The Imperial Guns Are Out To Stop Trump’s Intended Friendship with Russia

President Trump and President Putin of Russia. [Trump photo flickr/Michael Vadon] [Putin photo]



In July of 2016, candidate Donald Trump told a news conference that “there’s nothing I can think of that I’d rather do than have Russia friendly, as opposed to the way they are right now, so that we can go and knock out ISIS with other people.” The next day he asked his supporters at a campaign rally: “Wouldn’t it be a great thing if we could get along with Russia?” He was enthusiastically supported. Across the country, especially working people who were suffering from the economic malaise at home, were also disgusted with Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama’s perpetual wars, destroying nations and killing hundreds of thousands in the process, in nations which were no threat to the U.S., and were in fact fiercely confronting terrorist insurgents in their own nations. Their crime: being friends with Russia, and refusing to be subservient to the Empire centered in the City of London and Wall Street.

On July 7, President Trump is tentatively scheduled to meet with Russian President Putin for the first time. There is a potentiality that he will establish a strong, working relationship with the leader of the other nuclear superpower. Just a week earlier, he had told the leading Chinese statesman for foreign policy, Yang Jiechi, that he was ready to bring the U.S. into the New Silk Road, through a strong, working relationship with President Xi Jinping. On Monday this week, he established a strong, working relationship with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

This is what terrifies the would-be gods of the dying western empire.

On October 10, 2009, Lyndon LaRouche, speaking to the World Public Forum Dialogue of Civilizations, on the Island of Rhodes in Greece, said:

“If Russia, and the United States, and China, and India, agree, as a group of countries, to initiate and force a reorganization of the world financial and credit system, under these conditions, with long term agreements, of the same type that Franklin Roosevelt had uttered before his death, in 1944, under key nations, the intention of Roosevelt all these years later, could have been realized, and we could do that today.”

That time has come. The “Four Powers” are nearly aligned in a manner which could, finally, once and for all, rid the human race of the curse of Empire, the scourge of war, and the misery of poverty.

The imperial lords will stop at nothing to prevent the destruction of their Empire from Hell. Calls for Trump’s impeachment or assassination now appear in the media, in a perverted version of Shakespeare’s Julius Ceasar in New York’s Central Park, at rock concerts in Britain. Traitors within the U.S., even within Trump’s own circle, create fake news to draw Trump into a war in Syria, which would lead rapidly to war with Russia — thermonuclear war.

But it is increasingly clear that the American population, even many who did not support Trump’s election, are disgusted and fed up with the hysterical Russophobia, the demonization of Trump and Putin, and are expressing this disgust in the recent elections, in social media, and, most importantly, in growing support for the LaRouche movement across the country.

On July 7 in New York City, agricultural experts from China, the United States and others will gather for a conference co-sponsored by LaRouche’s Schiller Institute. The Chinese experts, in several cases, have been at the center of the process which lifted 600 million Chinese out of poverty, and are committed to working with the United States and others to alleviate poverty world wide. This is indeed possible, provided that the U.S. and Europe reverse the collapse of the western economies under the brutish monetarist system, which has destroyed the idea of progress in our nations. Restoring the Hamiltonian policies of our forefathers, as spelled out in LaRouche’s Four Laws, can and must provide the foundation for global cooperation within the new paradigm.

Anything less, at this moment of historical opportunity, is insane and intolerable. Percy Shelly, in his “A Defense of Poetry” of 1821, described historical periods of intense struggle, as this one is, in this way:

“At such periods there is an accumulation of the power of communicating and receiving intense and impassioned conceptions respecting man and nature. The person in whom this power resides, may often, as far as regards many portions of their nature, have little apparent correspondence with that spirit of good of which they are the ministers. But even whilst they deny and abjure, they are yet compelled to serve, that power which is seated on the throne of their own soul.”

Humanity is experiencing a moment of historic phase change, for good or for ill. It is a time for poetic action.

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Washington waking up to Belt and Road Initiative

Welcome to LaRouchePAC’s update series on the all things World Land-Bridge! In our inaugural episode we review the busy week of U.S.-China deliberation on U.S. participation in the Belt and Road Initiative.

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Defeating the “Russiagate” Coup Against the President; Crucial Events Upcoming

President Donald J. Trump | June 21, 2017 (Whitehouse photo)


Judging from reports from the Democratic Party, the “charm” is wearing off the British game of eliminating American presidents who promote the American System of economy rather than the imperial world order. Playing “Russiagate” against President Trump — McCarthyism for donkeys — is not supported by the Democrats’ working class constituencies. And it is a deadly threat to the United States, including the threat of world war.

China, with Russia’s full cooperation, has put the Belt and Road Initiative of great infrastructure projects into high gear, and effectively launched a new economic order of “win-win” growth and development. The United States joining the Belt and Road would make it unstoppable, and “make America great again” as well.

The President has been the target of attempted overthrow and even potential assassination because he favors just this collaboration, and has repeatedly said so.

To put an end to this dangerous attempt at a coup, the focus of efforts should be on two sets of meetings occurring 10 days from now, which will help decide for that new order of economic, scientific and space-faring cooperation of nations.

