Abraham Bolden on Kennedy, LaRouche, and Trump

Abraham Bolden, the first African American enlisted into the Secret Service, who served on President John F. Kennedy’s detail, shares his first hand accounts of the disdain for President Kennedy and the change is was advocating for within the Secret Service, and how that experience changed his life forever. Bolden also recalls the time when we became aquainted with Lyndon LaRouche, identifing the cabal that went after LaRouche as similar to the group responsible for JFK’s assassination, and who is trying to run a coup against President Trump today.

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The Way Forward

President Trump with a bipartisan group of Congress and other leaders speaking on the First Step Act, the first major overhaul of the nation’s criminal justice system.



This week, LaRouche PAC is beginning to organize a nationwide drive to change the terms of the present national political debate based on the following statement: The Way Forward. If the anarchy and preening for position by Democrats and ideologically blinded Republicans in the Congress continues, in its present form, we will have proven ourselves incapable of government across the partisan divides which feed the political parties’ money machines. This is not the fault of President Trump. But he has no one supporting him on the Hill who thinks and acts on the level of our Founders. That must change. We will be on the Hill, but we’re also asking you, the citizens who now must act, to call your Congressman or Senator and demand that “The Way Forward” form the basis of a new and urgent national debate and legislation, putting principle above parties.

As most know, we have stood most resolutely against the criminal coup against the President being run by the British through their extant networks here. It has damaged the nation as we stand horribly still, shouting, but not moving forward. The President’s very ability to govern is jeopardized by partisans, many of whom are thinking and acting like moral and intellectual midgets. This must stop. There is a whole world out there which is advancing, in which American greatness can flourish, but only if we embrace again the national mission outlined in “The Way Forward” statement. Please read this statement, send it to your friends and neighbors and tell them to call their Representative or Senator. It’s time now for the big and positive change for which our citizens repeatedly vote.

The Way Forward

A proposed basis for bipartisan agreement and action on domestic and international economic policy

After the mid-term election results, it should have become clear to all concerned, as indeed expressed by President Donald Trump in his press conference at that time, that with the Republicans in control of the U.S. Senate and the Democrats in control of the House of Representatives, either the nation and thereby the world will suffer self-destructive inaction, as a result of an escalating attack on the Presidency, or bipartisan action will need to be taken “in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.” Only the latter course can serve the interests of the citizens of this nation of ours and the interest of humanity as a whole. Such bipartisan action, however, will not succeed if it is merely based on practical compromise and horse trading. It must be based on principle, the principle established in the U.S. Constitution and reflected in the economic principles of the American System of Economics espoused by Alexander Hamilton and implemented in the best moments of the history of both the Republican Party under Abraham Lincoln and the Democratic Party under Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The Four New Laws to Save the Nation

As Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. has proposed, the U.S. Government must “institute four specific cardinal measures: measures which must be fully consistent with the specific intent of the original U.S. Federal Constitution, as had been specified by U.S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton.”

(1) The immediate re-enactment of the Glass Steagall law instituted by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt without modification, as to principle of action.

The City of London and some Wall Street elements will oppose this as they have done in the past. However, this action was endorsed in both the 2016 Republican and Democratic Convention Platforms. Legislation has been introduced into both the House and the Senate in support of this measure. Furthermore, during his campaign, President Donald Trump explicitly endorsed such action.

2) A return to a system of top-down, and thoroughly defined, National Banking. The actually tested, successful model to be authorized is that which had been instituted, under the direction of the policies of national banking, which had been actually, successfully installed under President Abraham Lincoln’s superseding authority of a currency created by the Presidency of the United States (e.g., “Greenbacks”) as conducted as a national banking-and-credit-system placed under the supervision of the Office of the Treasury Secretary of the United States.

After the 2016 Presidential campaign, President Donald Trump made a number of extraordinary speeches in Michigan, Kentucky, and Washington, D.C. in which he called for a return to what had earlier in our history been known as the American System of economics as distinct from the British System of free trade. The Republican Party from Abraham Lincoln through William McKinley was committed to this policy, which goes back to Alexander Hamilton. Franklin D. Roosevelt was also committed to this policy. His great-great-grandfather, Isaac Roosevelt, worked with Alexander Hamilton, and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s thesis at Harvard was on Alexander Hamilton.

