The Two Troikas

There are two Troikas in Ireland. The first, made up of the IMF, EU and ECB, struts in periodically to rule on whether or not Ireland is still behaving like a good little poster child and complying with the rules the Troika has imposed on the country.

The second is the home grown Troika of Fine Gael, Labour, and the past failed Fianna Fail government which had in fact signed on the dotted line and imposed this perpetual debt slavery on Ireland. They are in charge of posing for the posters, keeping the markets (whoever they are ) happy. And spinning the line that austerity is somehow a good thing.

Both Troikas are, of course, insisting on a YES vote in The May 31st Referendum. We should recall that the Government, in collusion with the first Troika thought they could avoid a referendum in Ireland. The first Troika issued in January an incomprehensible “governance”statement which they were sure would bypass the constitutional requirements for referendum in Ireland. When the citizens demanded their constitutional rights and the Attorney General ruled in their favor, the Government was forced to announce the referendum, which has been set for May 31st.

The Government is now spending millions of Euros of the citizen’s money to send this 10 page “Treaty on Stability, and Governance and Coordination in the Economic and Monetary Union” out to every household in the Republic. Sinn Fein found that the Government, in violation of the law, had included statements by the Ministers urging a Yes vote and the government was obligated, at the last minute, to remove their statements from their information packages. The coalition’s Government Parties are now spending 500,000 Euros to push their YES vote campaign. Sinn Fein has insisted that since the opposition has not been allowed to review the original information packages, if there is material in them that is skewed, the information packages will have to be recalled.

Nina Ogden of EIR magazine, on April 27, interviewed Independent TD Thomas Pringle , a strong NO to the austerity treaty advocate, who has mounted a legal challenge to the illegal procedures used to bypass the constitutional requirements of the State concerning referenda.  The State has just informed him that they will contest this challenge. If in negotiations this weekend, the State does accept the unusual urgency in this case, Pringle’s team will go to the high court early in the coming week.

What a joke to send out a 10 page document on “stability and governance” when governments are falling and constitutional challenges against the Troika imposed austerity are being planned in every country in the Eurozone. It is clear that the Troika persists because its institutions are totally bankrupt and can only survive by imposing  the most horrible austerity conditions upon the populations subject to this latest incarnation of the Empire.

It is time for the citizens of Ireland, in order to defeat both Troikas, to vote NO in the referendum, and start discussing what is necessary for a the future of a sovereign and united Ireland.

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