(19 June 2012, EIRNS) Founder of Greece’s modern resistence movement, the world famous composer, Mikis Theodorakis has penned a commentary on the results of the latest Greek elections where he writes that “Greece has been into a deadlock.”
As a result of these elections, Theodorakis writes that the “asphyxia” which Greece has beein suffering withe over 3,000 suicides and countless protests will increase.
“The main reason for this dramatic change is due to the fact that there is no correlation between the wishes and the will of the Greek people on one hand and the party’s representatives on the other.”
While citing the “deformed” Greek electoral system, he nonetheless lays blame on the inability of the left to unite and then create and “a single anti- memorandum front” with all the anti memorandum parties “rid the country from the shackles of the Memorandum, the Troika, the IMF and European banks. In other words, the mandate of the people to regain national independence, abandoning the policy of austerity. Depreciation of the terms granted to the lenders confiscation of public wealth….and the management of public debt in the international, European and Greek law.”
He blamed also the role of the role of foreign (Governments, Banks, Press) as well. Also the elections results also expressed the rage and confussion of the population so he said the task is to find ways organization for this strugggle, “So we must help the people to regain its composure and clear thinking that will create the necessary historic strength. We have to convince him that our own proposals offer the solutions they desire.”
Among the proposals he calls for include the necessity to “to turn his back on a vicious and blind political-party system” that was responsible for the crisis.
The second is to”define a new vision for the country’s position in the modern world, especially now that the international economic-political system eats our flesh… Nothing connects us with them. Neither our history nor our culture, traditions and customs, our character and our interests.”
He then calls for leaving the Eurozone, while staying in Europe but financially and economically Greece must focuse on states and markets outside the euro zone and the IMF.
“We reserve the political, diplomatic, cultural and other relations with them. We live in Europe, while we support fully our economic development agreements, contracts and joint ventures with international governmental and private organizations on the basis of mutual interest” but adds that this policy (separating from the Euro and the IMF policies, “will relieve us from the deadly embraces partners have turned into brutal oppressors, exploiters of despotic behavior that do not fit the character and traditions.”
He then writes that Greece “great weapon” is its “national wealth” including the “intelligence and industriousness of our people” and the exploiting the natural resources and natural bueaty of the country. (He also spoils it by adding “green energy”)
“Free of interest and amortization and a government which prevails in the ability, ethics, morality and all-round dedication to the common good of all representatives of all levels of power, our country is able to fully satisfy the needs of residents . To fly over any kind of foreign dependencies and to be free again to be be independent and grounded in the nations own wealth and their own abilities in the way of social and national development, moral uplift and spiritual and cultural renaissance.
“As for the security of the country (though it may seem contradictory) I believe that love and dedication of our People for Peace is the best method to organize our defense so that the war seems to be what it really is: the absolute bad for everyone. Friends, enemies and friends relentless.” [dea]

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