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Speech from Gerry Adams in response to Micheál Martin and Fianna Fáil

Building a New Republic A chairde, One year out from the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising I am happy to be addressing Dublin Sinn Féin activists here in the city that fought an empire. Bliain amuigh ó chomóradh céad … Continue reading

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The Obama Murders

Thousands of people are dying in the Mediterranean trying to flee the horror created by President Barack Obama’s criminal wars across the North Africa and the Middle East, leaving nations like Libya, Syria and Yemen in chaos under terrorist gangs … Continue reading

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LaRouche: Obama is a Disease Disguised as President; Remove him now!

In discussion with the Policy Committee on Wednesday, Lyndon LaRouche stressed that Obama is pushing a policy of genocide as can be seen in the mass drownings of refugees in the Mediterranean Sea, the policy in California of Jerry Brown … Continue reading

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New Paradigm Show · April 22, 2015

Do you know where the weather and climate which determines life on earth comes from? Most people don’t, including today’s so-called “experts.” Join us for our weekly discussion with the LPAC Science Team.

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Obama is the Detonator for World War Developments over the past several days provide a devastating reminder that, so long as Barack Obama remains in office as President of the United States, the world stands on the edge of general war, a war that could quickly … Continue reading

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LPAC Policy Committee · April 20, 2015

Water water everywhere! Except most of it is salt water. What can humanity do to increase the supply of fresh water? Join Lyndon LaRouche on the show today along with the LaRouchePAC policy committee as we discuss the continuing water … Continue reading

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What We Did, Will Determine Whether the Human Species Exists or Not

In discussion with associates on Sunday, Lyndon LaRouche said that we’ve achieved a quasi-victory for our water policy approach, in the course of what we’ve done in the past two weeks, and that should be registered very importantly, and not … Continue reading

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