Friday Webcast – Feb 17, 2017 (with transcript)

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MATTHEW OGDEN:  Good afternoon, it’s February 17, 2017.  My name is Matthew Ogden; and you’re watching our Friday evening webcast from  I’m joined today via video by Diane Sare, a leading member of the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee and LaRouche PAC activist and leader in New York City.

So, we’re going to begin right now with three major initiatives that LaRouche PAC is engaged in.  Number one, obviously this remains the leading initiative in the United States, is our petition campaign to collect 10,000 signatures over the next ten days in order to tell Donald Trump that during his address to the joint Houses of Congress on February 28th, that he should commit to reinstating Glass-Steagall.  This is the Glass-Steagall Act as it was originally conceived in 1933; and this is what he included as part of his campaign.  Now, the way to sign that petition is to text “GSACT” to 52886; and that immediately gives you the option to sign the petition.  You can also sign it via the website which is What we’re going to be initiating over the next ten days is a petition watch, in order to give you an idea of what level we are at on our goal.  We currently have, via the digital petition, 2026 signatures; and I know that there are a lot of other signatures floating around out there on physical pieces of paper that people have been taking down to progressive Democrat party meetings or other campaign events, or Congressional town hall meetings.  It’s very important to get those signatures into the LaRouche PAC website database so we can have them centralized all in one place.  We are delivering these signatures to members of Congress; that is having a very big impact.

The update on the Glass-Steagall bill that is currently in the US House of Representatives — HR790 — is that four more Congressmen have become co-sponsors on that bill; putting us well over 30 co-sponsors on HR790.  It’s very important that we continue to just spread this campaign.  So, that’s number one.

Number two, Helga Zepp-LaRouche has commissioned a dossier that is being put together as we speak, which is going to be published before next week.  The February 23rd date is the goal on this, because Helga Zepp-LaRouche has called for an International Day of Truth next Thursday; to reveal and expose the truth.  The true narrative, not the made-up narrative, about what happened in Ukraine; and the coup that was run in Ukraine by Victoria Nuland and other members of the Obama administration under the cover of a so-called “color revolution”.  Now the reason why this is so important at this moment, to get this dossier out and to have an International Day of Truth next Thursday, is because number one, the entire narrative and propaganda war that’s being raised against Russia right now hinges on the flawed misunderstanding that the majority of the American people have been told about what really happened in Ukraine.  So, the truth of that has to get out.  But the even more urgent reason why this dossier is being put together right now is because the very same apparatus — the George Soros-connected Obama administration which was behind that color revolution coup in Ukraine, is also now trying to run a color revolution inside the United States.  That assertion will be substantiated by this dossier which is now being put together.

Then number three, Helga LaRouche has called for an international campaign to be vectored towards the upcoming international summit which will happen in China in May; which is going to be hosted by President Xi Jinping of China, attended by President Putin of Russia, and hopefully, directly attended by President Trump of the United States, on the subject of the Belt and Road initiative or the New Silk Road, One Belt, One Road initiative of the Chinese government.  What Helga LaRouche has said is that if Donald Trump is convinced to not only attend this summit, but to become a willing participant in the new economic development paradigm which is emerging around the New Silk Road, this will indeed consolidate this new economic paradigm and will change the course of history.  The old British Empire geopolitics will become a thing of the past; and this is the way that the United States can actually secure a miraculous economic recovery. So, that’s the subject of this pamphlet, which was issued by LaRouche PAC about two years ago: “The United States Joins the New Silk Road; A Hamiltonian Vision for an Economic Renaissance”. As part of the initiative to vector the work towards this Belt and Road conference in China in May, LaRouche PAC is now in the middle of updating this pamphlet; and it’s going to be a completely redone pamphlet for the purpose of initiating this campaign to put the Belt and Road New Silk Road on the table.

So, that said, these are the three initiatives:  1. Glass-Steagall; we need to increase the signatures on this Glass-Steagall petition over the next ten days.  This is obviously just the first step in Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Economic Laws program.  2. The International Day of Truth next Thursday on the true story behind the color revolution coup in Ukraine and the danger that this very same thing is being run in the United States right now.  3. Tell President Trump the United States must join the New Silk Road; you must attend this conference in China in May.  Russia, China, and India can join together to create an entirely new economic paradigm.  That’s the three subjects Diane and I are going to be discussing a little bit more in depth here today; but I’d like to begin with a short excerpt from the strategic briefing that Helga Zepp-LaRouche gave at the beginning of the Fireside Chat national activists’ call last night.  Some of you may have heard it; but this is very important for everybody to gain wider circulation.  This is a short excerpt from Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s statement from last night:

HELGA ZEPP-LAROUCHE:  Let me say hello to all of you. It’s a pleasure to be able to talk with you. I guess most of you saw the press conference of President Trump today which obviously proves that this is a very active and feisty person who knows how to deal with a rambunctious bunch of media. I think it was quite funny and I enjoyed watching at least a couple minutes of it, because it shows that this is really a very interesting moment in history. Because he is not sitting down and taking the fact there is actually a coup in process against him. I think this is very serious. The old establishment, the neo-liberal, neo-con, unipolar world establishment both in the United States and Europe, they’re completely freaked out. They don’t accept the fact that Trump was elected and they’re obviously involved in an attempt to get Trump out of the White House. Anyway, either a coup, a military coup which was talked about, an impeachment, or even worse, as the chief editor of the German liberal newspaper, Die Zeit, said in a talk show; he said, “Murder in the White House.” I mean this is quite scandalous that the chief editor of a so-called mainstream newspaper would say such a thing.

But what is going on is very serious. Because they have deployed George Soros, who is really nothing but an instrument of the British Empire; and George Soros who is the inventor, or the financier of the concept of color revolution, in other words, to finance all kinds of civil groups, NGOs, other groups how to cause regime change. They have been involved in doing that for the better part of the post-Soviet era, in many countries in Eastern Europe; in Ukraine, in 2004, the Orange Revolution; the Rose Revolution in Georgia; later the Arab Spring; they attempted White Revolution in Russia which failed; they attempted so-called Yellow Revolution with the yellow umbrellas in Hong Kong against China, which failed. What you see right now in the United States is exactly the same kind of apparatus financed by Soros, and it is really meant to undo that election. It is very serious.

And obviously, the whole story that it was Russia which stole the US election is completely ludicrous. It was Hillary perfectly on her own who did this. She talked about the people in the Midwest and rust belt, about the so-called “deplorables,” the people who didn’t “make it.” And it is those people who voted for Trump. What this establishment absolutely refuses to see is it was their policies of neo-liberalism, of causing wars in the Middle East based on lies â Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria — which is the reason why you have a gigantic refugee crisis in Europe; this refugee crisis was not the cause, but the trigger for the Brexit, Great Britain leaving the EU. And more fundamentally, it was that section of the British population felt that they are no longer represented by the European Union and that’s why they wanted to get out. It was in principle exactly the same reason why people didn’t want Hillary, but voted for Trump.

If you look at it from the strategic standpoint; don’t look at it from the internal US situation which right now is very polarized. You look at the mass media, you have never seen such hysteria in your lifetime. So, don’t look at it from an internal American standpoint; look at it from a strategic standpoint first. And from that standpoint, one can say that, while for sure Trump is making some things not perfect; but the most important question is that the Trump election means the possible solution to the war danger. If it would have continued with Obama and Hillary, we were on a short fuse to World War III, because the whole encirclement of Russia, of China, the whole idea of no-fly zones over Syria, that would have brought us to a confrontation with Russia and China in the short term.

