Declan Ganley and Sir Oswald Mosley’s United States of Europe


On seeing Declan Ganley’s January 8, Sunday Business Post article, “Declan Ganley :A Europe for the People by the People”, one could say that the Libertas founder was confused.  First, dishonestly cribbing Honest Abe Lincoln and then misrepresenting Alexander Hamilton by associating him with “…the central bankers’ art of ‘creative ambiguity.'”  But, upon reading the really small print and discovering that Ganley’s co-author was non other than Henry Jackson Society co-chair Brendan Simms, what one would actually like to say would be unprintable.

Like the launch of a new cosmetic or deodorant, the Sunday Business Post article was followed by a flurry of publicity, pro and con, in print, blogs and over the airwaves. On Tuesday, January 14, an Irish Times editorial appeared puffing up “Mr. Ganley’s bold idea.” This was followed on Friday night by the requisite appearance on the Late Late Show with what’s ‘is name, the wimpy host, whose declared, undying love of Ireland apparently doesn’t stretch to defending her sovereignty, giving Ganley the opportunity to puff himself up even more, by asking if this was a u-turn for him. When Ganley responded that he had been for a federalized Europe since 2003, one could not but sadly recall how Libertas’ late entrance into the fray during the Lisbon II referendum, served only to confuse the issues and ultimately bring about an outcome which eliminated the opportunity to end the austerity and looting that has now beset Ireland and what are now known, disgustingly, as the “PIIGS” countries.

Ganley , also stressed that his Federal Europe plan was based on those catch-phrases “transparency and democracy.” More could be said about all of this, but suffice it to say that Declan Ganley’s idea is neither bold nor new. Not only did he write an article way back in 2003 for the Philadelphia based think tank, Foreign Policy Research Institute, calling for a federal Europe, but his “bold, new idea” is best traced back to the contrivance of “Europe, A Nation” by the British fascist Oswald Mosley in 1948, a few years after he and his wife were released from prison. (Mosley and Diane Mitford, by the way, were married in 1936 at the home of Joseph Goebbels, where the guest of honor was Adolph Hitler.)

Mosley, founder and leader of the black shirt British Union of Fascists, worked steadily on his “Europe, A Nation” institution and in 1962 held an international conference in Venice to promote the plan. While the idea was to create a new British based imperialism, it was to be rendered acceptable by an agreement on its commitment to democracy. Mosley stressed that:

The European government shall be elected by a free vote of the whole people of Europe every four years at elections which all parties may enter. This vote shall be expressed in the election of a parliament which will have the power to elect a government and at any time to dismiss it by vote of censure carried by two-thirds majority. Subject to the power of dismissal, government shall have full authority to act during its period of office in order to meet the fast-moving events of the new age of science and to carry out the will of the people as expressed by their majority vote.”

Mosley also said that:

…economic leadership of government shall be exercised by means of a wage-price mechanism, first to secure similar conditions of competition in similar industries by payment of the same wages, salaries, pensions and fair profits thus securing continual equilibrium between production and consumption…Capital shall be made available to the underdeveloped regions of Europe from the surplus at present expatriated from our continent.”

Sound familiar?

In the Late, Late Show interview, Ganley, shamelessly playing on people’s genuine and legitimate fears, stressed that the crisis had worsened the night before, when S&P downgraded the credit ratings of 9 European countries and that the euro was at risk. Therefore, he asserted, his United States of Europe scheme was essential to saving the European Union project and the common currency itself.

Those who have followed this website know that the actual solution is a swift burial for these, long since dead, bankrupt institutions.  The actual solution is to cut the parasites loose through a global Glass-Steagall policy, and to create arrangements between perfectly sovereign nation states based on the credit system of the real American System Economics of Alexander Hamilton.

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