LPAC Policy Committee · April 20, 2015

Water water everywhere! Except most of it is salt water. What can humanity do to increase the supply of fresh water? Join Lyndon LaRouche on the show today along with the LaRouchePAC policy committee as we discuss the continuing water crisis.

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What We Did, Will Determine Whether the Human Species Exists or Not

In discussion with associates on Sunday, Lyndon LaRouche said that we’ve achieved a quasi-victory for our water policy approach, in the course of what we’ve done in the past two weeks, and that should be registered very importantly, and not overlooked. Everybody from every location in this nation and beyond, must understand that the concepts we’ve introduced regarding the creation of new supplies of fresh water for California—which was organized by Ben Deniston and company—which LaRouche was involved in, and had been for some time—is going to determine whether the human species is going to exist or not. And there is no precedent, and no issue supersedes what we did in launching this water issue.

What’s been done, by the LPAC Science Team, was essentially unknown to the human species as a whole. And that seriousness must be understood all the way through. At a later point in the discussion, after reports and questions from Manhattan, LaRouche intervened to say, that with the issues associated with California, there has been a sudden change in the non-Confederate population of the United States.

That 20-25% of the population of Manhattan is marginally in favor of doing things that are right. Whereas the opportunists, the useless rich, are useless for everything. After the California and similar events, there has been a sudden and rapidly developing mobilization of the people of the United States who are not thinking “Southern.”

And it’s thinking “Southern” that breeds fascism, and always has. If you want to deal with the population of Manhattan, you’ve got to get people free, which they’re capable of doing—getting free of this so-called “black-white” issue. The issue is “human,” versus “Southern,” and which side are you on?

And that will settle the whole thing, very simply, by that simple, economical distinction. That’s the way you treat racism: it’s not a matter of color; it’s a matter of breeding. That will get the rage in the right places,— including the Houses of Congress. They’ll probably start to go ape on that one,— if you start saying the Southern race is inferior. We have some people who were slaves, some people who are slaves, and some people who are still slaves.

It’s not a matter of color. In the same discussion, there were reports of the organizing around EIR #16, and discussion of the forthcoming EIR #17. The tentative Table of Contents for EIR #17 is as follows:

Cover and Issue Title: “JAIL THIS NAZI”—cover cartoon of California Governor Jerry Brown:

1.) Science or Fascism, by Benjamin Deniston and Michael Steger

2.) An article by Jeff Steinberg, which catches the reader’s attention by slamming into tyrant Obama, for his dictatorial plan to force “fast-track” down the throats of the Congress, while they still don’t even know the content of the dictatorial so-called “free trade agreements,”—TTP and TTIP, which they will be facilitating by their vote.

3.) “Death on the Installment Plan”: The French Roots of Fascism and the French Resistance; A Discussion with Jacques Cheminade, by Tony Papert

4.) Zeus versus Prometheus in California, by Michael Steger and Paul Gallagher

5.) Dr. Natalia Vitrenko and Vladimir Marchenko Address President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko: Ensure the Right to Life, or Step Down!

6.) Helga Zepp-LaRouche April 16 Manhattan Keynote Address, with an Introduction by Dennis Speed.

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If the Leadership is there, the American people will fight: A report from the front lines

It’s been two weeks since LaRouchePAC launched our current campaign to, 1. force the solutions to the current devastating California drought of leveraging the most cutting edge scientific resources available on the planet today, nuclear desalination, atmospheric ionization and continental water management, as a leading issue for the 2016 Presidential campaign, and 2. by doing so, provoking the American people to recognize that the current economic paradigm of “conservation in the name of the environment” has, and always had, a nasty, Nazi ideology at its core. This deadly paradigm, typified by Wall Street’s current control over the U.S. Congress and our access to basic commodities, and revealed to be fully at play during a meeting our organizers had with a leading water “expert” in Sacramento, prompted Lyndon LaRouche to ask, “How many Americans will defend themselves from this Wall Street-run, Nazi-environmentalist operation to reduce the fresh water supply to a limited group of people?” Below is summary report of responses we’ve gotten from our fellow citizens on precisely this issue of their own, and the future survival of the United States.

Where your food is grown: A report from the Central Valley

LPAC organizers discussing the crisis with people in the Central Valley.

Over the course of the last week, a team of LaRouchePAC organizers took the fight for creativity and science vs. the Nazi environmentalists directly to ground zero of today’s drought crisis—the people of the Central Valley, California. The organizers brought a concise message to the Central Valley: if California and the nations are going survive this crisis, it begins with ending the Jerry Brown-lead Nazi occupation in California, which means simultaneously eliminating the Bush league legacy of speculation on scarce resources (think: Enron), and replacing these deadly policies with real science. After all, if anyone knows that the water is there, it’s the people of California.

