Noonan happy with ex-HSBC pair despite US report (!)

THE NAMING of David Hodgkinson, the AIB chairman, and Mike Geoghegan, one of the Government advisers on the National Asset Management Agency, in a highly critical US Senate report on HSBC banks involvement in money laundering, does not affect their current roles, according to the Minister for Finance.

Mr Noonan said the Central Bank tests the fitness and probity of bankers and they had brought nothing to my attention which would change the view on AIB.

The Minister said he was quite comfortable with Mr Geoghegans advice on Nama, which he provides on a pro-bono basis.

I am quite comfortable that he should continue in that role and there is nothing in that report in the United States that would make me change that position, said Mr Noonan

In the report, HSBC was found to have systematically concealed thousands of US dollar transactions involving Iranian banks that should have been automatically flagged and subsequently scrutinised, to gauge whether they complied with US law.

This was done by stripping information from wire-transfer documentation to conceal the participation of a prohibited person or country, or by altering documents to make the so-called U-turn transactions look like transfers between banks in approved jurisdictions.

By doing this, HSBC ensured the transactions flew under the radar of US authorities and were thus processed without delay.

The US Senate report outlines how these practices occurred over a six-year period up to 2007, even though senior executives including Hodgkinson and Geoghegan were made aware of their questionable legality.

From at least 2001 to 2007, two HSBC affiliates, HSBC Europe and HSBC Middle East, repeatedly sent U-turn transactions through HBUS without disclosing links to Iran, even though they knew HBUS required full transparency to process U-turns, the report, released earlier this week, it said.

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