Take the crying need for an infrastructure program today. How can this be funded? It should be funded by the extension of Federal credit for productive purposes. Hamilton did it through the National Bank. Abraham Lincoln did it with his Greenback policy. Franklin Roosevelt did it through the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. So why not return to the best practice of both parties in finding a principled way to fund desperately needed infrastructure?

(3) The purpose of the use of a Federal credit-system is to generate high-productivity trends in improvements of employment, with the accompanying intention, to increase the physical-economic productivity, and the standard of living of the persons and households of the United States.

As LaRouche further specifies, an increase in the physical-economic productivity of the population requires an increase of the effective energy-flux density per capita, and for the human population when considered as a whole. The ceaseless increase of the physical-productivity of employment, accompanied by its benefits for the general welfare, is a principle of Federal law, which must be a paramount standard of achievement of the nation and the individual.

Admittedly there are those today who advocate a Green New Deal in opposition to the conception of improving the human condition through higher, more efficient forms of technology which provide high energy flux density, such as nuclear fission and ultimately nuclear fusion. Such a “Green” conception, based on the Limits to Growth ideology propagated by Prince Phillip and the late Prince Bernhard of World Wildlife Fund fame, would actually result in a lowering of the standard of living in the U.S. and a massive reduction of the world’s population, otherwise called genocide. Such a policy is not anti-establishment as some would pretend. It is ultimately the racist, colonialist policy of the Anglo-Dutch liberal system.

This was not the policy of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who launched the Manhattan Project. Nor was it the policy of John F. Kennedy, who launched the Apollo Project.

If we are to meet the needs of our citizens, we will have to come to an agreement that Federal credit can only be extended not for low-energy flux density green technologies incapable of sustaining a growing industrial economy and accompanying higher standard of living, but rather only for technologies based upon the above scientifically grounded definition of productive.

(4) Adopt a Fusion-Driver “Crash Program.” The essential distinction of man from all lower forms of life, hence, in practice, is that it presents the means for the perfection of the specifically affirmative aims and needs of human individual and social life.

Today, remedies are required comparable to those of President Franklin Roosevelt. This meant the mustering of the power of nuclear power, then, and means thermonuclear fusion now.

President Franklin Roosevelt at the dedication of the Hoover Dam, 1936. Photo: FDR Library


A fusion-driver “crash program” also entails the revival of John F. Kennedy’s Apollo space program, since, among other things, one of the best sources for fueling fusion energy is helium-3, which is found on the moon.

In 1980, Congressman Mike McCormick (D-Wa.) introduced the “Fusion Energy Research, Development, and Demonstration Act of 1980” which called for an Apollo-style national fusion program to produce a demonstration commercial fusion reactor by the year 2000. The legislation passed the House of Representatives on August 25. It passed the Senate on September 23. It was signed into law by the President on Oct. 7, 1980. Unfortunately that legislation was never funded and thus allowed to die. That was 38 years ago!

The Legislation, which was enacted, specifically authorized the Secretary of Energy “in consultation with the Secretary of State shall actively seek to enter into or to strengthen existing international cooperative agreements in magnetic fusion research and development activities of mutual benefit to all parties.”

The Chinese have just landed a spacecraft on the far side of the moon. The United States currently depends on Russian rockets to travel to the International Space Station. We are prohibited by legislation promoted by former Congressman Frank Wolf from cooperating with China in space, and due to anti-Russia hysteria, cooperation with Russia is also hampered as evidenced by the recent cancellation of the visit of the head of Roscosmos, the Russian Space Agency, to the United States.

The Chinese Chang’e 4 Rover, the first-ever human rover to explore the far side of the Moon.


If the United States is ever going to fully recover its manufacturing and technological leadership, it is urgent that bipartisan action be taken to finally launch a crash program for fusion energy development and a crash program for space exploration. Moreover, this must be done in cooperation with the international community, including emphatically Russia, China, and India.

Remember that when he announced his Strategic Defense Initiative, Ronald Reagan, who could not be accused of being a Russia sympathizer, announced that he was willing to work with the then Soviet Union in rendering nuclear weapons obsolete.

