Eric Holder Placed in Contempt of Congress by Big Bipartisan Majority

The US House of Representatives placed Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, in contempt of Congress by a 255-67 vote yesterday, for refusal to comply with a Congressional subpoena of documents related to “Operation Fast and Furious,” an operation through which the US Bureau of of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, under Holder’s Department of Justice, delivered hundreds, or more likely thousands of high-powered US assault weapons to the Mexican drug cartels, resulting in the deaths of one to two US law enforcement agents, and hundreds of Mexicans.

Seventeen Democrats voted in favor of a criminal contempt resolution. This Democratic support came despite a round of behind-the-scenes lobbying by senior White House and Justice officials — as well as pressure from party leaders including an Obama-dictated walkout from the House — all to support Holder.

Holder is the first Cabinet officer ever to be held in contempt of Congress in US history — but then, as Lyndon LaRouche said today, “no one ever deserved it more.” Never has any Attorney General been so contemptuous of Congress, Rep. Labrador (R-ID) noted during the debate.

Read the article in full at LPAC

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