Germans Protest : Vote NO on the ESM “legal and financial black box”

Irish Times covers anti-ESM rally in Berlin

The Irish news daily reports on the protest rally held in Berlin, yesterday, and the open letter by Germany’s family enterprises association to the Bundestag to vote “no” on the ESM, which it calls a “legal and financial black box” that should be rejected. The letter has been signed by 350 of Germany’s best-known companies such as Kärcher, Henkel and Würth attacks the bailout fund and disputes what it calls the “myth that Europe can only survive as a transfer union”.

The companies take issue with “political whitewash” over the euro, which it sees as a “driving force for dispute, jealousy and hate” in today’s Europe. “The coercion and consequences of a common currency are beginning to divide European peoples permanently,” said the statement. “Not every means is permitted to save the euro – and those who want to save the euro at any price risk the price being Europe.” With its statement the association joins a growing wave of protest against the European Stability Mechanism in Germany.”

The rally in front of the Reichstag in Berlin, going with an anti-ESM video on You Tube, was initiated by the family enterprises, the taxpayers association, and the Zivile Koalition action group; another rally will be held in Karlsruhe, the seat of the constitutional court, on June 16. n Berlin.

“Our video has been translated into 14 languages and viewed one million times around Europe. Over one million protest emails have reached our politicians,” said Beatrix von Storch, head of the Zivile Koalition. “Nothing like this has ever happened before.” The group will also challenge the ESM at the constitution court.

Read the Irish Times article here


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