LPAC Policy Committee – August 18, 2014


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LaRouche: Boehner Out! Create a Global Coalition to Crush the British Empire

In an extensive conference call with associates on Aug. 17, Lyndon LaRouche issued a rousing call to use the wave of planetary optimism unleashed by the emerging alliance of BRICS and other nations ̶ led by China’s drive for a breakthrough to a fusion energy scientific and technological platform, fueled by Helium-3 mined on the Moon ̶ to “create a global coalition to crush the British Empire out of existence.” He stressed that key to success of that urgent mission, is to “throw the bums out” in the United States, including House Speaker John Boehner, and of course President Barack Obama.

“I think we are going to have to look at a coalition of the nations,” LaRouche stated. “We have Russia; we have China; we have India; we have the BRICS countries of South America and so forth; we have what’s going in Egypt now; we have other things of the same nature. I think what we are going to have to do is really go out to create a global coalition to crush the British Empire out of existence. That’s the only solution. Otherwise you are going to have a piecemeal kind of warfare, and you don’t want that. So you have to say that the people who don’t do that, are the criminals, because they are causing a war by their actions, and since they are causing a war, they are to be blamed, and held to account for it. If someone comes in to intervene to cause warfare, they are guilty of warfare.

“I think we have the ability to push it, and get it going,” LaRouche asserted.

LaRouche pointed to forces in the United States that know that the current system is finished, and are potential allies of such a global shift. “We are going to have to do something in the line of what is happening in Texas. There has to be a mobilization coming from there and related places, to actually set into motion a program for managing some of these problems. This whole area in Texas, where these bankers are involved and have a certain amount of control: maybe they can use that control for leverage. I think we just have to get something going, which takes over like marching across the territory.”

The deadly ebola epidemic now sweeping Africa is emblematic of the kinds of problems that the planet is facing. “We have to have an actual assessment of what the options are in these cases,” LaRouche said. “In each of the cases where there is hardship, we have to have an accurate assessment of what that hardship is. And we have to act on it, as a matter of policy ̶ not as a matter of opinion, but as a matter of policy. We have to come down hard on the people responsible, and blame them for doing things that are really criminal; that’s the only way you can deal with them. And especially I think we should start with the British Monarchy first.”

LaRouche explained: “Nothing is going to be done on Africa at all, unless it is done globally. Unless it is done globally, there is nothing going to be done on Africa. Period! And I don’t think we should even suggest that that is possible. You can’t say that Nigeria needs help; you can’t say that Africa needs help. The point is, either you deliver it, or you are going to have hell on earth. The Africans don’t have the forces, they don’t have the means. So it has to come largely from the United States itself, right now, and from the members of the Congress right now.”

Helga Zepp-LaRouche stressed the importance of using the current scientific and cultural optimism that has been unleashed on the planet around China’s Helium-3 fusion power policy, to also set in motion a Biological Defense Initiative, of the sort he has called for repeatedly in the past, to stop the ebola and related New Dark Ages crises from destroying humanity.

LaRouche then turned his attention to the situation in Washington:

“You have Republican leader of the Congress, who is a big mouth: a lousy, useless big mouth. His name is John Boehner, and he has to be taken down politically. Take this guy down! He’s a pain in the ass to the world as a whole, so let’s get rid of him. Let’s retire him. Throw him out of office. We should have a campaign to throw the son-of-a-bitch out of office. And that might do something good; it would actually work.

“Boehner, out! Urgently, out! Throw the bum out. Get rid of this bum. He’s your obstacle, he’s the thing that’s in the way; get rid of him!”

LaRouche stressed: “Our problem lies in the government of the United States; that’s the ass you’ve got to kick, and a good hard one, at that. Kick the ass that needs the kicking. And go at it, ruthlessly. It’s the only way you are going to get successful results.”

“Go like hell to realize that our friends, in South America, for example, and in other locations, in China, and so forth, are moving. We have a mighty army of people who are ready to be pulled together to change the character of this planet. So let’s just do it.

“The time has come when you have to recognize that the whole system of government has collapsed, it’s disintegrated. The British Empire is disgusting; it’s a filthy, disgusting thing, it should never have existed. It certainly shouldn’t exist today; it should be eliminated. It doesn’t belong on the planet anymore.

“We have China. Now China is a kind of a large phenomenon, did you know that? It’s very big, very powerful. And it’s getting more powerful. As a matter of fact, it’s more powerful intellectually than it is in many other respects. The Chinese population has risen to levels of achievement which were considered impossible heretofore.

