British Empire Decides To Eat Its Offspring

by John Hoefle

When God tells the truth, you accept it without question. When Satan tells the truth, some serious thinking is in order. Such are the thoughts posed by the recent calls for Glass-Steagall coming out of the dark heart of the British Empire, the City of London.

Take the case of Paul Myners, otherwise known as Baron Myners, a life peer who is also a Commander of the Order of the British Empire. (Such titles may sound silly, but the Empire is largely run through chivalric and Masonic orders, which permeate all the major institutions.) Lord Myners, the former publisher of the Guardian and the Observer, is a former employee of N.M. Rothschild, a former director of NatWest bank, and is currently a director of RIT Capital, the investment vehicle founded and chaired by Lord Jacob Rothschild. (Baron Rothschild is a member of the Queen’s Order of Merit, and a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire. Rothschild is also the kingpin of the Inter-Alpha Group, which led the empire’s assault on the global economy.) When Myners speaks, he is speaking not for God and Country, but for Queen and Empire.

Then there’s Peter Hambro, chairman of Petropavlosk, a London-based company with extensive gold holdings in Russia. Hambro is descended from one of the empire’s top banking dynasties. Hambros Bank was one of the constituent fondi in Assicurazioni Generali, the powerful Venetian insurance company founded by the Rothschilds and others, and was part of a syndicate—which included N.M. Rothschild—which funded Mussolini’s corporatist government in Italy. Hambros was part of the powerful Rhodes-Milner Round Table Group. Among its directors was Lord Peter Carrington (Order of the Garter, Grand Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George, etc.), the former British Foreign Secretary, Secretary General of NATO, and co-founder of Kissinger Associates. The Hambros were also important spooks, with Bank of England director and Hambros Bank partner Sir Charles Hambro heading British intelligence’s Special Operations Executive during World War II. (Sir Charles was a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire.)

Among the directors at Petropavlosk is Field Marshal Charles Guthrie, Baron of Craigiebank, a former director of N.M. Rothschild and a Knight of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta. Guthrie has also served as Gold Stick to the Queen; Gold Stick is not a dildo, but a ceremonial bodyguard. Petropavlosk director Dr. David Humphreys spent 18 years at the Rothschild-controlled Rio Tinto. The remnants of Hambros is now owned by Inter-Alpha member Société Générale as its private bank, SG Hambros. Banco Santander’s Emilio Botín López worked for Hambros Bank for two years as a young man, before joining the Banco de Santander board in 1902. Banco Santander is key member of the Inter-Alpha Group. Yet another Petropavlosk director, Sir Roderic Lyne, is vice-chairman of Chatham House, and a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George. He was also a member of the Chilcot inquiry, which protected Tony Blair from his crimes around the Iraq War.

The Financial Times, the preeminent financial newspaper of the British Empire, has long been associated with the Rothschilds, as is the Economist.

In Italy, Corriere della Sera columnist Massino Mucchetti, a proponent of Glass-Steagall, is known as a mouthpiece for Romano Prodi and the De Benedetti crowd, partners of the Rothschilds.

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