Vote for Paul Ryan? That’s rich! Romney VP pick most extreme candidate ever to run

Here they come, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Two grinning robots that want to take your money. And some of you are even going to vote for them.

Romney’s plan is to give record tax breaks to the rich, lowering their tax rate down to 28 percent. Ryan is a little different. His plan is to give the rich even bigger tax breaks, lowering their tax rate down to 25 percent. No wonder billionaires are bank rolling them.

Both of these men understand exactly how to advocate for their own class. If elected it’ll be just like the George W. Bush years again, except this time, along with launching exciting new wars overseas, they’ll finally be able get rid of the remaining tax breaks that benefit low-income Americans.

Comforting the comfortable while punishing the American mainstream is now open Republican practice, so the far right have finally stepped out from behind the curtain to watch their candidate Ryan take on the mantel of power in full public view.Have you noticed all of that crumbling infrastructure from sea to shining sea? Under Ryan’s budget the government would be so starved of resources that by 2050 it wouldn’t have enough money for basic functioning, never mind overdue road works or highway repairs.

Ryan’s massive and historic cuts to government funding would mean debilitating cuts to law enforcement, education, highway repair and even basic even food inspection.

Ryan does want to increase defense spending, however, so while you’re watching all the bombs drop on new wars overseas you can try to console yourself that your money’s being well spent.

Read the full article at Irish Central

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