God and the Queen

We present here a segment from Mr LaRouche’s latest writing titled ‘The Galaxy, Imperialism and Us: SCIENCE -VS.- OLIGARCHISM’. The complete paper is available here:

God & The Queen

“Why pick on that Queen?” She is not unintelligent, and, more important than that, she serves as a key clog in what she has plainly confessed, frankly, to be the imperial system which she represents. Her mentality must certainly contain personal aspects which I would not pretend to know even at close range to her attending parasites of the current British monarchy. Nonetheless; respecting my knowledge of the matter, her significance is what she has become by virtue of her heritage and the global institutions to which she has been accustomed, and which it is her accumulated habit to represent. She is actually an “empress” in the most proper definition of the matters at hand. Those who would not consider her an empress in the full meaning of that term, are being very foolish about many very important things, such as nuclear warfare, for example, and also about a British-led imperialist program of genocide which is committed to reduce the human population of this planet, rather quickly, from a present level of approximately seven billions persons, to one or less.

It is all essentially a part of the imperial system which she has inherited, together with its inherent missions, and which is, indeed, manifestly her political-strategic, imperialist conscience.

President Barack Obama, for example, is a moronic, but also rabid mad dog in her royal kennel, a virtual copy, for his time, of the murderously insane Emperor Nero. He obeys her orders, more or less, but he is the mere, mass-murderous sort of mad dog in the British kennel, not the master of either himself, or that kennel. In the last analysis, it is the Queen who represents the imperial interest, while the brutishly half-witted Obama merely barks, snarls, and, more and more frequently, bites and kills, as might any vicious mad dog allowed loose from the kennel. He does not actually make imperial policy, he is only another one of the Queen’s mad dogs lunging in a Hitler-like, genocidal binge, until whenever she might choose to relieve herself of the embarrassment of his stinking presence.

The subject of the mere Obama now put aside for the moment, the subject of the Queen is the far more serious, real business in the present global matters of strategy.

Once we have taken the powers and related roles of that Queen into account, we may, and, indeed, must shift our emphasis from her, to the institution to which she has been called to serve, as if by incarnation. Otherwise, if you do not understand this, you understand nothing about the present world strategic situation. That institution is the empire whose interests and power are rooted in an ancient oligarchical system older than the siege of Troy.

That Queen is but the one which, for the moment, has inherited her relevant authority and duties in the imperial system. The personality of such a figure is not to be underestimated; her role is not that of an irrelevant consideration. Comparatively speaking, the personality of the Emperor Nero, Obama’s spiritual descendant-in-fact, was a fact, but the essence of the position he occupied was more significant than the position itself. It was that position which Obama had inherited from financial generosity of the hand of the British monarchy, which was the essence of the institution which he has momentarily inhabited. Just so, must we regard the threat to the planet as a whole represented by the British monarchy which the Queen serves momentarily at this time. It is that institution of British imperialism, not Obama, not even the Queen herself, who reigns over what Obama does as the mass-murderous current President of the afflicted United States.

Some few among us in the United States today, understand such matters, more or less so as I do, or would do so. We, the so-called “witting,”do as I do; they act according to the duties and missions which we have inherited from our system, as the Queen does, with opposite intention, in hers, each among us according to their call to serve their mission, as I do. It is the very essence of the crisis into which the world has now entered, that this must be understood accordingly. We are presently, on the wobbly brink of a pending outburst of virtually global, general thermonuclear war; do not make yourself the silly, quite certainly damned fool who refuses to accept that fact.

Thus, in the midst of all that, to understand how the human mind functions, or fails to function, as since from the launch of religious warfare which erupted, in its first phase, in Europe in A.D. 1492, we must examine more closely the case of those Venetian interests which had controlled the Crusades in their creating the holocaust of a more than a century or so earlier, a holocaust orchestrated by what had been used by that spawn of the original, collapse Rome, which had reemerged from medieval Venetian interests’ roots, to destroy the wretched feudal system of the Fourteenth-century from within.

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