Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Americans Must Discover What Really Happened on Trump’s China Trip

President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrive in China | November 8, 2017 (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)


Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder of the Schiller Institute, today called on the American people to disregard the lies and blackouts about President Trump’s trip to China prevalent in the media of the United States and Europe, and to find out for themselves about the historic development that took place. Speaking on her regularly weekly webcast shown on newparadigm.schillerinstitute.com, and on this website, Zepp-LaRouche said:

“I think it’s very important that our viewers around the world really take a look at this themselves; do not go by what the media is reporting. Try to get the speeches, which are all archived; listen to them yourself. View the Chinese TV coverage of Trump’s trip. I appeal to your reason not to be fooled by the media, not to fall into the trap of Cold War propaganda. The opposite of what the media is saying is happening. Please, dear listeners and viewers—meaning you—take the time to inform yourself; build your own judgement. You don’t have to believe us, but go to the sources and get the first-hand opinion of what is really happening, rather than relying on media reports.”

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In her webcast, Zepp-LaRouche gave her viewers a short summary of what took place on the trip:

“Well, I think it is the beginning of a new era of strategic relationships between the United States and China, as President Xi Jinping has said. Trump was received with the highest possible honors; the characterization was that this was a “state visit-plus” and President Xi Jinping even said that this was a “state visit-plus-plus.” They rolled out the red carpet so to speak in a way that they have never done for any other foreign dignitary since before the existence of the People’s Republic of China.

First, they had a day of introducing President Trump to the ancient culture of China. For that purpose, they closed down the Forbidden City for an entire day and then they had a gala dinner in one of the palaces. They showed him three different Beijing operas. They showed him the restoration of art, crafts, and similar things. Obviously, President Xi Jinping was the tour guide for all of this. Anybody who has ever read or listened to his speeches, knows that he is very well versed not only in Chinese history but also in universal history; so this is really an incredible thing. And naturally there were other aspects, like trade deals for $253 billion. And when President Trump came back from the Asia trip, he said that he had deals for about $300 billion, but that these deals would only be the beginning, and soon this figure would be three-fold.

But I think much more important—as much as the economic deals are important, and I don’t want to neglect that—but I think much more profound was the deep human accord between these two Presidents. I’m going to do something which I normally don’t do, but given the fact that the media has distorted what has happened at this visit so much—if they reported it at all—I want to read to you a quote of what President Trump said in commenting on this reception. He said,

“Yesterday, we visited the Forbidden City, which stands as a proud symbol of China’s rich culture and majestic spirit. Your nation is a testament to thousands of years of vibrant, living history, and today it was a tremendous honor to be greeted by the Chinese delegation right here at the Great Hall of the People. This moment in history presents both our nations with an incredible opportunity to advance peace and prosperity alongside other nations all around the world. In the words of a Chinese proverb, ‘we must carry forward the cause, and forge ahead into the future’. I’m confident that we can realize this wonderful vision, a vision that will be so good and in fact so great for both China and the United States. And then he continued, ‘So we come from different places and faraway lands.’ There is much that binds the East and West. Both our countries were built by people of great courage, strong culture, and the desire to trek across the unknown into great danger that they overcame. The people of the United States have a very deep respect for the heritage of your country and the noble traditions of its people. Your ancient values bring past and future together into the present so beautifully. It is my hope that the proud spirits of the American and Chinese people will inspire our efforts to achieve a more just, secure, and peaceful world. A future worthy of the sacrifices of our ancestors and the dreams of our children.”

Zepp-LaRouche singled out as an example, the disparaging coverage in the German “newspaper of record” the Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung which called the Chinese treatment of President Trump, “pomp” and a “Chinese deception game.”

“This is not the picture of Trump you get from the media. As a matter of fact, I have never seen such an outrage and cynicism than what is being expressed now against Trump. Well, except, naturally against my husband, and naturally similar treatment is being given to President Putin and President Xi. But anybody who has ever been in the Forbidden City, which was the palace of the Chinese Emperor since the 17th Century, you cannot but be impressed by the majestic architecture, the beauty of the construction, the furniture, the whole display of Chinese art. To call that ‘pomp’ just shows you how absolutely ignorant these scribblers really are.”

