The Economic “Platform”

The Shanghai Transrapid maglev train in 2012. (photo: Lars Plougmann/Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)


Always informing our view of what some call just “infrastructure,” must be Lyndon LaRouche’s concept of what is actually involved in such a notion. It reflects the only truth about mankind and his history, which is one in which mankind reinvents himself, creating as it were a new and better human species, through his innate human creativity. This is the truth of infrastructure, the truth of economics, and the truth of human nature itself—all really aspects of one and the same thing, which stares out at us once we begin to grasp it.

Ben Deniston of the LaRouchePAC Science Team was able to bring this idea to bear in an inspiring fashion on April 13 in short remarks to the Schiller Institute Manhattan Conference, which were reported in the May 5 EIR.

Ben’s title was “From the New Silk Road to Space: LaRouche’s Economic Platform Concept.” And indeed, now, after the conclusion of the Beijing Belt and Road Forum of May 14-15 one month later, Lyndon LaRouche has emphasized that the new, international space program is now the next necessary step for humanity.

The earliest known such “platform” was that of the prehistoric trans-oceanic maritime culture which was already navigating the world-ocean during the last glacial period, the Ice Age. Ben characterized its “platform” as the star-map which navigators used to find their way over the trackless ocean. Man’s knowledge of the starry sky was the first science, and is in a sense the continuing core of all true science, as Lyndon LaRouche elaborated this whole subject in depth in 1984, in his paper, “On the Subject of B.G. Tilak’s Thesis: The Present Scientific Implications of Vedic Calendars from the Standpoint of Kepler and Circles of Gauss,” reprinted in the April 28 EIR.

Lyndon LaRouche’s use of the term “platform” in this sense, is to indicate a true scientific, cultural and economic revolution which qualitatively transforms mankind, with his environment, his activities, his beliefs and morality—in effect making him a new, different and a better species.

It is the mind of man which first grasped the plan of the stars. It is the mind of man which began the human conquest of the interiors of the continents, from Charlemagne’s great canals, through Colbert’s works, and America’s canals and railroads, and into its culmination in the Eurasian Landbridge conceived by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche, or the Belt and Road.

The brightest side of the Twentieth Century, integrally with Lyndon LaRouche and his work in that century, will always be the launching of the space program, even if it was largely aborted at that time. Any examination of the history and personalities of the space program, confirms one in the conviction that this was itself a qualitatively higher phase of human civilization: the very people themselves, the scientists, the astronauts, and the hundreds of thousands who did everything possible and impossible to support the effort—they were better people, superior people. Idealistic people. It’s patently obvious; and equally true of the Soviet as the American space program.

Lyndon and Helga LaRouche’s friend Krafft Ehricke is the outstanding exemplar.

As Lyndon LaRouche’s cited paper implies, it is an open secret that the space pioneers of today and tomorrow, hearken back to the scientists and explorers of the Ice Age. The very names we call them: “astronauts,” “cosmonauts,” “taikonauts,” correctly identify them all as “mariners,” from the Greek “Nautes.” So they are.

As we launch a national campaign to revolutionize the infrastructure of New York City, these are some of the sorts of considerations we must have in mind.

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Fireside Chat with Marcia Merry Baker—May 25, 2017

Join us for our weekly national Q&A discussion. As we head into Memorial Day the two dynamics governing the world could not be clearer. On the one side, the great Belt and Road infrastructure and transportation projects initiated by China are proceeding with all due speed. New ideas about the transit of the future, such as undersea vacuum tunnels are being discussed and debated in optimistic populations. Plans are elaborated for deep space exploration and habitation.
The British Empire is desperate to stop this –running a continuing coup against the U.S. President and…

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Is Mideast Peace Finally Possible?

