VOTE NO — The “Stability” Pact is a Bad Joke

The results of the first round of the French elections, where Ozy of Merkozy was punished for his policies of the last five years, shows that the “stability” in the austerity treaty is worse than a bad joke.

As soon as results started coming in of a Hollande victory in the first round of the French elections, Ollie Rehn started threatening France, warning them that they must meet debt brake dictates. While Hollande came in first and Sarkozy second and Le Pen’s vote being spun as the kingmaker in the run off, the real news is that 60% of the citizens voted against the established party. The population is in flux.

This as Spain is crumbling and threatens to become the “new Greece”. There may indeed be a newer Greece, as its snap elections are being held at the same time as the French second round elections on May 6.

The Dutch government has collapsed over the issue of the same EU dictates affecting all the countries listed above. And  100,000 people marched against budget cuts and austerity in the Czech Republic yesterday, the biggest demonstration since those against communism in November 1989.

In Germany the SPD is backing Hollande’s policy of reforming the “stability treaty”, and support for Merkel’s  policies and coalition are crumbling too.

As for Sarkozy, as one person on so aptly posted, he is poised to become the first incumbent president to lose his election since Elvis joined the army in 1958. Now that is a GOOD JOKE, But the””stability treaty”, better known as the austerity treaty is a BAD JOKE, and anyone voting for it, given the current situation, is not only fooling themselves but is a fool.

Vote NO

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