Has Obama Left “a New Great Recession” for Trump?

President Barack Obama meets with President-elect Donald Trump at the White House, Nov. 10, 2016. (photo: J. Oni/VOA)



While the decisive current question is whether the incoming Trump Administration will truly bury the “regime-change war doctrine” and pursue productive economic cooperation with China and Russia, there were reminders today of Barack Obama’s other sad legacy, the economy. The U.S. Council on Competitiveness released a report on U.S. productivity titled “No Recovery,” and aptly headlined in USA Today, “The Obama Recovery Wasn’t a Recovery After All.” And the National Center for Health Statistics issued a grimmer study, finding that life expectancies for the entire U.S. population are actually falling, and death rates from almost all the most common diseases rising, along with infant mortality. One study researcher said, “There’s just this across-the-board phenomenon of not doing very well in the United States.”

Despite the brief “market” euphoria over Trump’s election, many economists are forecasting that Obama has left him “a new Great Recession”; and in fact, an early financial crash, due to the manifest incapacity of the Dodd-Frank Act to control and subdue Wall Street. Many of the most active and concerned Americans are deeply worried about this as well. The “biggest question” named above will, fundamentally, decide it; American prosperity will return by cooperation in the “New Silk Road” of great infrastructure building, by cooperation in Moon, Mars and deep space exploration; by cooperative breakthroughs in fusion power technologies, nuclear desalination and power.

As the LaRouchePAC National Policy Committee’s Rachel Brinkley put it in a statement on the failed Dodd-Frank Act, “First, is the … increase of real wealth resulting from increased rates of physical productivity. China’s New Silk Road policy is positively affecting 70 countries and 4.4 billion people, through focusing on the construction of new transportation routes and energy development, including the building of high-speed rail and more efficient ports, electrifying rural regions, and partnering in advanced scientific cooperation with other countries. This is a current, living demonstration of how to positively affect net rates of physical growth. Monetary processes must always be subordinate to this….”

But we must have a Glass-Steagall reorganization of the banks immediately — otherwise, with rising interest rates now hitting huge new bubbles of debt, Wall Street and London will crash again and destroy the prospects of progress. Trump has said he wants Glass-Steagall reinstated; many well-known economists say Congress and his Wall Street advisors will not allow it. They underestimate the pent-up demand among millions of informed Americans to have Glass-Steagall justice and “close down the Wall Street casino.” Then a Franklin Roosevelt-style national credit and productivity policy can lift the nation out of the long economic collapse in which Bush and Obama have left it.




More Bad U.S. Demographics News: Lifespans Falling

Another report has shown the demographic effects of economic devastation in the United States’ past 15 years under Presidents Bush and Obama.

The National Center for Health Statistics (part of the Department of Health and Human Services) reported Dec. 7 that death rates rose across the whole American population in 2015 (relative to 2014, and to 1999) for eight of the 10 most common diseases.

A drumbeat of scholarly reports and data analyses published over a year and a half, have shown the unprecedented appearance of a rising death rate among the white population of working age. Now the whole population is encompassed in this rise. “This is singular. This doesn’t happen,” commented Dr. Ann Case of Princeton, co-author of the first such shocking study, in September 2015.

The new study’s lead author, epidemiologist Jiaquan Xu, told the Washington Post Dec. 8, “This is unusual and we don’t know what happened. So many leading causes of death increased.”

Moreover, the HHS study finds the American population’s overall lifespan starting to fall. Male life expectancy at birth fell to 76.3 years in 2015 from 76.5 in 2014; female life expectancy from 81.3 to 81.2. Infant mortality rose “slightly.” Only two months ago, the American Society of Actuaries projected such drops statistically, based on increasingly pessimistic assumptions actuaries are making about death rates. In that Oct. 28 report, the Actuaries said, “If Americans’ health continues to decline, the assumptions in this report will still prove too optimistic.” At that time, they were still assuming an overall death rate falling (though extremely slowly) among all Americans. But that rate is now rising.

“This is a big deal,” said Philip Morgan, a demographer at the University of North Carolina.”There’s not a better indicator of well-being than life expectancy,” Another researcher, University of Michigan’s David Wier, commented, “There’s just this across-the-board phenomenon of not doing very well in the United States.”

