Lyndon LaRouche’s Historic Strategic Analysis: Storm Over Asia, Original 1999 Broadcast

Lyndon LaRouche’s incisive, strategic analysis from 1999 provides an essential lesson on the destructive designs of the British Empire and the role that patriots everywhere, but particularly in Russia and the US, have played and must continue to play in opposing and ultimately defeating this oligarchical monster.  It is clear that we are now in the end game of this long struggle and we in Europe can play our part in ensuring victory by demanding the overthrow of the Maastricht and Lisbon Treaties and the end of this Euro dictatorship.

Originally broadcast in November 1999, Storm Over Asia is important to review in light of the current drive in Russia to maintain their sovereignty and prevent thermonuclear war, as as referenced in the blog posting by Rachel Douglas, from earlier today.

“Our fundamental interest as a republic, is to bring forth on this planet the hegemony of a community of sovereign nation-states, each of which has in common its commitment to the general welfare of its total population, and their posterity. Otherwise, it is not our intent to meddle in the internal affairs of these countries. It is sufficient for us that they are sincerely and seriously dedicated to promote the general welfare, as we understand the notion of the general welfare; and they understand that we as nations must stand together, against those forces of oligarchy, such as the British financial oligarchy, which are our natural enemies.”
–Lyndon LaRouche, Storm Over Asia

Watch Storm Over Asia

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