The New Silk Road is Taking Over—But LaRouche’s Ideas Can Make it Unstoppable

Heads of state attending the April 2019 Belt and Road Forum in China. Photo:


Are more than 130 governments, nearly 40 heads of state, all major international financial institutions, and 5,000 businesses all at one conference, enough to convince you that a new economic order is coming into being? The extraordinary attendance of governments, heads of state and government—a significant number of them recently considered “skeptics” and “critics” of Belt and Road infrastructure great projects—and companies at the Second Belt and Road Forum, compared with the largest international meetings in history. It was already proof that the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has expanded greatly since the first Belt and Road Forum in 2017 and is now an unstoppable new paradigm of economy. Certain myths of “backfire” and “criticism” in Asia which have been spread, also fell away.

“Developments of the last period make very clear that the dominating dynamic in the world today is the Belt and Road Initiative,” noted Schiller Institute president Helga Zepp-LaRouche in a discussion with European colleagues Monday. She is, with her husband Lyndon LaRouche, an intellectual author of this dynamic from the 1980s onward.

“This,” she said, “is the major initiative in terms of unprecedented infrastructure, in terms of a new set of relations, in terms of new cultural relations and a new spirit of the Silk Road, that it is simply the most powerful item on the agenda, and it’s the only long-term strategic plan to move the world into a new paradigm. And interestingly, this was stated more or less in that way by the Swiss President Ueli Maurer, who commented that this was Switzerland’s long-term strategic plan; then he signed a memorandum of understanding with Xi Jinping.”

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said essentially the same thing, happy that Italy had “opened the way for other European nations, who will now make agreements” with China’s New Silk Road.

The most urgent question, she said, is a cooperative relation between the United States and China. America, which was not represented at a high level at the Forum, needs the Belt and Road.

However, both need something else.

“I think what is absolutely lacking is an unmediated access to the ideas of [Lyndon LaRouche], of mostly the United States population, but well beyond that, of the whole world. And I have compared that to the impact that the introduction of Plato had in the context of the Councils of Ferrara and Florence, triggering, really, the explosion of the Italian Renaissance. Because if Nicholas of Cusa would not have brought the Greek Orthodox Church scholars, Bessarion and Plethon, who all were the absolute scholars in Plato; and brought the entire works of Plato, which had been lost in Europe for 1700 years—there were maybe a couple of copies in some monasteries, but nobody could read it any more, because people could not understand Greek any more—so, it was really when the Greek Orthodox Church brought Plato. Fortunately, you had the Medicis who financed a crash program to translate the works, and it was the excitement for Plato which made the Italian Renaissance what it became.”

“And I think in the ferment of the Belt and Road Initiative, there are many good ideas and many important concepts, but the depth of what is required lies only in [LaRouche’s] works. So that is why the exoneration is so absolutely important, apart from the fact, that naturally, his opponents are the war party.”

Lyndon LaRouche’s exoneration, she concluded, “is the crucial piece in getting the world to a safe place.”



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Second Belt and Road Forum Launches World Economy Into New Dimension

Declaring the just-completed Belt and Road forum in Beijing a “great success”, Helga Zepp LaRouche reports on the global participation in the event, and the expanded scope of BRI agreements. She describes the active involvement of a number of European leaders as “very interesting.” Referring back to her LaRouchePAC Class the night before, she urged viewers to watch the clip she used of Lyndon LaRouche’s 1997 address, in which he insisted the U.S. must engage in the Eurasian Land-bridge.

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Class #1 (Apr 27): Overview: The Individual’s Role in History

Featured speaker: Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Schiller Institute founder

One person can change history, and the most powerful force in history is not weapons, money, or armies: it is ideas. Lyndon LaRouche harnessed this concept and used it to change the world. Today, the fruits of his decades of organizing, alongside many colleagues, and his wife (the teacher of this class), are seen in the potential for international collaboration exemplified by the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative. To escape the dark age that nuclear conflict between the United States and Russia threatens, an idea of the needed renaissance is necessary.

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China Inspires World Leaders to Develop Global Economy, When Will the U.S. Join?


This week, 37 heads of state, 360 government ministers, and 100 leaders of international organizations, will be among the 5,000 participants gathering in Beijing for the second Belt and Road Forum, entitled “Belt and Road Cooperation: Shaping a Brighter Shared Future.” Launched in September 2013, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a Chinese-led international framework for infrastructure and other investment on a massive scale, involving, by some estimates, nations accounting for two-thirds of the world’s population. It coheres, in many respects, with the proposals made by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche, especially since the end of the Cold War.

