No more Merkozy?

As the polls are closing in the French election tonight, reports say that Hollande is polling higher than Sarkozy. There is a high voter turnout.

Whatever happens in France tonight will spark a sea change throughout Europe and certainly in Ireland. The bully for the austerity treaty, has been Merkozy. What is Merk if there is no more Ozy?

One could also ask who Kenny and Gilmore will grovel to if there is no more Merkozy.

The top two candidates will compete in the May 7 run-off election if there is no clear winner today. If that run-off occurs it will center around reform of the EMS and Fiscal Compact  and  Glass Steagall banking separation .

What will the government Yes vote mudflaps have to say then in the period leading up to the May 31 referendum? Will they still be pushing stability in an obviously unstable Europe?

—-More later




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