Russian Historian Speaks About the U.S. and Lyndon LaRouche

In the interview published as part of the Terra America series on Lyndon LaRouche, prominent Russian historian Andrei Fursov took on the likes of fascist Obama aide Cass Sunstein for their use of “conspiracy theory” against Lyndon LaRouche. The section of the Fursov interview dealing with this question (the full interview has now been reprinted in Zavtra) is worth noting.

Asked by interviewer Benediktov about why no U.S. intellectuals would be interviewed on LaRouche, Fursov gave several reasons. First, he characterized the “intellectual community” in the USA as a “tightly controlled” community, worse than the Soviet era. Second, he said that LaRouche raises “very acute and timely issues” which “contradict modern Western theories of history and political science” and the “generally accepted ideology and agenda.” Third, he noted that LaRouche has developed a system, with a “solid factual basis for his ideas,” which makes it difficult to challenge.

Fursov notes that he himself considers “the large part” of LaRouche’s conclusions to be true. To be specific:

“What does LaRouche tell us? Simple things: that the real power is secret power, and that many secrets of our time go back to the turn of the 15th-16th centuries; that there are certain supranational organizations, which guide the historical process or, at minimum direct it. LaRouche absolutely correctly identifies the role of Venice and the East India Company in the development of the modern world and its ruling groups.”

Read the full article here

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