According to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, this year’s event will build upon the success of the inaugural Belt and Road Forum held in 2017, doubling the number of forums and conferences to twelve and incorporating a CEO conference with 800 business leaders. The high-level event will occur on April 27, with national leaders attending a plenary session. The significant level of participation of both government and business leaders is expected to result in billions of dollars’ worth of new infrastructure projects and trade deals, which will raise the standard of living of hundreds of millions, or even billions of people worldwide.

As of this writing, it has not been confirmed whether the United States is going to send any high-level official representation to participate, beyond the vague “diplomatic representation” Wang Yi said would be attending, in spite of the fact that 124 nations and 29 international organizations already have signed BRI agreements with China, making this by far the largest project of physical economic development ever carried out by the human race and in spite of the tremendous economic growth in trade and productivity enjoyed by participating nations.

Shortly after President Trump was inaugurated in early 2017, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, wife of the American statesman and economist Lyndon LaRouche, forecast that if President Trump were to accept invitation of China, “to join China and other nations in the New Silk Road, he could become one of the greatest American Presidents in history.”

So far, thanks in large part to a British-orchestrated ongoing attempted coup against President Trump—which included not only the now thoroughly discredited fraudulent Muller report, but a never-ending torrent of “fake news” denouncing the Chinese and Russian leaders as “authoritarian” or worse—Trump has not been able to make good on his pledge to establish collaborative relations with Russia and China, although he has been careful to repeatedly comment on his “good relationship” with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and the two of them seem optimistic about reaching a trade deal in the near future.

The United States and the BRI

Just before the first BRI Forum in 2017, Zepp-LaRouche wrote an article with the provocative title, “Only a Bystander? Once the United States Joins the Belt and Road Initiative, A New Paradigm for Mankind Can Begin,” which was published by China Investment magazine and distributed to all participants at that gathering, which included 28 heads of state. In this article she wrote:

“The infrastructure requirements of the United States are enormous, due to decades-long non-investment by the previous administrations. Except for those who have actually been to China, most Americans have no idea how far behind China U.S. infrastructural development is.

“The average speed of the Washington-Boston 736 km Acela ‘high-speed’ line is only 105 km/h, with only very short segments at 145 km/h. This is by no means high speed, compared to the approximately 130,000 kilometers of high-speed rail in China, which amounts to over 50 times as much! U.S. roads are in terribly dangerous condition, and so are the bridges, and sanitation systems—but their use is still expensive. For a trip between Washington and New York, one has to pay the substantial amount of $115 in tolls and gas per car.

“The American Society of Civil Engineers, at a recent conference, released the estimate that current U.S. infrastructure investment requirements are actually $4.5 trillion. There is no way that the financing of either of these amounts will come from the private equity market.”

One recent example of the lack of infrastructure investment referenced by Zepp-LaRouche is the devastation of the US farm belt in the last month caused by the lack of water management infrastructure proposed many years ago by the Army Corps of Engineers, but which was never built. As a result of this failure, Iowa, Missouri, the Dakotas, Nebraska and Kansas have been devastated by frozen rivers flooding over, wiping out over one million head of cattle, and wreaking havoc on our corn, soy, pork and egg production.

Terry Branstad, the former governor of Iowa, is the current U.S. Ambassador to China and has a friendship with President Xi stretching back decades, from the time Xi spent as a student in that state. Given China’s experience with the massive flooding of the Yellow River, and the recent completion of the Three Gorges Dam, one might imagine President Xi is well aware of the desperate situation in Iowa and surrounding states, and would probably be very inclined to join forces with President Trump and local governors to assist in developing a long-term solution to problem.

Such potential cooperation should be seen in the context of offers from Chinese institutional investors to invest potentially trillions of dollars worth of treasuries and other dollar-denominated assets into a vehicle such as a U.S. infrastructure bank, providing an opportunity to accelerate an infrastructure renewal in the United States.

Defeating and Replacing Geopolitics

It is precisely the sort of international cooperation, and cooperation on advanced scientific endeavors like space exploration and fusion research, that the British instigators of the attempted coup against President Trump wish to prevent.

To them, the BRI represents a mortal threat to the current world order; it is representative of a new paradigm of international relations, in which geopolitics is overcome and superseded.