So, the first diplomatic activities of Trump are very, very positive, because he had very good exchanges with Xi Jinping, the Chinese leader, and he characterized the discussion as extremely friendly, extremely warm; and that was the same view expressed by the Chinese after the phone discussion a couple of days ago.

Then, you had the visit of the Japanese Prime Minister Abe in the United States, and they agreed on massive investment of Japanese companies in infrastructure in the United States; and also China offered to invest massively in the infrastructure reconstruction of the United States. Now Trump had promised that he would invest $1 trillion in the infrastructure in the United States, but if you look at the actual condition of American infrastructure, everybody can see very clearly that $1 trillion will not be enough. There are Chinese scholars said we need at least $8 trillion, and China would be willing to invest in a very large part of that; and together China and Japan would have the industrial capacity to reconstruct the American infrastructure in a very efficient and very quick time.

Also, the initial correspondence between Tillerson, the new Secretary of State, and [russian] Foreign Minister Lavrov, who met today in Bonn in the context of the G20 are carefully cautiously positive signs that they think they can work together and obviously the things to overcome are huge, but these are positive first steps.

If you look at it strategically, the United States Trump administration had said they do not oppose the effort by Japan to get good relations with Russia. Prime Minister Abe was in Russia; he will go there two times more this coming year. Putin was in Japan in December. They are now working together economically to develop the Kuril Islands, the so-called Northern Territories; and Abe wants to sign a peace treaty with Russia during his time in office, i.e., in the next several years.

If the United States takes a positive attitude towards Russia improving relations with Japan, if at the same time the United States has promising signs of improving relations with China, and Russia and China are working very well together; then if the United States gets to a positive agreement with Russia, then you have it! We have for the first time in — I don’t know since when, maybe the first time in history, ever, we have the ability to straighten out the relations among the major powers of this world, and have a real chance to eliminate the danger of war for good.

This is extremely important, because what is more important than the existence of the human species and the perspective to eliminate war forever! In the time of thermonuclear weapons, war cannot be a way of conflict resolution anymore.

So, this is very positive. And Lyndon LaRouche, my husband, when he was briefed on all of these developments in the last days, he had a very positive attitude. He said, “Don’t panic, don’t fall for the coverage of the mass media. This is all going on in a very positive direction.” I think there is absolute reason for optimism; and the way how Trump is responding to this coup attempt, he says it is the intelligence community which is leaking classified information to the media, they’re passing them out like candies and there should be a criminal investigation of those who are doing it. And that is exactly the right attitude.

This is a big battle, because obviously the Trump administration is far from being in place — many appointments are still in the air and they’re obviously some problematic ones including the very high representation of Wall Street, which is a problem.

So, therefore, it is extremely important that we escalate this campaign. You have all this motion in the Congress. You saw the speech by Senator Cantwell, why she opposed Mnuchin for the post of the Secretary of the Treasury. You have a lot of motion. You have various kinds of state legislators implementing not only Glass-Steagall resolutions but actually what is the Four Laws of Lyndon LaRouche: first of all, Glass-Steagall; secondarily, a national bank to generate credit; thirdly, a credit system; and fourthly, an increase of the productivity of the labor force through the concentration on fusion power and space technology on the basis of international cooperation. Because you need to increase the productivity of the production and labor force. There are many state legislatures, I think there are now six or seven who have passed these Four Laws.

That is what this call is actually about: How can we escalate this fight to basically create a situation where Trump, by the time of the State of the Union address, includes Glass-Steagall, the real Glass-Steagall, and not some watered down ring-fencing, Volcker Rule, or whatever.

This is all extremely important, because we will put out a dossier on Soros, showing exactly why this apparatus making the coup attempt against the Trump administration is exactly what was done in Ukraine; and I’m asking you to participate in a day of action on the 23rd of February, which is the third anniversary of the coup in Ukraine, the Maidan leading to the coup. And I’m also asking you to help to emanate the knowledge about what is the apparatus of Soros behind this coup in the United States.

I want to leave it at these initial remarks so you can say whatever you want and then we can engage in the discussion. But I can assure you, the battle now in the United States to not only protect the Trump administration from being couped and ousted, but to actually make sure that the potential which this administration represents is being implemented. Because now if the United States goes in coordination with China, if the United States joins the Silk Road, by not only extending the Silk Road into the United States by building infrastructure, but by working together with Russia and China in other parts of the world. For example, the reconstruction of the Middle East, which only these powers together can accomplish; or the industrialization of Africa, which China has started now already with many, many exciting projects. Japan is involved, India is involved, and we have to get the United States to join in something which the United Nations has just called the “common future for humanity in Africa.”

So, all these major nations have to be brought to work together for the common good of all of civilization and this is within reach. This is very exciting. It is very dangerous. It is very dynamic. But I think these are the moments in history where if people have a good plan, they can change the world and they can change history.

OGDEN:  As I said, there are going to be activities all across the country; and we’re asking people to be engaged in planning for this International Day of Truth next Thursday, as Helga LaRouche said, to set the record straight on what happened in Ukraine and also to tell the truth about what’s happening now inside the United States.  There was a good interview with former Congressman Dennis Kucinich just a few days ago on Fox Business News; and he said very clearly that what’s happening right now is the so-called “deep state” intelligence community is waging a war against the elected President of the United States with the purpose of perpetuating a Cold War confrontation between the United States and Russia.  He said no matter what you think of the politics of the President, this is unacceptable.  We also had a call from Oliver Stone, the Academy Award-winning film director, who was interviewed on a Russian television station; and he echoed the same call that you’re hearing from Helga LaRouche, that unfortunately, Americans do not know the truth about what happened in Ukraine.  He said, “If I were President Trump, I would declassify all this information on Ukraine ⦠because it’s the focal point of where this [new] Cold War has come about.”

So, let me just let Diane say a little bit on this if she wants to, and any plans up there in New York.

DIANE SARE:  First of all, I’ll say that Mrs. LaRouche made a point at a town hall meeting she addressed here in Manhattan, that she had never seen a case where you had a democratic election where someone was elected — in this case President Donald Trump — and the array of operations set into motion immediately following that election to undermine that result. The result was a result of the American voters who elected Donald Trump under the Constitutional system of the United States.  I just dug up an article that came out — it’s a blog by a Rutgers University professor named Alexander Motyl — from December 11th. The headline is “Does a Ukrainian-Style Revolution Await Washington?”  Then he says, “Ukrainians have seen the likes of Donald Trump before in ex-President Viktor Yanukovich.  Both men ran against strong women; Hillary Rodham Clinton and Yulia Timoshenko” — that’s actually funny for people who have seen both of them — “and won by small margins” blah, blah, blah. Then they say that Trump is going to be very corrupt; and by flaunting his corruption openly and promoting a variety of extremist domestic and foreign policies, Trump will infuriate the alienated half of the population.

What is this?  Again, as Mrs. LaRouche said, you have a media that’s drunk with their own narrative.  The media was certain that Hillary Clinton was going to win the election.  She didn’t win the election because she ignored at least half of the population of the United States — really more, because who knows about all the people who don’t even vote anymore because they’re so disgusted and demoralized.  People do not think we should have a war with Russia, and they don’t appreciate the leaders a quarter million dollars or whatever it is, to go speak at private Goldman Sachs meetings; not to mention what she did as Obama’s Secretary of State in Benghazi, and I mean, the list goes on. You have this uproar; where does it come from?  You have Obama moving into a walled in mansion, a compound, near the White House where he’s going to live with his wife, Valery Jarrett and his mother-in-law; and ostensibly is going to take over the “command” of 30,000 disaffected Americans who somehow have been able to pull themselves with countless millions of dollars from George Soros.  Obama is a total creation; the guy could not organize his way out of a paper bag.  The only reason he got to where he did is because certain forces — namely the British Empire — wanted to use him to carry out a particular agenda.

