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Labour’s Bloody Sunday

 Labour’s Bloody Sunday John_Dorney 31 August, 2013 Irish History, Today In Irish History  “Reproduced with the permission of TheIrishStory.com” The ‘Bloody Sunday’ riot of August 1913. The first ‘Bloody Sunday’ in twentieth century Ireland, during the Lockout of 1913. By … Continue reading

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“The vast possibilities of the mighty future”

The mess the country’s in couldn’t be more clearly defined than with the latest figures presented by Colm Kelpie in today’s Irish Independent.  He reports: “IRELAND’s long-term government debt increased to €115.6bn in June – up 39pc on the same … Continue reading

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“We, at least, are not loyal men” James Connolly on who sits on the thone of England

“We, at least, are not loyal men: we confess to having more respect and honour for the raggedest child of the poorest labourer in Ireland today than for any, even the most virtuous, descendant of the long array of murderers, … Continue reading

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Sinn Fein’s Toibin: Roosevelt Saved U.S. with “The New Deal”, Not Austerity

“History demonstrates that if the United States was signed up to this treaty in the great depression Roosevelt’s New Deal would not have seen the light of day and the United States would not have been lifted out of the great depression.”
“If this government is comfortable with the idea of becoming provincial administrators accountable to Brussels then let them be honest. But that is not the vision of Sinn Féin. It was never the vision of Collins, Pearce or Connolly.” Continue reading

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​FLASH—Change of mood in Ireland ahead of “Austerity Treaty” referendum – Where is the poster boy for austerity now?

At least 7 thousand demonstrators took to the streets of Galway City on Saturday, April 14, to protest the coalition Government’s austerity program.  Many proceeded to the conference hall where the junior coalition partners, the Labour Party, were holding their … Continue reading

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