A European Alliance Against Austerity and Empire

In the Revolutionary War, America’s alliance with France and the nations who formed the League of Armed Neutrality, helped ensure that historic victory over the British Empire.  Today, we have the opportunity to destroy the remnants of that oligarchical system, by political means, with a decisive NO vote in the “Austerity Treaty” referendum in Ireland.  But, we must not allow the old trick of divide and rule to succeed as it has so often for the British.  Instead, we must come together in an alliance to pursue the kind of European cooperation that DeGaulle envisioned, rather than what the British steered Euro represents, ie, “the largest imperial expansion in history”  (not our description, but that of Robert Cooper, advisor to the unelected EU Foreign Minister and friend of Prince Charles, Lady Ashton.)

In a rational world free from the disorientating effect of British propaganda, the task of defeating the “Austerity Treaty” may sound like a simple one, but we can rest assured that  it will be anything but that.  The British, through their puppets in Dublin will stop at nothing to keep  their monetarist system alive. We can see the British tactics playing out.  For example, Ireland has been spared the very worst excesses of the austerity that Greece has been brutalized with, in an effort to soft-soap the Irish population into passing the treaty.  We can also expect the “Peace Process”, which has delivered a decade and a half of peace to Ireland, to be held hostage by the British  to achieve their ends.

Another tactic that will undoubtedly be used is to charge the Irish with somehow betraying their European neighbours.  But when we look at the state of affairs in Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal, where austerity policies are already gouging the populations mercilessly, it is clear that we in Ireland owe it to these people, as well as to our own, to deliver a NO vote.

Indeed, with snap elections just called for May 6th in Greece and other EU governments in equally untenable positions, it is clear that the EU experiment has already failed and is, in reality, finished.  Instead of wasting any more time on it, we should return immediately to national currencies and national sovereignty, as well as a global Glass Steagall policy, a fixed exchange rate system and American credit system economics.  This is the road to recovery.

Unfortunately, at the present time, there is the sense that those in Ireland who oppose the treaty feel somewhat isolated, and this is an issue that needs to be addressed by the emergence of a solid, visible alliance of those in Europe against the treaty.  If the treaty is passed in Ireland, then it will be rolled out across Europe and austerity will become a way of life for generations to come.  It’s now time for all Europeans to nail their colours to the mast and help
Ireland dump the Euro, as each nation calls for its own referendum and organizes a resounding NO!

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