Resistance Against EU Putsch Growing in Germany

Resistance from various corners, and for partially divergent reasons, is increasing against the putschist EU decisions in Germany. Both on the hyperinflationary bailout of banks and of nations, resistance is now mounting from the CSU and the SPD. And resistance against the European super-state is increasing, too. With the Constitutional Court decision coming up, the situation looks interesting and is wide open for our crucial intervention. Of course, Glass-Steagall remains the key basis to establish all of this.

CSU Chairman and Bavarian Minister President Horst Seehofer warned in an interview in Stern magazine yesterday, that soon a point could be reached, when the CSU and he, personally, could no longer accept the EU decisions, and pointing out that in the parliament, the CDU has no majority without the CSU. Already before the parliament vote, the mood was tense, with CSU General Secretary Alexander Dobrindt warning in the faction meeting with Merkel, that they could not agree to the summit decisions, if nations do not accept the austerity conditions. During the debate on June 29, some CSU MPs did not applaud when Merkel and Schäuble spoke, which normally never happens. The CSU is under pressure in its own state, where the Freie Wähler (Free Voters), who are among the complaintants against the ESM before the Constitutional Court, have a lot of support in the countryside, which is the traditional CSU base.

Yesterday, former EU Commissioner Günther Verheugen (SPD, also from Bavaria), told a live talk show on Phoenix TV, that in Brussels Merkel was “betrayed” by Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, in a way that is absolutely not “normal” in diplomacy, and also strongly warned of further “European centralization.” On June 30, he similarly commented that Merkel can no longer rely on any former allies. Spiegel quotes from the Phoenix interview: “The Chancellor was betrayed last week. That is absolutely clear. Both in Rome, and also in Paris.”

Clearly, the SPD is now trying to present itself as the protector of citizens, as the outcry against the EU putsch is rising. Whether there is more substance to this will have to be seen. But it is clear that if the government should now try to implement the suicidal course of the EU putsch, it will completely lose its own base and break apart in no time.

The real issue for true patriots now is Glass-Steagall, and that has yet to be introduced by prominent actors in Germany’s political scene. Only on that basis, all those, who are serious about stopping this madness, and are not just playing games for their own imagined advantage, can establish a non-partisan basis to defend the nation, and transform Germany again into an industrial and scientific hub for the good of the planet. And in that, the catalytic role of the BüSo and its international allies, is key.

Read the rest of the article here and join the fight for Glass Steagall by signing the petition here

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