9/11 Memorial Concert: Mozart Requiem—Morristown, NJ


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On the 15th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, the NYC Schiller Institute Chorus participated in a series of performances of the Mozart Requiem as a living memorial dedicated to the victims of 9/11 and its aftermath. This final performance in the series took place on September 12, 2016 at the Presbyterian Church in Morristown, NJ. The Schiller Institute NYC Community Chorus was directed by John Sigerson, with soloists Indira Mahajan (soprano), Mary Phillips (mezzo-soprano), Everett Suttle (tenor), and Philip Cutlip (baritone). The concert also includes four choral arrangements of African-American spirituals, directed by Diane Sare. Performed at the Verdi proper tuning of A=432 Hz.

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A Moment of Great Opportunity, But Don’t Lose It — Override The Obama Veto

Citizens and first responders come together in support of the Tunnel to Towers 5k Run honoring Stephen Siller, a New York firefighter who ran from Brooklyn to the Towers on 9/11 to join his fellow firefighters.



The battle is on over the crucial JASTA law, between President Obama and the survivors, families, and first responders of the 9/11 attacks. It will be decided, with the American people needing to be involved en masse, Tuesday and Wednesday before the Senate debates and votes on overriding Obama’s veto of the JASTA bill.

Those survivors and families have never received justice, in the courts or otherwise, against the actual sponsors of the 9/11 attacks, now shown to include Saudi Arabia in particular. For 15 years they have watched Bush and Obama pursue wars in countries with no connection to 9/11, spreading terrorism throughout the Mideast and North Africa and South Asia. Britain and Saudi Arabia have been Bush’s and Obama’s partners in those wars, while terrorist recruiting went on unchecked in London and was funded worldwide by the Saudis. Justice requires the 9/11 families and first responders being able to sue those sponsors. So this battle is over the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act — JASTA. Congress passed it overwhelmingly, and Obama vetoed it, he said, to protect the “sovereign immunity” of Saudi Arabia.

And the London Telegraph added its editorial today. “Barack Obama was right to veto the 9/11 Act and protect US allies like Britain”!

Every Member of Congress must feel Americans’ pressure to defeat that veto, today and tomorrow when they will start voting to override it. This is an unparalleled opportunity to defeat and check the Obama war policy, for the future.

But if it is not defeated — if Obama succeeds in protecting his war partners and instead defeats Congress’ vote for justice against them — then his and Hillary Clinton’s way is open to provoke a war confrontation with Russia, unsurvivable thermonuclear war.

There was no Obama concern for “sovereign immunity” when it was stripped from Argentina in the U.S. courts so that vulture funds could loot billions from it. There was no Obama support for legislation to protect the sovereign immunity of African debtor countries against vulture funds that bought up their sovereign debt and demanded immediate payment in full.

Obama just wants sovereign immunity for Saudi Arabia, while it pursues an invasion, war crimes and near genocide in Yemen supported by Obama’s arms sales, and when it has been clearly shown involved at high levels in the 9/11 attacks.

The veto was treason. If it stands, and he protects his war partners from Congress and the American people, Obama has a free pass to escalate to all-out confrontation with Russia. Merely look at CBS-TV’s “60 Minutes” choosing Sunday night to put on a presentation claiming nuclear war is “closer than you believe” and that this is Russia’s policy! Merely look at the German Focus magazine’s interview with a senior al-Nusra (as-Qaeda) figure in Syria, who boldly states “America stands on our side.”

But the fight to override the veto of JASTA is a moment of great opportunity to end this perpetual war and terrorism. No American who can reach his or her Congressional office, should let the moment of opportunity — and justice — pass.

Call your Congressman right away!
Demand they override Obama’s veto:

Questions? Please contact us! 800-929-7566

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LPAC Policy Committee Show – Sept 26, 2016



LaRouchePAC Policy Committee Show for September 26, 2016 — Join our emergency mobilization to ensure the Congress overrides Obama’s veto of JASTA (the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act). Obama’s protection of the criminal Anglo-Saudi terror apparatus is treasonous and must become his downfall.

Call your Senators and House member at the congressional switchboard and demand they override Obama’s veto of JASTA, 202-224-3121

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48 Hours To Shape the World’s Future

Obama feigns sympathy for those murdered on 9/11 while protecting the Saudis to this day. (flickr/whitehouse: Photo by Pete Souza, May 14, 2014)



Lyndon LaRouche was very blunt with colleagues on Sunday, in discussing President Barack Obama’s treasonous veto of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) last Friday, and the prospects for votes early this week in the Senate and the House to override that veto: “We won, now we must make it stick.”

