Troika is killing the Irish as suicides increasd by 7% last year

The number of suicides registered in Ireland rose to 525 in 2011, an increase of 7 per cent on the previous year, according to data from the Central Statistics Office. A total of 439 men and 86 women were recorded as having taken their own lives, the majority of whom were aged 15-44. The figures are contained in the CSO Vital Statistics report for 2011 published yesterday, which collates the numbers of births, deaths and marriages registered in Ireland last year.

President of the Irish Association of Suicidology (IAS) Dan Neville TD said the figures were “frightening but not surprising” given the impact the economy was having on mental health, especially among young men. “The recession has had a huge impact on people’s wellbeing. Those who lose their jobs, experience a drastic reduction in their income or are in danger of losing their home experience a lot of anxiety, despair and depression. Relationship difficulties and marriage breakdown can follow on from that. We should be identifying and responding to these problems in the community as quickly as possible.” Mr Neville said the true figure for suicides would be closer to 600 when “undetermined” deaths were taken into account.

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