Zepp-LaRouche said that the promise of good relations between China and the United States being brought about by Presidents Trump and Xi is urgently needed. The United States urgently needs to rebuild its infrastructure and deploy its industries in the common interests of mankind. This can be accomplished if the United States joins the Belt and Road initiative. Last spring, Zepp-LaRouche said that if President Trump joined the Belt and Road initiative and repaired U.S. relations with China and Russia, “He could be one of the greatest U.S. Presidents of all time”. After the Beijing trip, “Trump is actually doing it,” Zepp-LaRouche said.

“So, I’m confident that the chance to have a new renaissance, to have an uplifting of people where the best traditions of all cultures, of all nations and cultures of this planet are revived; and out of that, a new renaissance can be created. I think that that is an absolutely realistic possibility. So, be happy and join us!

We need each of you now to join a national mobilization, so that everybody can find out how historic this trip of President Trump to China was, what the potentials are for the American people, and why the attackers of President Trump must not succeed. Join us—the fate of the US and actually the whole world depends on it. Be an American, so that there can be ‘America First.’ And that is not a contradiction to what president Xi calls ‘A community of a shared future of mankind.’ ”

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Fireside Chat with Bill Jones, November 16, 2017


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Zepp-LaRouche: President Trump’s Asia Trip and the New Paradigm

To say that President Trump’s Asia trip was an historic success may be an understatement! Though the highlight was his visit to Beijing and meetings with China’s President Xi Jinping, his meetings with other leaders, including his exchanges with President Putin, were productive. In every event, he made explicit that the days when the U.S. acted as the enforcer of a unipolar empire are over. Join Helga Zepp LaRouche on this week’s webcast, as she provides an update on the strategic significance of Trump’s trip, and outline where we go from here.

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British Forced To Counterattack Trump-Putin-Xi Cooperation — In Their Own Name

The 25th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting participants. With Presidents of Russia Vladimir Putin, and of the United States Donald Trump.


The British tried to subvert their upstart breakaway colony in the Americas by military means a number of times. But when Lincoln mobilized the nation against the British- instigated Confederacy based on the highest moral principles embeded in our Constitution — and with help from the Russian naval fleets deployed into New York and San Francisco harbors as a warning to the Brits to stay out — London decided they had to change tactics. Since that time, they have done all in their power to subvert those higher moral principles, and use the United States as the “dumb giant” to enforce the British economic and military domination of the globe. FDR posed a problem to them, uniting with Russia and China to defeat fascism, but the little man Harry Truman did their bidding, committing mass murder with nuclear weapons, and embracing Churchill’s Cold War, to end FDR’s US-Russia and US-China cooperation, while waging “anti-communist” population wars in Africa and Southeast Asia.

But the too-often-overlooked thrust of their subversion has been cultural. The American belief in progress, in independence for all sovereign nations, and for the Leibnizian “pursuit of happiness,” had to be snuffed out if the imperial British system were to be maintained. For that, they introduced a number of satanic campaigns: the anti-progress Green perversion launched by Prince Philip’s World Wildlife Fund; the British/CIA-funded counter-culture in Europe and the U.S., orchestrated by the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF) under the guise of anti-communism; the new Opium War against both the duped youth of the counterculture and the impoverished citizens rendered hopeless by the “post-industrial society.” Dragging the U.S. into a colonial war in Indochina (after killing off JFK) helped their cause by undermining the economy and demoralizing the once-proud citizenry of America.

Now, a President has been elected in the U.S. who is openly dedicated to destroying that British imperial ideology — to establish friendships with Russia and China, both in economic development and the war on drugs and terrorism. For this, the British and their assets in the U.S. are responding in a most hysterical way, and, for a change, are forced to do it in their own name.