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump tour the Sistine Chapel following their meeting with His Holiness Pope Francis, Wednesday, May 24, 2017, in Vatican City. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)



President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump tour the Sistine Chapel following their meeting with His Holiness Pope Francis, Wednesday, May 24, 2017, in Vatican City. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

The historic visit by President Trump to the holy sites of the three Religions of the Book, concluded yesterday at the Vatican. Readouts from both the Vatican and the White House report that cooperation in achieving peace in the Middle East was the central topic of discussion — “the promotion of peace in the world through political negotiation and interreligious dialogue,” as the Vatican put it.

The difference now, from all the failed efforts under previous presidents, is the fact that the British division of the world between East and West, the “free world vs. Godless Communism,” created by the British after the death of FDR, is being smashed by the cooperation among Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Xi Jinping. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has served as a primary cockpit for that division of the world, just as North Korea has served the same purpose in Asia. In both cases, the British and their dupes in the U.S. and Europe would take all possible measures to prevent any solution to these festering crises, despite the fact that their existence spawned terrorist chaos, and constantly threatened to spark the outbreak of nuclear war.

Now, there is a new world economic order in place, demonstrated by the success of the Belt and Road International Forum for Cooperation in Beijing May 14-15. While China and Russia were the central drivers of this process, President Trump sent a high-level representative, created a “U.S. Belt and Road Committee” to follow through, and invited China to join in planning and building the desperately needed reconstruction of the rotting infrastructure in the United States.

With President Trump heading for Brussels, Thursday, for a NATO meeting (the anti-Russia fanatics are holding their breath in anticipation of what Trump might say), Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu today presented an extremely positive view of the U.S.-Russia cooperation in the war on terror in Syria.

“We are talking with them on a ’round-the-clock basis,” Shoigu said of the U.S. military, “during the day and night, and we are meeting at different venues.” U.S. Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Dunford last week described the close cooperation with the Russians in Syria, even though U.S. law prevents actual joint military deployments.

This is the new global environment, based on cooperation, in which President Trump is calling on Islam, Judaism, and Christianity to come together for peace. As to terrorism, Trump told the meeting of leaders from nearly 50 Islamic nations in Riyadh on Sunday, that it is not a conflict between religions, but between good and evil.

In a similar vein, the potential for peace is breaking out on the Korean Peninsula. Newly-elected South Korean President Moon Jae-in is openly promoting a restoration of the Sunshine Policy of economic cooperation with the North, both for joint development, and to establish the trust necessary for an agreement to end the North’s nuclear program, in exchange for a peace agreement and a non-aggression pledge from the United States.

President Moon’s envoy to Russia, Song Young-gil, held extensive discussions with Russia’s Minister for Far East Development, Alexander Galushka, this past week. Song told Yonhap: “Minister Galushka suggested the tri-lateral economic cooperation of the South, North, and Russia, which has been in stalemate due to the nuclear issues, be pushed forward independently, and I agreed to that.” This has been the core of Lyndon LaRouche’s proposals regarding Korea for the past twenty years. As in the Middle East, the New Silk Road is the platform upon which peace can finally be established.

China’s Ambassador to the UN, Liu Jieyi, told the Security Council meeting on North Korea Tuesday that “there is no reason why dialogue is not taking place in the current situation. It takes political will.

“Every forward step in the Korea crisis has come through dialogue,” he said — and, he could have added, that every step forward was sabotaged by the war parties in the West, first Bush and Cheney and then Barack Obama.

Those geopolitical games can, and must, be laid to rest forever, and the fire of Empire extinguished. The moment is now.

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The New Silk Road—’Process for Peace’

President Trump and Palestinian President Abbas. 5/23/17 (Official WH video)



U.S. President Donald Trump, now in Italy, met yesterday in Bethlehem with Palestinian leader Mahmood Abbas, where they spoke of what lies ahead. Trump expressed hope that America can help. He said, “If Israelis and the Palestinians can make peace, it will begin a process of peace all throughout the Middle East…[that] would be an amazing accomplishment.”