Later in her article, Zepp-LaRouche elaborates something unknown to most Americans (due to the “fake news” anti-China propaganda), namely, the compatibility between the values of American System economists and the Chinese approach today:

“If one studies the economic theory behind the tremendous success of the Chinese economic miracle of the last 30 years, one will find out that current Chinese economic policies, basing themselves on the education of its citizens, are very much in coherence with the Confucian principle of lifelong learning and innovation, and are actually very close to the economic principles of the American System of economy, as it was developed and implemented by Alexander Hamilton, John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, Henry C. Carey, and Abraham Lincoln. All of these men understood that the most important source of wealth of a country is the development of the creative powers of its own population. And therefore, they designed a system of economy that furthered exactly that, in order to catalyze the greatest rate of scientific and technological progress and innovation.”

In the wake of President Trump’s recent announcement—made shortly after China demonstrated the successful sprouting of seeds on the far side of the Moon—of his plan to land a man and the first woman on the Moon by 2024, it would be the most natural thing in the universe for these two great nations to collaborate to bring the Earth into a new paradigm.

The late Lyndon LaRouche dedicated his life’s work to bringing this about, and we should ensure that it finally happens. The lives of billions, born and unborn, depend on us.

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Through Lyndon LaRouche’s Eyes

On April 24, 2019, President Xi Jinping held talks with President Sebastian Pinera of Chile at the Great Hall of the People. (

On April 24, 2019, President Xi Jinping held talks with President Sebastian Pinera of Chile at the Great Hall of the People. (



The opening of the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing yesterday with participation of 37 heads of state and government among over 150 nations represented, should instantly refute every slander against that great initiative, for any rational person. More than that, the Belt and Road and this Forum provide the signature of a dawning new epoch of world history that Lyndon and Helga LaRouche long forecast and worked ceaselessly to bring about for decades. Who else could have forecast that a developing country—China—could have spearheaded such a seismic international transformation barely 40 forty years after it began to rise from its own ashes with Deng Xiaoping’s reforms? The Belt and Road and China’s miracle should be a source of inspiration to patriots in the United States and every other nation.

As if to drive the point home, China’s space agency announced yesterday that China would perform a manned Moon-landing and build an (initially robotic) research station on the Moon (the latter at its South Pole) within a decade. China’s previous plans were thought to place the manned landing in the 2030s—were they speeded up because of President Trump’s commitment to put a man and a woman on the Moon within five years? China has now reportedly surpassed Japan and Russia in the size of its space program, to become number two, in dollar terms, after United States. How much more could be achieved in a fully international crash program, in which each country brought in its particular strengths, as the LaRouches have long advocated?

What is required now is that the United States join with the Belt and Road, and join with China, Russia and India in a new world credit system for world development—the New Bretton Woods system for which LaRouche fought for decade after decade, as the 21st Century successor to Franklin Roosevelt’s design for the post-World War II Bretton Woods system.

To insure that that happens, we have to win a kernel of the U.S. intelligentsia—the real U.S. intelligentsia—to LaRouche’s ideas. We have to win an active component of the Trump base to LaRouche’s perspectives for his Four Laws, New Silk Road, and New Bretton Woods. We have to win President Trump himself to this commitment (not necessarily in that order).

This sounds daunting, but, looking back, LaRouche himself accomplished more than this during the last 60 years of his life, when he prophesied and catalyzed this new stage of history which is now opening up before us—as almost no one but Lyndon and Helga LaRouche ever expected that it would.

To do that, we have to think like LaRouche to the extent that we look out through his eyes. What do we see? What did he see in March of 1988?

“Up to a critical point in our lives, we plod our craft and pursue our moral commitments honestly to the limit of our knowledge and strength of will to do so. In that respect, we are all ordinary. Then, one day, to some among us ordinary folk, there comes an experience which we must fairly liken to the New Testament’s account of Christ in Gethsemane. It is not enough to propose, to foster, to support those causes we know to be good. A silent voice speaks to us: If there is no one else to lead, you must do so. We protest: `Who am I, and what my poor means to undertake such a mission? Can there not be leaders which I can support, and so fulfill the responsibility in a manner consistent with my pitiable means?’

