MAUREEN DOWD: Paul Ryan – the cutest package that cruelty ever came in

Romney has outsourced his political identity to a numbers guy whose numbers don’t add up

I’D BEEN wondering how long it would take Republicans to realise that Paul Ryan is their guy. He’s the cutest package that cruelty ever came in. He has a winning air of sad cheerfulness.

He’s affable and clean-cut, with the Irish altar-boy widow’s peak and droopy, winsome blue eyes and unashamed sentimentality. Who better to rain misery upon the heads of millions of Americans?

Unlike W, he’s not even going to make a feint at “compassionate conservatism”. Why bother with some silly scruple or toehold of conscience? Unlike some of the right-wing ayatollahs, Ryan doesn’t threaten with moral and cultural gusts of sulphur.

He seems more like a friendly guidance counsellor who wants to teach us how to live, get us in shape, PowerPoint away the social safety net to make the less advantaged more self-reliant, as he makes the rich richer.

He’s for burning the village to save it, so we can avoid the fiscal cliff, or as he and his fellow conservative Cassandras ominously call it, “the debt bomb”.

Ryan should stop being so lovable. People who intend to hurt other people should wipe the smile off their faces. – (New York Times service)

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