President Obama’s JASTA veto was an act of treachery against the United States, and particularly against those who lost their lives, their loved ones and their health in the events of Sept. 11, 2001. With that one action, President Obama declared his loyalty to the Anglo-Saudi forces behind the 9/11 attacks, and declared himself an enemy of the United States. Therefore, the upcoming vote in the Senate and then in the House is a test of more than just a vital piece of legislation, that would allow the victims of 9/11 to have their day in court against the Saudi Monarchy, as important as that is, in and of itself. It is a test of whether the United States as a nation is prepared to take a stand against the forces of empire and war at a moment when the very survival of mankind is in question.

If President Obama and his owners in London and Riyad are able to get away with the crushing of JASTA, after both Houses of Congress voted by unanimous voice consent to pass it into law, what would stand in his way of his launching a war provocation against Russia that could lead to human devastation in a thermonuclear holocaust? Those are, in fact, the stakes in the current showdowns in Syria and Ukraine.

Similarly, Obama is threatening to escalate the conflict in the Asia-Pacific region, against North Korea and China, where a similar war danger is already of grave concern to leaders of that region.

Over the weekend, LaRouche called for an all-out mobilization of patriotic forces, to inundate the Congress with phone calls, emails and other communications, demanding that JASTA be passed by an overwhelming veto override vote. JASTA is a pathway to finally getting at the truth behind the Saudi and British hand behind 9/11. It would reinstate the Saudi Monarchy as defendants in U.S. Federal Court in the Southern District of New York and subject them to discovery and trial.

The vote to override the Obama veto of JASTA can take place at any moment when the Senate reconvenes Monday. Every individual, every institution that values the lives lost on 9/11 and at Ground Zero in the rescue efforts that followed, must make sure that the Senate and then the House deliver an overwhelming defeat to Obama, to the Saudi and the British monarchies.

According to recent news account in The Hill and other media, the Saudi Monarchy has poured $9.4 million into the lobbying campaign to defeat JASTA—at the same time they lie and claim they had nothing to do with 9/11. Former elected officials, including Trent Lott and John Breaux, have gone onto the Saudi Monarchy payroll through K Street lobbying firms and have defined themselves as “foreign agents” working for a hostile power. During World War II, Prescott Bush, the father of George H.W. Bush and the grandfather of George W. Bush, was prosecuted under the Trading With the Enemy Act, for his business collusion with Hitler’s Germany. Will today’s traitors be allowed to get away with the same crime of enemy collusion?

The vetoing of JASTA was a “high crime and misdemeanor” mandating President Obama’s immediate impeachment. You cannot attempt to cover up the worst terrorist atrocity to ever occur on U.S. soil and get away with it, particularly as President of the United States, sworn to uphold the Constitution. Given President Obama’s track record of mass-kills, no one can rest easy until JASTA has been passed by an overwhelming majority in both Houses. The next 48 hours may very well determine the fate of the United States and of mankind. This is not a moment to shrink from responsibility.

Call your Congressman today!
Demand they override Obama’s veto:

Questions? Please contact us! 800-929-7566



The Saudi Treason Lobby Exposed

The Hill and other publications have provided a road map of what can only be properly described as Saudi Arabia’s treason lobby, targeting the U.S. Congress on behalf of the authors of 9/11 and all subsequent jihadist terrorism.

The Hill noted that the Saudis expanded their lobbying operations in Washington to $9.4 million in 2015, and have further increased their spending by hiring a number of new lobbying firms to work for them this year. One big outfit, Squire Patton Boggs, just signed a one-year contract worth $100,000/month, and the firm has assigned two former U.S. Senators — Trent Lott and John Breaux — to head the effort on behalf of the Saudi criminals. That contract, and the other new contract with Glover Park Group, is with the Center for Studies and Media Affairs of the Saudi Royal Court, according to The Hill account. A grand total of seven new firms have been hired in recent months, as the Saudis come to realize that they have become a hate object for the American public and for many in Washington — outside of the Obama White House.

One critical question that will be explored by EIR on Monday morning is whether this Saudi army of influence peddlers have all registered, as required by law, with the Justice Department’s Foreign Agents Registration Office, which maintains a public registry of foreign agents.

Given that the new contract with Squire Patton Boggs covers the next 12 months, it is fair to say that the Saudis are not confident that they will be able to sustain President Obama’s treasonous veto of JASTA, and that they will be facing a lot more problems in the coming year.

