One Last Chance?

The American people had opportunities, even as recently as over the past five years, to put a stop to the slide into collapse and turn to the hard work of recovery—as under Franklin Roosevelt beginning in 1933. In 2007, economist Lyndon LaRouche, who had long forecast the banking crisis which took hold then, drafted a Homeowners and Bank Protection Act which would have arrested the plunge. Despite wide support, Americans, your neighbors, allowed corrupt politicians like Rep. Barney Frank and Tim Geithner to kill it and launch the ruinous “bailouts.”

The 2008 Democratic candidacy of Hillary Clinton was another chance, but Americans allowed British drug money and British-controlled media to make the City of London’s puppet Barack Obama the Democratic candidate, and thus the President, despite the electorate’s preference for Hillary.

Then, on April 11, 2009, LaRouche proved that President Obama was nothing but a carbon-copy of the Roman Emperor Nero; a worse and more dangerous despot than Adolf Hitler. Everything LaRouche said then has been verified in spades. Nevertheless, our people have allowed corrupt politicians to leave Obama in office through today, despite their knowing that he merits removal under the 25th Amendment, as demonstrably insane, as well as impeachment for crimes and violations of the Constitution.

Up through today, every opportunity to escape destruction has been ignored and lost. One may remain, but only one. If we fail now to force through the following three steps outlined by Lyndon LaRouche on New Year’s Eve, we will have lost that too.

1) “GET THIS GUY BARACK OBAMA OUT OF OFFICE, NOW! Don’t panic. The only chance you have is not to panic, but to do something constructive and useful, to bring about what’s necessary, such as removing Obama from office.

Read the full article here: One Last Chance?

Also, see our featured video “The Roosevelt Factor” on the sidebar.

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