I think there are two ways in which the American people are a little bit mistaken that we have to set right.  One is to be demoralized by all this nonsense, and say “Oh, these people are so powerful.  Look at all these people; look at all these women who went to that march.  We’re not going to succeed.”  That’s not true, because this whole thing is a fake; it’s smoke and mirrors. It does not reflect the population; it’s a highly funded operation.  Then there are people — I spoke with one the other day — who say “Oh, no.  Trump is doing a great job.  He can handle it all.  Besides, everyone knows of course we should talk to Russia.  What do you think they’re supposed to do?  No one disagrees with that.”  Well, that’s true; and in the streets of Manhattan what we are picking up is a very interesting response. You may imagine Manhattan did not predominantly vote for Donald Trump; but people are coming over to our tables and saying “I didn’t vote for Trump, but I think we should be friends with Russia.  I think the US should work with Russia and China.  What do you have on Glass-Steagall?”  There’s a real thoughtfulness; not the kind of hysteria and nonsense that the media would have you believe.

What we’re dealing with is something different than what it appears.  This is not a grass-roots movement of disaffected people who didn’t like what Trump did on the travel ban.  If they were so concerned about those people, they would have impeached Obama when he was droning them and blowing up their countries. Or, they would have impeached Bush.  This is all fake.  What we’re dealing with is a foreign-directed — namely British Empire, Wall Street and London, that’s what George Soros represents — attack on the United States per se; because at this moment in history, if the United States will shift, if we can be liberated from our recent relationship with the British Empire to join with China and Russia, then this trans-Atlantic imperial bankrupt system is finished forever.  The future of mankind is extremely bright, and we can consider what Earth should look like; what the Solar System should look like; what the galaxy should look like, not just centuries from now, but millennia from now.  What are the potentials for the human species, which is the natural thing that human beings would like to consider.

So, I just want to underscore that it’s very urgent that the viewers of this broadcast and the collaborators with LaRouche really try to think with Mr. and Mrs. LaRouche and to join us in fighting this through in the short term right now.  What Mrs. LaRouche has identified as a flank, as Matt said, on the 23rd of this month, you have the third anniversary of the coup in Ukraine.  It’s a beautiful example; and we will be having demonstrations across the country.  We’ll be having a rally here in Manhattan; we haven’t yet selected the location, but we will be out on the streets.  We will be calling the press; we will be getting out letters to the editor.  There will be articles, some of which have been posted.  There are articles in this week’s Hamiltonian that viewers may find very useful.  The idea is to set the record straight on what happened in the Ukraine; because remember, why do we have sanctions on Russia?  We have sanctions on Russia because we say that Russia invaded Crimea; but Russia did not invade Crimea.  Victoria Nuland, formerly of the Dick Cheney administration, got deployed $5 billion that was channeled through the US State Department to overthrow the democratically-elected government of Ukraine and replace it with a bunch of literal Nazis — people who march around the street with torches with giant photos of Bandera, the guy who worked with Adolf Hitler to brutally exterminate tens of thousands of people — Jews, Poles, etc. — in Ukraine.  They are honoring that legacy today.  What happened with Crimea is, a referendum was held; Crimea was part of Russia originally, and 80% to 90% of the people there speak Russian, are Russian.  So, you get a bunch of Nazis in place in Kiev, and many people in Russia, almost every Russian family lost someone in World War II fighting the Nazis.  You have a Nazi regime in Kiev.  They held a referendum and decided that they did not wish to part of that.  As you may know, there have been no videos of massive protests against Russia and Putin in Crimea; there is no big movement in Crimea to not be part of the Russian Federation, because they decided to join with Russia.  So the whole thing is a complete lie and a fraud.  If you start by dismantling that, then all of the other crap about Putin this and sanctions that, flies out the window; and what you can see is what Matt said earlier Kucinich identified.  Somebody is trying to put two nuclear superpowers on a collision course; and that has to be stopped.  The Trump Presidency has to be successful; because if the Trump Presidency is successful, then mankind has a potential to be successful in getting through this.

The day of action is extremely important; it’s extremely important what people can take from our website to organize, that you get this out.  We’re also planning a dossier; the dossier will expose George Soros, who still — unfortunately — quite active.  It will be very important to get this out, and I would like people to be very clear to think big.  It’s the British Empire; it’s an outside operation.  This has nothing to do with what you’re presented with in the footage on the ground.  So, that’s what I can say about it.

OGDEN:  I would just reiterate what you just said.  There is an apparatus in the United States which an American should be very angry about this; in our name, in the name of the United States, is trying to drive the world into a thermonuclear war.  This apparatus, which should have left power with the change of the Presidency, is still implanted and is attempting to continue this drive towards thermonuclear war; even though the elected Presidency has decided to take a different course.  That was actually one of the elements that was very clear during the Trump press conference that occurred yesterday, that Helga LaRouche cited.  I’d like to play an excerpt from that actually in just one moment, but before we move on, Diane you cited that the article that’s in this week’s Hamiltonian tells the true story on what happened in Ukraine; this is titled “Anglo-American War Party Seeks to Blow Up Ukraine, Wreck US-Russian Prospects”. That’s available on the LaRouche PAC site.

Then, in fact, going back to 2014 — almost three years ago — Executive Intelligence Review put together a dossier at that time that told the true story of what was happening on the ground in Ukraine.  The title of that was “British Imperial Project in Ukraine; Violent Coup, Fascist Axioms, Neo-Nazis”; and that’s available also on the EIR website.  So, a lot of that material will be included in this new dossier that’s being put together.

But, let me go and take you to this press conference yesterday that President Trump delivered at the White House. We’re just going to play a short, three-minute excerpt; but in that excerpt you’ll see that he’s very clear that despite this propaganda that a US-Russia cooperation would be some kind of big, bad thing, he says that no, in fact, this would be a very good thing, not a bad thing.  We’re two nuclear superpowers and nobody wins that war.  So in fact, a US-Russia cooperation is a very positive thing; not a negative thing.  So, let me just play a little bit of that for you right now:

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  [t]he whole Russian thing, that’s a ruse. That’s a ruse. And by the way, it would be great if we could get along with Russia, just so you understand that.

Now tomorrow, you’ll say “Donald Trump wants to get along with Russia, this is terrible.” It’s not terrible. It’s good. We had Hillary Clinton try and do a reset. We had Hillary Clinton give Russia 20 percent of the uranium in our country. You know what uranium is, right? This thing called nuclear weapons like lots of things are done with uranium including some bad things.

Nobody talks about that. I didn’t do anything for Russia. I’ve done nothing for Russia. Hillary Clinton gave them 20 percent of our uranium. Hillary Clinton did a reset, remember? With the stupid plastic button that made us all look like a bunch of jerks. Here, take a look. He looked at her like, what the hell is she doing with that cheap plastic button?

Hillary Clinton — that was the reset, remember it said reset? Now if I do that, oh, I’m a bad guy. If we could get along with Russia, that’s a positive thing. We have a very talented man, Rex Tillerson, who’s going to be meeting with them shortly and I told him. I said “I know politically it’s probably not good for me.” The greatest thing I could do is shoot that ship that’s 30 miles off shore right out of the water.

Everyone in this country’s going to say “oh, it’s so great.” That’s not great. That’s not great. I would love to be able to get along with Russia. Now, you’ve had a lot of presidents that haven’t taken that tack. Look where we are now. Look where we are now. So, if I can — now, I love to negotiate things, I do it really well, and all that stuff. But — but it’s possible I won’t be able to get along with Putin.