In fact, it is the New Silk Road—the World Land-Bridge— that is the means for achieving this dramatic accomplishment everywhere in the ‘process of peace,’ even in the most besieged, forsaken lands. This aspect is being taken up, along with the true meaning of “economics,” in follow-on discussions in many places, of the historic Belt and Road International Cooperation Forum in Beijing, May 14-15. For example, today’s South China Morning Post observes that Japan and China can now successfully come together, collaborating on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Helga Zepp-LaRouche stated this point explicitly, in her presentation to last week’s Beijing BRI Forum. She posed how the BRI must also be extended to the entire Southwest Asia region, which China has already proposed to do; and extended as a “Grand Design development plan for all of Africa.”

For decades, she and Lyndon LaRouche have promoted this peace principle internationally, as, for example, in two 1988 international conferences and book, “Development Is the Name for Peace.”

We are now locked in the battle to bring the concept home here in the United States, where Americans are otherwise being bombarded by propaganda and black ops, to demonize Trump, demonize Russia and China, demonize “big projects,” and life itself. The source of this is the expiring British empire, mobilized to attempt to bring down the Presidency and the United States with it. A new slew of Russia-bashing video clips was generated today from a hearing by the House Select Committee on Intelligence, on Russian “active measures” against the 2016 elections.

It’s worth repeating the advice on these dirty operations, from Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), a senior lawmaker and Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He said on May 10, when asked by Fox News what he thought about the comparison of Trump firing FBI Director James Comey, to Nixon getting caught for Watergate. Grassley said, “My message is: “Suck it up, and move on.”

We have a hell of a lot to do. The geographic vision for the development of the Americas was laid out last week by Zepp-LaRouche in her Beijing presentation. “Looking at the world land map, the United States is not merely a country surrounded by two oceans and two neighbors, but can be a central part of an infrastructure corridor which connects the southern tip of Ibero American through Central and South America, with the Eurasian transport system via a tunnel under the Bering Strait.”

One part of this North American picture, needing immediate attention, is New York City, whose transportation infrastructure is in breakdown mode, throughout the entire metropolitan region—the largest on the continent—but especially in Manhattan. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sent a letter May 21 to President Trump, asking for Federal help. Across all modes—the Amtrak passenger trains, Penn Station, LaGuardia Airport, the Metro system—there are accidents, outages, and dysfunction. Lyndon LaRouche has commissioned the formation of an action committee to lay out what needs to be done, and “make a war cry” about it. Put a program together; get the international input. “Physically, it can be done.”

President John F. Kennedy, whose 100th birthday anniversary is May 29, frequently raised the principle of peace through development. On March 1, 1961, when he signed his Executive Order establishing the Peace Corps, he spoke of Americans being willing “to sacrifice their energies and time and toil to the cause of world peace and human progress.” He said Americans “must exercise more fully their responsibilities in the great common cause of world development.”

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Saudi Arabia Is the Source of Terrorism! Trump Must Drop It, and Stay with the New Paradigm

President Donald Trump and King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia attend the meeting of the Leaders of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf Countries, Sunday, May 21, 2017, in Riyadh. (Official WH Photo)


Even while President Donald Trump was engaged in unmentionable ceremonies with the Saudi golden calf-worshipers Sunday, the new paradigm of China’s Belt and Road Initiative was being prominently reported in the Gulf States’ newspapers. And Iran — a crucial nation in development of the new Eurasian Land-Bridges — was responding amicably to Trump’s extreme provocations, by simply offering to wait and assuming he would come to a more sensible policy!

Saudi Arabia is the place that educated virtually all the principal Islamist extremists and terrorists in the world. It is not going to help a U.S. President rebuild the city against which it launched destruction 15 years ago — no more than it will rebuild Yemen which it has leveled and tormented now. For that matter, Saudi Arabia has been cancelling its own power and other infrastructure projects since the oil price went down — the exact opposite of China’s “win-win” Belt and Road great projects.