A sad illustration of the economic devastation underlying this dramatic change, is the New York Times ‘ report today of a “continuing surge in the homeless population” in New York, resulting in 5,800 hundred family members being put into rented rooms by the city because homeless shelters are full; only 1,237 people were in such rented rooms on Jan. 1, 2016. The city today is mourning the deaths of two toddlers killed by scalding water when a radiator burst in one of those rented rooms.

U.S. Competitiveness Council: There Was No ‘Obama Recovery’

The U.S. Council on Competitiveness (USCC) and the Gallup Organization have published a economists’ study, entitled “No Recovery: An Analysis of U.S. Long-Term Productivity Decline.” As USA Today aptly headlined its coverage of the report: “Maybe the Obama Recovery Wasn’t a Recovery After All.”

Specifically he USCC study concluded that for the past 15 years, per capita GDP in the American economy has grown at an annualized rate of just 1%, and that it is growing at just half that rate since the 2008 financial crash.

In addition, U.S. multi-factor productivity has grown at a very low 0.4% annualized rate over the past decade. Multi-factor productivity attempts to measure the efficiency with which factories or other productive facilities use additional labor and additional capital investment; it is an approximation of the lift to the economy of invention and technological progress. This measure’s contribution to U.S. productivity growth was at 3.0-3.5% annually during the years from FDR’s to JFK’s presidencies; the 0.4% of the Obama years (and several years of the George W. Bush Administration) is a far cry from that.

The USCC report also finds that “Exports as a share of GDP increased from 11.5% in 2007 to 12.6% in 2015,” even though globally, growth was slowing down. Thus, the global slowdown was not what was dragging the U.S. economy; rather, a lack of real economic demand in the U.S. economy itself is indicated. Demand for private investment has fallen, and business capital investment has fallen, they imply, as a result.

The report quotes Yale economist and author Robert Gordon that “the quality of inventions has fallen.” “Gordon argues that advances [inventions, new technologies–ed.] since 1970 have tended to be channeled into a narrow sphere of human activity having to do with entertainment, communications, and the collection and processing of information,” the report says. “For the rest of what humans care about — food, clothing, shelter, transportation, health, and working conditions both inside and outside the home — progress slowed down after 1970.” Thus, the introduction notes, “There is a pervasive sense that the economy is not working, as documented in Gallup survey data and many anecdotal media accounts.”

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China Energy Expert to President-Elect Trump: “U.S. Can Join China’s OBOR”

Dr. Patrick Ho, a prominent Hong Kong political and medical figure who heads the China Energy Fund Committee and was the key organizer of the “Belt and Road Forum” held in Washington on Wednesday, concluded the conference with a powerful review of China’s historic connections with the world over the past millennia, and closed with five suggestions for President-elect Donald Trump on how to integrate the US into the One Belt One Road project:

1. Consider OBOR a platform to spearhead initiatives and programs to bring closer cooperation between the US and China;
2. Realign trade agreements with Asia-Pacific nations to accommodate the OBOR;
3. Adjust the US posture toward the international development banks and promote their capacity to assist in support for infrastructure development;
4. Help secure security along the OBOR;
5. Get the international institutions to work with the OBOR.

Dr. Ho said that the OBOR is not just connections from one place to another, but connections of hearts and minds, connecting souls, as a means to bring about peaceful cooperation, connecting the Chinese Dream with the American Dream and other national dreams: freedom from want, freedom from fear, harmony with nature, and peace.

His survey of China’s history described three “Knocks On China’s Door” from the West and three “Knocks on the West’s Door” by China:

1. Matteo Ricci and the Jesuit missionaries who found an open door in the late 16th Century, bringing with them western religion, philosophy and science. This was subverted and collapsed in the 18th Century;
2. The British Empire, which broke down the door with the Opium Wars, launching a century of subjugation and poverty;
3. Nixon’s visit to China in 1972, which began the economic cooperation and China’s Rise.

As to China’s knocking on the West’s door:

1. The first Silk Road, as Zhang Qian in 139 BC traveled to Central Asia;
2. Zheng He’s Treasure Ships in the 15th Century, which traveled through the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf, and to the African coast. He posted a picture of Ceasar, saying, “I came, I saw, I conquered” and of Zheng He saying, “I came, I saw, I made friends, I went home.”
3. The New Silk Road, announced by Xi Jinping in 2013, to which Obama refused to open the door. Now, he said, we are knocking on Trump’s door. “A big yell” that the OBOR is the institution to facilitate realigning our nations, an impetus to re-thinking policies.