Maybe it is. But I want to just tell you, the false reporting by the media, by you people, the false, horrible, fake reporting makes it much harder to make a deal with Russia. And probably Putin said “You know?” He’s sitting behind his desk and he’s saying “You know, I see what’s going on in the United States, I follow it closely. It’s going to be impossible for President Trump to ever get along with Russia because of all the pressure he’s got with this fake story.” OK?

And that’s a shame because if we could get along with Russia — and by the way, China and Japan and everyone. If we could get along, it would be a positive thing, not a negative thing.

⦠Look, it would be much easier for me to be tough on Russia, but then we’re not going to make a deal.

Now, I don’t know that we’re going to make a deal. I don’t know. We might. We might not. But it would be much easier for me to be so tough — the tougher I am on Russia, the better. But you know what? I want to do the right thing for the American people. And to be honest, secondarily, I want to do the right thing for the world.

If Russia and the United States actually got together and got along — and don’t forget, we’re a very powerful nuclear country and so are they. There’s no up-side. We’re a very powerful nuclear country and so are they. I have been briefed. And I can tell you one thing about a briefing that we’re allowed to say because anybody that ever read the most basic book can say it, nuclear holocaust would be like no other. They’re a very powerful nuclear country and so are we. If we have a good relationship with Russia, believe me, that’s a good thing, not a bad thing.

OGDEN:  That’s directly to the point, and that argument can’t be argued with.  One thing that I think is very important that he included in that answer was not only would it be important for us to get along with Russia, but it would also be important for us to get along with China, with Japan, and all the other countries. But the fact that he named those three countries in specific, I think is extremely significant from the standpoint of Helga LaRouche’s point.  That now is the time for us to have a new great power relationship with these leading countries — China and Russia primarily — and change the strategic geometry of the whole planet, but also have a completely new economic order. That’s now the leading point with this campaign to say OK, Trump should reciprocate Chinese President Xi Jinping’s offer to join the AIIB and join the New Silk Road; and should attend this summit that’s coming up in May in China.  And announce, look we’re going to join this New Silk Road; we’re going to join this new economic paradigm; we’re going to build some big projects; and we’re going to create a miraculous, dramatic economic recovery for the United States.

I should just mention, just yesterday down in Houston, Texas, there was a significant event that the Schiller Institute participated in at Texas Southern University.  The title of this was “A New Paradigm: Peace Through Economic Development; the Role of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.  Will the USA Join?”  I got a few pictures from this event that I just want to show you.  You can see this first picture here is the three featured speakers sitting at the table there; the Texas Southern University sign. This is the moderator introducing them.  The next picture, the first speaker was Dr. Yunhin Chao[ph] who’s the Deputy Consul General of China.  You can see on the screen there his power point; it’s titled “The Belt and Road Initiative”.  The next picture, we’ve got Mrs. Ra Kolif [ph], who’s the Consul General of Egypt.  And you can see on the screen there, “Egypt and the New Silk Road”; that’s the subject of her power point presentation.  The third picture is Mr. Brian Lantz, who is a representative of the Schiller Institute down in Houston, Texas. And of course, you can see the graphic there, “The World Land-Bridge”; and that’s the Schiller Institute’s initiative to expand the idea of the New Silk Road into a World Land-Bridge concept, which obviously the United States would have to be a major player in.

As I said, this is an initiative that Helga LaRouche has called for; for Donald Trump to attend this summit in China and say we’re going to work together and we’re going to join the New Silk Road.  And we are in the process of updating this pamphlet, “The United States Joins the New Silk Road”; this is going to be an updated completely new, revamped edition of this pamphlet which will be very important for that initiative.

But I did want to call people’s attention to some of those clips from the press conference, because I’m sure people have seen a lot of coverage of this; but some of the most substantial elements of this probably have not received the play in the mass media that they absolutely should be receiving.

So, let me just ask, Diane, if you want to add anything on that in particular.  I do also want to say that we have the Congress back in their districts right now.  Congress has left session; they are now conducting town hall meetings and coffee times and all kinds of face-to-face time with the members of Congress.  Now is the perfect time to go and put these three initiatives on the table; starting with our campaign to force Glass-Steagall onto the agenda.  There is a lot of material for you to use; you can even print out a copy of this petition and bring it to these town hall meetings and help us collect signatures.  But I would emphasize that it’s very important to centralize these signatures on the LaRouche PAC website.  You can text “GSACT” to 52886 as a way to sign this petition; and then you can also visit the LaRouche PAC action center — — to sign the petition.  We will be publishing a petition watch over the next ten days; and this is obviously a countdown to President Trump’s address to the joint session of the United Staes Congress, which is scheduled for February 28th when Congress returns.  The ball is in your court in terms of attending these town hall meetings around the country and helping us put this onto the agenda.

But Diane, is there anything you want to say in closing?

SARE:  Just one thing I wanted to — on behalf of LaRouche PAC and the Policy Committee — congratulate Russia for having the dedication to revive the Alexandrov Ensemble; which gave their first performance I think yesterday.  This is extraordinary. This was a horrific loss of an entire ensemble, and they auditioned over 2000 people, had their first rehearsal about three weeks ago, and have restored a very important cultural institution both for their nation and the world.  I think it underscores what is precious about mankind and the value of our nations collaborating together in friendship on the most beautiful levels of what is universal.  So, I did just want to add that.

OGDEN:  I do find it ironic, with all of the flurry around the resignation of Michael Flynn, the pretext or occasion of his call to the Russian ambassador was to express his condolences for the loss of the Alexandrov Ensemble on Christmas Day, when their plane crashed and so many of those artists lost their lives. That’s something that the Obama administration did not do; did not even acknowledge this major loss that the Russian people felt.  So, that’s just something to be said.

Let me just close this broadcast.  I’d like to thank you, Diane, for joining us.  And let me just review:  We do have the petition and I cannot repeat enough that we need to increase — at a very rapid pace — the number of signatures on that petition over the coming ten days.  We will be publishing this updated dossier on the color revolutions, the truth of what happened in Ukraine and the danger of what is happening in the United States. There will be an International Day of Truth next Thursday, February 23rd, which Helga Zepp-LaRouche has called for.  And we are updating our call for the United States to join the New Silk Road in the lead-up to this upcoming conference which will be happening in a few months in China. So, those are the three initiatives.

Thank you very much for joining us here today; and please stay tuned to

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Our Role at This Critical Moment, Redefined Afresh by Lyndon LaRouche

Joseph Cotto published the second part of his four-part interview of Lyndon LaRouche in the San Francisco Review of Books yesterday. Two aspects of what Mr. LaRouche said there, have special relevance for our crucial role in history at this unique moment. Their significance may be obvious to some, but let us expand on them a little. In that interview, LaRouche agreed with Cotto that the American people have been “dumbed down,” but added, “but there is of course still the potential of reversing that trend. Human beings are human beings, and once they have hope for their future, they get inspired to improve.”

This is the single most important new reality we face today–although no one can know for how long. Hundreds of millions of people or more–not only in the United States but many other countries as well–suddenly have hope for their future, as they had not had it for many years. Our plans for humanity, and those we share with Russia’s Vladimir Putin and the Chinese leadership, had struck up against the hopelessness bred into our fellow citizens.

No longer. This is an enormous change.

Then, at the end of the segment, LaRouche said, “Given the economic data of the state of the U.S. labor force, shorter life expectancies, drug addiction, suicide rates, unemployment–a real effort to increase the real productivity of labor will be required. And Trump will have trouble with this thing, as he doesn’t know how to explain the argument. Trump himself will understand the argument, but many of the people who are involved with him, as on his economic team, will have to face up to and understand this.”

