Ruling New Democracy throws out parliamentarian

Even in the ruling Greek New Democracy party voices of descent against the sell out to Greece’s creditors is starring to surface. Now the party has thrown out Nikos Nikolopoulos for voicing opposition in a tweet on his Twitter page

“The tweet posted was just an excuse,” MP Nikos Nikolopoulos said on Friday shortly after he was ousted from the New Democracy (ND) parliamentary group by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras

He had written the following “The strategic dead-end is clear. The renegotiation flag was a dream. We have forgotten it. What can people at their limits expect from the troika? Leniency or punishment?” He later tweeted: “A recession for the Guinness Book of Records. Our country has had more consecutive years of recession than any other country in the world. This land can’t take it anymore.”

Refusing to take back the statement Nikolopoulos is quoted in Athens News, “I became unpleasant when I underlined in every way, that the government will have to speak openly and clearly to the ND party, about the ‘new reality’ and even more so when I announced that I will run for party secretary,” he said in a two-page written statement. He added that he decided to run for the parliament “under the honorable and clear proposal that the party’s grassroots and its supreme political body should decide on the obvious policy change adopted by the government as regards the memorandum and the renegotiation”.

Nikolopoulos also stressed that “the people have the power to elect and expel,” adding that he will defend the same views when he will be referred to the party’s disciplinary committee for possible expulsion from the party. He announced that in case he is not expelled he will continue running for the ND Central Committee secretary position, under the same proposal and based on the same reasoning.

Under Greek law he can remain in Parliament even it he is kicked out of his party.

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