Despite his detractors, any honest person would admit that President Donald Trump has succeeded, despite massive resistance, in his stated purpose of beginning to reverse the deindustrialization of the United States brought about by decades of free-trade globalization policies. This is reflected in, among other things, a significant increase in manufacturing jobs.

However, the above four steps if implemented would ensure that that initial progress is consolidated and advanced, rather than being undermined by a repeat of the 2008 collapse, which would benefit no one. That danger is indeed real. During the 2016 presidential campaign, now President Trump stated: “I hope I am wrong, but I think we’re in a big, fat, juicy bubble.”

A New Bretton Woods System

Besides the domestic actions indicated above, there is also an urgent need for action on the international policy front. The President is clearly committed to the principle of national sovereignty and is opposed to globalization; he has expressed his desire to improve relations with Russia and China; but he has not yet addressed the need for a New Bretton Woods system, as part of his economic agenda.

And yet the greatest obstacle to ensuring the full economic revival of our nation, and ensuring world peace based on the economic development of the entire planet, is the fact that on Aug. 15, 1971, President Nixon abandoned the Bretton Woods system, including fixed exchange rates and the gold reserve system, all introduced by Franklin Roosevelt before he died. The Bretton Woods system, like the Glass-Steagall act, was based on American System economic methods, as opposed to the British System imperial methods which were put forward by John Maynard Keynes, and which were rejected by Roosevelt.

It is a great travesty today that there are those in the so-called International Progressive Movement founded by Senator Bernie Sanders’ collaborator Yanis Varoufakis, who advocate creating a New Bretton Woods based on the ideas of Keynes, which Roosevelt rejected, in order to enforce their anti-Roosevelt green agenda.

Contrary to Varoufakis, what Lyndon LaRouche has proposed for decades is a New Bretton Woods agreement to be launched based on a four power agreement among the United States, Russia, China and India, which would not only allow for the greatest economic renaissance in world history, but would also ensure global peace.

The basis for such cooperation already exists. With the Belt and Road Initiative, China has proposed a new policy of a win-win cooperation among all nations of the world to overcome poverty and underdevelopment through investments in infrastructure, industry, and agriculture. This is absolutely in parallel with a policy long advocated by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche, a policy of building a World Land-Bridge, which is now becoming rapidly a new form of economic cooperation, which has brought optimism and hope for the future to many countries of the developing sector. Rather than seeing the economic rise of China, after all a nation of nearly 1.4 billion people, as a threat that must be suppressed, as some think tanks are advocating, the U.S. should cooperate with China and other nations in joint ventures to build a new era of human civilization. The historic breakthrough China has made by landing successfully on the far side of the moon, and for the first time in history bringing biological life to an extraterrestrial body, the moon, in the form of an actual living cotton plant, demonstrates, that China is engaged in the discovery of new physical principles of the universe, and not just “stealing our technology,” as some of the anti- China propaganda tries to suggest. It can only be in the interest of the United States to cooperate with China and build on the excellent relationship President Trump has established with President Xi Jinping.

This is absolutely in affinity with the vision Franklin D. Roosevelt had in forming the old Bretton Woods system at the end of World War II.

The principles, upon which such a system must be based, are as follows:

1. All forms of imperialism, including so-called globalist institutions, must be rejected. Instead, the unconditional sovereignty of each and all nation-states must be adhered to. Furthermore cooperation among sovereign nation-states must be facilitated to the effect of promoting unlimited opportunities to participate in the benefits of technological progress, to the mutual benefit of each and all.

2. Contrary to the policy of outsourcing to take advantage of cheap labor, the progress of the productive powers of labor throughout the planet must be regarded as in the vital strategic interests of each and all.

3. Technology is understood to be the indispensable means not only for increasing the potential relative population-density of societies, but as also indispensable to maintaining even any present level of population potential.

4. The general advancement of the productive powers of labor in all sovereign states, most emphatically so-called developing nations, requires global emphasis on: a) increasing globally the percentiles of the labor force employed in scientific research and related functions of research and development; b) increasing the absolute and relative scales of capital-goods production and also the rate of turnover in capital-goods production; and c) combining these two factors to accelerate technological progress in capital goods output.

