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LaRouche Warns of Thermonuclear ‘Guns of August’ Unless Obama is Dumped

Lyndon LaRouche yesterday publicly warned that, unless President Obama is either removed from office, or stripped of any political independence, he will use the August Congressional recess as the moment of opportunity to provoke a confrontation with Russia that could … Continue reading

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LPAC Policy Committee with Lyndon LaRouche · July 27, 2015

Look at the world economic system clearly. Money values are worthless, super high-speed trading and complex mathematical derivatives products are not economic value. Tune in today as we discuss a world without the oppression of the British Monarchy.

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McGuinness to brief US administration on political crisis

Sinn Féin MLA Martin McGuinness will travel to the US tomorrow to seek support for a resolution to the crisis threatening the political institutions in the North. Speaking ahead of meetings with the Friends of Ireland caucus on Capitol Hill, the State … Continue reading

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The British Empire Is Crumbling, The Way Is Clear for a New Global Era

The British Empire system is continuing to collapse under the weight of the implosion of its financial system.  Now it is time to put together a new system that is free of deductive mathematics. We have been living in a … Continue reading

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The Manhattan Project: Town Hall Q&A Event with Lyndon LaRouche, July 25, 2015 (including transcript)

Lyndon LaRouche returns to Manhattan! As the epicenter of culture, politics and economics of the nation, LPAC is hosting regular Town Hall events every Saturday in Manhattan featuring a live Q&A session with Mr. LaRouche. This week: with the House … Continue reading

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Trailer: Our Exiled Children – The story of Irish America’s role in the 1916 Rising

Courtesy of Friends of Sinn Féin Short trailer for a new film by Friends of Sinn Féin chronicling the central role of Irish America in the planning and execution of the Easter Rising 1916. Due for release in Autumn 2015.

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Friday Webcast · July 24, 2015

Join us for our weekly Friday night webcast. Glass-Steagall and the reform of Wall Street’s practices are on the table.

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