Greece’s Two Main Austerity Parties Suffer Big Losses

Exit polls in the Greek parliamentary election suggest the two main parties, which have carried out the austerity policies demanded by the British Empire via the Troika, have suffered big losses. The polls, televised across Greece, put the New Democracy Party in the lead with 17-20% of the vote. Syriza, an anti-austerity coalition party, is put just in second place, with PASOK third.

The exit polls showed New Democracy with 17-20%, Syriza at 15.5-18.5%, and PASOK in third place with 14-17%. In 2009, New Democracy won 33.5%, PASOK received 43.9%, and Syriza had 4.6% of the vote.

That means that the two parties which have imposed fascist genocide policies on Greece have received less than 35% of the vote, compared to the 77% of the vote which they received in 2009.

Alexis Tisipras, head of the Syriza party, campaigned against the austerity deal and for an FDR New Deal.

In a recent speech he said: “For two years they have taken decisions without asking us.The Greek people didn’t give them the mandate to take those decisions. In the birthplace of democracy, there is no democracy. The time has come to return democracy to the place where it was born.”

“If the politics of austerity continue, Europe is in big danger of breaking up. These policies are causing unhappiness, unemployment and poverty, as in the 1930s. Europe needs social solidarity and not to work according to market laws.” He has said that Greece is being turned into a “protectorate,” stripped of any say in the running of its own affairs. “We want the loan agreement to be annulled,” he has insisted, calling the terms attached to the bailout of the Greek economy “inhumane.” “Europe is desperately in need of a Roosevelt-style New Deal.”

The anti-austerity bloc could garner up to 60% of the vote. As many as 10 parties may have obtained sufficient votes to clear the 3% threshold necessary to enter the parliament.

More to follow…

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