5. High rates of export of such capital-goods output to meet the needs of developing nations are indispensable for the general development of so-called developing nations: Our common goal, and our common interest, is to promote both the general welfare and promote preconditions of durable peace.

6. By supplying increased amounts of high-technology capital goods to developing nations, the exporting economies foster increased rates of turnover in their own most advanced capital-goods sectors of production. As a by-product of such increased rates of turnover in that sub-sector of the exporting nation’s production, the rate of improvement of technology in such categories of goods is increased, with great benefits to the internal economy of the exporting nation.

7. The import of such advanced capital goods increases the productive powers of labor in the economy of the importing nation. This enables the importing nation to produce its goods at a lower average social cost, and enables it to provide better-quality and cheaper goods, as goods of payment to the nations exporting capital goods.

8. The only equitable and workable relations in financing world trade among sovereign states with different economic and social systems is a system of credit based on fixed parities of national currencies, parities fixed by aid of a gold-reserve monetary order among sovereign nation-states.

9. To prevent a gold-reserve system of fixed parities from becoming subject to disabling inflationary spirals, it is necessary to limit the extension of credit within the monetary system to “hard-commodity” categories of lending for import and export of physical goods.

The Elephant in the Room

The main obstacle to implementing these principles is not Russia or China. The main obstacle, the elephant in the room, is the British Empire or the Anglo-Dutch liberal system, which we are told doesn’t exist except in the minds of conspiracy theorists. But ask yourself: Is it a conspiracy theory to say that the American Revolution was fought against the British Empire? Is it a conspiracy theory to say that the British burned down the White House in the War of 1812?

Is it a conspiracy theory to say that it was the British and Australians who intervened to prevent President Trump from declassifying documents which would expose the role of MI6 in launching a “Witch Hunt,” a coup d’état against the President of the United States? Is Christopher Steele’s dossier any more truthful than Tony Blair’s dodgy dossier on the non-existent Iraq weapons of mass destruction, which led us into a fateful war?

Or how about this statement by Randolph Churchill to Walter Lippmann on March 6, 1946, the day after Winston Churchill’s “Iron Curtain” speech: “We’ll show you. You don’t understand the British Empire. Just let me tell you this. We dragged you into two wars, and we’ll drag you into the third.”

The Choice Before Us

We are at a punctum saliens in world history. The issue before us is: Will we act on principle in behalf of the people of the United States and our posterity, or will we be dupes of a foreign, British plot against the President of the United States?

Now is the time to come together to forge a future we can be proud of. Are you willing to step back, reflect, and then act on this proposal?

In his lecture on Universal History, the German poet Friedrich Schiller wrote that in contrast to the bread-fed scholar, the philosophical mind “has always loved truth more than his system, and he will gladly exchange the old insufficient form for a new one, more beautiful. Indeed, if no blow from the outside shatters his edifice of ideas, he himself will be the first to tear it apart, discontented, to reestablish it more perfected.”

From 1618 to 1648, Europe was torn asunder by the Thirty Years War. That war was only ended by the Treaty of Westphalia. The operative principle of that treaty was that each party must further the “advantage, honor and benefit of the other.”

Article II of the Treaty stipulates that “On both sides, all should be forever forgotten and forgiven…. [The fact that] each and every one, from one side and the other, both before and during the war, committed insults, violent acts, hostilities, damages, and injuries, without regard of persons or outcomes, should be completely put aside, so that everything, whatever one could demand from another under his name, will be forgotten to eternity.”

We do not have to tear ourselves asunder as a nation. Instead we can create a bright future for our grandchildren and for other’s grandchildren throughout the world.

Learn how you can help

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Let the Green Dems ‘Deal’ Themselves Out; Learn the Energy Science of the Future

Senator Edward Markey (D-MA) and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) unveiled the “Green New Deal” resolution calling for broad scope of economic and energy reforms to target climate change. Feb 7, 2019 (CSPAN/Framegrab)

Senator Edward Markey (D-MA) and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) unveiled the “Green New Deal” resolution calling for broad scope of economic and energy reforms to target climate change. Feb 7, 2019 (CSPAN/Framegrab)



The sudden flocking of what seems like dozens of Democratic Presidential candidates to endorse a “Green New Deal” of which they knew nothing just days earlier, is a sign, in America, of the collapse of the “liberal” governing parties going on all over Europe since 2016.

