The upshot of the referendum— You can’t negotiate with hell

If the mudflap government is happy that they “won” the referendum, they should think again.

What they won through their deceptions and scaremongering is a chance to negotiate with hell.

All bad news, of the despised property taxes, water charges, school  fees et al, were off the table during the month of May, while government ministers worked away at putting the complex issues of the referendum into a neat little box labeled stability. Is there any wonder that in a country of just over 4 million souls, where hundreds are leaving daily in a desperate search for work, that voters would hold their noses and vote for some relief. Those who voted no, who had already lost all faith in the government or the EU, who were mainly people who felt themselves allied to their fellow sufferers in Greece, voted to send a message that the austerity that had already destroyed their lives had to stop.

But during the stupid attempt at a time-out for bad news in May, reality had already struck. The Greek government could no longer deal with the troika’s killing of the population and the Spanish economy went down the sink hole where it had potentially been heading, along with the rest of the trans Atlantic system, since the blow out of 2008.

Now the Fine Gael/Labour Party strange bedfellows government finds itself in an impossible situation. They will not be able to govern, or make good on their frivolous promises while every economy in the Eurozone flies apart at a breakneck pace. There are some steps that must be taken if Ireland is to survive, let alone prosper, and Sinn Fein, along with other courageous leadership must be prepared to take those steps, not some time down the road but immediately. As our Greek friends recognized,  the negotiations  with hell are the negotiations with the Troika, and no government could be elected in Greece that was willing to play the Troika’s games. The bondholders in Ireland must be burnt, with any further thoughts of bailout put away as ridiculous. Glass-Steagall must be implemented quickly, while a freeze is put on the flight capital that is the desperate “contingency plan” for people’s savings.

The Euro is finished and Ireland must return to the punt. And one horrible fact of Irish life has to go – that fact is that not only are there no jobs, but no plans for jobs, outside the cheap offerings of some U.S. and other multinational companies, who are looking for tax breaks and for a desperate workforce willing to work at jobs for much less than they’re worth – this fact of life has to go! The coming government must muster up the Irish people not only to good and productive work, but to participate in the planning, for their future, of a productive economic revival of Ireland.

The hope on the horizon is the courageous track record of Sinn Fein, and the decency of our President Michael D Higgins, who has spoken out publically on many occasions on the question of Glass-Steagall. But the time is short, and we must redouble the energy of referendum campaign, and meet together now to plan out how to save the nation.

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