All reports are that President Trump is looking forward to holding a full bilateral meeting with Putin on July 7 during the G20 sessions in Hamburg — not a mere “pull-aside” but effectively a summit — and to hold a second such meeting with China’s Xi there as well. Such British-oriented media as the London Independent and Telegraph are quite appalled at these reports (initially by Associated Press), fearing that Trump and Putin may make decisions about cooperation, as Trump and Xi did in Mar-a-Lago.

That same day the Schiller Institute and the China Energy Fund will hold a major “Food for Peace” conference in New York thinking forward to United States participation in the Belt and Road Initiative; this conference with its focus on progress in food production. It will be a major collaboration on bringing America into the New Silk Road, to revive its own economy, technology and agriculture; it will feature agricultural experts from both countries.

The crucial importance of such events is that President Trump cannot defeat the British-instigated drive to force him out of office, alone. It is up to the American people to reject and defeat “Russiagate,” stop the coup attempt, and back the President in working with Russia and China for peace and economic development of the United States and the world.

The success of the Schiller Institute conference is equally critical with that of President Trump’s prospective summit meetings. Schiller Institute founder Helga LaRouche and EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche were the originators more than 30 years ago of the “Eurasian Land-Bridge” concept which now, through China’s Belt and Road Initiative, is becoming the World Land-Bridge. This involves rebuilding a new economic infrastructure for the United States; but to do it, Lyndon LaRouche’s “four laws to save the nation” are essential. They encompass reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act, a new Hamiltonian national credit institution, and revived emphasis on space exploration and the fusion energy frontier.

This is the American System of economy, and the way to the common aims of mankind.

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LaRouchePAC Policy Committee Show

Join us for our weekly Policy Committee discussion, with your host, Matthew Ogden.

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“Abject Poverty Is Absolutely Conquerable”

President Xi Jinping meets with representatives attending the 7th National Congress of the Chinese Young Pioneers at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, June 1, 2015. Photo (Xinhua/Ma Zhancheng)


In a few short decades, China has accomplished economic feats that have left the world stunned in happy amazement: bringing 700 million Chinese out of poverty; increasing average life expectancy from 35 years in 1949 to 76 years today; launching world-class scientific work in the fields of space exploration and fusion energy development.

But China is not resting on its laurels. President Xi Jinping’s government intends to totally eliminate poverty in China—there are still 40 million in that category—by the year 2020. Xi recently met with Party leaders in China’s northern Shanxi province, and told them: “As long as we pay great attention, think correctly, take effective measures, and work in a down-to-earth way, abject poverty is absolutely conquerable.”

Nor is China limiting its ambitious intention to China alone. Foreign Minister Wang Yi was at a two-day conference June 21-22 with the African Union in Addis Adaba, where he stated that “Close to 400 million people in Africa live under the poverty line, and more than 40 million Chinese need to be lifted out of poverty. China and Africa need to join hands in fighting poverty and achieving common development. This is our responsibility to the future generations, the shared objective of Chinese and African people and the inherent part of human progress.”

Wang Yi went from Ethiopia to Lebanon, where he stressed that “China advocates more actions to curb the deterioration of a refugee crisis in the Middle East and find a solution as soon as possible,” adding that China is willing to enhance cooperation under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative.

As Helga Zepp-LaRouche has repeatedly emphasized in recent weeks, last month’s May 14-15 Belt and Road Forum in Beijing—in which she was a prominent participant—was a turning point in modern history, to make this intention a global reality. With the important indications earlier this week of growing U.S. involvement in the Belt and Road project, we stand at the threshold of that planetary change.

Lyndon and Helga LaRouche have been at the forefront of many of these developments, way before they ever happened. It was Lyndon LaRouche who first stated that the U.S. joining the Belt and Road Initiative was the key to the strategic crisis, and he provided the programmatic basis for doing that with his Four Laws. It was Helga Zepp-LaRouche who, in a 2015 speech in Chongqing, first urged China to help resolve the crisis of wars and emigration in the Middle East and Northern Africa, by bringing the Belt and Road into that region. It has been the Schiller Institute, which has pioneered the spread of Classical music and culture as the basis for a dialogue of civilizations to bury British geopolitics once and for all.

Now we stand less than two weeks from the start of the July 7-8 G20 meeting in Germany, which will see historic summits between and among Trump, Xi, Putin, Abe and others. But regardless of the outcome of those meetings, Helga Zepp-LaRouche stressed today, the planet is now moving under the overwhelming dynamic of the Belt and Road Initiative. Its successful outcome depends, as it has from its inception, on the singular strategic and policymaking conceptual input provided by the LaRouche movement. And it is our special responsibility, Helga Zepp-LaRouche stated, to use our organizing effort to introduce beauty into the political debate.

Now is the time, as Lyndon LaRouche has been fond of saying for decades, to have fun.

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Why the British Keep Killing US Presidents

The recent threats against President Trump’s life coming from countless celebrities, the NYC Public theater company, and the shooting of Congressman Scalise, should not be viewed as isolated events, or as crimes committed by individuals acting on their own volition. Rather, we should learn from our history in the United States that there is no ‘lone gunman’. It is the British that kill our Presidents, and for a specific reason.

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Manhattan Town Hall event with Dennis Speed and Diane Sare

Diane Sare and Dennis Speed are the featured speakers at this week’s Manhattan Town hall meeting.

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