International potato museum to highlight Irish Famine experience

Museum boss Dr Pamela Anderson will arrive in Dublin on Thursday as a guest of the Concern humanitarian organisation.Speaking to the Irish Times, Dr Anderson said the Irish Famine contained significant lessons for today, even though it happened more than 150 years ago.

Dr Anderson added: “A simplistic interpretation of the Famine was that it was caused by potato blight but we know it’s much more complex than that.

“Once you get a disease hit a crop of course there’s a problem, but there are usually all kinds of safety nets to support a population through that.

“And the safety nets in the case of the Irish potato Famine didn’t exist for the poor in Ireland at the time…in terms of having an impact on a country, the Irish Famine probably had a bigger impact than any other one in history.”

She said: “To help people understand the problems today, some times it’s easier to link them to a history lesson.”

Read more at Irish Central

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