United Left Parliamentarian Calls for Spain to Leave Euro, Rather Than Accept Direct EU Rule

Prominent United Left (IU) Deputy Gaspar
Llamazares told an August 3 press conference that staying in the
euro is not worth the loss of sovereignty and citizen’s rights
that would come with full European Union (EU) intervention and
national bailout.  “The government cannot sell out the country,
and should tell the EU that we are not in the euro at all costs,
nor at the cost of the workers, because if for this all citizens’
rights have to be thrown overboard, it is not worth it.”  He
charged European Central Bank (ECB) chief Mario Draghi with
“clear blackmail” against Spanish society, with his proposal
that it reduce political autonomy, health, education, and social
benefits, “in exchange for a handful of euros.”
Should Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy accept intervention, it
would be “high treason” against the ciizens.  Politicans who
stick with this, are going to produce “a social convulsion” and
leave the country in “water up to its neck and on the road to
Greece,” Llamazares charged.
Llamazares, a medical doctor specializing in public health
and member of the Spanish Communist Party, served as General
Coordinator of the IU from 2000-2008.

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