Germans Show Lowest Support for Keeping Euro in Four-Nation Poll

Germans showed the lowest support for the euro among the four largest nations using the currency, according to a poll published in four European newspapers today.

The poll shows 39 percent of Germans favor leaving the euro*, versus 28 percent of Italians, 26 percent of French and 24 percent of Spaniards, according to the survey, conducted by Ifop-Fiducial and published in Madrid-based ABC, Germany’s Bild, Italy’s Corriere della Sera and Le Journal du Dimanche.

In all four countries, majorities said that loans to Greece will never be paid back, even as most said that not saving Greece would increase the euro region’s difficulties “dangerously,” ABC said. In France and Germany, most of those polled said Greece should leave the euro if it can’t pay back its loans, while in Italy and Spain about half shared that view.

More on this story at Bloomberg

* According to BuSo party members who are constantly engaged in organizing throughout Germany the 39% figure attained in the opinion poll is a huge under estimate.  Almost everyone they talk to says “back to the Deutschmark!”

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One Response to Germans Show Lowest Support for Keeping Euro in Four-Nation Poll

  1. bonbon says:

    nteresting that somehow polls got people to admit deep worries, usually only whispered on the street.
    Recently I put the Euro question on the table and I was surprised how engineers actually produced DM coins! I had not guessed. As for the Karlsruhe Court ruling blocking President Gauck’s ESM signature – people are embarrassed it came to this. This is a change from the usual argument that politicians are elected to represent so let them at it!

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