.

If the quarantine, designed to curtail the spread of the Ebola virus, had been broken, the development would have been a further blow to efforts to contain the virus. Liberia is the worst hit of the three West African countries at the epicenter of the out-of-control epidemic. Sierra Leone and Guinea are the other two.

The danger of the potentially negative impact on the containment effort of the food crisis, a problem common throughout the area, as restrictions have contributed to a breakdown in local food production and food marketing, was underscored by a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), which reported Wednesday that the number of people who have died so far in what is now the world’s worst ever Ebola outbreak, may be three times higher than has been officially announced.

According to the official figures as of Oct. 19, there have been 9,935 cases of infection, and 4,877 deaths from the Ebola virus, in the region. But WHO indicated that the real numbers of cases are suspected to be higher than what has been reported by a factor of 1.5 in Guinea, 2 in Sierra Leone and 2.5 in Liberia, according to a France24 report, and that the mortality rate is likely to be about 70% of all cases. That would total nearly 15,000 deaths. The discrepancy results from the great numbers of victims who die in isolated areas where no health care is available, aggravated by the the great number of victims within range of a health care facility, who were turned away because the facilities had no room for them and returned home to die an undocumented death, while likely infecting members of their families who were caring for them.

443 health care workers have reportedly been infected, 244 of whom have died, further aggravating the difficulty of delivering health care.

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Canadian Authorities Rightly Feared ‘Mumbai’-Style Attack

US counter-terrorism specialists have so far labelled Monday and Wednesday’s terrorism attacks near Montreal and at Parliament Hill in Ottawa “ISIS-inspired” attacks, pending further investigation to determine whether the two individuals—Michael Zehaf-Bibeau , Martin Couture-Rouleau—were recruited to any Al Qaeda affiliates that are operating in Canada. Both men have been under watch by Canadian authorities and both had had their passports taken and were put on “high-risk travelers” lists maintained by the RCMP and the Canadian equivalent of the CIA, the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS).

According to the sources, Canadian authorities were right to put much of the capital city on lock-down after the initial shooting incident at the National War Memorial and the Parliament building, because authorities were unsure whether the attack was part of a larger coordinated terrorist attack like the November 2008 attack in Mumbai, India.

Canadian officials were aware that there were indications of a possible coming attack weeks ahead of the two incidents this week. During the previous week, the heads of the CSIS and RCMP testified before Parliament that there were 130 Canadian nationals who were known to have traveled abroad in conjunction with jihadist groups, and 80 had returned to Canada. There are currently 63 open national security investigations being conducted, targeting 90 individuals, the parliamentarians were told. US sources say that there are more than 5,000 Canadian residents “of interest” with ties to known terrorist organizations.

EIR’s own in-depth investigation into the 1984 assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had revealed the existence of Kashmiri and Sikh cells in Canada that were linked to the assassination. Those networks are now in their second and third generations, one American source pointed out.

One American source indicated that intercepted phone and Internet traffic from IS- and Al Qaeda-affiliated groups in the Middle East had suggested a possible plan for terrorist attacks in North America and/or Europe. The source indicated that the first of the bombing targets in Syria had been an Al Qaeda/Nusra Front training camp run by the so-called Khorosan Group, which was explicitly training foreign nationals for attacks around the world.

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Only a New Paradigm Can Save Mankind from Triple Threat

The weekend 30th anniversary conference of the Schiller Institute, held near Frankfurt, Germany, was an historic event that provided a window into the urgently needed “New Paradigm” for mankind, based on a previously unprecedented collaboration among sovereign nation-states to tackle the crises facing mankind that no single nation or small group of nations can solve alone. The very fabric of civilization is breaking apart, and the shock from that accelerating disintegration can force the needed transformation in thinking.

The lesson coming out of the Schiller conference must be immediately applied to the three crises that can plunge this planet into a New Dark Age worse than the horrors of the 14th Century in Europe. This was the message delivered by Schiller Institute founder and president Helga Zepp-LaRouche in comments to colleagues on Thursday. Those remarks echoed the spirit of the weekend event and the final communique that was unanimously adopted at the concluding session.

Schiller Conference Declaration

Each of the three existential crises requires a previously unknown level of cooperation among major nation-states, including the United States, Russia, China, and India.

The first crisis is the spreading Ebola outbreak, that has already killed tens of thousands in West Africa and is on the verge of breaking out of geographic containment. The only way that Ebola can be defeated is for all of the leading nations of the planet to work as one to conduct a unified, military/public health/bio-medical-research effort immediately. Doctors Without Borders has called for tens of thousands of hospital beds in quarantine facilities to curb the spread of the Ebola. Emergency food supplies must be airlifted into the hot zone this week to avert a new refugee crisis driven by famine. Already, in Liberia, one quarantine facility is facing precisely this crisis, due to a lack of food.

