More Evidence Surfaces of British-Saudi Role in the New 9/11

Lyndon H. LaRouche pointed out Tuesday that it is a fact, with no evidence to the contrary, that the original 9/11 was made possible by collaboration of the British Empire and the Saudi Kingdom. That same issue is occurring again today, along with the unlawful conduct of President Obama, aided and abetted by a corrupt Senator, who should be expelled from office because of that very corruption. The only question is whether these people are that stupid, or that big liars, LaRouche commented.

New evidence is emerging that shows the British-Saudi collaboration in organizing the terrorists and killings that are part of the new 9/11 war drive.

A little-known independent American journalist, Alexander Higgins, presented a report to that effect on his website yesterday, with details that have not yet been corroborated by this news service, but which are consistent with proven facts about the role of the British and Saudis, and are therefore worth noting. Higgins writes:

“First hand accounts of rebel operations reveal Saudi Arabia is funding terrorists recruited from Salafi schools who are answering an open call from the Saudi Prince’s anointed Prophets to wage Jihad against Syria… Volunteers inside Saudi Arabia’s Salafi schools are being flown to military garrisons inside Turkey, where they are given weapons and explosives training by UK special forces. Once their training is complete they are provided weapons by the UK Commandos, who in turn smuggle them inside Syria where they meet up with their commanders to receive further orders…

“* Saudi Arabia [is] paying terrorists up to $3,000/mo to Jihad against Syria…

“* The terrorists are responding to an open call for Jihad issued to all Saudis by the Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan-anointed Prophet, Sheik Ahmad Al Qaseer…

“* The Saudi Arabia government [is] directly recruiting Jihadists from their Salafi schools, paying Jihadists $5,000 to join and a monthly salary of $1,500-$3,000 a month. Additional bonuses are paid for each infidel killed. $750 for the murder of a Shiite, $500 for a Sunni and $350 for all others. Those who kill 5 infidels are promised entry to Paradise and reportedly earn an actual Passport To Paradise issued by the Saudi Prince and forwarded to the terrorists for the Good Deeds.

“* Saudi Arabia is providing full support for family members left at home, including housing and schooling.”

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