Friday Webcast 30 January 2015

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John Waters on Auschwitz

[Comments from an Irish friend who lives in Germany.  In answer to his closing question – no, as far as we’re aware JW hasn’t written about Ukraine thusfar.  In fact Michael D has been the first public figure here to mention it in anything approaching a truthful light.  Here is JW’s article from the Indo, Wed 28 Jan 2015 – – ed]

A very good piece and Waters gets so close.
I had numerous discussions with well educated West and East Germans
and especially
recently with a few from the old DDR. It is amazing what kind of
brainwashing has occurred
and not just the nominally Communist variant.

I brought Heinrich Heine into the discussion. All knew of his poetry
but NONE ever heard
of his “History of Religion and Philosophy in Germany” and even when
one had a piece of it, the key paragraphs were simply removed!

This has been published by the Schiller Institute, but since Waters is
so close : I’ll mention two paragraphs :

“Plato versus Aristotle” in this short excerpt from this 1834 essay :

“…Plato and Aristotle! These are not merely two systems, but rather
two types of human nature, that stand, since time immemorial, in
hostile opposition. Across the entire middle ages, to the greatest
degree, and up to the present day, this battle was waged, and this
battle is the essential content of Christian church history. Plato and
Aristotle are always the issue, though other names may be used.
Schwärmerisch, mystical, Platonic natures manifest, from the depths of
their souls, the Christian ideas and corresponding symbols. Practical,
systematizing, Aristotelean natures build from these ideas and symbols
a fixed system, a dogma and a cult. The church ultimately encompasses
both natures, which entrench themselves on the one hand in the clergy,
and on the other, in the monasteries, and feud without respite.”

But even better – Heine clearly identified that hero of “modern”
“enlightened” universities, salons –
Emmanuel Kant as the “omi-pulverisor” , “arch destroyer” of thought :

(Errors there are due to scanning).

Heine’s devastating expose of Kant is all the more chilling when he
presciently warned the French about the coming German revolution 100
years later. We now know the sheer evil done which left Robespierre in
Kant’s shadow as Heine wrote.

Water’s reference to Arendt is also close. The Nazi ideologue
Heidegger (revered in Irish Universities), Arendt’s former lover, and
cronies of the Frankfurt School gave us political correctness
insisting on the doctrine that truth does not exist, but only opinion,
or spin.

So when I hear well known public figures admire Arendt, and Kant, it
is no surprise that the Ukraine Nazis are supported by American and EU
institutions, and that Poroschenko and Yats rewrite the history of

It is really that the media insist on spin, most expect spin and
anything that even smacks of truth must be spun. I’ll bet the media
admires the Kiev junta for sheer neck as a model for shameless
So Kant is not just a German “thing in itself”.
I wonder has Waters mentioned Ukraine?

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Declan Kearney calls for talks to build left wing alliance

Sinn Féin chairperson Declan Kearney has called for formal discussions to build a left wing alternative alliance in Ireland.

The South Antrim Westminster election candidate said;

“There has been unprecedented upheaval in Irish politics in recent years. It would be premature to say the ongoing flux represents a permanent political realignment, but the status quo nationally has shifted, creating the potential for more change.

“Those on the progressive and republican left need to make that change irreversible by altering the current balance of forces to create a new political realignment.

“That will only come about through popular support for a credible political alternative which can effectively challenge the conservative power blocs and their policies.

“It is no coincidence that Syriza had such success in the Greek general election, or Podemos has become the largest party in Spain, and, the SNP is on the rise.

“Stark ideological differences now exist over how Irish society should organise itself.  There is a growing polarisation between the interests of citizens’ rights and community, and those of international banks and capital.

“A new critical mass for change is essential.  Political engagement needs to take place among all those genuinely committed to democratic control of the economy, social justice and an agreed, united Ireland.

“As new international political forces move towards governmental power, formal political discussion should begin in Ireland on how to forge consensus between Sinn Féin, progressive independents, the trade union movement, grass roots communities, and the non-sectarian left, which will ensure the future election of a left coalition in the south dedicated to establishing a new national Republic.”