In general, our organizers received an intense and thoughtful response from the population, most of whom recognized that they are first in line for genocide due to Brown’s fascist response to the drought. Literally, no one we talked to believed Jerry Brown’s lie that there are no solutions—though they had varying ideas on what the solutions might be. Many had heard of nuclear desalination, some knew about NAWAPA, the North American Water and Power Alliance, but fewer knew about the ionization experiments and were very provoked about the idea of man getting greater mastery over the water cycle of the planet.

One common response was, “Why are they building that rail line from Fresno to Bakersfield when we need water?” This presented a useful opportunity to discuss the BRICS and China, and take them through how China is building rail AND water because they have a commitment to improving the population. Over 100 BRICS pamphlets were distributed, along with 300 copies of Ben Deniston’s “New Perspectives on the Western Water Crisis”, and 1000 leaflets of the LPAC Press Release, not to mention the online activity we generated from our presence. This is just the beginning, and is the basis from which we can mobilize the entire nation around the what is truly a national mission, and a decisive factor in the 2016 Presidential campaign.

Leveled fruit orchard.

Orchards left to ruin on the way to Porterville, CA.

Day by Day Anecdotes

LPAC organizers speaking with a Mexican water specialist.

Support, contributions and discussion came from all layers of the population and political spectrum. A guy who supplies machines to almond farmers, marched over to our table to see what we were doing, was very intrigued on both desalination and ionization. Another guy who signed up was against both Brown and Obama, and upon seeing our Children of Satan book on the table, pointed to Dick Cheney’s face on the cover and said, “That’s the most evil man on the planet.” Another woman, who claimed to not know us, started briefing our organizers on the treason of the Bush family. A Filipino woman who is a doctor signed up for our weekly updates and said she wanted to go back to the Philippines to fight for water development there. Two Hispanic women who were fed up with the party system, against Hillary and Bush, and knew about desalination, said, “They want to keep us poor and dumb.” Both signed up and contributed. A farmer who contributed, responded, “If we lose the food here, people will starve all over the world.” Most people supported nuclear desalination and were against the greenies.

In Tulare, there was no argument from the population that Jerry Brown is nuts and needs to go, and many clearly had been doing their own investigations of some of the solutions we’ve been discussing. One man started briefing our organizer on NAWAPA, and was astounded to see our special report, and another woman, who doesn’t believe the hysteria of man-made climate change, had heard of the studies done on cosmic radiation and the correlation to climate on Earth. One guy who contributed responded very sharply when we challenged him that its up to the population to take on this Nazi program of Jerry Brown and Obama. A woman who worked for the Chamber of Commerce did a U-turn to stop by our table at the post office, but freaked out when she saw it was LaRouche. After a short discussion, it was clear the problem was that she wanted to defend Wall Street! She stormed away from the table in anger when an organizer showed her the EIR on the Bush Family Treason.

A woman who stopped at the table and initially declined to support us—citing the fact that she’s got too much junk emails from groups that aren’t doing anything—said at a certain point in the discussion, “We can’t trust Putin”, the organizer responded, “Russia isn’t the aggressor, they lost 20+ million to fascism in WW2, and we need to work with Russia and the BRICS.” She signed up and purchased the LPAC BRICS pamphlet.

A woman whose family has had a walnut farm for four generations responded very sharply to the discussion about the difference between man and animal, and how California would still be a wasteland without what FDR, JFK, and Pat Brown did to bring water to the state.

Across the board, people agreed that Jeb and Hillary were not options for the presidency because they’re both tools of Wall St., and wanted to look at what we’re saying about O’Malley and the fight for Glass-Steagall. We signed up the former mayor of a small town in the Central Valley, who came up to congratulate us on what were doing. One guy, who is on the water board in his town, signed up, took extra literature and will consider letting us speak before the board. Another farmer told us that he had to sell what little water he had left on his farm to his neighbor, because he didn’t have enough to work his own land. A regional representative from a company that makes equipment for dairy farms signed up for a membership and took a large stack of literature. He had a strong response on the Nazi nature of the greenies and stayed by the table for a longer discussion on Lyn’s 40-year history.


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Could Orange be the new green in Ireland as some are seeking?

By Niall O’Dowd at Irish Central.

Ireland should rejoin the Commonwealth; we all need to be careful how we celebrate the Easter Rising; Unionist landmarks such as partition should also be celebrated; the British soldiers who died in the Easter Rising deserve the same tribute as Irish fighters.

All the above show that despite the peace in Northern Ireland there appears to be an increasing push back against lawful nationalism in any form in Ireland.

It is an abject attempt to placate unionism in the North by pretending events such as partition belong on the same plane as the Easter Rising of 1916, which inspired freedom movements all across the world.

In this topsy-turvy world Orange has become the new green, the bending of the arc of history to make it appear as if the vicious northern state created out of whole cloth was as legitimate in its entirety as the state that the men and women of 1916 founded.

Was the Irish state perfect? Of course not, but it certainly could never be equated with the sectarian gulag that Northern Ireland became for the Catholics corralled into it against their will.

The new Orange Order has manifested itself in many ways.

