Uniting Ireland and the role that the United States can play in achieving this

Partition has not worked and it is time for a completely new structure

By LEANNE PEACOCK, IrishCentral Contributing Writer
The issue of re-uniting Ireland is one that has had a constant presence since Partition was enacted in 1922. The one country where this issue has been most prevalent outside of Ireland is in the United States.

Ireland and the U.S have a unique connection; there are currently 42 million Americans who claim Irish heritage and millions more recent immigrants into the country. As a result the Irish American community has an interest into Irish affairs and many have their own Irish ideology and interest in politics and public affairs.

The U.S.A has played a vital role in the recent history of Ireland being a leading player in the negotiation of the Peace Process in the north and supporting and ensuring that it is upheld ever since and also its continued investment in peace and development on the island.

The strive for a United Ireland by nationalists and republicans on the island of Ireland has also been supported over decades by many in the U.S  and many motions have been passed in Congress supporting a United Ireland including one by the California Democratic Party passed in 2009.

It is vital therefore that this issue remains prevalent in the US in order to ensure that  these views of the Irish American people are represented by their public representatives and that the discussion remains open.

So what exactly are the reasons a re-united Ireland should come about? It is essential first and foremost that the wider American people are educated on these reasons so that they can understand why this may be an issue relevant to many people in their vast country. The first point I feel that is essential to make with regards a re-united Ireland is the fact that the majority of mainstream republicans do not strive for a mere joining up with the current status quo in the south a common misconception, they strive for a new Ireland with new structures and institutions based on the equality and input of all its citizens.

The above is an excerpt, read the article in full at Irish Central

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