A Moment for Greatness

Diane Sare, member of the LaRouchePAC policy committee organizes during the international “Day of Truth.” Feb 23, 2017 photo: LaRouchePAC


Initial reports from our International Day of Truth on the third anniversary of Obama and Soros’s Nazi coup in Ukraine, show Americans and others responding to us in unexpectedly rational and sensible ways, often with impromptu deep and wide-ranging discussions. And this is regardless of political label. (This seems especially remarkable amidst the hatred and lies being poured forth by almost all media.) This is part of their initial reaction to a totally new and unprecedented international situation, created by the achievements of Vladimir Putin, complemented by the giant unrolling of China’s New Silk Road policy under President Xi Jinping, and now with the election of Donald Trump–even if those experiencing this are still unaware of the reason. So far they only sense it, rather than knowing it. But the seeds planted by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche over many decades, have now contributed to create a truly “great moment” in history. After all the travails and the horrors of the Twentieth and Twenty-First centuries to date, a moment has arisen, for however long it lasts, in which mankind can truly choose a totally different and far better future for ourselves and our posterity.

This unique moment, punctuated as it was by the Federal holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Jan. 16, must bring to mind the speech which Dr. King gave on April 3, 1968, on the last evening before his martyrdom, often called the “Mountaintop Speech,” which Dennis Speed recently recalled in EIR. This was a man who Lyndon LaRouche said should have been President–this said by the Lyndon LaRouche who himself has unique qualifications for the Presidency. That speech is well worth rereading, or better, watching and hearing today. Even as brief as it was, to attempt to summarize it here would be absurd. But as Dennis Speed recalled, in it Dr. King attested that if he had the choice of any era in which to live his life, he would chose just that very moment to live in, because of the unique opportunity it offered for the progress and the betterment of all mankind.

That promise was drowned in the blood of Dr. King and the Kennedys. Americans who should have been leaders, instead chose to step back and remain small after these killings–but not forever! Lyndon LaRouche managed to seize an opportunity offered later with the Reagan Administration; he achieved permanent progress for mankind–but then that opportunity in turn was largely thwarted by the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan, and later the near-assassination and judicial frameup of LaRouche. The smallness and compromises of others allowed that opportunity to pass.

Until now. Now we have a moment for true greatness.

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National Activist Call with John Sigerson—February 23, 2017

Share the event, help build the audience!

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Harley Schlanger Reports from Berlin on #DayofTruth

Harley Schlanger reports on our international #DayofTruth day of action from Berlin, Germany. It was three years ago today that Victoria Nuland, George Soros and the U.S. State Dept. successfully ousted the democratically elected President of Ukraine with the help of literal neo-nazis whom the U.S. funded and supported. EIR’s latest dossier (lpac.co/ukriane-dossier) reviews the chronology of the coup, who was involved and warns that, ‘color revolutions’ like this, which remove leaders unfriendly to the global financial establishment can happen anywhere, including the United States today.

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Stop Obama’s and Soros’s ‘Maidan’ in America

Radical Far-Right oriented protesters throwing Molotov cocktails in direction of Interior troops positions. Euromaidan Protests. January 19, 2014 photo: Mstyslav Chernov/CC BY-SA 3.0


Today will be a day of rallies in American cities, a “Day of Truth” about the Obama/George Soros neo-fascist coup in the Ukraine in 2014, and the coup Obama and Soros are attempting right now against President Donald Trump.


EIR‘s just-released dossier tells the story in detail of this attempt to repeat that Ukraine “color revolution,” as Soros’ calls it, in the United States now. It is published to expose and block that “color revolution” before it’s too late.

Soros with his funding of street protesters and rioters and Obama — the president who says goodbye but never leaves — with his “Organizing for Action,” are being backed by British and European Union elites calling for the impeachment, forced retirement, or even assassination of President Trump. These are openly discussed in the London press, the leading German media, just as UK and U.S. media and Obama officials backed a neo-fascist coup in Ukraine in February 2014.

Ukraine today is a country whose security and military forces, and government, are being progressively dominated and taken over by over neo-fascists. London knows this; but the objective was, and is, to defeat Putin’s Russia by war or even threat of global war.

The Obama/Soros forces’ objective in trying to bring down Trump is the same: a war confrontation with Russia, and a return to the London/Wall Street policy of “globalization,” “deindustrialization,” constant wars, that Trump campaigned against.

What Obama and Soros are trying to do is treason. Should Americans “reject this” by avoiding political action? No, Obama, Soros, and their British coup-plotters have to be stopped by us. What is needed is to deal with Trump’s “Achilles Heel” — the power of Wall Street. We do that by organizing and delivering legislation to restore the Glass-Steagall Act Trump called for during his campaign, to his desk for signature, as rapidly as possible. And we demand a national infrastructure and manufacturing credit institution on Alexander Hamilton’s model.

These actions are being called for in state legislatures of a dozen states right now. And you can sign our petition to encourage President Trump to endorse a Glass-Steagall Act at his State of the Union Address. Join this mobilization as if the nation depended on it.