In a very concise way, LaRouche has pointed precisely to the irreplaceable need for our leadership, for his leadership at this moment–however long this moment may last. LaRouche’s argument is not limited to Donald Trump — look instead at its content. This is the subject matter of LaRouche’s “Four New Laws,” and no one can provide it except us–and that only to the extent that we have mastered this concept, and can even infect others with it. “Don’t panic,” as LaRouche said to associates recently, but focus on this.


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Anglo-American War Party Seeks to Blow Up Ukraine, Wreck U.S.-Russian Prospects

By Rachel Douglas

“If I were Michael Ledeen,” a European friend of mine said yesterday, “and I wanted to intensify a clash with Russia, I would use Ukraine.” He was talking about the U.S. neoconservative operative and the author of Universal Fascism, who has been flitting around the newly inaugurated Trump Administration. Ledeen is best known for his obsession with Iran as an enemy image. But my friend was right about the detonation danger in Ukraine, the nation of 42 million that sits on the north shore of the Black Sea, southwest of Russia and east of the area of NATO’s East-Central European (ECE) expansion over the past two decades.

Three years ago, on February 22, 2014, the prolonged, increasingly violent “Euromaidan” coup d’état was completed in Ukraine against the country’s elected President Viktor Yanukovych. His life in peril as commandos from the so-called Maidan Self-Defense Forces threatened to storm his residence at dawn if he didn’t quit, yet unwilling to use military force to crush the thousands of demonstrators still in the Maidan (Independence Square) in downtown Kiev, Yanukovych fled the capital. Unable to regroup in the north-eastern city of Kharkov or his native Donetsk, he ultimately sought asylum in Russia.

The coup of Nov. 2013-Feb. 2014 built on the precedent of Ukraine’s 2004 Orange Revolution, when Yanukovych’s first election had been challenged as fraudulent by a Maidan demonstration on the “color revolution” model of Anglo-American financier George Soros and the American professional organizer Gene Sharp. The demonstrators in Dec. 2004 forced a re-vote, which Yanukovych lost. Within months, the victorious Orange revolutionaries were squabbling over power, as the Ukrainian economy continued to dive under their deregulation and privatization policies and kowtowing to the austerity demands of the International Monetary Fund. Yanukovych ran again in 2010 and won.

But the more than 2000 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Ukraine, funded by the U.S. government, the UK, the EU, and Soros’s private Open Society projects, continued to shape public opinion in Ukraine after the Orange Revolution. American Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland boasted that US$5 billion had gone into Ukraine through State Department channels alone—much of it, as the Ukrainian-born Russian economist Sergei Glazyev put it, “issued in the form of grants to develop an intellectual community of experts, oriented against the Russian Federation and directed toward shaping Russophobic attitudes in Ukrainian society.”

The new dimension in the Euromaidan, one that was pre-planned, was violent provocations and ultimately a violent overthrow of the government. Yanukovych’s November 2016 decision to delay signing an Association Agreement with the European Union, after he realized that it would damage Ukraine’s economy, was taken as the pretext for a full-scale coup. The Maidan organizers poured into central Kiev and announced they would not leave until the decision were rescinded and Yanukovych left office. While many people came to the Maidan waving EU flags and full of hope for a better life, the paramilitary groups, who repeatedly escalated the violence and sabotaged every interim agreement to resolve the standoff, marched under the red and black flag of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN)—the mid-20th-century fascist movement of Stepan Bandera. The OUN had collaborated with the Nazis during World War II and carried out the “ethnic cleansing” mass murder of Poles and Jews on its own, as well. These neo-Nazi groups called themselves Right Sector; their formation and build-up during 1991-2013 stemmed directly out of funding to Bandera’s followers by MI6 and the Allen Dulles wing of the American CIA during the Cold War.

It was the coup-installed regime’s immediate move to demote Russian, spoken throughout much of Ukraine, from its status as a second official language, and a series of attacks by Right Sector in Crimea and the eastern industrial region called the Donbass, that set off a momentous cascade of events in 2014. By mid-March, Crimea had seceded from Ukraine and voted to join the Russian Federation. In the Donbass, the autonomous Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) were declared, rejecting the Kiev coup and laying claim to the major cities and much of the territory of those two districts. At least ten thousand people have died in the ensuing civil war, as Kiev sent army units and Right Sector-based battalions into the Donbass to attempt to quell the Donbass militias’ uprising.

Unfrozen conflict

In February 2015 negotiations held in the capital of Belarus and conducted by the leaders of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine reached the “Minsk II” agreement between Kiev and the Donbass republics, for a ceasefire and prospective political settlement in that region. Heavy weaponry began to be pulled back from the “line of contact” between their respective military forces. The ceasefire has been overseen and monitored, since then, by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), an East-West club dating back to the 1970s.

Disagreements remained over the meaning of the Minsk II commitment to Constitutional changes in Ukraine, allowing extreme autonomy for the DPR and LPR. To date, the radical nationalists in the Ukrainian Parliament, with Right Sector figures among them, have refused to make such revisions. Nonetheless, the fighting and huge civilian loss of life had abated over the past two years, as if the Donbass were becoming one of ECE’s notorious “frozen conflicts.”

In December 2016, as President-elect Donald Trump continued to signal his wish for normalizing relations with Russia, the Donbass began to heat up again. The initiative came from the Kiev side. Even pro-Maidan analysts reported, as the Kyiv Post did on 26 January, that “Ukrainian forces have staged what has become known as a ‘creeping offensive’ to regain control over territory in the ‘gray zone’—the no-man’s land that divides separatist and government forces in the eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk [lugansk].”

On 28 January fighting exploded in and around the small industrial town of Avdeyevka, just north of the DPR’s capital, Donetsk. Analysts at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, a U.S. Government-funded outlet, acknowledged that “pro-Kiev troops have sparked bloody clashes with their enemy.” Alexander Hug, deputy chief of the OSCE’s Special Monitoring Mission for Ukraine, reported that Kiev’s forces had positioned large-caliber artillery “including towed howitzers, main battle tanks, and multiple-launch rocket systems banned under the Minsk deal ‘in the open with impunity’.”

With Right Sector and its offshoot battalions, it is never easy to say exactly who has provided the impetus for their actions. But a look around both London and Washington quickly turns up who is cheering them.

U.S. war party Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham (Republicans), along with Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar, spent New Year’s eve with Kiev troops near the front line with the DPR. They also toured the Baltic countries, where NATO’s latest build-up is under way. On February 2 McCain issued a letter to President Trump, blaming the Donbass escalation on “Russia and its proxy forces,” and demanding that the USA supply Kiev with weapons—“defensive lethal assistance.”

Poroshenko, on February 1, launched a round of grandstanding about his intention to hold a referendum in Ukraine on joining NATO. Prime Minister Volodymyr Hroysman visited NATO Headquarters in Brussels on 9 February, to meet with NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller, formerly an under secretary of state in the Obama Administration.