“We have now a development in India; it’s a powerful force of action. We have South America; it’s a powerful force of action. These are our friends! These are our allies! These are our companions on this planet. We simply say: These are our partners. These are our collaborators.

“So let’s get to work and throw these bums out ̶ and Boehner goes first. Boehner gets a privilege: he’s the first to be heaved out, with the highest velocity!” LaRouche concluded.

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LaRouche: Money Is A Big Lie! We Have To Create Something With Real Value

On Saturday, Lyndon LaRouche stressed that what most people have counted on as being true is not true. The whole monetarist system which has dominated the U.S. and the transatlantic region is a fraud and no longer exists. A completely new system is emerging based not on market prices, but on real physical value.

Thus, we are now in the process of creating completely new values, which you would not have believed in before, because people believed in relative prices. All the smart stuff people believed in is now over. The entire market idea of prices is over.

We are now in the process of defining value in ways different from the way people have previously thought based on popular opinion. People have ignorantly counted on money, which is not a determination of value.

Money is a big lie. Everything that is true is based on a completely different set of values than money.

And this is known by some leading people in leading U.S. institutions who actually understood what the fakery was and what the reality was and that’s what we’re going to be operating on now.

As LaRouche stated on Friday night in the webcast: “We now have to institute a new institution of economy. We’re going to have to start doing it now. The whole thing will be based on, actually on the power which is lodged in nearby space. That has never been touched before. It has never been effectively touched before. It is now going to be touched; it’s going to be used now.”

LaRouche stated that we are in an excellent situation. The world is now open to us and to our leadership. Key institutions in the United States itself are open to our leadership. They depend on us. We have to get used to it. Just don’t try to be practical. That is the worst thing you can do.

Again as LaRouche stated during the Friday webcast: “What we are going to have to do is we’re going to have to make a fundamental change in our entire economy. New values are going to be used. These are the same values that are going to be picked up in South America, the same values that — Egypt is a part of this — the same values that are represented in Russia, the same things that are represented in China! These are the values. There’s where the power lies.”

Prices aren’t worth anything any more. We have to create something with real value. That means we are going to have to build.

Look at China’s commitment to develop helium-3. Look at the BRICS. Look at South America. The intention is there. It will work. And we must bring the United States into this geometry.
China Completes Second Railroad Line in Tibet
Singapore Joins Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
The monetarist culture which has dominated the planet is gone. It is finished. Forget the system as it has existed. It is dead.

Start with physical principles and build up what we know we have to do. As LaRouche stated on Friday night: “You want to create something? Make it! How do you make it? You create it.”

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Is Argentina Moving Towards New, ‘War Economy’ Measures?

After having raided the Buenos Aires headquarters of HSBC last week — London’s notorious Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, which for decades has been the central bank of Dope, Inc.’s international drug trade — and this week filing criminal charges against the vulture fund-linked Donnelly printing company in Argentina, for fraudulently filing for bankruptcy and shutting down its operations, on Saturday, the Argentina government launched a major broadside against Royal Dutch Shell in the country. Planning Minister Julio De Vido took to the radio airwaves on Aug. 15 to charge Shell with “speculating rather than producing,” saying it “doesn’t invest anything to produce natural gas and oil in our country,” but prefers to find “areas for speculation, as if they were a real estate investment, rather than a productive investment. Shell should invest in the production of hydrocarbons in the areas assigned to it,” De Vido threatened, “rather than keeping them idle.” De Vido made it clear that the oil multinational should invest at least $1 billion in expanded production, or face the consequences.

What consequences?

Some informed observers believe that Argentina may well be planning stepped-up “war economy” measures to deal with the financial warfare being launched against the country, led by the vulture fund assault with backing from the U.S. Supreme Court. President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has repeatedly emphasized that the driving motivation of the vulture funds is not greed, but rather is a strategic policy of the world’s financial centers to forcibly re-indebt Argentina in order to seize control over its sizeable natural resources, including the giant Vaca Muerta shale oil deposits.

If history is any guide, the nature of those upcoming measures could include:

  • (1) Nationalizing all or part of the private banks, especially foreign controlled banks, that participate in financial warfare against Argentina;
  • (2) Fully renationalizing YPF oil company, which was partially privatized by earlier neoliberal Argentine governments. A step back towards national control was taken earlier this year when the Spanish Repsol company was forced to sell its shares back to YPF;
  • (3) Nationalizing or drastically regulating foreign trade, especially in vital food exports, both to guarantee supplies to new customers such as Russia, as well as to take further control over dollar flows in and out of the country; and
  • (4) Strengthening existing exchange controls to prevent capital flight and other forms of financial warfare.