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Frankly, Barney, You Were Never Kosher – Frank Exposed, Never A Pretty Site


By Rachel Brinkley

(Rachel Brinkley, née Brown, was the last Democratic challenger to Barney Frank, when she ran against him for Congress in 2010. She literally ended his political career, exposing him as the Wall St. whore he has always been.)

Open response to Barney Frank’s recent Boston Globe op-ed: “Trump’s financial plans promise another Great Recession”

Barney Frank has chosen to position himself once again in the defense of untruths designed to mislead the American public.
His claims regarding what would be the effects should his Dodd-Frank bill be repealed, are as full of loopholes as the bill itself. Barney must be assuming that the population is so stupid that they are unable to realize that the economy has continued to collapse for the last 16 years! The living standard has fallen, life expectancy is down, suicides and drug-related deaths have skyrocketed. As an advisor to Hillary’s losing campaign, Barney should realize that sticking so close to Wall Street has failed. We must have a total change in policy, not more of the British-run policies of the recent two decades. There are two major aspects which he leaves out of consideration:

First, is the subject of physical economy; i.e., the increase of real wealth resulting from increased rates of physical productivity. China’s “New Silk Road” policy is positively affecting 70 countries and 4.4 billion people, through focusing on the construction of new transportation routes and energy development, including the building of high-speed rail and more efficient ports, electrifying rural regions, and partnering in advanced scientific cooperation with other countries. This is a current, living demonstration of how to positively affect net rates of physical growth. Monetary processes must always be subordinate to this physical science of increasing economic productivity, as our great Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton detailed in his three most famous reports to Congress.

Second, Barney pretends there is not a mass social movement for the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, as seen by the adoption of Glass-Steagall in both the Democratic and Republican party platforms this summer, and as was called for by President-elect Trump in the latter days of the campaign, in addition to Democratic presidential hopefuls Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders. The adoption of Glass-Steagall would cancel all of Barney’s peculiar arguments, allowing for a complete reorganization of the entire economy—joined with investments into science-driver economic projects like the space program and fusion energy.

Barney’s arguments for Dodd-Frank’s success are simply stupid. Attempting to influence armed robbers by limiting the hours they can be out in public, does not amount to an effective deterrent. Bailout Barney then claims, in regard to the Bush-Obama so-called rules which would supposedly prevent another 2008-style collapse, that “these rules evolved into the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which was designed to prohibit abusive practices…,” i.e. that repealing Dodd-Frank would allow abusive practices to come back! But, Barney, when did the abuse stop? Not one single banker has seen jail time for their known frauds affecting the lives of millions of people!

See a Wells Fargo agent for more details.

Only a Glass-Steagall reorganization of the economy with credit for new technological economic platforms will work, as clearly laid out in Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Economic Laws. We need a full FDR-style approach to lift our nation out of collapse and into renewed prosperity. This means we have to take on Wall Street, and reorganize the banking sector to play a legitimately useful role in our national economy.

As Franklin Roosevelt said, “We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob… They are unanimous in their hate for me—and I welcome their hatred.”

It is time to take FDR’s approach, and welcome their hatred. Barney Frank’s time is up.



Frank Exposed, Never A Pretty Site

In the midst of a major political transition, a battle is taking place as to what the future policy of the U.S. will be. Predictably, those who have benefited from the fascist degeneration over the course of the Bush and Obama regimes are still mobilizing to destroy any contrary direction.

And as the looming spectre of Glass-Steagall increasingly impresses itself upon the U.S. political dialogue—as exemplified by President-elect Trump’s calls for its reinstatement—those fascist networks have deployed their stooge, Barney Frank, to prevent that very reinstatement.

In response to the breakdown of the ideological social-control system that has been dominant since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Barney’s tactic has been to create a false debate on financial policy, i.e. either you support regulating Wall-Street with the Dodd-Frank Act, or you support deregulating Wall-Street by taking away Dodd-Frank.

Barney has participated in a broad range of bald face lying to this effect, and LaRouchePAC had the opportunity to confront such an episode last Monday, 12/05/16 at the City University of New York.

Barney’s coadjutor in this Monday evening ruse was interviewer Paul Krugman. Not once in the course of their interview did either Frank or Krugman mention the fact that the banks today are bigger, more dangerous, and more destructive to the economy than ever before. Not once did these “leading experts” mention that the entire U.S. and European banking system is imploding, the effects of which have been masked by trillions of dollars of cover-up via stock buy-back’s, etc., and a massive influx of cartel drug money.