“Then, in a moment permeated with a special quality of terror, we know that we drink from that cup. What do most ordinary folk, of the sort we were a moment earlier, know of such terror? To know such terror, one must first love mankind, and love truth. One must see mankind as doomed to some horrible consequence, unless a great change is made. The terror is the perception that this necessary change will not occur, unless one oneself acts appropriately to bring it about against all odds. As one drinks from that cup, there is a transformation in the nature of one’s will, and a congruent transformation in one’s state of knowledge.”


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Larry Johnson, Bill Binney & Barbara Boyd Blast Russiagate Fakery, Highlight GCHQ Role in Coup

Sign our petition, We want Trump to declassify all documents relating to the UNITED KINGDOM interfering in our elections. – LaRouche PAC’s April 25th Fireside Chat featured former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney, Larry Johnson formerly of the CIA and the State Department’s Counter-Terror Unit, and Barbara Boyd, LaRouche PAC’s author of the Report, Robert Mueller is an Amoral Assassin, He Will Do His Job If You Let Him. They discussed Robert Mueller’s entirely nonsensical report trying to justify how he spent $35 million investigating Russiagate when it was known from the beginning that there was never any conspiracy between the Trump Campaign and Russia.Instead, there was a concerted effort from British and American intelligence agencies to smear Donald Trump as a Russian agent, a full-scale escalation of that effort involving multiple FBI, CIA, and GCHQ components when Trump became the Republican nominee, and the explosion of a coup attempt against the incoming Administration when Trump won the Presidency. This operation has dangerously imperiled relationships between the world’s two great nuclear powers.


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FDR Would Be At The Great Summit in Beijing Today; We Have To Restore Trump’s Presidency

A portrait of Franklin Roosevelt painted during the WW2 years.

A portrait of Franklin Roosevelt painted during the WW2 years.


The most important question in the world today was posed by China’s ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai: “Why the U.S. Shouldn’t Sit Out the Belt and Road Initiative.”

Indeed, how can the head of any great power sit out the Second Belt and Road Forum which starts in Beijing today? What voluntary economic/cultural development event can gather leading figures from 140 countries, including nearly 40 heads of state and government, comparable to what Franklin Roosevelt’s United States itself could summon to Bretton Woods in 1944 to fashion a new credit and monetary system?

Those Western European and U.S. think-tanks and media — beginning three years ago with London’s Royal Institute of International Affairs and Cambridge and Oxford Universities — which have been claiming the Belt and Road will hyper-indebt and collapse the world economy, have no answer for this event in Beijing. Have 140 nations’ leaders — and last year all African heads of state but one who attended the China-Africa summit — ALL been snookered into a “debt trap” at the same time? Have they ALL been seized by a perverse compulsion to have China steal their technologies or their ports?

Quite the opposite. There obviously is a new and very important, optimistic commitment which has taken hold over the past six years, to develop through modern basic infrastructure-building and high-technology new industry and communications. A new paradigm.

It’s thinking as FDR thought about development, about the Bretton Woods system and the United Nations. Donald Trump the candidate, and before that the politically interested businessman, was drawn to such ideas: the Strategic Defense Initiative; Moon-Mars missions; sweeping new infrastructures; he even spoke of China’s Belt and Road in these terms early in his Presidency. The British intelligence “Russiagate” attack and the resulting new McCarthyism against Russia and China, have ruined that for two years.

Now that British attack has failed in its objective — a coup — and has been thoroughly exposed. The President, himself, in a Twitter message this morning, arraigned “United Kingdom Intelligence” for the whole attack on his Presidency. The world has taken note. Now the British Queen, as Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche proposed yesterday, must apologize to the President during his state visit June 3-5. And the myth among the remains of Mueller’s report — that Russia attacked the U.S. election process — stands still to be debunked.

And Trump’s presidency is still to be restored from the infestation of neo-conservatism and neo-McCarthyism.

One figure over the post-World War II period thought of international development on a still higher level: Lyndon LaRouche, whose World Land-Bridge concepts led to the Belt and Road itself. LaRouche combined developing-country investment and infrastructure great projects with the irreplaceable “science drivers” of space exploration, fusion power development, laser and plasma technologies. He conceptualized a New Bretton Woods credit system and worldwide “Glass-Steagall” bank reorganization from that standpoint. And he fought London’s financial and geopolitical empire with every breath for 50 years.

With Trump’s blast against British intelligence today, the door is clearly open to restore the Presidency. It will be done only by winning full appreciation and respect for LaRouche’s extraordinary ideas and accomplishments.

President Trump, Investigate British Subversion of the USA

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