Kesha Rogers Senate Campaign Covered in the Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Morning News ran a story in their April 14, 2014 edition, titled “Candidate in Democratic runoff likes LaRouche, not Obama”, giving straightforward coverage to the Kesha Rogers for Senate campaign in Texas, which will undoubtedly cause rage on Wall Street and the City of London, and in the corridors of the Obama administration in Washington, DC. The article, which headlined the site’s “Politics” page, also featured a picture of Kesha, with a flag and a shuttle launch in the background.

The coverage begins:

“Some primary candidates struggle to differentiate themselves from the pack. Kesha Rogers does not have that problem.

“The Democratic Senate hopeful’s platform calls for the impeachment of President Barack Obama and compares the Affordable Care Act to Nazism. She campaigns around the state with a poster of Obama sporting a Hitler mustache. Plus, she’s a supporter of extremist [sic] Lyndon LaRouche. ‘There is this certain unique quality to what I do,’ she said in an interview. ‘I go out and inspire people, especially people who have been discouraged by the party and discouraged by the political situation.’

The author Ben Kamisar says:

“That has drawn the ire of mainstream Texas Democrats, who know that a Rogers win would disrupt the party’s unified front.”

He notes that, if Kesha were to win the runoff election, she would “stick out.” Calling LaRouche, “a controversial perennial presidential candidate and economist,” he quotes Kesha saying:

“What a LaRouche Democrat in short represents is the defiance of the Wall Street control over our nation’s institutions of government.”

He then quotes her website which says:

“[If] Wall Street has its way, we are headed toward thermonuclear war.”

Kamisar then describes what the State Democratic Party considers a “traditional” candidate: Alameel, a “dentist” who has spent over $3 million of his own money, in contrast to Rogers, who has raised and spent a mere $27,000. Although he quotes party hacks against Kesha, he also highlights the split in the Party, giving space to Elizabeth Jennings, the secretary of the Sharpstown Democrats Club in Houston, stating:

“[Elizabeth Jennings] said that Rogers’s stance on banking reform and support of NASA won her support, … [and that] the party shouldn’t be blindly supporting the president, who she believes has overstepped his bounds.”

“I see a firebrand Democrat and I say, ‘Bring it on, girl,’ Jennings says. “If she’s the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate against John Cornyn … he’s going to have a hell of a lot harder time fending himself off from Kesha than from David Alameel.”

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Lavrov Goes Public: Why Was CIA Head Brennan in Kiev?

As the CIA and the Obama administration tried to stonewall about the explosive reports that CIA director John Brennan had been in Kiev over the weekend to advise “Victoria’s Secret Government” there to take military action against opposition forces in the east of the country, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov blew the affair wide open by telling reporters today:

“We would like to understand what reports about the CIA Director Mr. Brennan’s urgent trip to Kiev could mean. We have not received any reasonable explanation so far.”

That formulation strongly suggests that Russia has asked the U.S. government for an explanation, but has not received a satisfactory response.

In addition to Russian media accounts of Brennan’s provocative mission, deposed Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych, speaking to the press in Rostov-on-Don yesterday, charged that Brennan had indeed met with Ukraine’s new leadership and “in fact sanctioned the use of weapons and provoked bloodshed,” and that with this “Ukraine made the first step toward civil war,” Russia-24 TV reported.

Lavrov today stated:

“The decision to apply military force is an extremely dangerous development. Those who encourage such actions in Kiev should be held responsible to the full extent.”

A Russian Foreign Ministry statement issued yesterday stridently denounced the announcement by illegitimate Ukrainian president Turchinov that “large-scale anti-terrorist operations” would be undertaken if the protestors did not abandon the buildings they had seized, as a “criminal order,” adding that:

“It is the West that now has the ability to prevent the civil war in Ukraine… The Western sponsors of Maidan… must reign in their unruly charges, force them to cut all ties with neo-Nazi and other extremist groups. cease using armed forces against the Ukrainian people”

The Russian statement denounced Kiev for threatening violence “against anyone who does not agree with the nationalist-radicals, chauvinistic and anti-Semitic actions” in Kiev that are being carried out “with direct support from the United States and Europe.”

Forced to comment publicly, all that CIA spokesman Dean Boyd could muster was that the agency does not comment on Brennan’s travel itinerary, but that “the claim that director Brennan encouraged Ukrainian authorities to conduct tactical operations inside Ukraine is completely false.”

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Former BIS Chief Economist: Banking System Threat “Worse Than 2007″

Former BIS chief economist William White sees a bank crash coming, in an interview published today by the Swiss financial paper Finanz und Wirtschaft, and headlined “I see the same price bubbles as in 2007″.