Four hundred plus audience members, who were attending what was to be a discussion on economic policy, sat listlessly while Barney, a former pimp and alleged Franklin Coverup pedophile, pushed his Dodd-Frank Wall-Street protection fraud as a great success. A LaRouchePAC activist then stood up and called out “What about Glass-Steagall?!,” to which Barney immediately turned and replied: “I see the LaRouche people are here!” (Confirming that LaRouche is synonymous with the most important systemic reform of the banking system today, and hence then literally terrifies the entire oligarchical financial class with the threat of physical bankruptcy.)

Krugman tried to calm down the situation, but Barney had been provoked and started blurting out attacks on Glass-Steagall and Lyndon LaRouche.

Afterwards, we had a chance to say hello to both of the speakers, but unfortunately for them, they have yet to recant their crimes. Thank God we have the chance to change.

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Obama in the Bunker, Clings to Mustache in Final Days of his Administration

by Dennis Speed

With the German government’s December 5 release of an admission that, in support of the U.S. drone policy, it has allowed the carrying out of illegal acts of killing and murder within its borders—a practice specifically prohibited since immediately following World War II by the German Constitution—Barack Obama has been forced to see, if not to read, the proverbial “handwriting” on the wall. Obama’s recent speeches, and some articles appearing in the trans-Atlantic neoliberal media, have tried to deflect from and cover-up for his murders, perhaps in the hope that he not be subjected to investigation and even impeachment prior to his leaving office. This is ultimately to no avail. The diaphanous, if not outrightly transparently self-serving “legal defenses” recall a school of law descended from a “beast man” conception of humanity, a legal code comparable at best to that of Hitler’s jurists Carl Schmidt, and Nazi Judge Roland Freisler.

Though Angela Merkel’s Germany was finally forced, as a result of a parliamentary inquiry by the Die Linke party, to admit in August that it had in fact engaged in this criminal collusion, they managed to wait until after the American election to publicly state the truth. The American military base in Ramstein, Germany was the scene of the crime. It was the chief relay station of the entire United States drone warfare policy. Die Linke Parliamentarian Andrea Hunko said, “We have been asking about Ramstein’s role in the U.S. drone war for two years. Because of statements from drone pilots the public has known for a long time that Ramstein is a major control center… Now, after many denials, there is finally an admission… Terrorists are targeted on the basis of lists created in the U.S. and released by the American President every Tuesday…”

Ramstein, an American military “city-base” of about 16,000 personnel, is the central relay and switching station for much of the entire global drone program. Routed through Ramstein are many, if not all of the 64 United States–based drone warfare stations, and at least 25 international drone warfare stations. The concern for Germany is that since World War II, Germany, according to precedent from the Nuremburg trials up to today, must not either stray into, or be accomplice to, anything which smacks of mass-murder in the name of war, no matter how persuasive the reason. Angela Merkel, recently called “the last bastion of democratic rule in Europe,” has betrayed that solemn commitment made by the German people, in order to give a green light to “Nobel Peace Prize Winner” Obama’s weekly atrocities. Such collusion is explicitly against the law in Germany, specifically the German Code of Crimes against International Law, which became law in 2002.

Obama’s Administration, and Bush and Cheney before, have re-implicated, and re-involved Germany in international crimes against humanity.

Many dismiss Obama’s sponsorship by Union Bank of Switzerland and its American representative Robert Wolf in the fall of 2006 as unrelated to that bank’s notorious history of safe-housing Nazi gold during the 1940s, as well as the wealth stolen from Holocaust victims. Wolf took over the Obama campaign’s fundraising immediately following a meeting between Obama and George Soros. As reported in a 1998 CBS 60 Minutes interview, Soros’ father “bribed a government official to take 14-year old George Soros in and swear that he was his Christian godson. But survival carried a heavy price tag. While hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews were being shipped off to the death camps, George Soros accompanied his phoney godfather on his appointed rounds—confiscating property from Jews.”

Soros was, however, a mere conduit. The UBS connection meant that Obama was also being officially blessed by European “old money” as well as by Wall Street. Obama’s April 1, 2009 obeisance to the Queen and Prince Phillip illustrated that. Obama was never an “American project.” He was understood to be a certifiable property that could be trusted to support “death policies,” whether in health care, or in war, or in his summary execution of the American manned space program. His Wall Street pedigree was especially clear in his firm opposition to any form of Hamiltonian banking measures to restore the United States, especially when it came to his keeping the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall from happening at all costs.