Today, London Guardian reporter Luke Harding released a book aimed at resuscitating the discredited “cash for trash” dossier by MI6 agent Christopher Steele, which is at the core of the Russiagate coup attempt against Trump by Robert Mueller and the “political hacks” (as Trump called them) from the Obama intelligence team. Harding’s book, “Collusion: How Russia Helped Donald Trump Win,” praises Steele and assures us that Mueller will prove Steele’s fanciful charges. Not surprisingly, Harding is also the author of “Mafia State — How One Reporter Became an Enemy of the Brutal New Russia,” speaking about himself.

Harding also states that Steele was the primary intelligence source for the Obama Administration’s 2014 coup in Ukraine, openly backing neo-nazis while launching the campaign against Russia. EIR demonstrated in February of this year that the same British-Obama network that ran that neo-Nazi coup in Ukraine was behind the coup attempt against Trump (PDF “Obama and Soros — Nazis in Ukraine 2014, U.S. in 2017?”). Harding further confirms it.

The British Monarchy last week openly declared their central role in the phony “peace deal” in Colombia, which is in reality a legalization of the murderous narco-terrorist FARC, a campaign facilitated by Obama’s criminal role in legalizing drugs in America.

The poison of the CCF counter-culture must be exposed and eradicated, if our citizens are to rise to the level required to stop the coup, and to bring the United States into the New Paradigm which has now been placed squarely before them by Trump’s historic Asia tour. Both Trump and Xi Jinping described US-China friendship as the basis for solving the world’s profound problems. Trump overcame even those in his own camp who tried to prevent him from meeting with Putin. They instead met three times, addressing the need for friendship and cooperation in countering terrorism. Trump later repudiated the Russiagate hoax and its proponents in both parties and in the fake-news press.

A world-historic transformation, in science, art, and statecraft — like that of the Renaissance, but on a global scale — is necessary, and within our grasp, if we act with the necessary sense of moral courage.




Mike Pompeo, the Neo-cons, and the Alleged Al Qaeda-Iran Link

On Nov. 1, the CIA released a huge trove, amounting to some 470,000 files, of documentation that had been captured from Osama bin Laden’s computers during the Navy SEAL raid in May of 2011 during which he was killed. Almost immediately, in far less time than it would take to actually review the trove and separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, the neo-conservative Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD) had published one particular 19-page document in its blog The Long War Journal (LWJ), which, the authors claimed, “proved” the Iranian links to Al Qaeda. Shahir Shahidsaless, an Iranian-Canadian journalist, writing in a Nov. 8 article in the Middle East Eye, reports that FDD and its blog received favorable treatment from the CIA by getting a preview of the files before they were publicly released.

“What gives this neoconservative advocacy organisation such a privileged status compared to the hundreds of other organisations with similar expertise that the CIA chooses to make the documents available to it in advance?” Shahidsaless asks.The LWJ had prepared a post, ready to go upon release, to provide early context to the huge cache: Iran cooperated with al-Qaeda and could now be labelled as a “state sponsor of terror” based on al-Qaeda’s internal documents, he notes. The next step is obvious: “Advocating regime change in Iran similar to that which occurred in Iraq’s case.”

Shahidsaless goes on to note the tight relationship between CIA director Mike Pompeo and the FDD, citing an Oct. 19 FDD event at which both Pompeo and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster spoke and showered praise all over the FDD. Pompeo hinted at the time that the bin Laden release was coming soon and that it would include evidence supposedly linking Iran to Al Qaeda.

“The story is reminiscent of the claim that al-Qaeda members were trained by the secular and nationalist Baathist Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein,”Shahidsaless notes, pointing out that that earlier story proved to be a hoax.

Shahidsaless cites a 2015 article by Seymour Hersh, and a series of tweets by former CIA analyst Ed Price, who apparently angrily resigned from the agency some months back over President Trump’s attacks on former CIA director John Brennan and former FBI Director James Comey. That aside, Price wrote in a Nov. 8 column in The Atlantic that Pompeo’s release wasn’t about transparency as the CIA press release claimed.

“A close read of his statements and the CIA’s public rollout of the new documents suggests, instead, that their release is part of his ongoing campaign to link al-Qaeda to Tehran and, in so doing, undermine the Iran nuclear deal,”of which Pompeo is a fierce critic, Price wrote.