Former Irish leader John Bruton insists, despite overwhelming historical evidence, that the Easter Rising should be essentially downplayed because it merely prevented Home Rule happening peacefully.

Several historians have pointed out the sad reality that the Unionists had a secret and ironclad commitment from successive British governments that Home Rule would never be implemented despite what poor John Redmond thought (or John Bruton thinks).

Indeed, one of the saddest moments of the aftermath of the Easter Rising was Redmond still commending young Irishmen to fight in the by-then hopeless World War I as cannon fodder and Edward Carson architect of the Ulster violent resistance commiserating with him over the dreadful Irish rebels.

The notion of British troops receiving the same homage as the men who led the uprising has been raised in the Irish Times by representatives of the 1916 celebrations group who have scheduled an event equally honoring all who died.

Again it is a terrible mismatch to equate fighting the imperial power that possessed your country as George Washington did and acknowledging the army of that empire defending it.

The push to have Ireland rejoin the Commonwealth is just the latest auto de fé or public penance some want to impose on the Irish citizenry for their temerity in becoming a Republic.

A meeting of the Royal Commonwealth Society (the very name says it all) was held for the first time in Dublin last weekend urging the country rejoin.

The fact that an unelected monarch and a sectarian officeholder, which no person other than church of England can aspire to, is the head of the commonwealth was never mentioned.

There are far too many examples of the new Orange order to believe it is all just coincidence. The centenary of 1916 promises to refashion and refocus the Irish view of their own history in a way unseen since independence.

Those happy with the status quo and the “Shure we’re a grand little country” have most to lose as the gyre of history slowly spins and many come to to new conclusions about the past and present in a way that could upset the entire power structure.

Power concedes nothing in these situations and that is already abundantly clear. The next 12 months will be especially important in the battles of whose version of history triumphs. Ireland’s future direction is at stake.

Source: Irish Central

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Fianna Fáil doesn’t represent Republican ideals – Cllr Chris Andrews

Responding this afternoon to remarks made by Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin, Sinn Féin’s candidate for the Dublin Bay South constituency at the next general election, Cllr. Chris Andrews said:

“Micheál Martin’s desperate attempts to try and make Fianna Fáil relevant at a time when it is rudderless do not mask the reality that the party no longer represents the Republican ideals or values of its founders”.

“Fianna Fáil has long since abandoned the ordinary communities and working families it was founded to represent and whilst it pays lip service to its Republican roots by calling itself ‘the Republican party’, its attempt to somehow claim the mantel of the 1916 Rising does nothing to mask the fact it has all but given up on bringing the Republic proclaimed in 1916 to fruition”.

“Through its involvement in grassroots community politics, advancing the peace process, its progressive policy platform and working daily to deliver Irish Unity, Sinn Féin is the only party that represents the modern manifestation of Republican ideals and values”.

Source: Sinn Féin http://www.sinnfein.ie/contents/34577

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Adams dismisses Fianna Fáil Leader’s “hysterical rant”

Responding to remarks by Fianna Fáil Leader Mícheál Martin at Arbour Hill today, Sinn Féin Leader Gerry Adams TD said:

“Micheál Martin’s claim that Sinn Féin is not not fit for democratic government is a matter which the electorate will decide.

“Sinn Féin has a mandate in both part’s of this island. That is what drives the hysterical rant by Mícheál Martin about Sinn Féin at Arbour Hill today.

“His remarks are a clear sign of desperation at the growth of Sinn Féin and the stagnation of his own party.

“Micheál Martin was a central figure in the Fianna Fáil administration which destroyed the economy and surrendered the sovereignty of the Irish State.

“The Fine Gael/Labour coalition has been implementing an austerity agenda which was laid out for them by Fianna Fáil, including Micheál Martin. Water Charges for example were a Fianna Fáil idea.

“Micheál Martin is clearly facing huge internal and external pressures over his leadership and the failure of Fianna Fáil to make any headway with the public in recent years.

“His speech majors on negativity and invective but offers no message of hope or policy proposals which could build a better future.

“Micheal Martin clearly sees Sinn Féin representing a genuine republican alternative to which citizens are turning in ever greater numbers and his remarks must be seen in this context.

“For our part, Sinn Féin is focussed on bringing about a united Ireland and a real republic based on the ideals of social justice and equality.”

[Here is the aforementioned and rightly entitled “hysterical rant” from the cowardly and opportunist Micheál Martin – a “leader” whose only mission it seems is the destruction of his own party – ed  http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/politics/martin-to-tell-ff-1916-event-sf-unfit-for-democratic-government-31153672.html ]

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Helga Zepp-LaRouche Addresses Highly Successful EIR Event in NYC

The following is a transcript of Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s remarks to an EIR diplomatic and business meeting in New York, Thursday, April 16th. A transcript of Deniston’s presentation will be available soon.