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The Moment of Truth: Act Now to Override Obama’s JASTA Veto


Call your Senators and Congressman now at 202-224-3121 to demand they stand united against Obama and the Saudis to override the White House veto and make JASTA law! In a special broadcast, we are streaming live at 4:00 Eastern time to give all our viewers the opportunity to put maximum pressure on Congress before they leave for the weekend. Joining us tonight are Jeff Steinberg to give an up-to-the-minute update on the status of the fight for JASTA (S. 2040), as well as special guest Elliot Greenspan, LaRouche PAC coordinator in New York City, to bring the perspective from the dramatic developments occurring as we speak at the United Nations General Assembly.

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Hand-to-Hand Combat Heightens in Battle To Make JASTA Law, Today


Leaders of the 9/11 families continued their aggressive lobbying on Capitol Hill on Thursday, holding non-stop meetings with offices in the Senate and the House, with the message: Ensure the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism (JASTA) bill becomes law immediately, over a President Obama veto, if required. Their pressure is being backed up by calls into Congress from constituents around the country, joined by voices of local newspapers, such as the Jacksonville Journal Courier, telling Congress to override a veto.

An overwhelming, bipartisan Congressional override of an Obama veto of JASTA would be a given, were this merely a domestic U.S. fight. But JASTA is a life-and-death issue for the United States’ Anglo-Saudi enemies, as the British Daily Telegraph made explicit in its June 6, 2016 article declaring that JASTA “is a threat to Britain and its intelligence agencies.”

Saudi lobbyists held a crisis meeting on Monday on how to head-off JASTA becoming law, and top White House officials met the next day to do the same, the New York Times reported today. White House press spokesman Josh Earnest reiterated, this Thursday afternoon, that Obama will veto JASTA by the Friday deadline, even as the The Hill featured a story about Democratic Congressmen cringing over the damage this Obama veto will wreak upon the Democrats in the upcoming election. Barack Obama is not a Democrat, but a British agent.

The New York Times article, titled “Fight Between Saudis and 9/11 Families Escalates in Washington,” put the fight this way: “On Wednesday, these two powerful forces, one operating in the shadows and the other more in the open, converged on Capitol Hill in the culmination of one of the biggest and most emotional lobbying fights of the year. The battle is a reflection of the enduring dominance in Washington of the 9/11 families and the diminishing clout here of Saudi Arabia, which once advanced its agenda unencumbered in the West Wing and corridors of Congress.”

The Saudis had already spent $5 million this past year “to buy influence in Washington,” the Times reported. Now they have hired former Senators John B. Breaux (D) and Norm Coleman (R) to lobby against an override, and added “top PR firm” Sphere Consulting — a firm which brags that it specializes in taking “aggressive approaches to crisis situations,” most notably for its Wall Street clients fighting criminal charges — “to their already high-powered mix of lobbyists and consultants, including the Podesta Group, DLA Piper, Hogan Lovells and the BGR Group.” Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz al-Saud had the chutzpah to call for the United Nations to join in fighting the adoption of JASTA, which he denounced as “a serious threat to the sovereign rights … a breach of principles established in international law,” in his Sept. 21 address to the UN General Assembly.

The European Union backed up the Saudis, sending a scandalous “demarche” to the State Department, which called upon the White House “to act in order to prevent the JASTA bill from becoming law,” and, if it does become law, “to act to obtain the stay of proceedings as required” should the law effect “State sovereign immunity.” Helga LaRouche commented that for the EU to complain about a loss of sovereignty is a bad joke, given the EU’s systematic destruction of its members’ sovereignty.

Saudi lobbyists made that EU “demarche” public this week, and circulated the widely-reported “open letter” issued by former security/defense officials writing of unnamed dire consequences, “chilling effects,” etc., should the law be enacted, according to the New York Times. Lawyers Jack Quinn and Sean Carter, representing the 9/11 families, responded immediately with a letter to the Congress, the Times reported. Their message: “It is increasingly apparent that these false reciprocity arguments reflect nothing more than a desire to protect the Saudis from having to answer the legitimate claims of the 9/11 families, whose loved ones were murdered on September 11, 2001.”

As of this writing, the Senate leadership is set to call a vote to override an Obama veto before the Congressional recess, and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has said that “if they pass it, then it’s going to come over here and we’ll pass it…. I do think the votes are there for the override.”

But as American statesman Lyndon LaRouche admonished yesterday, “It is clear we have to be a countervailing force” against the British empire forces, and succeed; this is a time when we can win.

Join the Campaign

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Fireside Chat with Jeff Steinberg, September 22, 2016



Join us for a discussion with EIR’s counterintelligence expert, Jeff Steinberg. Kesha Rogers is hosting this week, and you are encouraged to ask questions.

Ask a question!

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