See Ebloa Pandemic: Bertrand Russell’s Black Death?

What is required is a single, coordinated international effort—in effect, the creation of a new United Nations-sponsored permanent task force to combat outbreaks of deadly diseases, starting with the current Ebola crisis. Part of the effort must include a coordinated international Manhattan Project to develop, test, and mass produce an Ebola vaccine as fast as humanly possible.

A similar “New Paradigm” of genuine cooperation is needed to defeat the Islamic State and other similar barbaric Dark Age movements. As in the case of the war on Ebola, IS cannot defeated by the efforts of a selective group of nations. If the Islamic State succeeds in Iraq and Syria, it is known that the next targets will be Russia and China. The Chechens and Uighurs make up a significant part of the IS military force, with some of the top IS military commanders coming out of the Caucasus Wars of the 1990s. They have vowed to bring their jihadist war back to Russian soil, just as the radical Uighurs who have joined IS in significant numbers intend to bring their war back to Chinese soil—what they call Eastern Turkistan.

Unless Russia, China, Iran, and Syria are fully incorporated into the fight to defeat the Islamic State, no victory can be assured.

The third grave threat to mankind is the imminent collapse of the trans-Atlantic financial system. Today, Friday, the European too-big-to-fail banks willl be given their “report cards” on the European Central Bank’s stress tests. By any sane standards all of the banks will fail, and this alone could be the trigger for an immediate crash of the system.

The actions by the BRICS nations have already spelled the way out of the financial calamity, along with the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall bank separation, which has been actively debated in the United States and Europe since the initial eruption of the crisis in 2007.

All of these vital actions can and must be started immediately. For that to happen, a fundamental change in thinking among world leaders and citizens alike must happen. Only such a “New Paradigm” in thinking can save mankind at this late date from the same combination of uncontrolled wars, financial bankruptcy and the eruption of a Black Death like that which devastated most of Europe in the 14th Century.

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Daily Mirror’s Joe Cahill accusations a new low for British journalism

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Forget about “Pubic Opinion” if You Want to Live!


People are beginning to listen to new, better leaders in the U.S. They tend to be scientists, or else scientific, compassionate doctors,— the same thing. They tend to be people who are totally, rigorously self-disciplined in behalf of objectives which closely cohere with the hope for survival of the human species. What Helga Zepp-LaRouche said at the just-concluded Schiller Institute conference in Germany is true: the intermeshing of the threat to human species-survival from the Ebola epidemic, from the IS atrocity, and from the threatened imminent financial crash, has begun to cause many to stop looking to popular opinion for the “right answers.” A patient who is near death, looks only for a doctor who is completely honest and totally competent, if he has any sanity left. Many don’t.

One of these many new voices, these better leaders, is John T. Fox, the head of Emory Healthcare in Atlanta, which has treated four Ebola patients. Training and strictly following protocols are paramount, he said. It takes enormous dedication, resources and planning, but we cannot be a country ruled by fear. We must treat those in need. A few hospitals alone can’t do it. We need the government. “It can be done!”

Similar leadership has come from infectious disease specialist Dr. George Risi of St. Patrick’s Hospital in Missoula, Montana, one of four U.S. hospitals now set up to treat Ebola patients. Dr. Risi just spent 20 days in a Sierra Leone Ebola ward which cured over half of its patients, as against the over 70% mortality of untreated victims. From there, he went to Cuba with his hospital’s intensive-care nursing director Kate Hurley, to train 200 Cuban nurses and doctors who will soon leave for West Africa. “It’s a disease to be respected, but not feared,” Dr. Risi said. “It’s similar to the [early] HIV-AIDS time, when there was this fatal disease and we didn’t know how it was transmitted, and people were afraid to touch a patient. We know how to treat Ebola.”

Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), debated a demagoging Congressman over last weekend, who was trying to score electoral debaters-points by arguing for a travel ban. Osterholm crushed the Congressman by calmly showing him that the epidemic must be stopped where it is, in West Africa: Osterholm moved the discussion instead to the airfleets which should be airlifting medical personnel and equipment to West Africa on the scale of the Berlin Airlift. Osterholm’s argument against the “hubris” of those who pretend to know what they do not know about Ebola, is now everywhere throughout the U.S. Instead, he says, we must have the humility to recognize what we know and what we don’t know.

The NGO Doctors without Borders, MSF, is suddenly on everyone’s lips. On Oct 20, the CDC was forced to trash their Ebola sanitary guidelines and substitute the MSF’s guidelines of 2008, which have protected their effort to the point that only 2 of 2,000 of their staff contracted Ebola. Maybe they are the heirs of Louis Pasteur, with their mantra of: science, discipline, training. You have to plug up every leak which the virus could come through, because one leak will kill you.