White, an American economist now resident in Texas, says:

“No one has ever seen anything like this. Not even during the Great Depression in the Thirties has monetary policy been this loose. And if you look at the details of what these central banks are doing, it’s all very experimental. They are making it up as they go along. I am very worried about any kind of policies that have that nature.”

Singling out the Federal Reserve, White adds:

“The Fed has moved to a completely different motivation. From the attempt to get the markets going again, they suddenly and explicitly started to inflate asset prices again. The aim is to make people feel richer, make them spend more, and have it all trickle down to get the economy going again. Frankly, I don’t think it works, and I think this is extremely dangerous.”

White told Finanz und Wirtschaft that the fundamental problem is debt, not government but rather private debt held by banks and other financial institutions which is non-performing and/or impaired. It is being “evergreened” [extended at full book value] by the banks, he says, with the aid of the central banks’ money-printing. That debt has to be written off, and it is governments’ responsibility to act, not central banks. “Central banks can’t rescue insolvent institutions,” White says. Asked if massive writeoffs won’t further hurt the bank sector, he agrees:

“But you see, we have a lot of zombie companies and banks out there. That’s a particular worry in Europe, where the banking sector is just a continuous story of denial, denial and denial. With interest rates so low, banks just keep evergreening everything, pretending all the money is still there. But the more you do that, the more you keep the zombies alive, they pull down the healthy parts of the economy.”

White says:

“It all looks and feels like 2007. And frankly, I think it’s worse than 2007, because then, it was a problem of the developed economies. But in the past five years, all the emerging economies have imported our ultra-low policy rates and have seen their debt levels rise. The emerging economies have morphed from being a part of the solution to being a part of the problem.”

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Brits Keep Trying To Dump Bail-In On The Rest Of The Trans-Atlantic World

The British keep trying to postpone the deadly austerity blow of a “full bank bail-in system” until they have seized full political control of the resulting collapse by nuclear war confrontation.

The Financial Times reported April 13 (“Brussels scuppers BoE bank lifeline”) that London was thwarted in its first attempt, last week, to escape from full bail-in. The Bank of England made the bald claim that it had “not noticed” until April 7 that the March 20 EU Financial Ministers’ agreement to a full bank bail-in system does not allow central banks to give “emergency liquidity assistance” (ELA) to “struggling” [i.e. insolvent] systemic banks, without implementing a full bail-in and seizing unsecured creditors’ money. The BoE tried to “clarify” that it could and would continue ELA bailouts, but ironically met Dutch, Finnish, Czech, and German opposition. In a sudden falling out among the thieves of depositors’ and investors’ funds, European Commission officials said that London’s crafty move to retain bailout, while pushing everyone else to full bail-in, had created chaos and “a nightmare situation”.

The FT makes clear that the BoE is still refusing to abandon ELA to London banks in trouble. “Officials involved in the discussions say they are confident the BoE can still provide emergency liquidity assistance (ELA)”; and that with UK Treasury backing for the BoE lending. They claim they must do this because London’s banks are so large.

The important background is that the BoE’s current view is that bail-ins of large systemic banks, as of now, are unworkable, and that failing SIFI’s cannot be resolved. This was stated by Deputy Governor John Cunliffe as the BoE’s view, in a speech to a London Chatham House conference March 16. And Bank of England Chairman Mark Carney, speaking on April 4 in his capacity as head of the international Financial Services Board (FSB) of the Bank for International Settlements, said that the FSB’s plan for “successful” bail-in would only be ready by the end of 2014.

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Victoria’s Secret Government Exposed; Nuland Claims Ukraine’s Svoboda Nazis Are Just a Bunch of Moderate Nice Guys

Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, earlier this year wrote a lying letter to Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-NY), in which she asserted, for the record, that there was no reason to be concerned about vociferous anti-Semtism and neo-nazism in the parties that the Obama administration was backing in Ukraine.

See: “Victoria’s Secret Government”

The Svoboda party in particular, which was formerly the Social-Nationalist party, and a follower of the ideology of the pro-Hitler Stepan Bandera, are mending their ways, Nuland asserted in a Jan. 23, 2014 letter.

“Since entering the Ukrainian Parliament in October 2012, the Svoboda leadership has been clear with us [the Obama State Department] about their desire to take their party in a more moderate direction and to become a modern, European mainstream political party.”

