Cameron and the EU planning to scrap free circulation of Greeks and other EU citizens

PARIS, July 7, 2012 (Nouvelle Solidarité) Is Greece still part of the EU?” wonders Greek historian Panagioris Grigoriou, on a blog associated with the French website of Marianne2.

After having pointed out that the “real” government of Greece is the Troika, Grigoriou notes that Brussels is preparing the instalment of some kind of vice-roi representing both the Troika and the Task Force. “And what will follow is at once logical: the creation of Exclusive Economic zones, a detailed inventory of state patrimony, exploitation of the country’s energy resources and its translation into “value” by private or semi-private entities by an accelerated procedure outside the reach of parliamentary control. And to conclude, the lowering of the minimum wage, reduced to 390 euros per month.”

“One can wonder if June 17 in Greece is not the equivalent of the Agreements of Montoire of the 1940’s in France (handshake between Hitler and Pétain), but one better remains prudent with the phantoms of the past.”

According to press reports British Prime Minister David Cameron prepares “to override the UK’s historic obligations under EU treaties and impose stringent border controls that would block Greek citizens from entering the UK if Greece is forced out of the single currency.”

Cameron told MPs that ministers have examined legal powers that would allow the UK to deprive Greek citizens of their right to free movement across the EU, if the eurozone crisis leads to “stresses and strains.” MPs have drawn up contingency plans for “all sorts of different eventualities,” in particular a Greek exit from the euro, which could trigger a near collapse of the Greek economy and the flight of hundreds of thousands of its citizens who are entitled to settle in any EU country.

Cameron’s statement, which created indignation in Greece, is merely voicing something which is concocted “in concert” with other EU ministers, which “are studying all possible options, in order to restrain the free circulation of the Greeks” inside the entire “galactic euro system”.

As a response, the Greek government convoked UK ambassador David Landsman to the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Pasok official Venizelos reminded public opinion that “there do exist treaties and agreements which condition free circulation”.

However, writes Grigoriou, “Those knowing where to get the information have no more illusions. The suppression of free circulation is programmed by Brussels and the sovereign banking nations of the EU, on a case by case basis, starting with Greece.”

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