Anyone who had been following Lyndon LaRouche’s discussions over the past weeks should have foreseen all this, as he did. It is our own bullshit that will kill us. It is our own meaningless rituals, in place of actual, human communication, which will kill us. It is our own animal behavior, instead of human behavior which will kill us.

Speaking today of these better elements which are coming to the fore, LaRouche said today, “All the key influences are located among Democrats, or certain Democrats, not the Republicans. And it’s the Obama tyranny, especially over the Republicans, and over the CIA and police-state apparatus, that is guilty of this thing. The whole police-state apparatus is policed; not only is it police, but it’s policed!

“Whatever happened to the Black Death?” he asked. “The Black Death was coming along to really wipe out the human species, and then at some point we got a defeat of that monstrous thing.”

The most recent days have also seen a reversal of policy in Washington around the battle of Kobani, in which the Joint Chiefs of Staff and others forced Obama to agree to what he and his coterie actually reject totally, along with Obama’s buddy President Erdogan of Turkey. Riding roughshod over Obama, the U.S. has dropped munitions to Kobani, and arranged to reinforce its fighters.

“The problem is, the whole thing, is that the legal government of Syria must be kept intact,” LaRouche said, “rather than the US meddling to bring in mediating forces. In that way, the war could be controlled. The legal national government of Syria is left intact to maintain its own security. Anything that modifies that, is going to screw it up. And the modification of that, opens the door for a general conflagration where the whole Middle East goes up in smoke.

“Everything which Washington is doing in general, is something which should not ever happen. I’m sure the Joint Chiefs, or most of them, completely understand: shut IS down! Isolate it!”

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LPAC Weekly Report: The New Paradigm for Mankind


Ebola! Viruses! What role do viruses actually play in the biosphere


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Wield the Science of the Noosphere To Stop the British Empire’s New Black Death


Lyndon LaRouche spent yesterday afternoon meeting with a group of associates, hammering out the essentials of a global war plan to defeat the deadly Ebola epidemic which has begun to sweep the planet, beginning in West Africa. An EIR policy statement with this program, prepared in consultation with leading public health specialists, will be presented over the next 24 hours, and will be given the widest circulation both in the United States and internationally, rallying those forces committed to stopping the British Imperial policy of intentional genocide.

The political momentum generated by the BRICS and allied nations, coming off the July 15-16 BRICS summit in Brazil, combined with the ideas and activities of the LaRouche movement internationally and in the U.S. — including the removal of Barack Obama from office — is a combination of powers that is possibly sufficient to win this war, and possibly to do so in time. But that will depend on how you, who are reading these lines, act in this moment of deadly crisis.

The essential measures required to confront the Ebola epidemic are at hand and are noted below, but “your entire plan won’t work,” Lyndon LaRouche emphasized yesterday, unless it is centered on “the essential difference between animal and human behavior.” As Vladimir Vernadsky demonstrated, “mankind does not behave according to animal behavior; or if it does, there’s something wrong with it. Only mankind makes discoveries of principle which no animal can understand.”

Key features of the plan, as reviewed today with Lyndon LaRouche, include the following:

  • An international steering committee, with representation from appropriate American and Russian military planners and medical specialists, must be immediately constituted to coordinate a global, top-down effort to utilize all available international resources to defeat the Ebola outbreak.
  • Having failed to contain the initial outbreak in West Africa, Plan B must be immediately initiated to prevent the geographic spread out of the immediate “hot zone” into other parts of Africa, the Caribbean, and elsewhere. This must include emergency airlifting of medical equipment, trained personnel, and adequate food supplies to treat the relevant population in place. The use of hospital ships from the United States, Russia, and other available nations must be immediately brought to the coast of West Africa to aid in the effort to immediately reduce the death rate, while preventing the geographic spread.
  • An international “Manhattan Project” must be launched, drawing in all research specialists from around the globe to rapidly develop, test, and mass-produce a vaccine for Ebola. World standards for trials must be maintained while vastly accelerating the process.
  • Preemptive plans to immediately detect and treat new Ebola cases outside the West African “hot zone” must be put in place worldwide, with each nation — including the United States — establishing Hill-Burton standards for treatment facilities in every location. This effort should also include universal vaccinations for the current strains of influenza now reaching North America.
  • All of the above require that Obamacare be eliminated, and more importantly, that Barack Obama be immediately removed from office by Constitutional means.

But, LaRouche emphasized, “without the human behavior factor, your whole system won’t work. So you have to educate people in those terms, otherwise your entire plan won’t work, except almost by accident. And I don’t think we want accidents in this matter.”

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