Royal Society Promotes British Monarchy’s Agenda of Fascism and Genocide

The April 2012 report “People and the Planet,” issued under the name of the British Royal Society, is an unabashed call for the British Monarchy’s program of fascist austerity and genocide, in the explicit tradition of the Club of Rome, the International Panel on Climate Change, and the World Wildlife Fund. The report comes in the midst of an intensive campaign by the international genocide lobby toward the Rio+20 International Conference on Population and Development, to be convened this June, one whose next element will be the release of a new Club of Rome report on May 7, which will argue, according to advance reports in the Smithsonian magazine, that “peak population” has been reached.

Totally absent from the presentation is the most basic appreciation of the history, necessity, and cause of physical and economic progress, especially as reflected in the metric of an increase in energy flux density, and in the creative capacity of the human mind.

This is Bertrand Russell’s vision of “humane” international socialism, where everyone gets an “equal” chance to pursue a miserable death—except for those oligarchs who are setting the rules, and steering the world to extinction.

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