“Pompeo was said to have been a key architect behind President Trump’s announcement last month that the nuclear deal was no longer in America’s national security interest, which essentially left Congress to decide whether sanctions should be re-imposed,” Prince reports. “Pompeo is playing politics with intelligence, using these files in a ploy to bolster the case against Iran by reinvigorating the debate on its terrorist ties,” Price writes further.”This effort reeks of former vice president Dick Cheney’s consistent false allegations of links between Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and the 9/11 attacks, a nexus the Bush administration debunked only after we had lost too much in blood and treasure.”

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The True Meaning of Infrastructure: Physical Economic Platforms



Welcome to the seventh class in our 2017 Economic Class series! Register for archive classes, homework and access to teachers hereTonight’s class will be streamed live at 8:00 pm eastern, with live participation from Houston, TX. Taking a long-term perspective of human development, the growth of Potential Relative Population Density isn’t a smooth, continuous process, but has characteristic leaps associated with new infrastructure platforms. These infrastructure platforms define how productive the labor force can be. Currently mankind is embarking on the full development of the inland territories of the continents with high speed rail systems, and looking to the next great platform leap into nearby space.

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The Measure of Strategic Success

President Donald J. Trump visits the Philippines | November 13, 2017 (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)


President Donald Trump, in remarks to journalists on Air Force One as he departed the Philippines back to the U.S. from his history-making 12-day Asia tour, characterized the trip as “tremendously successful,” noting its value for national and world security, and that the $300 billion in deals that were signed could soon triple.

But it is more than that.

In a dozen American states which are the direct beneficiaries of many of those deals—from Alaska to West Virginia to Montana—a sense of relief and even optimism is returning, as the prospect of emerging from the country’s prolonged economic nightmare begins to take shape in people’s minds.

But it is more than that, too.

An op-ed in today’s Global Times of China goes further, proclaiming in its headline that “U.S. Participation in Belt and Road Inevitable”—a policy initiative distinctively associated with Lyndon and Helga LaRouche. Author Wang Yiwei, the director of the Institute of International Affairs at Renmin University, writes that the trade deals from President Trump’s trip to China “will enable the U.S. to better learn about the potential and prospects for economic cooperation. Against this background, it is time for the U.S. to reconsider joining the Belt and Road initiative, which offers wider space for cooperation.” Author Wang even recommends that the two countries could work together on infrastructure, perhaps first in developed countries, like in the U.S. Midwest, and that U.S. and China could establish a “global infrastructure investment bank.”

But the measure of strategic success is more than even that.

We are facing a situation of even greater opportunity than 1989, Helga Zepp-LaRouche stated today, when the fall of the Berlin Wall opened the prospect for Mankind to replace the bankrupt trans-Atlantic old order with policies for a New Paradigm that Lyndon LaRouche and his movement specified at the time. That opportunity was tragically wasted, Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche has repeatedly stated.

“Back then we only had our ideas,” she elaborated today, “but you didn’t have any force that would implement them. But now you have the largest country in the world that is moving in the direction of implementing it, allied with 70 other countries. You have the whole Asian process, that is completely dominated by that new paradigm. And that reality is asserting itself in the U.S. and in Europe as well.”

What we are up against in that fight today, is the British Empire’s liberal Establishment and their brainwashing of the population through agencies such as the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF). “We have attacked the CCF throughout this whole period,” Zepp-LaRouche stated. “They shaped the entire cultural paradigm in the post war period. The entire left-liberal elite and their axioms come from CIA- and State Department-financed cultural brainwashing by the CCF. On top of that you had the Frankfurt School; then the 68ers; and then you had imposed on that the Greenie Paradigm. So that if you look at the amalgam of all of these brainwashings, you have the elite neo-liberal establishment who are now going under, and who are freaking out about Trump, and naturally about China and Russia and so forth.

“This is a wrong world outlook,” Zepp-LaRouche continued. “They are anti-science, they are anti-classical culture. From the standpoint of history, they will go under, like the scholastics in the Middle Ages, because they believed in something that did not correspond to the laws of the universe.