Atlanticist think tankers chimed in, with a barrage of publications warning that Trump will “make a deal” over Ukraine: James Sherr of Chatham House in the UK sounded an alarm against “preemptive compromise” over Ukraine; Russian anti-Putin analyst Pavel Felgengauer, writing for the neoconservative Jamestown Foundation’s Eurasia Daily Monitor, wailed, “If Trump hands over Ukraine, he will make Russia great again”; Adrian Karatnycky of the Atlantic Council preemptively accused Trump of preparing to sell out Ukraine by lifting sanctions on Russia while, so he claimed, “Russian-backed forces started a brutal offensive” at Avdeyevka.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov devoted nearly half of his 12 February Sunday prime time interview on Russia’s NTV channel to a careful, measured discussion of Ukraine. Speaking of the recent escalation, Lavrov said, “The only advantage I see in this situation, which we arrived at with much bloodshed and after many months, even years of experiments, is that the West is finally beginning to understand what the Ukrainian government is all about and what its assurances of being willing to comply with the Minsk agreements are worth.” Lavrov pointed out that the U.S. officials who will deal with Ukraine have not even been appointed yet. In the meantime, he said, he would be discussing Ukraine, along with other major international issues, with the new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson when they meet. That may happen on the sidelines of the February 15-17 G-20 foreign ministers’ meeting in Germany.

Dr. Natalia Vitrenko, the Ukrainian economist who has battled the Maidan regime from its outset, wrote in an open letter to Trump immediately after his election, “I greatly hope that you will abandon, as undemocratic and intolerable, the planning and implementation of coups d’état through color revolutions, such as has been done by U.S. agencies twice in Ukraine. I would like to see you build relations with Russia and China not as enemies or rivals, but as partners and allies in the name of peace, justice and prosperity for the entirety of our planet Earth. I hope very much, that you will also make a positive influence on what is happening in Ukraine. Our people are suffering badly from war, extreme poverty, corruption, political repressions, and the rampaging of neo-Nazis. The outgoing U.S. Administration kept stirring up the people of Ukraine against Russia, thereby inciting a war between our fraternal peoples—one that unquestionably threatens to trigger a Third World War. The whole world awaits with hope, for you to carry out your promises with specific actions to ensure the welfare of every American and promote peace and prosperity for all mankind.”

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Trump Launches War on Drugs, But Must Target Drug Banks

HSBC, Makati City, Philippines. Photo: Jun Acullador


President Donald Trump has launched a deadly serious War on Drugs. On February 8, in a speech before the MCCA (Major Cities Police Chiefs) in Washington, Trump said that the drug scourge was destroying the potential of America’s youth and America’s future, and must be crushed, naming the newly installed Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Gen (ret.) John Kelly, as the man to lead the effort. The following day, Trump issued an executive decree naming the newly confirmed Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, to be the head of a new Task Force “to focus on destroying transnational criminal organizations and drug cartels,” with a 120 day mandate to report on “transnational criminal organizations and subsidiary organizations, including the extent of penetration of such organizations into the United States.”

This is the first serious call for combating the drug scourge, now devastating every community and millions of families in the United States, since Lyndon LaRouche first coined the term “War on Drugs” in 1980, when the LaRouche organization formed the “National Anti-Drug Coalition” and launched the publication of the magazine “War on Drugs.”

EIR’s first edition of Dope, Inc., the most thorough expose of the global drug trade.

The one problem with the Trump War on Drugs — and a potential Achilles Heel if not corrected — is the failure to identify and target the actual core of the international drug cartel — the banks which facilitate this business. The publication by EIR in 1978 of the first edition of Dope, Inc., and the subsequent editions of that blockbuster expose, documented in great detail how the illicit drug business — the biggest business in the world — is controlled entirely by the British and Wall Street banks, since the time of the British Opium Wars against China, and continuing through to today.

The identification of the “too-big-to-fail” banks in London and New York as the headquarters of Dope Inc., will also provide yet another motivation for the immediate restoration of Glass Steagall, to stop the criminal money laundering and speculation which has brought the trans-Atlantic financial system to ruin.

Trump is fully aware that the drug issue is central to the future of the nation, which was clear in a speech he presented to the Major Cities Police Chiefs Association Winter Conference in Washington on Feb. 8. He emphasized that “every child in America should be able to play outside without fear, walk home without danger, and attend a school without being worried about drugs or gangs or violence…. So many lives and so many people have been cut short. Their potential, their life has been cut short. So much potential has been sidelined. And so many dreams have been shattered and broken, totally broken..

“It’s time to stop the drugs from pouring into our country,” Trump continued.  “And, by the way, we will do that. And I will say this: General — now Secretary — Kelly will be the man to do it.”

He continued: “It’s time to dismantle the gangs terrorizing our citizens, and its time to ensure that every young American can be raised in an environment of decency, dignity, love and support. You have asked for the resources, tools and support you need to get the job done. We will do whatever we can to help you meet those demands.”

Trump noted that he had brought a number of law enforcement officials to the White House, and asked them “what impact do drugs have in terms of a percentage on crime? They said, 75 to 80 percent. That’s pretty sad. We’re going to stop the drugs from pouring in. We’re going to stop those drugs from poisoning our youth, from poisoning our people. We’re going to be ruthless in that fight. We have no choice…. And we’re going to take that fight to the drug cartels and work to liberate our communities from their terrible grip of violence.”

Dope Inc: Run by the British banks

President Trump’s War on Drugs is to be highly commended, and supported in full by all those citizens of the world who treasure the human mind and human spirit, but it will fail if it does not go after the heart of the beast — the British banks, headed by HSBC, and their Wall Street subsidiaries. Under its earlier name — the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank — HSBC ran the opium trade in Asia during the Opium Wars in the 19th century, and more recently ran the money laundering for the Mexican drug cartels into the United States. When it was caught in this crime, the Obama Administration, while busy promoting drug use and the legalization of drugs across the U.S., ruled that no bankers should be criminally prosecuted for drug many laundering, just as none were to be prosecuted for the massive crimes in their derivative scams leading to the 2007-08 near collapse of the western banking system. Obama’s ties to George Soros, the notorious funder and promoter of virtually every international effort to legalize drugs, are well documented.

Trump is now positioned to correct this crime. He has promised during his campaign to implement Glass Steagall — the Franklin Roosevelt law which separated commercial banks from investment banks, offering government support only to the former which were forbidden to participate in speculative activities. President Trump must be held to account for that promise. If Glass Steagall is implemented, the drug money operations of the “too-big-to-fail” banks will be dried up virtually overnight, and the drug cartels can be mopped up relatively easily.

It is not only Lyndon LaRouche who has identified the role of the banks in the global drug trade. In 2009, after the 2008 near-collapse of the western banking system, Antonio Maria Costa, then the head of the UN office on drugs and crime, identified the fact that the international banks had become “drug dependent.” He said: “In many instances, the money from drugs was the only liquid investment capital. In the second half of 2008, liquidity was the banking system’s main problem and hence liquid capital became an important factor. Inter-bank loans were funded by money that originated from the drugs trade and other illegal activities… There were signs that some banks were rescued that way.”

Viktor Ivanov, the Director of the Russian Federal Narcotics Service from 2008 until 2016, speaking in Washington in 2011, said: “Drug money and global drug trafficking are actually not just valuable elements of, but as donors of scarce liquidity, a vital and indispensable segment of the whole monetary system.” In order to shut this down, he said, Russia and the United States must work in tandem to effect a “drastic transformation of the international financial system…. To a certain extent, we are observing a revival of the logic of the Glass-Steagall Act, adopted in the U.S. in 1933 at the height of the Great Depression, which separated the deposit and investment functions of banks.” However, he added, “restrictions to prevent the attraction of criminal money are required even more. In other words, liquidation of the financial bubble alone will not be enough…. The key way to liquidate global drug trafficking is to reformat the existing economy and shift to an economy that excludes criminal money” and provides reproduction of net “liquid assets, i.e., to an economy of development, in which decisions are based on development projects and long-term targeted credits.”

Trump’s Executive Order Vs. Dope Inc.

