Liberal Columnist Demands Liberals ‘Start Holding Obama Responsible for His Policies’

Aug. 23, 2012 (LPAC) — Conor Friedersdorf of {The Atlantic} this
past January attacked his fellow liberals’ hypocrisy in
continuing to support President Obama in spite of Obama’s erosion
of civil liberties and expansion of executive power. In a new
article published yesterday, he escalated the attack:
“Barack Obama wasn’t pressured to be executioner-in-chief.
He asserted himself as arbiter of which human beings to kill
without trial, at times far from any battlefield, sometimes
without even knowing their identities. He decided to limit
congressional oversight and totally exclude the judiciary.
“House Speaker John Boehner didn’t define militants as all
men of military age that American drones kill. The Obama
Administration did that.
“Voters didn’t clamor for an unprecedented war on
whistleblowers. The Obama Administration decided to wage it.
“An intransigent Congress didn’t force the Obama
Administration to make frequent use of the state-secrets
privilege, or to keep Bradley Manning in solitary confinement, or
to keep secret the legal memo that outlines the theory behind his
extrajudicial assassination of American citizens.
“No one made Obama violate the War Powers Resolution in

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