“It’s important to reflect on this, because these are our opponents; this is what’s behind the Mueller way of thinking, apart from some other nasty neo-con components and so forth. The reason that they hate us is because of what Lyndon LaRouche has written. They hate his method of thinking, passionately.”

Zepp-LaRouche concluded: “The battle in the U.S. is wide open; it can be won. But these people are still there, so we have to really move hard against them. Lyndon LaRouche’s method of thinking is so superior; we should not fall below that standard at any moment. So let’s have the perspective of winning this battle and this war.”

That, and nothing less, is the full measure of strategic success.

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Mission Accomplished: Trump ‘Friendship’ Tour of Asia Completed; Now Spread the Momentum for a New Era

President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visit China | November 10, 2017 (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)


On Tuesday, Pres. Donald Trump will arrive back in Washington, D.C. from a five-nation Asian tour, including the formal ASEAN and APEC summits, characterized at every stop on the way, by his expressions of personal friendship, and good will on behalf of the American people. As he said in Manila today in his remarks to the ASEAN plenary: “I’m honored to represent the United States of America at this U.S.-ASEAN Commemorative Summit. We gather today at a time of great promise and great challenge. I speak to you on behalf of 350 million Americans with a message of friendship and partnership…”

Over the past 36 hours, Trump met in Manila for private discussions with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Philippine’s Prime Minister Rodrigo Duterte and others, as well as exchanging a hand-shake greeting with Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev. Trump, in his ASEAN speech, warmly thanked “Rodrigo,” for “your success as ASEAN chair,” and “for your incredible hospitality,” and also for Duterte’s “fantastic” singing at the gala dinner last night!

Before Manila, Trump was in Hanoi for an official state visit to Vietnam. There, in addition to economic and security discussions, he struck a special theme, referring to the fact that it was Veterans Day in the U.S.. He pointed out that, “out of war and conflict, we have achieved a deep friendship, partnership and we have achieved peace.” He spoke of the horrors of the [vietnam] war, and he expressed deep respect for independence, which is a “sentiment that burns in the heart of every patriot and every nation. Our hosts here in Vietnam have known this sentiment not just for 200 years, but for nearly 2,000 years…” This was applauded.

The President’s other theme throughout his entire trip, was “fair” trade. Commercial deals were signed in Vietnam and other places, besides the raft of $253 billion worth of commitments announced between Chinese and U.S. companies Nov. 10 in Beijing. All these business deals, in themselves, do not add up to a new economic era, nor even to a threshold for that. But they do signify the potential of the moment. Millions of Americans in the regions of new trade pledges are rejoicing at the prospect of getting some economic activity going, e.g. in the energy states—Alaska, Texas, West Virginia; in the farm/food states—Montana (beef,) Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri (the soy belt,) and so on.

Our task is to take this momentum to a much higher level, to do what is required for the new era, described by Pres. Xi Jinping, as “building a community of shared future for mankind.” We can do this heavy lifting by both, 1) spreading the word of what has actually happened in these positive events of the past 10 days of the Trump Asian tour—whose “news” is being blacked out; and 2) by spreading the understanding of the concepts required for the science of economics, as laid out for decades by Lyndon LaRouche, and most urgently, in his 2014 “Four Laws,” for what must be done now.

Why can’t people readily see this? Helga Zepp LaRouche, speaking to associates today, pointed out how the left-liberal elite has been fostered in the Trans-Atlantic, to be blind to, and oppose humanity-serving measures. This neo-liberal paradigm is the result of cultural warfare by the CCF (Congress for Cultural Freedom), a CIA-related, British-related operation. As it happens, an exhibit on CCF history (founded in 1950) is on display in Berlin right now.

But what matters, is that ideas are powerful. The present historic opportunity for mankind was directly promoted over the past half century of work by Lyndon and Helga Zepp LaRouche, as seen in the markers of proposals, including the 1975 IDB (International Development Bank,) Operation Juarez (1982) in the Americas, the Productive Triangle, the World Land-Bridge, and up through the New Silk Road paradigm.

Spread the momentum.

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