Dr Merkel and Mrs. Hyde – Is Angela Promoting British Genocide?

Although mere puppets of the British Financial Empire, the entity known as Merkozy has been the axis around which the Euro system has revolved for the last number of years of its chaotic, predicted disintegration.  Now, in anticipation of the defeat of one half of the double act, Sarkozy, at the hands of François Hollande in the French presidential election, the British have wasted no time in discarding Sarko and are scrambling to weld their pet monster back together again, this time with Italian parts.

Former Italian Foreign Minister Lamberto Dini has confirmed the existence of a secret plan between Monti and Merkel to replace the Merkel-Sarkozy “Merkozy” axis in anticipation that Socialist François Hollande will win the French election on May 6, to ensure that the Fiscal Pact is not modified as Hollande has demanded. The new “MM” Berlin-Rome Axis would ensure the ratification of the ESM and the Fiscal Pact with a political show.   Read more here http://larouchepac.com/node/22558 

It is clear from this and from the evidence of her behaviour to date that Dr Merkel has been and remains a key, dependable and relatively politically secure asset of the British in Europe.  So, what exactly is the agenda that she has been so entrusted with by the Brits?

Well, firstly, she is the prime enforcer of the austerity policies that have already taken such a toll on the people of Europe, in terms of misery, hardship and many untimely deaths.  She is far from the end of this particular mission though and unless the upcoming “Austerity Treaty” referendum in Ireland is rejected, we can expect much more of this to come.

Secondly, and in all respects even more worrying, is her role in pushing the British Empire’s global depopulation agenda as revealed explicitly this past week in the choreographed releases by a cabal of British run genocidalist movements including the British Royal Society, Prince Philip’s World Wildlife Fund, the International Panel on Climate Change and the Club of Rome.  Merkel’s own German based organization to promote this agenda is the WBGU.  Headed by British trained Professor Hans Jochaim Schellnhuber (known to his friends as John) it has already released a summary document declaring that the “carrying capacity” of the Earth is a mere one billion persons and now they plan to have a big symposium in Berlin on 9th May, with Merkel addressing it, where they want to discuss the success of the decarbonization in many countries.  It is by this plan, to “decarbonize” the whole world, under the guise of environmentalism, that they intend to reduce the world’s population exactly to the 1 billion people mark.  It barely needs saying that so repulsively and unimaginably evil are these plans that their proponents make Hitler look like a naughty schoolboy!

Read more here http://larouchepac.com/node/22527

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