The Greens Are the Top Traitors!

The national parliament of Austria will debate and vote on the ESM and Fiscal Pact on Wednesday, July 5, and this was made possible only because the unprincipled opposition Greens went over to the government side, which promised them in return to campaign for euro-bonds and an even more extreme strengthening of EU institutions. The Greens’ joining the pro-ESM front provides the government with a two-thirds majority in the national aparliament which it otherwise would not have.

The Green backing has already had additional destructive effects: on Sunday, Finance Minister Michael Spindelegger (OEVP, conservative party) called for the creation of an EU finance minister or commissar, to oversee fiscal activities of the EU member statesin yet another substantial transfer of national sovereignty to the EU supranational bureaucracy.

The two other opposition parties FPOE and BZOE will stick to their strict “no” to ESM and Pact, and for the FPOE, parliament member Herbert Kickl accused the Greens of “treason” against the Austrian people and constitution. “The Greens have said farewell to all ideals which they pretended to have in the past,” Kickl said, calling them “subservient helpers for the government, in the abolition of Austrian sovereignty and budgetary privilege.” The “Green threat” has de facto joined the government, making it all-too evident to everyone that their green policies are directed against the population, Kickl noted.

For much more on the reality of green fascism visit LPAC

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