HELGA ZEPP-LAROUCHE: Yes, hello. There is something very, very fantastic happening in the world right now, and those of you in America, who are only dependent on the mainstream media, may have absolutely no inkling of it, because the mainstream media are not reporting about the fact that a completely new economic system is emerging. And it is emerging with extremely rapid speed. And more than half of humanity is already participating in it.

BRICS leaders in Fortaleza, Brazil, July, 2014.

First slide. Now, the first system has been initiated by the leaders of the BRICS nations, at the Fortaleza summit in Brazil last July.

Next slide. And they proceeded very quickly to establish the New Silk Road and the Maritime Silk road, and a whole system of relations with South America, with ASEAN countries, with African countries, and in the recent period, even with European countries. And this new model is basically establishing a completely new system of relations; it’s what the Chinese President Xi Jinping often calls a “win-win” policy, or even a “win-win-win” policy, depending how many parties are participating in these projects. And it is based on the idea that, through the development of basic infrastructure, of scientific and technological cooperation, and an increase in connectivity among these nations, that this will lead to the mutual benefit of all participating countries.

China’s ‘New Silk Road’ and ‘Maritime Silk Road’ Initiatives

Now, this annual summit of the Boao Forum on the island of Hainan—the Boao Forum is the Asian equivalent of what normally takes place in Davos in Switzerland, except that the difference is that in Davos, you have a lot of bankers and a lot of monetarists coming together, while this Boao Forum brought together many, many leaders, especially of Asia, who were all interested in real economic development, in infrastructure, and cooperation. And there, at this forum, President Xi Jinping announced what they are now calling the “One Belt, One Road,” which is simply another word for the New Silk Road, or, as we called it, the Eurasian Land-Bridge in the past, and announced a global perspective for development.

This includes huge infrastructure programs, corridors; high-speed railway; waterways and ports. And this report was declared to be the official policy by the National Development and Reform Commission, as well as the Foreign Ministry and the Commerce Ministry of China.

As you can see here, this is a vast, vast network of corridors connecting China, Central Asia, Russia—all the way to Europe. Then another set of corridors from Central Asia, to West Asia, into the Gulf, and the Mediterranean. Then the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road involves sea and land corridors from China, to Southeast Asia, to South Asia, to the Indian Ocean, and to the Pacific. Then other corridors go overland from China to Mongolia, to Russia. Another one to Bangladesh, China, India, and Myanmar.

So, what goes along with that is a whole new system, a really world new system, of banks and financial credit institutions, to finance these and other projects.

Now, people were quite astounded about the sea change which recently took place when the AIIB went into the final negotiations about who would be among the founding members, basically which concluded a couple of days ago. And lo and behold, the AIIB had 57 founding members. Now the United States government, misjudging the situation dramatically, put utmost pressure on their allies, and also developing countries, under those circumstances, not to be part of the AIIB. And despite this heavy pressure from the U.S., the first country in Europe to join was, of all places, Great Britain, the firm ally of the United States. And when Great Britain joined, you had a complete avalanche of countries going in the same direction, wanting to become founding members of the AIIB: Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, all the Scandinavian countries—and naturally, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand, and many other Asian countries.

China was very emphatic to point out the fact that, despite the fact that the AIIB obviously has been created as a supplement to the IMF and the World Bank, that China does not want to turn the AIIB into a geopolitical confrontation with the United States, and they have reiterated, both from the government and also leading Chinese publications many times, the offer that the United States and European countries should join the AIIB, the New Development Bank, and also the projects of the New Silk Road and the Maritime Silk Road. Because China is developing a new model of international relationships, which is all-inclusive, which is overcoming and superseding the concept of geopolitics, which, after all, was the basis for two World Wars in the 20th century.

Now, the New Development Bank, which is also a similar bank, created by the BRICS in Fortaleza in Brazil last year—it was decided to found it—will be functioning this year in July, at the next BRICS summit, which will take place in Ufa in Russia. So, at that point, you will have basically two operational large infrastructure banks. But then you also have the New Silk Road development fund, which as $40 billion; the AIIB and the New Development Bank have initial capital of $100 billion each—but that is just the beginning, starting capital. The New Silk Road fund has $40 billion; the New Maritime Silk Roads Fund, $20 billion. But then also the countries of the South Asian region, the SAARC countries, are planning to build their own development bank. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is building a new bank.

And then, these countries have jointly decided to create something which is called the Contingency Reserve Arrangement. Now this is a pool of currency reserves, of $100 billion initially, which was obviously a response to the speculation which speculators such as George Soros conducted during the Asia crisis of 1997, where the currencies of Asian countries were speculated in one week, down by 80% by such people as George Soros, for example. And obviously, also, [a response] to the 2008 near-meltdown of the financial system in the Lehman Brothers crisis.

What these countries of the BRICS and related organization are now doing, is, they have created the Contingency Reserve Arrangement, to protect participating countries against speculative attacks, even new financial crises are to come—and they are shortly to come. It was also the reaction to the fact that the U.S. Congress absolutely refused to change the rules of the IMF and the World Bank, after the 2008 crisis.