Today, former UBS executive Robert Wolf, who left the Obama Administration in 2012, can be found at a new address: a company he formed called 32 Advisors, whose specialty is the promotion of the private commercial use of drones through Measure, the “drones arm” of his firm. Will Obama, now soon to be out of a job, find employment with Wolf in selling drones to Blackwater and other private security companies, based on his “wealth of experience” honed each Tuesday for the past several years?

The Obama Administration’s “official figures” of civilian dead killed worldwide by drone attacks are by any account absurd. They claim that as few as 64 and at most 116 civilians have been killed in the 473 drone attacks that are admitted to have occurred in the years of his Presidency. Various groups contradict that total, with estimates reaching as high as 1100. In addition, only one of the eight Americans known to have been killed by drones was an actual target. Obama has refused to allow scrutiny of specific drone strikes: “The Obama Administration has released only aggregate numbers, refusing to detail individual strikes. As a result, it’s impossible for the public to assess the morality of the program,” says The Atlantic of August 18 of this year.

That is, of course, absurd. Assessing the morality of the drone program is quite straightforward. It is, as Germany knows, and is now proven, a crime against humanity. It is illegal under the Nuremburg standard established by Chief Justice Robert Jackson. It’s Obama’s true legacy—and that, by itself, means that it’s no damn good.

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Italy Delivers Smashing Defeat to EU Oligarchy


On November 9, 2016, the morning after the dramatic U.S. presidential election—when Trump’s victory left most analysts at home and abroad either babbling nonsense or in stunned silence— Lyndon LaRouche stated clearly that Trump’s victory was part of a global, not a local or national process, in which the entire edifice of globalization and free trade was crumbling. LaRouche said that nothing is yet a settled question, and that the process is being steered by Presidents Putin of Russia and Xi of China, and by the global alternative that they are presenting—an alternative based on policies for which Lyndon and Helga LaRouche have long fought.

Today, that global process continues to unfold at an accelerating rate, to the point where the New Paradigm is the dominant dynamic in the world right now. In Italy, the country delivered a stunning 60%-40% defeat to Britain’s EU dictatorship. The Sunday referendum—following in the footsteps of the Brexit and Trump votes—may well be the final knock-out blow to the entire euro system.

As the trans-Atlantic system’s old paradigm implodes, Chinese President Xi Jinping is actively offering the entire world access to the “dream” of development which is working so stunningly in China. As Xinhua put it in a signature piece: “The Chinese dream is a dream for all.” And Xi, like his partner Putin, continues to extend an offer of productive cooperation with the United States, to President-elect Trump. The potential is enormous—but yet to be realized.

Meanwhile, the voices of the has-beens of the old paradigm continue to act like there has been no change in the presidency of the U.S., and that the New Paradigm doesn’t even exist. They continue pushing the world in the direction of nuclear war, with their outlandish and dangerous provocations against Russia and China.

What we do in this global process, LaRouche emphasized back on November 9, and again this weekend in discussions with associates on both sides of the Atlantic, is absolutely crucial. We must keep pushing for the adoption of LaRouche’s Four Laws, and use the fact that there is an increased openness to discuss daring ideas, such as was found in LaRouche PAC organizing on Capitol Hill earlier this week. Many people for the first time were willing to discuss fusion power, space policy, and even the ideas of Einstein and Krafft Ehricke.

We must lay out for people the need for Glass-Steagall and a Hamiltonian system of credit to replace today’s bankrupt system, and show them how it will work. And above all we have to hone in on the central characteristic of Man that makes such continuous development possible: his creativity.

We have to absolutely focus on the creation of a better quality of the human mind, LaRouche stressed; we can’t leave out the need to create and generate genius, as the Einstein example emphatically demonstrates. That is the standard to be applied. We have to upgrade our own functioning as organizers, he said, and seek out people who have at least, in a germ form, that quality of genius and who are willing to build a new society and create a future for mankind.

We cannot compromise with the development of genius. This requires that we strive to develop the kind of quality which must at least have a taste of genius, because we want the population to be on that trajectory.

This idea of appealing to people who have at least an inkling of what it means to bring mankind forward, Helga Zepp-LaRouche stated, is also the key to recruitment. In such individuals we must light the spark to join this new revolution which is underway worldwide.



Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws for Productivity

by Tony Papert

LaRouche’s Four Laws constitute one unified policy directed to the increase of human productivity.