All of these measures — and others — are fully consistent with policies adopted historically by Peronist governments in Argentina; the current government is also Peronist. Such measures are also the “patriotic reflex” that Argentina will tend to have, strengthened by the BRICS dynamic, especially given that Russia is actively pursuing a “war economy” approach of its own, which intersects Argentina directly on the question of food supplies.

Argentina Successfully Tests Tronador II Satellite Launcher

Planning Minister Julio De Vido announced on August 15 that Argentina had just successfully tested the second of a series of 3 to 6 experimental rockets, which are prototypes of the Tronador II satellite launcher under development. Produced entirely in Argentina with 100% domestic technology, the Tronador II will have a height of 14.5 meters (about five stories), will achieve a maximum velocity of 828 km/hr, and will be able to place in orbit a 250 kg satellite, which will also be 100% built in Argentina and will be launched from Argentine territory.

De Vido summarized the significance of the government’s policy and this specific achievement:

“This test constitutes another advance along the road towards sovereign technological development in terms of satellites made possible by the policy set in motion by Nestor Kirchner, which continues under President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, of reestablishing national capabilities in strategic sectors for the country. All of these 100% national developments will allow us to carry out a complete satellite launch on our own, that is, the construction of the satellites and placing them in orbit; and that will also allow us to launch satellites of third parties, converting Argentina into the only country in the Southern Hemisphere, and one of only 11 in the world, with that capability. With this initiative we are deepening the process of the industrialization of Argentina in high value-added and advanced technology sectors.”

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Pope Rides High-Speed Rail In Korea, Reaches Out To China

Pope Francis, the forward-looking Argentine Pope, unexpectedly took a Korean high-speed train from Seoul to Daejon on Friday, the first time he has ridden high-speed rail. The train covered 90 miles in 50 minutes. He had been expected to travel by helicopter.

On Sunday, Francis made another unprecedented move, in a gesture of friendship toward China. Addressing 70 Catholic bishops from 35 Asian countries in Haemi, Korea, on Sunday, Francis said the church is committed to dialogue with everyone, and added: “In this spirit of openness to others, I earnestly hope that those countries of your continent with whom the Holy See does not yet enjoy a full relationship may not hesitate to further a dialogue for the benefit of all.”

Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said the Pope’s comments were “obviously a sign of goodwill toward China,” as well as for the other Asian countries with which the Vatican does not have diplomatic relations, according to Associated Press. “This offer of the Pope for dialogue is to all these lands and not just one, even if China is the biggest.”

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Egyptian President Declares Support for Crucial Toshka Mega-Agricultural Project

In his speech on August 5 announcing the construction of the “New Suez Canal” Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi also declared his government’s intention to complete the Toshka project, a mega-project launched in Egypt’s Western Desert by during the regime of ousted president Hosni Mubarak in which less than 10% has been accomplished during the last 15 years.

On July 29, Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab announced that the Toshka project was to be revitalized to become a national development project. Speaking during a tour of the Toshka region, Mahlab said a thorough study will be conducted to reassess the project which has cost more than $6 billion so far, and has a strong infrastructure and large road networks. Such a mega-project should not be neglected, said Mahlab.

The project entails transferring water from Lake Nasser behind the Aswan Dam, to the western desert. The main pumping station has already been completed. The government has an emergency plan to reclaim 1 million feddans (more than 1 million acres), including 103,000 feddans in the Toshka region alone.

The prime minister said that this would enable Toshka to become a real urban community, and help revitalize the whole region. The project includes the establishment of a hospital, as well as residential areas.

More information has been released on the New Suez Canal project revealing new details on how it will be financed. Following a meeting between the President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi and the governor of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE), and the ministers of international cooperation, finance and investment it was decided to issue debt certificates to the general public (open only Egyptian citizens) in the local currency that will be offered in three categories: LE10 Egyptian pounds, LE100 and LE1,000 at a 12% interest rate. They will also be issued in U.S. dollars at multiples of $1,000 at a 3% interest rate. This would involve a coalition of local Egyptian banks, both private and state-run.

According to Egypt’s Armed Forces spokesman Mohamed Samir, digging on the projected new Suez canal already began on August 6 and will be completed in 12 months. The Egyptian Armed Forces Engineering Authority has divided the digging process among 33 specialized Egyptian civilian companies and two army battalions.

The canal is part of the Suez Canal Development mega project, which includes the development of several seaports in the three governorates bordering the canal — Suez, Ismailia, and Port Said — in addition to a seaport in the South Sinai city of Nuweiba and the development of Sharm El-Sheikh airport. The six tunnels will cost around $8 billion with four designated for road traffic and two for railways. Also a “Technology Valley” in Ismailia and a new industrial zone west of the Gulf of Suez are planned.