Trump’s executive order of Feb. 9 is powerful and clear: “Transnational criminal organizations and subsidiary organizations, including transnational drug cartels, have spread throughout the nation, threatening the safety of the United States and its citizens…. These groups are drivers of crime, corruption, violence, and misery…. In particular, the trafficking by cartels of controlled substances has triggered a resurgence in deadly drug abuse and a corresponding rise in violent crime related to drugs…. A comprehensive and decisive approach is required to dismantle these organized crime syndicates and restore safety for the American people.”

This executive order came at the same time as the confirmation in the U.S. Senate of Jeff Sessions to be Trump’s Attorney General. Sessions has been one of the fiercest opponents of the drug legalization policy implemented under Barack Obama.

In this regard, it is of note that Gen. (ret.) John Kelly, the former head of Southern Command for the US Army, who is now Trump’s Secretary of Homeland Security, emphasized the importance of a “layered approach that extends far beyond our shores, throughout the hemisphere, in partnership with our neighbors to the South and North. He said that “if the drugs are in the Untied States, we’ve lost.” He estimated that 99% of the heroin that enters the U.S. is produced in Mexico; poppies used to manufacture heroin are grown in Mexico and Guatemala, and then the drug is shipped to the U.S.. He emphasized the importance of a partnership with Mexico, saying the U.S. would like “to help them get after the poppy production…after the production labs…after the heroin, methamphetamine… before it gets to the border.” It must be added that the destruction of the Mexican economy since NAFTA, leaving the many of the youth with no where to go but the drug trade, the New Silk Road process from China, and also from the U.S., must be rapidly implemented.

On the U.S. side of the border, Kelly said the demand for drugs must be drastically reduced. “You’re never going to get to zero,” he said, “but we know how to do this. We’ve done it before with other drugs and other things that were bad for our society.” As to the Bush and Obama years, Kelly added: “We’re not even trying.”

Join the fight

Trump’s War on Drugs provides yet another stark reason for the hysterical campaign by London’s Dope, Inc. to bring Trump down. The Color Revolutions run by drug-pusher George Soros against nations across Europe, Africa, the Mideast and South America, is now being waged against the government of these United States, led by the City of London, its Wall Street subsidiary, and the whorish press.

The necessary means to defeat this evil is to mobilize the American people, and people around the world, to induce President Trump to carry out his pledge to enact Glass Steagall, and restore the “American System” of Hamiltonian banking, capable of directing credit into national infrastructure, industrial and agricultural growth, and restoring the nation’s dedication to advancing the frontiers of scientific knowledge, through fusion power development and space exploration — LaRouche’s Four Laws.

Trump has now demonstrated that he is willing to work with the great nations of the world — Russia, China, Japan, and a restored Europe and America — to create an era of “Peace Through Development,” as with Xi Jinping’s “win-win” policy of the New Silk Road. By restoring America’s role as a nation builder, and protecting the future of our children as productive and creative human beings, America can and must, once again, stand as a Temple of Hope and a Beacon of Liberty for the entire world.


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End the British Queen’s “Color Revolution” in the U.S.

Protesters attacking police troops in Kiev, Ukraine, February 18, 2014, as part of the British orchestrated regime-change “color-revolution”. (photo: Аимаина хикари)


The financial system is about to blow up. If President Trump goes with Glass-Steagall, that will be the end of the British system of finance, of speculation and looting. Aware of this, Soros and Obama are doing what they have done in other countries, creating a color revolution in the U.S. as a coup d’état. This is the context to think of Trump’s National Security advisor, Gen. Michael Flynn, being driven out of the new Administration.

The reinstatement of Glass-Steagall and the restoration of relations with Russia would sound the death knell for the British Empire. In fact, high level representatives of the British establishment have said that the restoration of Glass-Steagall would be considered a {casus belli} against the Crown and the City of London. And U.S.-Russian collaboration can finally bring to an end what President Kennedy referred to as the nuclear “sword of Damocles,” hanging over the heads of humanity.

As Vladimir Putin said on January 16th, concerning the role of the then-outgoing Obama Administration, “There are those who leave without saying goodbye, while others say goodbye, but never leave… the outgoing administration, in my opinion, belongs to the second category.” Furthermore, Putin elaborated, “I have an impression that they practiced in Kiev (Ukraine) and are ready to organize a Maidan in Washington, just to not let Trump take office.” However, as Lyndon LaRouche made clear, it is the British Empire’s war party that is running the color revolution—Obama is only dutifully doing his part. LaRouche has also emphasized the role of George Soros as a crucial player and founder in orchestrating the “color revolution” now in play against Trump.

With Donald Trump’s potential appearance at the upcoming “Belt and Road Initiative” meeting in Beijing May 14-15—a meeting that may be remembered as the time when the British Empire was formally buried—the potential for a new economic paradigm, consistent with the intent of F.D.R.’s post-war vision, and today based on the advanced scientific ideas of Lyndon LaRouche, is imminently possible.

The Queen and Her Nazis: First Ukraine, Now the U.S.

What provoked the “color revolution” regime change operation in Ukraine, known as the “Euro-Maidan?” The Economist, the London bankers’ weekly imperial mouthpiece, provided the answer to that question years before “Maidan” and “Obama” became household words. In their March, 2007 publication, entitled “Fit at 50?,” they forecast world developments looking back from the vantage point of 2057. Here is what they said:

“The other cause for quiet satisfaction has been the EU’s foreign policy. In the dangerous second decade of the century, when Vladimir Putin returned for a third term as Russian president and stood poised to invade Ukraine, it was the EU that pushed the Obama administration to threaten massive nuclear retaliation. The Ukraine crisis became a triumph for the EU foreign minister, Carl Bildt, prompting the decision to go for a further big round of enlargement. It was ironic that, less than a decade later, Russia itself lodged its first formal application for membership.”

So, in March, 2007, only a month after Barack Obama announced his Presidential campaign , and nearly six years before the Ukraine tensions around EU membership began, {The Economist} published this so-called forecast. So, what did {The Economist} know that the rest of the world did not?

The emergence of the “New Paradigm” outlined by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche—with China’s New Silk Road creating a global platform for the common aims of mankind—would be the end of British imperial “geopolitics.” In the 1990s, following the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Lyndon and Helga LaRouche sought the collaboration between nations both east and west, especially between the U.S and Europe, with Russia, China and India. In fact, former Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov’s concept of the “strategic triangle” of Russia, China and India, is the forerunner of the BRICS system today, a system intrinsically dedicated to the full scientific development of every nation.

These three nations comprise the core of LaRouche’s “Four Powers” concept that would end the domination of the transatlantic financial oligarchy. It is the multi-polar worldview, expressed by the BRICS, that the neo-conservatives/neo-liberals targeted with their “Project for a New American Century” (PNAC), which included the nations of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen to be destabilized along the borders of Russia, China and India. These nations were targeted with wars or regime change, or if possible, with the cheaper version of a coup, the color revolution. It should come as no surprise that the nations targeted, especially Russia and China, have formally identified “color revolutions” as an act of aggressive war.

Thus, instead of Ukraine potentially becoming a bridge between Europe and Russia/Eurasia, as part of the New Silk Road orientation, the coup was run as a provocation against Russia—part of the continued expansion of the European Union and NATO into the territory of the former Soviet Union. As Victoria Nuland, Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, admitted, the US State Department spent nearly $5 billion in building “democracy and good governance” in Ukraine since the fall of the Soviet Union to ensure that it did not orient to the Eurasian/New Silk Road concept. George Soros’ various “NGO” and related organizations which had been active for years earlier in Ukraine, went into high gear. Nuland, prior to personally overseeing the coup in Ukraine, even visiting the Maidan, was Cheney’s foreign policy aide, and then U.S. Ambassador to NATO during the Bush-Cheney administrations of 2001-09. She is also the wife of Robert Kagan, the neo-con co-founder of PNAC.