Now, these parallel financial organizations were characterized by Mrs. Denise Leung, from the finance center of the World Resources Institute, this morning in the German government radio, Deutsche Welle. This woman said: “Development is absolutely not possible without the AIIB and the New Development Bank, because in Asia alone, there is a need for infrastructure investment, up to the year 2020, of $8.2 trillion.” Now, the entire investment of the World Bank, in 2014, is only $24.2 billion, and of the Asian Development Bank, only $21 billion. So, obviously, the AIIB, the New Development Bank, and all the other banks I named, have to fill this gap. And obviously, to have such independent financial institutions, will give the developing countries, also a much greater voice in determining their own economic policy in the advantage of their own population.

Now obviously the aim, explicitly and stated so by several BRICS leaders, is to use these banks to eradicate poverty from the surface of the plan in a very short period of time. And in Asia alone, you have presently over 700 million people who are still living below the poverty level. Now, Prime Minister Modi has made several absolutely exciting speeches, where he declared a national objective of India, to eradicate poverty from the Indian nation. Also, President Xi Jinping has proudly announced, repeatedly, that the Chinese economic miracle, which, nobody can deny, is one of the greatest miracles in terms of economics ever in the history of economies—because China was able to have an economic development in 30 years which most industrial nations in Europe, in the United States, and elsewhere, needed 100 or even 200 years to accomplish. And Xi Jinping has announced that that kind of development which has now transformed the poor population of the coastal regions, and the southern parts of China, to bring that into the inner regions, and into the Western parts of China, which are mostly desert, and therefore it’s not so easy—but to use this Chinese economic miracle as the model for the New Silk Road for every country which participates in these projects, to repeat exactly what China has accomplished.

Now, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, which is the major Swiss financial daily, had this morning an article with the headline, ” Gold Rush Mood Thanks to New Silk Road, Investors Are Rushing To Buy Stocks in Chinese State-Owned Enterprises. They Are Investing in the New Silk Road.” Now, I have to say there is a certain amount of confusion in the editorial board of Neue Zürcher Zeitung, because they are looking at these developments with the spectacles of monetarism, but obviously, this is not what this is at all, because the AIIB, the New Development Bank, and the other institutions are credit institutions, and are not part of the casino economy of Wall Street, or City of London, or Frankfurt, for that matter. But they go very explicitly back to the principles of the First Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, Alexander Hamilton, who created the first National Bank, and with that, a credit-financing institution for the real economy. And that first National Bank, and that credit system, was the basis for the gigantic industrial revolution which occurred in the United States, and it was the policy to which good American presidents always returned, such as Lincoln, with the greenback policy; or Franklin D. Roosevelt, with the New Deal, and the Glass-Steagall separation, and the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, which happened to be not only the motor for the United States to overcome the depression in the ’30s, but it was also, in the form of the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, the basis for the German economic miracle, in the post-war reconstruction of Germany.

As Dennis already mentioned, this was also the basis of the proposal by Lyndon LaRouche to create an International Development Bank, which he made in 1975, and for which this organization has campaigned practically in all the years since, and we have now the development that this idea, to have a development bank, which is only there to finance development, is coming into reality. The Casino’s About to Blow

Now this is extremely urgent, because the transAtlantic region is based on a completely different idea, namely the profit-maximization of the casino, and that is totally bankrupt, and it is about to go bust.

The recently published Beige Book of the Federal Reserve, which is estimated to reflect the complete denial of reality by European economists, in fact pretends that there is an upswing in the United States, but what it shows, the real figures show—and these figures are still manipulated—that you have a collapse of the real economy in the United States. The New York Fed’s Manufacturing Index just went down by 1.19 points, to only 6.9 points. The industrial index went down by 2.4 points, to 6.8 points. The employment index collapsed from 18.6 to 9.6%. So, even by the fraudulent statistics of the Fed, the real economy is shrinking.

But the real crisis is naturally that the too-big-to-fail banks have a derivative exposure which is today 40 to 80% larger than it was in 2008, at the point of the collapse of Lehman Brothers. And this system could detonate at any moment. For example, if the Fed would go to increase the interest rate just a tiny amount, that derivative bubble would, almost certainly, explode. And if the European Union continues their hard line against Greece, a policy which is supported also by German Finance Minister Schäuble, and drives Greece out of the Eurozone, which is now on its way—for example, Standard & Poor”s just downgraded Greece from the B level (creditworthiness), a B-, to level CCC+, which is already junk bond level.

Now, therefore, in reality, we are looking at the upcoming explosion of the financial system of the transAtlantic sector, and these new banks are actually the lifeboat for a sinking Titanic.

The problem of the trans-Atlantic sector could be solved very easily, if the United States would go back to the Glass-Steagall separation of the banks laws, which was introduced by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933, and repealed only in 1999, and that, by the way, makes the presidential campaign of the pre-presidential candidate Martin O’Malley the most important campaign, because he has said that the first action he would take, if he were to be elected into the White House, would be the implementation of Glass-Steagall: Protect the commercial and separate the investment banks, and do not finance them anymore through quantitative easing, or through so-called rescue packages, and they would go bankrupt, if they would be forced to rely on their own system.

