European Union Awarded Nobel “Peace in Our Time” Prize

 (LPAC, 13 October 2012) The Nobel Prize committee of Norway has reaffirmed its infamous reputation as the giver of the Nobel “Peace” Prize. After not apologizing to the world for giving the 2009 Peace Prize to President “Emperor Nero” Barack Obama, it has now awarded this year’s prize to the European Union for “uniting the continent.” Norwegian Nobel Committee Chairman Thorbjörn Jagland said, in announcing the award in Oslo, that “This is a message to Europe to do everything they can to secure what they’ve achieved and move forward.”

The prize is $1.2 million, not even enough to pay the Athens hotel expenses of the infamous EU-ECB-IMF Troika when it descends on Greece to dictate genocide to that county.

The citizens of Norway have a much more healthy view of the EU, having voted down membership in two referenda in 1972 and 1994. “I find this absurd,” the leader of Norway’s anti-EU membership organization Heming Olaussen told NRK. “In Latin America and other parts of the world, they will view this quite differently than they will from Brussels. The union is a trade bloc that contributes to keeping many countries in poverty.”

For its part, Portugal’s largest trade union federation called the award “unacceptable … a profound offense to workers and peoples who suffer daily the consequences of the increasingly anti-labor, anti-social, and anti-popular measures developed by the European Union’s leadership bodies.” It charged that the EU has been “imposing the law of the strongest, degrading the conditions of life and work, accentuating inequalities and assymetries, contributing to the exponential increase in poverty and social exclusion, and restricting the sovereignty of the people.” The CGTP will continue to fight for a Europe “guided by effective cooperation between sovereign states with equal rights.”

May we suggest the Nobel Committee consider changing its name to the “Peace In Our Time Prize” and awarding it posthumously to Neville Chamberlain or Adolf Hitler—or both.

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