Helga Zepp-LaRouche: “The name of the game is empire”

It appears that the government would like to dispense with any semblance of lawfulness or constitutionality in these closing weeks approaching the Austerity Treaty referendum, such is their desperation to deliver a “yes” vote for their imperial masters.  In performing their role as the “poster boy” for austerity, they have shown themselves prepared, at every opportunity, to do the worst thing by the people of Ireland.  This is a testament to their own corrupt nature and is a reflection of the corrupt, and frankly, evil nature of the imperial, financial system which they serve.  After all, let’s not forget that we are all endowed with free will and therefore, in willfully choosing to support and promote the troika’s murderous austerity, the Fine Gael/Labour coalition and their props in Fianna Fail have proven themselves either unfit or unwilling to defend the Irish people – the primary responsibility of an Irish Government.
Sinn Fein and some other leading voices have made it clear that they won’t stand by and allow the government to ride roughshod over the citizenry and the constitution in their clamber for austerity.  In fact, the Sinn Féin action, initiated on the 26th April, to challenge the government on the legality of their referendum “information” campaign, has thrown a spanner into their machine, just as it was about to roll into gear, pumping out poisonous propaganda steering the electorate towards a “yes” vote – and all at public expense!
And despite the ongoing scare tactics and the cynical use of opinion polls to give the false impression that most are in favour of the treaty, it is becoming clearer by the day that the vast majority are firmly opposed.  In fact, we are left wondering what sort of fools are left to vote “yes”, since it should be obvious to any thinking person that the entire monetarist system is bankrupt to the Nth degree and cannot be salvaged no matter how much austerity is imposed.
However, there is a solution and it is one that the worldwide LaRouche Movement has laid out in detail, including on this website.  We would like to take this opportunity to present it once again, in the eloquent words of Helga Zepp-LaRouche, chairwoman of Germany’s Bueso party, founder of the international Schiller Institute, wife of American statesman and economist Lyndon LaRouche, and long-time friend and collaborator of French presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade.  Her words below formed part of her April 27th dialogue with Spain and Portugal on the crisis, and the solutions needed.  I would encourage everyone to watch Helga’s webcast which has been archived (in both English and Spanish) here: Webcast
“We must act to ensure a very drastic and dramatic change of the system, of the global financial order, and an equally dramatic change in the thinking of most people. That popular refrain —”One cannot do anything anyway”— is as responsible for this existential crisis as the leaders, incompetent or worse, of governments around the world.

The name of the game is empire, or more precisely, the British Empire, and the oligarchical principle which has been dominating the European, and global situation for almost 4,000 years, in ever-new clothes. Today, it is called “globalization” and “free trade.” Today’s “British Empire” is the complex system of central banks, investment banks, hedge funds, private equity funds, insurance companies, shadow banking, etc. It is that financial system which has been responsible for the paradigm shift in the last 40-45 years, shifting away from the production of physical goods, the real economy, more and more to speculation and the philosophy of hedonism which is destroying us from within.

The solution lies in:

1) Stopping the British Empire’s plan for the imposition of the European Stabilization Mechanism (EMS), which will be the platform for launching a massive, fascist hyperinflationary bailout of the banks.

2) Putting the current world financial system through bankruptcy reorganization, with total bank separation of commercial banking from speculative banking—along the lines of Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall law of 1933.

3) Establish a new international financial order based on credit systems focused on real development, not monetary systems centered on speculation.

4) Use this new flow of productive credit to launch great development projects such as the World Land Bridge of high-speed rail and industrial corridors, to bring high-technology development—emphatically including nuclear energy—to every corner and every population on this planet.”

We would simply add that, for Ireland, this solution would mean absolute sovereignty, including economic sovereignty, and real economic development, for the first time in our history.  A flavour of what is possible for Ireland in a world free of empire, can be found in our paper “Ireland – An Economic Revival” which you can find here https://laroucheirishbrigade.wordpress.com/ireland-an-economic-revival/
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