Famine: A Policy Fabricated in London

By Limari Navarrete-Bedford

With the global financial system at a historic moment of total collapse, only depopulation of the most efficient means is the way a financier oligarchy can respond. Today, that would mean a thermonuclear war. However the policy of reducing our numbers on this planet has been the model of the British empire throughout history and wherever they are, genocide will follow. Today there are 12 million people at risk of starvation in the horn of Africa, but that threat is in no way localized, as this years global grain harvest was exactly half of what our current 7 billion population, needs to survive. It is not just a question of halting the genocide of thermonuclear war, the genocide has already begun, and London’s puppet in the White House is holding humanity to the grindstone for the benefit of an empire system. All discussion of overpopulation, or global warming causing uncontrollable weather changes are a lie. As we know, there is nothing natural about man allowing himself to die in mass numbers. The natural tendency of man is to create and discover the solutions to all obstacles that he will ever encounter. To give up that view of man, would be forfeiting the human race to pure evil.

Read the article Famine: A Policy Fabricated in London

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