By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

April 15, 2012

In respect to the reporter who has had a named role in prompting the useful consideration of a matter of grave public interest, as in this case of Liam Halligan, I think it appropriate, even obligatory, to lend suitable credit to the person who has prompted the public crafting of a significant contribution to the public understanding of the crucial strategic developments in public affairs.

I am responding, thus, to a strategic global crisis whose vortex of action still appears to be clustered chiefly among the trans-Atlantic regions of the world at large. My own immediate intention here is, principally focused on the subject of the global implications of both the presently plummeting economic crisis of the United Kingdom, and the tumult which that brings into the trans-Atlantic regions generally: a region which is presently clustered within a wildly accelerating decline into the vortex of a state of onrushing, hyper-inflationary collapse.

Read Lyndon LaRouche’s latest paper in full here

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