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Gerry Adams Adams rejects Sean Barrett claims

Gerry Adams TD, speaking in Dundalk today, after a National Officer Board meeting of Sinn Féin, has rejected a claim by Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett that Sinn Féin is attempting to undermine him.

Gerry Adams said:

“I reject the claim made by Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett on RTÉ radio this morning that Sinn Féin is attempting to undermine his position.”

“What happened in the Dáil around the motion to establish a commission of investigation into claims of Garda malpractice was a farce.”

“A Standing Order was imposed in an entirely unprecedented way by the Ceann Comhairle to shut down debate of extremely serious issues by the Dáil.”

“Ramming the terms of reference for the commission though the Dáil, particularly on such an important issue, without debate was a serious and disturbing development.”

“Sinn Féin, along with the rest of the Opposition, correctly withdrew ourselves from proceedings which were absurd.”

“Sinn Féin has asked Sean Barrett to convene the Committee on Procedures and Privileges early next week to discuss his decision to disallow the scheduled debate on Wednesday on the terms of reference for the Commission of Inquiry into the findings of the Guerin Report into Garda malpractice in the Cavan/Monaghan area.”

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New Greek Government Gets Off to a Good Start

The first hours in office of the new Greek government seriously displeased the European Union fanatics, with their genocidal economic policies and anti-Russian march to war.

Even before taking his oath of office, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras telephoned European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini, to protest the “joint” statement of the EU heads of government threatening Russia with more sanctions, declaring,
“We underline that it does not have our country’s consent.”

This issue will come up again tomorrow, when the EU Foreign Ministers meet.  Greece will be sending its new Foreign Minister, Nikos Kotzias, who is a political science professor and former Communist, and a strong advocate of closer ties with Russia.  In the 1980s, he reportedly praised the Polish government’s crackdown on the Solidarity movement, whose members included Donald Tusk, President of the EU’s Council of Ministers and former Polish Prime Minister.

Upon being sworn in as Foreign Minister January 27th, Kotzias declared,

“Anyone who thinks that in the name of the debt, Greece will resign its sovereignty and its active counsel in European politics is mistaken.  We want to be Greeks, patriots, Europeanists, internationalists.”

Tsipras convened his government’s first cabinet meeting today, where he reaffirmed his government’s priorities:

1) a return to dignity for all citizens;
2) the support of the economy;
3) renegotiating the Greek debt and cracking down on corruption.

One of the first acts of the relevant ministers was to halt privatizations. Minister of Energy and Environment Panagiotis Lafazanis said on television that the state energy company will not be privatized.  “We will stop immediately any privatization of PCC.”  Greece gets virtually all of its gas from Gazprom, and both Syriza and the Independent Greeks have stated that Greece wants to participate in the Russian proposal to build a new pipeline through Turkey up to the Greek border, and then through Greece and to other European countries.

Lafazanis, as a student during the military dictatorship, spent time in prison for his anti-junta activities. More significant is that he is the leader of the “left wing” of Syriza, which wants to leave the Eurozone.

The new government’s Alternate Minister for Shipping, Thodoris Dritsas, announced the cancellation of the privatization of the Piraeus Port Authority (OLP).  He stated that
“the public character of the port will be maintained.  The OLP sell-off stops here.”
He said that the state privatization fund, TAIPED, would suspend the process for the sale of the majority stake in OLP. While China was one of the bidders for OLP, their access to the port will not be affected.  The Chinese are interested only in expanding the throughput of the port, not in its ownership.  They already have a 30-year lease on the container port, which had been negotiated by current Defense Minister Panos Kammenos when he was a minister for Marine Affairs in 2007.

The privatization of the state railways will also be halted. The new government wants to finish the double-tracking of the main north-south rail line.