The rapid electoral collapse of the formerly governing parties in Germany, France, Italy, etc. followed their adoption of increasingly fantastic “new economy” claims and plans which were colored deeper and deeper “green”, but which were actually brutal forms of economic austerity and deindustrialization under a green cover. Germany is exemplary: Its governing parties have “exited” the country from nuclear and now from coal, and have thereby tripled the cost of electricity to their people’s households and industrial jobs. Now those parties themselves are rapidly “exiting”, and splintering, after years of zero- or negative economic growth, suppression of wages and incomes, workfare programs, and so on. The same in France has triggered the open national revolt of the “Yellow Vests”.

Now the Democratic candidates are signing on to a Congressional “Green New Deal” resolution full of utopian “new economy” claims so wild, that they make covering the European countrysides and seacoasts with giant windmills look realistic by comparison. Nor do any of these Democratic “leaders” know what is actually inside computer climate models; nor do they know the science of future energy and power technologies. The call, by their new whip-hand Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, for closing down all the nuclear power plants in America, threw these Democrats into a panic. They did not want to say anything about any energy technologies — just that they must be “clean”; and they must give us “prosperity for all” instead of the zero growth and austerity that “green energy” is bringing the rest of the industrial West.

A new scientific vision has to replace the “liberal” geopolitical order, enforced by more and more dangerous war confrontations, which we now see unable to govern.

The most efficient and cleanest electric power/heat source with the highest quality industrial energy today, is nuclear power. But the far greater potential of the near future is expressed in the “four new laws to save the nation” developed by Lyndon LaRouche. A crash program to master fusion power is the key to electrifying the areas of the planet which are “blacked out” at night, and ending poverty there. Plasma science is also the basis for the propulsion and other new technologies for space colonization beyond the Moon. And these technologies are the keys to future development of a Strategic Defense of Earth against asteroid or comet strikes from space.

The other spacefaring nations will cooperate with the United States to make these the common frontiers of scientific endeavor and economic development for mankind as a whole.

LaRouche’s “world land-bridge” vision of great infrastructure projects bringing transportation and power and communications across Eurasia and into other continents, has been launched in China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

This is the ability to see the potential of future generations, for which Lyndon LaRouche’s life and work are being appreciated by so many.


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The Fruits of Lyndon LaRouche’s Passion and Dedication are Everywhere Around Us

Lyndon LaRouche in discussion with some of his closest collaborators, during a LaRouchePAC LIVE broadcast on YouTube. August 10, 2015 (LaRouchePAC)

Lyndon LaRouche in discussion with some of his closest collaborators, during a LaRouchePAC LIVE broadcast on YouTube. August 10, 2015 (LaRouchePAC)


Among the statements of support and condolence coming in from around the world to his wife Helga and his associates since Lyndon LaRouche’s death two days ago, we can start, today, by taking special note of those from Italy and those from Russia. The new Italian government, not yet one year old, despite its problems, represents the first such successful revolt in Western Europe against the tyranny of the European Union and for economic development. It has enshrined Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall law, championed around the world by LaRouche, as everyone knows, in its coalition program.

This would never have happened without Lyndon LaRouche’s patient work, and his repeated visits to Italy with Helga. It would never have happened without the LaRouche Italian organization “Movisol.” But what else was integral to it? None of it would have happened without the campaign of Lyndon and Helga LaRouche and the Schiller Institute for the Verdi tuning of C=256 Hertz, beginning in 1988. The world’s leading singers, led by the greatest Italian artists, championed this lower tuning at home and around the world.

From science, from music, comes a political revolution. Who would have believed it possible? Who but Lyndon LaRouche?

The great change for the better in Russia visible under Vladimir Putin’s leadership since 2000, was prepared by decades of Lyndon LaRouche’s work, beginning latest 1977 when Russia was part of the Soviet Union. It was then that LaRouche began to elaborate what became known as the “Strategic Defense Initiative” when President Reagan announced it as U.S. policy on March 23, 1983. It was simultaneously a scientific-technological program, a military program to overcome “mutually-assured destruction,” and an economic program for world development. Its objective was a world Westphalian system featured combined economic development, as Franklin Roosevelt had envisioned for the post-World War II world.