In November of 2013, when Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign the European Union Association Agreement to begin Ukraine’s formal entry into the European Union, the trigger was pulled to launch the “Euro-Maidan.” The coup was “ready made,” and the hard core of the “protest” was formed by the Nazi “stay behind” operation, i.e. followers of Hitler-collaborator Stepan Bandera who were organized by MI-6 and the CIA after World War II. Assets like the Right Sector were deployed as a paramilitary force during the coup—openly identifying with Bandera while wearing Nazi insignia.

The Right Sector was founded by Dmytro Yarosh. Yarosh fought against Russia in Chechnya, alongside terrorists who would later go on to form the hardcore of ISIS. Now-former Prime Minister Yatsenyuk (who Nuland famously identified as “our man Yats” during a phone call where she also said, “F*** the E.U.!”) also fought alongside the Chechen terrorists. It should come as no surprise that the Chechen Wars against Russia, intending to Balkanize Russia into pieces, were also supported by the neo-cons at PNAC.

The Ukraine “Maidan Coup” had various stages of escalation through December 2013 and January 2014, but it was on February 18 that the “peaceful marchers” of the Right Sector and other paramilitary groups marched on the Parliament and then overthrew the democratically elected government.

The international media—which plays critical role in any color revolution—showed only the police reaction, hoping to win favor and international support for the illegitimate overthrow of the Ukraine government. A few days later, on February 20, after a truce broke down, snipers unleashed on the Maidan crowds firing both on the protesters (which were used as shields by the paramilitary groups) as well as the police forces, with somewhere near 70 people killed by unidentified sniper fire.

Needless to say, the sniper fire in the Maidan was blamed on the government, and led to the paramilitary groups calling for the ouster of Yanukovich, who left Ukraine on February 22, completing the coup.

Do You Know Someone Who is an Un-willing Dupe?

While the hardcore of the Euro-Maidan was made up of paramilitary forces from the Nazi “stay behind” units, many of the other protesters in Ukraine were simply unaware of the darker forces at play. Many of them, students with a romantic view of the European Union, thought they were protesting corruption in government, and to share in democratic ideals, etc. Instead, they were easily manipulated by foreign interests for the total destruction of their own country, while threatening nuclear world war and destroying relations with both the E.U. and Russia.

They had no idea of the much larger geopolitical games designed to prevent Ukraine from joining the New Silk Road paradigm—a system which has now consolidated the Eurasian Economic Union with all of South and East Asia to become the largest area of economic growth in human history.

The question before Americans today is, will we fall into the same trap? The street protests in the United States today are no different in authorship and funding than those run in Ukraine by Victoria Nuland and George Soros—no matter what the intentions of the various sheep marching to the beat of Soros’s drum.

Will Americans be manipulated into a Color Revolution for regime change against President Trump—a President who is targeted because he has signaled his willingness to work with Russia and China? Or, will they join with Lyndon LaRouche, reinstate Glass-Steagall to wipe out Wall St. and London, eliminate the drug-pushing British Crown, and launch a new world economic paradigm by joining the New Silk Road?

The question is ours to answer, now, in the days and weeks ahead.


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Trump Unfazed by Hysteria from London, Obama and the Media

Neither President Donald Trump nor statesman Lyndon LaRouche are the least bit fazed by the totally desperate effort by the British Empire and its minions in the U.S. to bring down the U.S. Government under President Donald Trump. Trump issued a tweet today, not at all defensive about the insane claim that talking to the Russians is some sort of criminal act, but rather directly accusing the U.S. intelligence community of committing a heinous crime. Without using the word, Trump indicated that the NSA and the FBI are guilty of treason — conducting a color revolution against the Government of the United States.

“The real scandal here is that classified information is illegally given out by ‘intelligence’ like candy. Very un-American!” Trump said in one tweet today. “Information is being illegally given to the failing @nytimes & @washingtonpost by the intelligence community (NSA and FBI?),” said another. “Just like Russia,” he added ironically.

Meanwhile, in an interview with the editor of the San Francisco Review of Books, Joseph Ford Cotto, published February 15, Lyndon LaRouche said: “Trump has promised to invest $1 trillion in urgently needed infrastructure and promised the implementation of a 21st century Glass Steagall Act. If he implements his infrastructure promise, he will need that reform to finance it…. Really we’re talking about Trump on the basis that he is now the new leader for the United States. He has promised to build up the American economy again, and there are great precedents of American presidents using the American System of Economy as it was developed by Alexander Hamilton, explicitly in contrast to the British System of Free Trade. That is the system that worked in the past, and it will work again. Now, what Trump has done by his success, here, is to build up the possibility of a revival of the U.S. economy.”

What the British and their controlled entities in the U.S. — Barack Obama, George Soros, Sen. John McCain, the mainstream press — are most hysterical about is that Trump has promised to take measures to restore Franklin Roosevelt’s economic policies, while already rebuilding Roosevelt’s coalition which defeated fascism once before — the U.S., Russia and China. On Thursday, Trump’s Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joseph Dunford, will meet with his Russian counterpart, Gen. Valery Gerasimov, in Azerbaijan, while his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is meeting his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov on the sidelines of the G-20 Foreign Ministers meeting in Germany. Will they be accused of cavorting with the enemy by the crazy warmongers in both parties?

At the same time, Trump not only called China’s Xi Jinping last week to discuss joint economic development, but he has also packed his Strategy and Policy Forum, tasked with restoring America’s “economic growth, job creation, and productivity,” with business leaders who maintain very tight relations with China. Its Chairman is Stephen Schwarzman, head of the Blackstone Group private equity fund, which is 9.3% owned by the China Investment Corp (CIC), China’s national sovereign fund. Schwarzman has endowed a $100 million scholarship program in China, Schwarzman Scholars, which is centered at the prestigious Tsinghua University, where Schwarzman is on the Advisory Board of the School of Economics and Management. Also on both the Tsinghua Advisory Board and Trump’s Strategy and Policy Forum are CEOs Mary Barra of GM, Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase, Doug McMillan of Walmart, and Elon Musk of Tesla. Trump has surrounded himself with business leaders deeply engaged with the unprecedented Chinese economic miracle. As Helga Zepp LaRouche said on Feb. 4 in Manhattan, if Trump succeeds in bringing the United States into China’s New Silk Road process, he “will not only be a great American President, but if he can mobilize his country to join hands with China right now, he will go into history as one of the towering giants of all of universal history.”

The British Empire is threatened with extinction, and with it the use of war as a means of imposing political and economic domination over sovereign nations. The absurd and preposterous lies coming from the NSA and the FBI, from Obama’s defeated neocon cohorts in both political parties, and from the hated American mainstream press, are believed by only the very few who refuse to think, who demand their right to be slaves.

This is a moment for victory, for optimism, and for joining LaRouche’s fight for the common aims of mankind. As Joseph Cotto wrote in the introduction to his San Francisco Review of Books interview with LaRouche: “Whether one should read his views on classical music or space technology, it is a wonder that a single fellow is capable of holding so much knowledge about such a diverse array of topics…. t seems clear to me that, for the immense complexity of his life’s work, the overarching goal is raising the bar of civilization so as many people as possible enjoy a more-than-decent standard of living.” This is what Friedrich Schiller meant when he insisted that to be truly human, one must be both a patriot of one’s nation and a citizen of the world.


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National Activist Call with John Sigerson—February 16, 2017—9pm EST

Share the event, help build the audience!

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