The Undersecretary of Administrative Reform and Electronic Governance, George Katrougalos, has revoked the dismissal of certain categories of civil service workers, which had subsequently been ruled unconstitutional.  Katrougalos said,
“We have committed ourselves to revoking all dismissals that were unconstitutional, including those due to the measure of availability.”

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis reiterated the government’s demand that there has to be a huge cut in the debt. He also said he will be meeting Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem, who will be visiting Athens on Jan. 30, and French Finance Minister Michel Sapin on Feb. 1 in Paris.

Tsipras announced that his first trip abroad will not be to Germany, France, or any of the creditor countries, but he will be making an official visit to Cyprus as early as next week.

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The Silliest Man on the Planet

Barack Obama’s recent so-called “State of the Union” address marked him as one of the silliest men on the planet in the past 20 years. Everything he said was either stupid, or a damned lie. He spoke of a “recovery” at the very moment when Wall Street is poised on the brink of a crash even greater than that of 2008,— and just as Obama was joining with John Boehner and Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan, to erase the few remaining banking restrictions of the Dodd-Frank bill, so that taxpayers would be forced to bail out the worthless oil-derivatives of the bankrupt Wall Street banks, as those banks blow out again.

Obama must be torn apart for his silliness and fraud. Even as Obama was speaking, he was ordering new European moves against Russia. Obama is working for a thermonuclear war, now, to rescue Wall Street. Obama’s pressure on Europe for new sanctions against Russia, as a prelude to war, has been so intense that EU leader Donald Tusk issued an anti-Russian statement today in the name of all the European governments, threatening Russia with more sanctions, without even checking with the new, anti-austerity government of Alexis Tsipras in Greece, which promptly disowned the statement, saying

“it does not have our consent.”

Never has an EU government disowned one of these statements before.

People are coming to our side from different parts of the world. The Greek victory has been a great inspiration,— with all its imperfections, the goodness was there, despite the imperfect understanding by many of what they were doing. We’ve reached another breaking point: it’s no longer “we Europe,” but a disunited Europe. And the BRICS have become a major factor in the world. There’s no longer any one leading opinion dominating the world with its force; it’s not there.

Barack Obama must be brought down along with Wall Street, as the puppet of Wall Street and London that he is. Wall Street must be brought under bankruptcy reorganization. Instead, we must have Hamiltonian institutions for directed issuance of credit for high-technology productive employment, as outlined in Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws. Today’s situation is an unprecedented one, and requires unprecedented actions by the United States government to protect the people, as such unprecedented actions have always been required in the great crises we have experienced before in our national history. But each time, whether under Hamilton and Washington, or under Lincoln, or Franklin Roosevelt, we have returned to the principle of Federal credit incorporated into our Constitution by Hamilton, as we must today.

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Support Sinn Féin Day of Action against water charges- Councillor Daithí Doolan

Dublin Sinn Féin city councillor Daithí Doolan has urged all those opposed to water charges to come out and mobilise in their local communities tomorrow the 31st of January.

Cllr Doolan said:

“Sinn Fein has organised a number of events across Dublin as part of a day of action against water charges. We would encourage people to attend their local picket, protest or march.

This government must be held to account for imposing water charges. These charges are opposed by the majority of the public. This was proved time and time again, with hundreds of thousands marching against water charges last year. The government has no mandate to charge us a second time for our water. The plan must be scrapped and Irish Water put in the rubbish bin of history.

The public are not fooled by the spin and bribes from Minister Alan Kelly. People remain committed to bringing this campaign to a successful conclusion. We know tomorrow’s protests might not bury the water charges but they will ensure that the pressure is mounted on a government that is punch drunk and on the ropes.

The water charges will only be beaten if this government or any incoming government repeals the water charges bill. Sinn Féin is up for that challenge. For us it is a red line issue. Sinn Fein’s Conor Murphy got rid of water charges in the North when he was Minister and we are committed to doing the same down here.

Sinn Féin will have protests right across Dublin tomorrow and will finish in time to allow people travel to the city centre protest later in the afternoon. We are encouraging the public to come out and once again demand an end to water charges. ”

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