Argentina Joins The Pacific Orientation – Welcome Also Extended To Ireland

By Meghan Rouillard

While the “Pacific Orientation” does refer namely to those Pacific nations, such as Russia and China, who have been taking leadership in pushing for real, physical economic development, as well as challenging imperial strategic policy, such as the crucial role which Russia has played in keeping the Empire’s hands off of the Syria war trigger, it also implies the role which the United States, also a Pacific nation, could play as part of that Alliance were we to change our tune and abandon the bankrupt Transatlantic system and its suicidal “principles.” One nation which has decided to take on that role is decidedly Atlantic, but its spirit has rejected that of the Transatlantic collapse: Argentina. President Cristina Kirchner has been willing to call a spade a spade when it comes to policies which are imperial and colonial, as well as pushing for a science-driver economic orientation. As Cristina Kirchner has noted, she repeats at every G-20 summit one of her favorite quotes of Einstein “when he said that only insane people think they can keep using the same methods but obtain different results.” Argentina has learned this lesson, having turned away from the repeatedly failed methods which typify the policies of the Transatlantic system (this is typified by the recent ceremonial removal of the portrait of Milton Friedman from the Argentine Central Bank!). This does not make the Empire crowd very happy, as they would like to see the rest of the world participate in “a global bailout of Europe’s banks” which Gordon Brown recently encouraged, calling specifically upon the world’s developing nations. Here, we review a few of the most recent developments from Argentina which make their intention clear, some of which we have covered already on the LPAC site, and we congratulate Argentina on its Pacific-mindedness, and example which we should follow!

Even smaller Atlantic countries, such as Ireland, are jumping on the veritable “Pacific Orientation” bandwagon: Russia’s Federal Space Agency Roscosmos and Ireland’s National Space Center just recently signed a memorandum of understanding on bilateral cooperation in space exploration.

Read in full here

And for further reading on Ireland-Russia cooperation on space exploration and the recent trade agreements between Ireland and China, see our posts –



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