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Defense Minister Hits Color Revolutions and NATO in Moscow Speech

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu delivered a wide ranging address to a meeting of the All-Russian Youth Forum in the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, titled “International military-political and military-economic cooperation: modern tendencies.”

Relations between the states become more and more strained,” Shoigu reported at the outset, according to the transcript posted on the Russian Defense Ministry website. “The attempts of the US-led West to impede the establishment of a new fair world order are leading to growing chaos, anarchy and meet protests in many countries.”

International institutions are unstable and terrorism remains a worldwide threat, Shoigu said. “Under these conditions, it is necessary to unite efforts of public and social institutions to provide protection of national interests and strengthening of defense of this country,” he continued. “Here, the development of the Strategic Nuclear Forces remains the absolute priority. Russian nuclear weapons guarantee deterrence of any aggression from any foreign country.” Modernization of the nuclear forces, therefore, remains a high priority. However, the future role of nuclear weapons in deterring a potential aggressor will decrease. “Primarily, it will be decreased due to development of high-precision weapons,” he said. The impact potential of our high-precision weapons will increase by 4 times to 2021.”

Shoigu went on to describe the accomplishments of the Russian military in Syria, to include the provision of humanitarian aid and the spread of the reconciliation process. He said that, as a result of the Russian Aerospace Forces operations, “Chain of the colored revolutions replicated in the Middle Eastern and African countries has been interrupted.”

Shoigu then hit NATO very hard: “As for relations with NATO, the leadership of the Alliance continues rejecting all forms of practical cooperation with the Russian party,” he said. “Instead of joining efforts to fight the common evil — international terrorism, the NATO claimed Russia to be the main threat and continues building up its military potential near our borders. The NATO has significantly increased the number of military exercises held in Eastern Europe, Baltic Sea and Black Sea. Most of them have anti-Russia character.”

“Intelligence activity of the NATO countries has been intensified along the Russian borders. Within last 10 years, total number of reconnaissance aviation flights near the Russian borders has been increased by almost 3 times, in the south-west of Russia  by 8 times. In comparison, 107 such flights were carried out in the 90s, in the 2000s  298, and in 2016  852 ones,” Shoigu went on. “We have been registering NATO’s ships armed with missiles in the Black Sea more and more frequently. The missile defense system of the United States in Europe has been put on a level of initial operational readiness.” He noted that the combined military budgets of all of the NATO states are in the range of $900 billion, more than ten times Russia’s military spending. Despite all of this, however, “we are ready to establish equitable dialogue with Brussels about all topical issues of global and regional security,” he said.

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Space Colonization: Mankind’s Next Renaissance

Two Case Studies for Mankind’s Permanent Colonization of Space

For humanity, developing the solar system is not an option, but an imperative, without which we will remain confined to the knowledge and resources available on one small planet. Such an unnatural and unnecessary future ensures our extinction.

Instead, we must open the solar system for mankind’s use by colonizing space permanently, not simply exploring it. Today’s emerging global strategic situation offers the potential for cooperation among all nations of the world towards that goal. But who has the plan?

Two great visionaries, Krafft A. Ehricke and Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., recognizing this essential step mankind must take, outlined the principled strategy and stages of development for a permanent lunar, and subsequently a Mars, colony. Though technologies have advanced since the time of these writings, and our knowledge about the resources of the Moon and Mars has grown, these two programs remain the essential models, in principle, for the design of any space program by humanity today.

Lunar Industrialization and Settlement

       Krafft Ehricke’s 1984 presentation outlines the comprehensive plan to establish mankind’s permanent habitation on the Moon’s surface. Ehricke establishes why this development is an imperative for mankind, and reviews some of his designs for the technologies needed.


The Woman on Mars

       Lyndon LaRouche gave this televised presentation as a central feature of his 1988 U.S. presidential campaign. “The Woman on Mars” demonstrates that mankind not only can, but must, begin today the 40 year mission to establish a colony on Mars, even amidst the worst economic crisis in history.

        Read Lyndon LaRouche’s papers:
The Science and Technology Needed to Colonize Mars
Design of Cities in the Age of Mars Colonization


Program Updates

Since the 1980s, much work has been done to advance technologies which are applicable to the various sections of Ehricke’s and LaRouche’s programs, from rocket propulsion to lunar habitat structure to 3D printing. Here we will post relevant program updates and advancements, as we work to assemble an updated space program proposal.

Policy Proposals

LaRouchePAC released a space policy paper in 2016 based on the principles of Krafft Ehricke and Lyndon LaRouche, but including the technological advancements made since the time of their 1980’s policy papers.

Principles and Boundary Conditions of a New Space Program: A Solar System Economic Platform
by Kesha Rogers and Ben Deniston

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Lunar Industrialization and Settlement

With the inauguration of the Trump administration (and the departure of Obama), the U.S. space program is faced with the opportunity to return to the Moon, reversing the decades of take down of the manned space program. Here, we present a 1984 lecture given by the great visionary and collaborator of Lyndon LaRouche, Krafft Ehricke, outlining his vision to establish mankind’s permanent colonization of space, beginning with the Moon’s surface. His model is the principled basis for any competent U.S. program today.

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