Even more important than the news of the extraordinary success of the Belt and Road summit in Beijing hitting the press in the Gulf while the President was there, was the content of that news. It focused on the 30-year “World Land-Bridge” campaign of Lyndon and Helga LaRouche, which was the seed of today’s successful “New Silk Road” initiative of China. The extraordinary account by Dr. Ahmed Al-Kedidi appeared in the Qatari and Omani state newspapers and various other private papers and websites in the Gulf over the weekend.

Lyndon LaRouche noted today that this echoes the increasingly important role Helga Zepp-LaRouche — who spoke at events during the Beijing Summit — is playing in the development of the “Belt and Road” into the World Land-Bridge. This, while the Pacific region is becoming economically more predominant and growing faster.

President Trump urgently needs to be refocused on rebuilding and recovery in the United States — especially in his own home city of New York, whose metropolitan area is turning into a dangerous infrastructural disaster zone. The simplest intra-metropolitan trips have become dangerous and uncertain to millions. Actions are needed there immediately, and continuing, LaRouche said; a committee of experts should form up to demand it.

When Trump did focus on such rebuilding, President Xi of China and Prime Minister Abe of Japan came to meet him with definite plans for investments in new transportation infrastructure, of which they are the world champion builders now. That is the new paradigm, from great projects, to space exploration and fusion research — all in cooperation among nations.

And for security and the fight against terrorism as well, the relationship with Russia is still the strategic one for the Trump Administration, as well as Russia’s own relationship with Iran.

The American people are not going to forget who sponsored the 9/11 attackers, not after they fought Bush and Obama to get that “secret” information disclosed. President Trump must look to the new paradigm for cooperation in what he promised those Americans he would do.

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LaRouchePAC Policy Committee Show

Join us for our live, weekly Policy Committee discussion with your host, Matthew Ogden.

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LaRouche: British Gambit To Paralyze Trump with Impeachment Campaign Won’t Work

American statesman Lyndon LaRouche Friday commented that the British-orchestrated campaign to politically paralyze U.S. President Donald Trump with their continuing “impeachment” attempted coup d’état—now being widely discussed in British media such as the Telegraph and the Economist— will not work. This is too big for the British, LaRouche elaborated. The Trump victory in the U.S. elections last November was not a national, U.S. phenomenon, but a global one; and it’s not going to be as easy to stop as the British think, given the developments coming off the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing and other strategic considerations. “I’m confident,” LaRouche said.

LaRouche’s comments were prompted by an article published in the Telegraph on May 19 by British intelligence stringer Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, whose experience in orchestrating U.S. impeachment drives for the British goes back to his attacks on President Bill Clinton. Evans-Pritchard, on the eve of Trump’s first trip abroad as President, is spreading the black propaganda line that Trump might already be incapacitated, in much the same way as President Richard Nixon was incapacitated by then-Defense Secretary James Schlesinger, who “instructed U.S. military officials to ignore any order from the Oval Office to use nuclear weapons.”

Evans-Pritchard asserts that the key to overthrowing Trump is to pull Republican support away from him, which he admits is still strong. But what happens next? He quotes Sir Jeremy Greenstock, former British UN ambassador and now chairman at Gatehouse Advisory Partners: “America can be very powerful if it decides to act hard. Xi Jinping and Putin will probably wait and see whether Trump self-destructs.” Evans-Pritchard then raises the question: How will Trump behave “when the special prosecutor [Robert Mueller] starts to let rip with a volley of subpoenas.”

An article in the City of London’s Economist makes a similar point: Use the drumbeat for impeachment (which they admit has little chance of succeeding) to make sure Trump cannot do anything whatsoever of policy significance. What they do not put in writing, but remains true, is that such drumbeats and political chaos have historically been used by the British as the smokescreen behind which to conduct assassinations of American Presidents they wish to dispose of.

In an article appearing in the May 20th print edition, headlined “Deep Breath, America,” the Economist begins by dwelling on how the naming of Robert Mueller as a special prosecutor “is a terrible blow for Mr. Trump,” and claims that the situation reminds everybody of the impeachment of Richard Nixon.

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