Now, it is therefore— and because there is a connection between the pending collapse of the Wall Street banks, the City of London banks, and other related banks—there is a relation to the increasing war danger, which we have discussed many times, but the Empire collapse is what is driven by the pending collapse of the banks, and the war danger in Ukraine and the Middle East comes from that. Therefore, it is a life or death question of civilization, that we get the United States, and the European nations, to join with the BRICS, to join with the New Silk Road, and join the win-win perspective, as a conscious war-avoidance policy. Because if all the countries of Europe, the United States, and the BRICS countries—to which, for example, Russia belongs—are working together in these large projects, then, and only then, can you overcome the reason for war.

Because war has always occurred as a result of geopolitics, and we have to get the United States off the idea of the Project of a New American Century doctrine, which was introduced by the neo-cons at the end of the ’90s, which is the idea that they will not allow one nation, or a group of nations, to ever become stronger than the United States.

So, therefore, let’s look at the reality of the situation. Not only is the transAtlantic sector about to experience a bigger blowout of the system than in 2008; the most dramatic situation we have right now is in California, and in the entire Southwest of the United States, where you have a prolonged drought, and a huge water shortage.

On the 12th of March there was an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times by J. Famigletti, who’s from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and he said that California today has only water supplies for about one year left in its reservoirs. You can see here on this picture the drought emptying the reservoirs and also reducing the snowpack, which means there will be no water flowing into these reservoirs and other water systems. And what was the reaction of Governor Brown? About a week ago, he announced a mandatory cut of water usage of 25%, except for agriculture, and fracking. I mean, this completely insane method of production of shale gas and oil.

Now already over 500,000 acres remained unplanted in the last year, and it probably will be more than 1 million acres, which will not be used for agriculture this. Several towns in California are already out of water. And soon, you will see a migration of people out of the largest and most productive state in the United States.

So, when we recently, about a week ago, presented in the state legislature in Sacramento the revolutionary new concept of how to deal with this water crisis, which has been worked out by Ben Deniston and Lyndon LaRouche, with the science team he’s working with, we have a very unusual shocking experience. Because when we presented this revolutionary proposal of Ben Deniston to Mr. O’Connor, who is the principal consultant to the State Senate Committee for Natural Resources and Water, and we went there with the expectation that they would be happy to find people concerned with solving the water crisis, the reaction—which was a complete hysterical denial that there is a water shortage [were water shortages before—ed.], cyclic development of weather patterns over thousands of years, that the drought is not the result of anthropogenic dealings of mankind, he completely freaked out, and what Ben Deniston had proposed—he will elaborate this later on himself—that you can have a combination of measures, like desalinization of ocean water, with the help of nuclear energy, in the tradition of what Roosevelt did with the Tennessee Valley Authority, like managing and changing the Colorado River, and similar proposals… But also you could revive aspects of NAWAPA—that is bringing down the plentiful water from Alaska and Canada, along the Rocky Mountains, with a system of channels all the way to Mexico. Or, use the fact that 90% of all precipitation does not occur over land, but over oceans, and that you could use the ionization of moisture in the atmosphere, over the Pacific Ocean, to develop more water.

Now, recent studies focused very much on the high-energy galactic, cosmic rays in controlling the ionization of the lower atmosphere, and that seems to influence the cloud formation, and is also catalyzing the condensation of water vapor in the atmosphere. That method has already been tested and applied by several countries in the world. But it was very clear that this Mr. O’Connor had absolutely no interest to even listen to these proposals, and then, by reviewing what the problem was, we found —which we had already known before, but it came now in the context of the reduction of the water use in California—crystal clear what is the intention.

The same too-big-to-fail banks, which are about to blow, including the different members of the Bush family and the American multi-billionaire T. Boone Pickens, all of these people had invested in the last 5 to 10 years, enormous amounts of money into everything that has to do with water. Land, which is over aquifers; lakes, but also water pumps, chemicals to purify water, membranes, bottled water—just everything which has to do with water—and not only in the United States, but all over the world. So it is very clear that what they have been trying to do is to corner the water market, in order to speculate on the scarcity of water, on rising prices, totally disregarding what would be the effect of depopulation, of destruction of agriculture, of increase of food prices—and actually killing people. And there’s no question that this is a Nazi policy, because you see the same support of Nazi policies, in Ukraine. You see it in the absolutely anti-human policy of the Troika in Greece, destroying one-third of the Greek economy, and you see it, naturally, in the absolutely horrendous condition of the developing countries.

Now, the consequence which these people take into account, is the death of millions and millions of poor people. Please go to the next slide.

Major deserts on the planet today.

