“Stability” is a Ridiculous Referendum Slogan

The Government and their buddies think that if they just keep repeating the word stability in speeches and posters, they can convince the voters that the horrible austerity treaty is really a stability treaty.

Some stupid public relations firm advised them to “brand “ the treaty this way and just keep repeating it until May 31st. They are obviously depending on their view of the Irish voters as stupid and led around by the nose by stupid sophistic slogans.

But, the Irish voters aren’t stupid, and everybody knows that the only thing stable in the treaty is the assurance that the financial oligarchy will destroy Ireland.

If they just look at the major changes that will be affecting the eurozone this weekend, the Government would be shaking in their boots, having paid out millions for the stability brand.  Just this weekend we will experience major change, and most of that change is centered on fights against the ESM.

This weekend will see Presidential elections in France, with Hollande pledging to reform the treaty if elected. There will also be Parliamentary elections in Greece, Schleswig-Holstein in Germany, and Serbia. There will be municipal elections in Italy.

Hearings on the ESM begin in the Finnish national Parliament. And later this week the Estonian Supreme Court will hold hearings on a complaint by Justice Minister Indrek Tender, who says that the emergency voting procedures violate the constitution.

Also,  this weekend, there will be anti ESM information booths, leaflet distributions and protest marches in cities throughout Germany.

Just this survey is enough to make the “stability brand” a laughing stock throughout the world.




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