Only Egypt Can Save the Middle East and North Africa from Destruction

The decisive shift in policy by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to bring his country into the new paradigm being created by the BRICS identifies Egypt as the only country in North Africa and Southwest Asia that can take the leadership to stop the Empire’s perpetual war and sectarian genocide policy now destroying the region. Support must be given to el-Sisi if the region is to be rescued.

Key players in the region are expressing parallel ideas.

In a commentary entitled “New Strategic Momentum?” appearing the Egyptian daily Al Ahram (Aug.13), former assistant Egyptian Foreign Minister Hussein Haridy identifies Egypt’s new leadership role. Written on the eve of el-Sisi’s visit to Saudi Arabia, the author identifies the challenge facing the region with the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL/ISIS) or now the Islamic State (IS) as one of the major threats, which demands a profound change in the political alignments in the region and only Egypt is capable of pulling it off.

Identifying the beginning of this destructive process was the attempt to overthrow the Syrian government of President Bashar al Assad by some “regional powers” was “responsible for the current situation” which requires de-emphasizing the “sectarian aspect of the current confrontation raging from Lebanon to Syria and Iraq.”

“The role of Egypt in preparing the ground for the ultimate defeat of IS and other terrorist groups affiliated with Al-Qaeda, whether operating in the Levant and Iraq or in North Africa, is of critical importance. In this respect, this role will be the balancer among various opposing forces in the region.

“Cairo is capable of shouldering that responsibility, based on historical precedents as well as the absence of sectarian or religious considerations in Egyptian foreign policy. The new Egyptian leadership has probably the political will to play this role, to facilitate a new Arab core alliance, strong and cohesive enough to deal effectively with the new existential threats facing the Arab state system.

“Of paramount importance in this endeavor is that Egypt and Saudi Arabia hold a common perception of what these threats are. This calls for a reordering of Arab foreign policy priorities in the region. A basic question is whether or not this can happen without the cooperation of the Syrian government.”

Egypt also played the key role in ending the genocidal conflict between Hamas in Gaza and Israel. The Egypt’s role was identified this week by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in an interview in the Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar. Nasrallah correctly identified the key problem as the current divide in the region between the “Qatari-Turkish axis and the Egyptian-Saudi-Emirati axis” which he said unfortunately was very sharp and should be overcome. He had in fact suggested to the Iranians to get in touch with all of these players. He said the Egyptian efforts were undermined when “Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan attacked Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi personally,” and pointed to the attacks on el-Sisi by Qatar through Al-Jazeera as negative. If you want to help Gaza, then you should talk to Egypt. “The Palestinians themselves say that any solution or compromise is not possible without Egypt. This requires the two competing axes to give priority to Gaza over all the other discussions and conflicts, which has still not happened in an appropriate manner.”

These developments have not gone unnoticed in Israel where Ynetnews Middle East editor Smadar Perry writes that el-Sisi might not be a friend of Israel, he certainly is a partner. Perry writes that el-Sisi dislikes Hamas probably more than the Israelis. But Hamas is only one issue for el-Sisi. The main issue is the economy and “He knows time is not in his favor, he has two years to present the Egyptians with achievements, mainly economic ones…. El-Sisi has no interest in being anyone’s puppet … he is now busy with the ambitious project of building the second Suez canal. He has promised. He has promised to create millions of new workplaces for Egypt’s unemployed.”

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Brazil Presidential Race Turned Upside Down

The highly suspicious death of Brazilian Presidential candidate Eduardo Campos in an Aug. 14 plane crash, has thrown the upcoming Oct. 5 presidential elections into turmoil. Campos’s private jet crashed flying from Rio to the Sao Paulo area — supposedly due to bad weather. However, the Brazilian Air Force says that the black box they recovered did not record the flight, and some eyewitnesses claim there was an explosion before the plane crashed.

Campos’s vice presidential running mate, Marina Silva, is likely to be named as the new presidential candidate for the PSB party, when the party leadership meets on Aug. 21. Silva is a total WWF environmentalist, and a “devout evangelical,” as BBC put it. She came in third with 20% of the vote in the 2010 elections where current President Dilma Rousseff won, and is clearly London’s best card at the moment to prevent Dilma from being re-elected. British financial interests were targeting Dilma for destabilization even before the recent BRICS summit in Fortaleza, Brazil, but now they are hell-bent on removing her from office, by hook or by crook.

The other main presidential candidate is Senator Aecio Neves, also a London boy.

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