The new Soviet government of Yury Andropov (and his successor Mikhail Gorbachov) rejected the SDI, and LaRouche forecast that the Soviet system would collapse within about five years as a result.

Thus, already under the Soviets, LaRouche and his views were well known in Russia, especially among scientists–but he continued his involvement there even from the Federal prison where he was thrown as revenge for winning the U.S. government for the SDI policy. Paroled after five years, LaRouche made the video “Storm over Asia,” which forecast the course of British intervention against Russia through Central Asia, which later became the first great crisis Putin had to face as President. LaRouche travelled to Russia repeatedly in the 1990s, meeting with leading scientists, politicians and economists.

In Russia, in Italy, these are only two of the many ways in which LaRouche has profoundly shaped history, as a citizen, without money or political office. We are carrying on from here to bring his efforts to fruition.


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LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat – The Sputtering British Coup Against Trump

First published Thursday, February 14, 2019

Over the past 48 hours, there are increasing signs that the British coup against Trump is sputtering toward collapse. The Senate Intelligence Committee has stated there was no Russian collusion. Bill Binney and others have provided new irrefutable proofs throwing the central premise of this atrocity into question: that the Russians hacked the DNC. Yes, it is true that deranged Democrats continue to attack the Presidency, but they have nothing to offer but the bankrupt and genocidal Green New Deal. The regular Republicans, remain devoted to the nostrums of the British fascists who led the Mt. Pelerin Society’s effort to reshape the post World War II world, worshipping Mammon and not knowing the secret of how society can reproduce itself at a higher level of productive and cultural existence.

Now the debate will turn to one which is primarily economic and about the future, 50 years hence, and about the forgotten men and women who cannot flourish under either of the current economic “trends.” That is the debate Lyndon LaRouche prepared us to win, with his method and his ideas. The way forward could not be clearer.


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European, U.S. Governments Are Paralyzed: Crisis Is a Time for Big Ideas, of LaRouche

UK Prime Minister Theresa May travelled to the Berlin to have a bilateral meeting with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, at the Chancellery. Dec 11, 2018 (flickr/number10gov)

UK Prime Minister Theresa May travelled to the Berlin to have a bilateral meeting with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, at the Chancellery. Dec 11, 2018 (flickr/number10gov)


A crisis, of the failed British elite’s making, has seized the governments of the “major powers” of Europe, emphatically including that of the UK itself, eliminated their credibility, and robbed their power to govern. It has left stable only Italy, because of its new government’s rejection of British geopolitics.

The British insistence on a NATO war confrontation with Russia, and the stubborn imposition of economic austerity since even before the financial crash, has blown up the coalitions and triggered mass protests against the governments of these “western world-leading” governments which tried to ram through these policies. They are paralyzed, essentially vacuums of power, while their economies sink, one by one, back into recession.

But the British intelligence-led outright coup attempt against President Donald Trump, ongoing now since he first became a candidate three years ago, has also paralyzed the United States government.

With Trump’s intentions clear — to establish cooperative relations with Russia and China and to end regime-change wars — the British have furiously attacked him through NATO elites in Europe, through “legal assassin” Robert Mueller, through Democratic hacks and neo-Con warmongers, turning every small step of progress into a year’s work.

Despite Trump’s individual executive actions, in the eyes of Americans, the government has become unable to function. His peace and cooperation policy is blocked by British war policy.

In crises of this kind of vacuum of credible government, many thinking citizens begin to disdain the phrases liberals and conservatives read from their cue cards and talking points. They look for explanations of events on a higher, even a historical level. Thus, the growing success of the 18-month mobilization by LaRouche Political Action Committee to show Americans that this is, precisely, a British imperial coup attempt against President Trump. The campaign began in mid-2017 with mass circulation of LPAC’s Dossier on “Legal Assassin” Robert Mueller. Americans now readily grasp this British intelligence attack; pro-Trump “pundits” reflect and accept it.

