Paris’ suicidal pragmatism

Paris, September 25th (Nouvelle Solidarité)—Paris is pursuing a pragmatic policy of not getting more involved in the war effort against Syria or Iran, but at the same time not breaking with those who are trying to bring humanity into hell.


It was recently announced that between October 1st and 18th, France and Saudi Arabia will be holding joint maneuvers of “special forces” in Corsica ! The exercise is named Tiger 2 and will involved important means, among which Saudi Black hawk helicopters. Tiger 2 is not only a land exercise: forces of the air force and the marine will also be engaged. The defense specialist who has revealed this, Jean Dominique Merchet, adds : “Discrete, the French cooperation with the special forces of the Middle East is very active, be it with Jordan, Qatar, the Emirates or Saudi Arabia”.


The maneuvers are being run by the COS (Special operations command) and by the BFST (Brigade for special land operations) who does a yearly exercise. Saudi Arabia had already participated to the latter last year.


Clearly, “special operations” means clandestine operations. Since two war are going on which have never been authorized by any government or international institution, the war against Libya and against Syria, the fact of those joint “special operations” manoeuvres, can only raise just suspicion that these are aimed at interventions into those two theatres of war.


Also alarming is the fact that Paris is not only conducting joint maneuvers with the Wahhabite regime running the Al Qaida barbarians which are terrorizing the world in the name of the British Empire, it is at the same time accepting a lot of money from Qatar. Arnaud Montebourg, the Minister of economic recovery, just announced that France was accepting to create a joint Franco-Qatari 100 million euro fund which will be partly deployed to create jobs in the poor French suburbs where unemployment often goes beyond 40%. Each will contribute 50% of the funds. These are both leftovers of the Sarkozy policies, which the Socialists have continued. Sarkozy had given the green light for the creation of the fund, which then was limited to investments in the poor suburbs but he took it off the burner, as the presidential campaign got closer and Marine Le Pen accused him of turning over our poor suburbs to Islamic extremism.


At the same time the current government, contrary to Sarkozy before them, is not willing to go beyond its present commitment in war against Iran or Syria. In an article today in the Reseau Voltaire, Thierry Meyssan, reaffirms his analysis, that the present 9/11 bis is aimed at using the raving fundamentalists to create pressure on those forces who in the US and France, DON’T WANT TO GO TO WAR. “The aim was to provoke the rage of Muslims and orient them towards specific targets: those who in the USA or among their allies want to interrupt the cycles of wars started with September 11th, 2001. Meyssan says the first target of this operation which was planned in advance, was 1) the US ambassador in Benghazi, a man well known for his anti-zionist and pro-Palestinian stance, 2) a second target was to be chosen against France: “Paris refuses indeed to be pulled further into a war against Iran and refuses also to engage more in the Syrian quagmire”. That’s why the Cartoons were published by Charlie Hebdo, a “neoconservative” magazine popular within the French left wing. Anticipating the consequences, the French government closed 20 embassies, consulates and cultural centers throughout the world and deployed heavy security, preempting this scenario so far.

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