Nuland was answering a Dec. 12, 2013 letter from Rep. Clark to Secretary of State John Kerry, in which the congresswoman expressed:

“my grave concern with the emergence and apparent institutionalization of the Svoboda Party in Ukraine. Svoboda espouses a belief system closely aligned with Neo-Nazism… Svoboda’s explicit anti-Semitism and endorsement of violence against ethnic minorities cannot be tolerated.”

Nuland’s duplicity is all the more revealing given that she was caught on tape just weeks later instructing U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt as to the composition of the next Ukraining government, including the assigned role for her friends in Svoboda, such as its leader Oleh Tyahnybok.

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NATO Military Activity In the Black Sea

At least as provocative as events inside Ukraine, is the deployment of NATO military assets into and around the Black Sea. As we have previously reported, the destroyer USS Donald Cook entered the Black Sea on April 10. The Donald Cook is equipped with the Aegis system, a critical component of the US-NATO ballistic missile defense system whose deployment Russia has publically denounced as a casus belli.

See Map: NATO Expansionism

Russia Today reported on April 10 that the French intelligence ship Dupuy de Lome and the French destroyer Dupleix are expected to enter the Black Sea within the week and the French rescue vessel Alize has been in the Black Sea since late last month. A Russian military source told Interfax: “What we are seeing is that, for the first time since 2008, NATO is creating a naval battle group outside the Russian borders. The purpose of this is to provide moral support for the regime in Kiev, but also as a demonstration of power to make Russia come to heel. But the ship will also collect information on Russian military activity in Crimea and on the Ukrainian border.”

On Saturday, a Russian IL-20 reconnaissance aircraft was intercepted and shadowed by Turkish F-16′s for 3 1/2 hours as it flew 15-20 miles off Turkey’s Black Sea coast. While Russia and Turkey have historically had good relations, Russia has been pressuring the Turks with regard to the Montreux Convention, which regulates the presence of naval vessels from non-Black Sea nations in the Black Sea.

Finally, the Russian Strategic Rocket Forces test launched an RS-24 Yars ICBM, yesterday, from the Plesetsk space center. The missile was fired from a mobile launcher and the warhead landed in the Kamchatka peninsula. An SRF spokesman said: “The main task of the launch was to confirm the reliability of a batch of missiles manufactured at the Votkinsk plant, in Udmurtia.”

Though the test was undoubtedly planned long ago, the carrying of it out under the present circumstances is a message all its own.

See: Russian Warnings About NATO/BMD

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Further Diplomatic Efforts Needed To Cool Down The Ukraine Crisis

While the western media, led by the anti-Russia neo-cons, are busy instigating a full-fledged conflict with Russia over Ukraine, some diplomatic efforts are afoot to try to cool down the situation. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will be visiting Beijing on April 15. He will meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping and negotiate with Foreign Minister Wang Yi, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on April 13. China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi, addressing a joint press briefing with visiting German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier, said:

“We have noticed that Russia, the United States, the European Union and Ukraine are preparing for talks in the near future, which is in tune with the China-proposed direction. We wish it a success.”

He was referring the scheduled April 17 quadripartite meeting among the U.S., Russia, the EU and Ukraine.

At an event commemorating WWI at Berlin’s French Cathedral, a symbol of Franco-German friendship, Sigmar Gabriel, Germany’s vice chancellor, said today the crisis in Ukraine demands “more, not less diplomacy” from Europe, and added that “sabre-rattling by NATO” wouldn’t solve the problem. France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls called the Ukraine crisis “probably the greatest risk to peace and stability in Europe since the Iron Curtain came down.”

At the 28-member European Union foreign ministers meeting held today in Luxembourg, there was talk of additional trade sanctions against Russia, and plenty of verbal belligerence towards them as well. But it appears that nothing will be decided before the upcoming April 17 quadripartite meeting.

Britain, however, entered that EU meeting loaded for bear. Foreign Secretary William Hague said the well-coordinated actions of armed pro-Russian groups in eastern Ukraine during the previous 48 hours left no real doubt “this is something that is being planned and brought about by Russia.” Earlier, he told reporters that he would be arguing today that “further sanctions have to be the response to Russia’s behavior.”

In addition, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has scheduled to visit Kiev on April 21—a week from today. Responding to Biden’s proposed visit, in his April 13 address to the UN Security Council, the Russian envoy, Vitaly Churkin, made note of the scheduled trip and said:

“Maybe, he, Vice President Biden, will pick up the phone and call Mr. Turchinov [president of Ukraine], as he numerously called Mr. Yanukovich before Feb 21. Just call to tell Mr. Turchinov the same thing he told Mr. Yanukovich. He told him, as the press service of the vice president reported: ‘For God’s sake, don’t use force, get rid of your security forces from central Kiev.’”

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