The real history of “how we got into this crisis” requires a still higher level of thinking, of which some are becoming capable. It is a furious British imperial reaction to the potential success, from 50 years’ organizing, of Lyndon and Helga LaRouche’s campaign to create a economic paradigm developing the underdeveloped countries with credit and machine-tool capabilities of the industrial powers.

The infrastructure “great projects” they called the World Land-Bridge have been brought forward along with China’s Belt and Road Initiative. The potential exists for a Eurasian development “triangle” of Russia, India, and China, to join the United States in a new international credit system, a new Bretton Woods, as Lyndon LaRouche has specified for decades. And the British-instigated jailing of him 30 years ago, becomes the paradigm for the British drive to take down President Trump now.

In the recruitment for the national conference of the Schiller Institute this weekend, there are welcome signs that this new understanding can take hold. The LaRouches’ paradigm of economic progress led by science, and revived classical culture to restore people’s humanity, is the subject of the conference.

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Man’s Fate — The Common Aims of Mankind

United States Trade Representative Ambassador Robert Lighthizer, senior staff and cabinet members meet with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He and members of his delegation for the U.S. – China trade talks, Jan. 30, 2019.

United States Trade Representative Ambassador Robert Lighthizer, senior staff and cabinet members meet with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He and members of his delegation for the U.S. – China trade talks, Jan. 30, 2019.


Despite rumors of problems in the U.S. media, China is optimistic that agreement will be reached on the world’s largest-ever economic deal—a “trade agreement” with the United States—some time soon after five days of intensive negotiations beginning today in Beijing.

At the same time, not just North Korea and the U.S., but also South Korea, China and Russia, are all intensely involved in trying to insure the success of President Donald Trump’s peace summit with North Korea’s Chairman Kim Jong UN on Feb. 27-28 in Hanoi.

China, India, Iran, Pakistan and Russia are negotiating with each other and the U.S. to try to insure peace in Afghanistan after the U.S. eventually withdraws its troops. An overlapping group of countries is negotiating to try to insure peace after the U.S. withdraws troops from Syria, a withdrawal which is ongoing now, and reportedly will be completed by the end of April.

London refuses to accept it, and many in Western Europe refuse to admit it, but after major changes in Russia and China around the turn of the new century, and now with the Trump Presidency in the U.S., the world constellation of forces and ideas has undergone dizzying changes to the point that the national and world recovery plans of Lyndon LaRouche, which were apparently checkmated in the last century, are now suddenly practicable.

We are moving towards the new Westphalian world system of which Lyndon LaRouche has so often written. A world of perfectly sovereign nation-states, which willingly unite together to achieve what LaRouche’s ally Edward Teller memorably called “the common aims of mankind.”

Although the superficial observer thinks that Lyndon LaRouche was defeated and crushed in the 20th century, the experts and the first-hand observers understand that the ideas of the actually undefeated Lyndon LaRouche, were crucially catalytic in bringing about this great, still-onrushing change through which we are living today.

Unfortunately, this process is not irreversible. Or at any rate, it is certainly not yet irreversible. We have seen how Britain’s Edward VII contrived to launch the world’s worst-ever war to that date, World War I, in order to prevent his nightmare of the new, peaceful Westphalian system of co-development in Europe and Southwest Asia, symbolized by the Berlin-to-Baghdad railway. We saw what happened to John Kennedy when he was beginning to work to complete Franklin Roosevelt’s work, and reaching out to the Soviets and to outer space.

As Helga Zepp-LaRouche has often noted recently, the key link in the whole chain is the United States. If the United States brings Russia, China, and India together for a New Bretton Woods system, the adversary British Empire will be defeated. If our pro-British establishment were to succeed in their dream of reversing the 2016 election, that will reverse today’s winding-down of wars, and a bigger war, perhaps the last war, will soon start.

This is where you, the citizen, enter the picture. This is where you prove whether you, now, in 2019, measure up to the responsibility our Founding Fathers placed upon you almost a quarter of a millennium ago. It can not be up to one man alone, to defeat every snare the adversary will set for him. It cannot be up to one man, alone, to master the economic and related policies which Lyndon LaRouche spent a lifetime developing.

“Here is Rhodes. Jump here!”

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