Rory’s Law – to make sure this never happens to another child

The LaRouche Irish Brigade is immensely grateful to Ciaran and Orlaith Staunton who, grief stricken after losing their 12 year old son last March, due to a ridiculous lack of medical follow up, have gone public with a plan for Rory’s Law, to make sure this never happens to another child.  Ciaran is the owner of Molly Blooms Irish pub in Queens, NY and founder of the Lobby for Immigration Reform.  Orlaith runs The Irish Voice newspaper in New York.

Of course Rory’s Law will not work in an atmosphere of cost cutting, rationing or insurance driven medicine. Along with with insisting on Rory’s Law we must also make sure that a medical system which is based on the general welfare, rather than dollars and cents, prevails.

We are sure that Rory’s parents and uncle clearly understand this. We would hope that Gov. Andrew Cuomo also understands this, as did his father Mario the former Governor of New York.

We are also grateful to Rory’s uncle, Niall O’Dowd, editor of The Irish Central website. In March O’Dowd wrote; “This is the toughest column I will ever write and the one I least expected to. On Sunday night in a N.Y. hospital my beautiful 12 year old nephew Rory Staunton passed from this earth.” Since finding out the horrible snafu that allowed Rory to “pass from this earth,” O’Dowd  has been unrelenting in his attempts to make sure no other family loses a child so needlessly.

We are also grateful to N.Y, Times columnist Jim Dwyer, who upon hearing of Rory’s death, recognized the snafu, and did the essential leg work and reporting to uncover the all too common mess in medical protocol which led to this promising boy’s death.

We take this case very personally. In 2006, one of our website’s administrators, Nina Ogden, was misdiagnosed with a pulled muscle after surgery. She developed sepsis in her spine. Only emergency midnight surgery at George Washington University hospital saved her. She is happy to be alive, but more than 6 and a half years later still cannot walk unaided.

When Jim Dwyer’s article appeared in the NY Times, Nina was recovering from another surgery at George Washington University Hospital. She discussed Dwyer’s article with doctors, nurses, Eucharistic Ministers, visiting friends and relatives, all of whom, recognizing the similarities with her case, promised to circulate Rory’s story in Washington D.C.

Here are the relevant articles which we are posting so that the story can be circulated even more widely.—-columnist-jim-dwyer-discovers-the-truth-of-what-happened-to-rory-staunton-162186845.html—major-effort-underway-to-ensure-kids-kept-safe-in-ER-162842926.html?page=2—-in-wake-of-death-of-rory-staunton-sully-seeks-major-changes-162850396.html

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