On this slide you see the world deserts, which actually grow from the Atlantic Coast of Africa, all the way through the Sahel Zone, the Sahara, the pan-Arab peninsula, the Middle East—all the way to China, and naturally in the Southwest of America. But there are two completely different approaches to how you deal with that.

You have the speculation on the scarcity of water, on the side of Wall Street and the City of London, and other speculators. But then if you contrast that with what China has been doing, China has [next slide] in the recent years developed the two largest water projects in the world. There is, on the one side, the Three Gorges dam, which changed the water of the Yangtze, and has turned this into the largest power-production facility in the world, producing 22.5 gigawatts per year, and naturally it has protected thousands of people from drowning every year, and established efficient flood control. And then, secondly, you have the South North Water Transfer Diversion Program, of which two of the three parts have already been completed.

Now, the Eastern Route of this project, which brings water from the very water-rich spring region of the Yangtze River, to Anhui and Shandong and Jiansu provinces, basically filling up, on the one side, the Yellow River, and using irrigation from there. And then, secondly, the Middle Route, which brings water to Beijing and Tianjin. These two routes are already bringing large amounts of water to the dry areas, while the Western Route is still in the phase of planning.


But the China is not the only country which is taking this productive approach. At the recent meeting of the SAARC summit, Indian Prime Minister Modi presented a similar program for India. [next slide] It is the idea of linking the Chadar river, which flows in the Himalayas, and brings it north-south along the India-Nepal border, and brings waters of the Yamura River, which goes from west to the east, into the Ganga Valley. And all of this goes back to the Indira Gandhi National Water Development Authority, which she established in 1982, and this was the time when we were working with her, together, on a 40-year development perspective for India. And this was naturally not carried out, because of her assassination, but it was a gigantic project, which had the idea of having 30 rivers linked through channels, creating 3,000 storage structures, projects which would create 34 gigawatts of hydropower, which would have provided 35 million hectares for the agricultural use of land. It would transferred 175 billion cubic meters of water per year, and naturally, massively increase the food production, protect the population against floods and droughts.

Now Prime Minister Modi has revived all of this, and he has created a taskforce on interlinking of these rivers. He announced plans to convert 101 rivers into transport channels, which will cut the transport costs by 30%, and naturally increase the capacity gigantically. With that together goes that several desalination plants in the coast of Tamil Nadu, and it also involves a plan to connect 14 rivers from the Himalayas to 16 other ones across the Indian peninsula, adding 35 million hectares of irrigated land, and 34,000 megawatts of electricity. That is three times as much as you need to provide electricity for New York City.

Obviously, there are many, many areas in the world which need that approach, taken by China and India, and which is lacking right now in California.

For example, the same approach must be taken for the Aral Sea, which has shrunk to only 5%. This is creating immense tensions between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, who have access to several rivers first, before they flow onto Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, and naturally tensions exist between these countries.

The Transaqua Plan.

It must be taken to Lake Chad, which has shrunk to less than 10% of its previous levels, and for which we have proposed for a very long time, the Transaqua plan, which has been worked out by the Italian physicist Dr. Vicchi, which has the idea to take the abundant water, actually too much water, from the Congo River, and bring it up through a system of channels and canals into Lake Chad, which obviously would transform the life of millions of people, and obviously this is not an option, but a bitter necessity. Because right now, we hear every week, the horrendous reports about thousands of people trying to flee over the Mediterranean, from Africa, and naturally also from Syria and Iraq, and many hundreds of them are drowning every week. And the EU has nothing better than to chase these people back, and to try to prevent them from coming, which underlines once more, the complete moral bankruptcy of the EU.

Now, next slide, the World Land-Bridge. Therefore, this proposal, which we have produced over a year study, and we published at the end of last year. This is a 370 page study, which not only outlines all the future projects, the tunnels, bridges, corridors, which are needed to turn the present world situation into a coherent connected world Land-Bridge, it also has all the scientific, or a lot of the scientific, conceptions provided by the scientific method of Mr. LaRouche, of physical economy, of the need why an increase in the energy-flux-density in the production process, is the absolutely necessary way to go, and why only with these principles, can you provide food and livelihood for the increased population in the world, and the increase in the relative population density is the law of the universe. And all of that you will find in this report.

Now, if you look at the various projects, which I only want to identify here very, very briefly, it is a network of bridges, tunnels, and channels connecting the five continents of the world, actually turning it into a coherent world transport and infrastructure system, so that in a few years, you could travel, for example, from the southern tip of Latin America, or South America, by maglev train, all the way up through the Americas, through the Bering Strait, all the way to Cape of Good Hope in Africa, or to Indonesia, if you want to take a different route, and that would be faster than to go by ship presently.

Projects of this include, for example: The second Panama Canal, which started to be built in Nicaragua—this is here, number one on the map. This already started last December, with the help of China. It’s a 278 kilometer canal. Then, number two is the building of the Bering Strait tunnel. Can you please now show the map from London to New York? This has been recently proposed by the head of Russian Railways, Vladimir Yakunin, which is to built a fast railway system from London all the way to the Bering Strait, and then, from there, to New York. And that has been adopted as the official policy of Russia.