Consider, for one central example, the unified international space program of the near future, in which a revived NASA will integrate its efforts with the leading role of China; with a revived Russian program based on the needed revival of Russian science; with Europe; and with many other countries just now beginning to look towards space. And soon, this world space-program will extend itself to incorporate the industrialization of the Moon, as the great Krafft Ehricke had forecast. Soon, scientific, engineering, and industrial activities on the Moon, will constitute a unique and irreplaceable part of the whole space program,— no longer only a world space program, but one already incorporating near-earth space as well.

Not only that: the crash program for fusion power which is LaRouche’s Fourth Law, will itself be integrated within the worldwide space program. Hu­man exploration of the Solar system requires fusion power, which in turn means that fusion power must be designed into the whole effort from the very beginning,—recall, for example, how all the features of the obsolete space system we have used up to this point, have all been shaped by the characteristics of the chemical propulsion systems used.

Study of the German, Russian, and U.S. ballistic-missile programs of the 20th Century, which preceded and laid the basis for the subsequent space programs, shows us history’s largest-scale vertical and horizontal integration of the efforts of many thousands of people across numerous scientific, engineering and industrial disciplines and areas. And the required seamlessly integrated design, engineering, production, and testing, were all fundamentally based on new physical principles. They all culminated in a unique system,—never before seen,—incredibly complex, constituting thousands of parts, yet intolerant of even a single failure.

When the missile program transitioned over into the space program,— when mankind first stepped out into space beginning with the Soviets’ launch of Sputnik in 1957,— the required scale and complexity required of the unified space effort, expanded beyond recognition, even when compared with the prior ballistic-missile revolution. For example, Boris Chertok, in his pioneering, first-person, four-volume history of the Soviet space program, wrote:

I dare say that Korolyov [S.P. Korolyov, the greatest leader of the Soviet program] was perhaps the first to understand that space technology required a new organization…. For Korolyov, his deputies, and close associates, this gigantic new system came about because of a broad view of space technology, by combining fundamental research, applied science, specific design, production, launches, flight, and flight control, rather than from specific spacecraft. This single-cycle setup began to operate in 1959 and 1960. The mastery of this cycle by hundreds and later by many thousands of scientists and specialists, made it possible for humankind to begin the Space Age in the 20th century.

Top engineers and designers were to be seen in deep discussions with machinists on many of the shop floors; those engineers, in turn, regularly deliberated in committees, and in more intimate settings, with the most renowned leaders of theoretical science. The horizontal integration through dozens of institutes and factories was just as intense. It is amazing that this could ever happen under the Soviets’ central-planning system,— that had required the hard school of World War II as a prerequisite,— but that is another story. But it all began to fall apart after a huge, tragic accident in 1960, and then the British Empire Thatcherite agents gutted everything that was left of Soviet science in the 1990s.

For the space program of the near future, what is needed is the Hamilton/LaRouche credit system, centered and steered by a National Bank, which is a flexible, universal system which supports all parts of this massively intricate chain of production, from top to bottom and from end to end, and which incorporates within itself what the late Charles de Gaulle called “indicative planning.” And of course, we’re not just talking about space travel here, but every color and flavor of increased human productivity.

Our most recent experience of this, is the means by which Franklin Roosevelt’s application of Hamilton’s credit system made the United States the Arsenal of Democracy for World War II, and the greatest economic power, by far, ever seen in the world. Loaning instant, low-interest money on contracts from the top to the bottom of the hierarchy of defense production, Roosevelt’s system enabled this massive structure to “turn on a dime.” To “turn on a dime” towards brand-new, just-introduced higher levels of science and technology. Just what we need now,— and what we must get through LaRouche’s Four Laws.

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Fireside Chat with Mike Steger


Join us for our weekly Fireside Chat with activists and supporters across the country.

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Aleppo: Freed from Obama’s Terrorists



The latest in a series of interviews with Virginia state Senator Richard Black, EIR’s Will Wertz discusses the latest triumph of the Syrian Army in liberating over 50% of the rebel held territories in Aleppo, allowing tens of thousands of Syrians to be freed from the western-backed terrorists who have been using civilians as human shields in the battle against Syrian President Assad’s forces. Senator Black, who traveled to Syria earlier this year, and met with President Assad, discusses the prospect for peace and reconstruction in the war torn country and how U.S. intervention can and must change under the new administration.

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