EIR Team Films The Invisible ESM “Headquarters”

After attending Thomas Pringle’s case being heard at the European Court of Justice, an EIR film team went to the office of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM)  in Luxembourg. First of all, the ESM has its own web page but no address. Thus, we
went to the EFSF. And what did we see? This place is so low-profile that one suspects they are hiding themselves.
On the door bell, there is one tag for the EFSF and another
one for the ESM. Imagine a small, 4-6 family house, with no sign,
and just the names of the tenants on the door (thus, EFSF and ESM
among other names).
We started filming and rang the bell: Hello, we are
journalists, we just discovered you, can we come in? A panicked
woman first asked who we are, then said: Second floor. Up in the
elevator, we came out on a small floor. In front of us, through a
glass door one could see a small waiting room (think about your
dentist’s waiting room). On the short wall, two signs: EFSF and
After a while, the press representative came out. And we
recognized him; he is a journalist who regularly attends ECB
press conferences and, of course, is among the “chosen” who can
always raise questions. He recognized us as well and was
surprised to see us; asked what we want. He told us to switch off
the camera, this was off the record. We said, we are here out of
curiosity, we are coming from the Court of Justice and wanted to
see. The spokesman replied,that the EFSF is now the ESM; they
just put one tag more on the door; further, that about 60 people
work there (they must be squeezed like sardines in that small
And when will you get out of this provisorium, when will you
get a representative office? Why, we do not need a
representative office. We are ok here.
That was it. This is the European Bailout Fund that is
supposed to manage up to EU7 trillion which will be used to
enslave countries.
We filmed our way out. (By the way: our GPS navigator gave
no result for 43, Avenue John F. Kennedy. It has only 45.)

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2 Responses to EIR Team Films The Invisible ESM “Headquarters”

  1. bonbon says:

    After checking with Gulliver, who in his travels visited the Academy of Lagado, with at least 500 rooms where all kinds of research and discussions were going on – from “sunbeams out of cucumbers” to eliminating verbs from language, I discovered he apparently just never got to see the Room of Special Cases, next to the Room of Answers.

    That we now know is where EIR’s film crew found the ESM/EFSF. It seems Enda was told that Ireland is a Special Case. I wonder what he was told in the other rooms?

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