Now obviously what is lacking right now is the American commitment, but I think that that is what we are campaigning for, to be adopted.

Number 3 on this map is the tunnel connecting the Sakhalin Island with Russia, which is supposed to be a tunnel of 7.3 kilometers. Number 4, the Sakhalin-Hokkaido tunnel, or bridge, which will be 45 kilometers. Number 7 is the tunnel connecting the Bohai Bay, shortening the distance to 100 kilometers connecting two Chinese cities, Dalian and Yantai. Number 10 is the building of the Kra Canal, which is supposed to be an alternative to the Malacca Strait, which is completely overworked. Number 12 is the expansion of the Suez Canal, which is happening at a very fast speed, with the help of the new el-Sisi government in Egypt, which has completely transformed that country, and cause total excitement of the population.

Now, this is a part of the World Land-Bridge, which we have produced in 2012, when it became clear that the policy of the Troika transformed all of southern Europe—Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal—into economic desert zones, reducing the real economy of Greece, for example, by one-third, causing two-thirds unemployment of the youth, increasing the death rate, increasing the suicide rate. The same picture for Italy and Spain and Portugal. And it was the idea to extend the New Silk Road/Eurasian Land-Bridge into Spain, into the Balkans, and then from there, build bridges and tunnels into Africa. And connect it with the extension of the New Silk Road into Africa.

Now, this is obviously all in the documents of the World Land-Bridge, and I can only advise you, you should acquire this report, because this is the blueprint for the next decades of human civilization.

The Principles To Be Followed

Now, Xi Jinping announced at the Boao conference the principles of this new policy, which basically is the five principles of the Bandung Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement from 1955. It is in complete cohesion with the UN Charter. It is based on the respect of international law. It is the idea of non-interference, respect for the sovereignty of the other country, the respect for the difference in the social system of the other country, and to base the policy on the maximum development of the other — which happens to be also the principles of the Peace of Westphalia, and international law.

Xi Jinping made a speech on that occasion, where he said, “We have only one planet, and countries share that one world. To do well in Asia, and the world, we cannot do without each other. What China therefore needs most is a harmonious and stable domestic environment, and a peaceful and tranquil international environment. Turbulence and war run against the fundamental interest of the Chinese people. China has suffered from turbulence and war for more than a century, since modern times. and the Chinese people would never want to inflict the same tragedy on other countries, or peoples. History has taught us that no country that tried to achieve its goal with force ever succeeded.”

The proof of that, obviously, is the condition of Iraq, of Syria, of Libya, of Ukraine, and many other countries, in Africa for example.

What we have to accomplish, therefore, is to make an all-out effort to convince the United States, and the European nations, that they should join with the BRICS, and with the New Silk road policy.

Now, I believe that we have come to a point in human history, where either we bring the political and economic order in cohesion with the real laws of the universe, of the physical universe, or we are threatened to extinct ourselves in a nuclear annihilation. However, I think that in all great traditions, you have this idea about that the laws of the universe must be a guidance for our political order on the planet. You find that idea beautifully developed in the Confucian tradition, of 2500 years of Chinese history, the idea that politics must follow the Mandate of Heaven, that there must be a harmony of all nations based on the idea of Love, which is the Confucian notion of ren, and that each nation must fulfill its right place, and its right task in this alliance, which in the notion of li.

That same idea you find in Hinduism, that the cosmic order must be implemented on the planet, in the political order. You find it also in the Christian humanist tradition of European culture, of which, after all, America is a part. It’s based on the idea that concordance in the macrocosm can only exist if all microcosms develop in an appropriate fashion and way, promoting the interest of the other as if it would be their own.

So, I think we have an unbelievable optimistic situation. It is full of dangers. We are threatened with World War III, very immediately, but the solution is there. I mean, if we get the United States to really become a republic again, as it was intended by the Founding Fathers, as it was established by Alexander Hamilton and the idea of a National Bank and a credit system; as it was promoted by John Quincy Adams, who had the idea that America must be a republic in an alliance of sovereign republics; as it was reconstituted by Abraham Lincoln; and naturally, by Franklin D. Roosevelt, and as it was echoed by John F. Kennedy. I think we have to revive that American tradition, and then I think Europe will follow, because, as you could see with the rush into the AIIB, and the excitement about Modi, about China in general, in Europe, I think we could really turn the tide. And I want to ask all of you, to join in this effort.

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Water for the Future

This video is a first in a series, presented by LPAC, which demonstrates that the water to solve California’s drought crisis IS there, it just needs to be developed. The “solutions” which Governor Jerry Brown and President Obama are imposing on the the state of California, being done in the name of “conservation” and “environmental sustainability” are a lying fraud. They don’t want a solution to this crisis, if they did they would launch a crash program for desalination and atmospheric ionization and wouldn’t have crushed earlier proposals for continental water management and a nuclear powered California economy.


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