All-Ireland Rail Network the way of the future – Martina Anderson MEP

The following statement by Sinn Fein MEP, Martina Anderson, on the development of an All-Ireland rail network presents a very positive outlook and should be warmly welcomed by all on this island.
We would just like to make two observations – firstly, the technology employed must be leading edge magnetic levitation rail as is being used through Asia to great effect with thousands of miles of track already laid and many more in the planning.  The US also has plans on the drawing board to revolutionize its transport system with 42 000 miles of mag-lev rail.  These plans are illustrated in this LPAC article:

We have also produced some proposals specific to Ireland which can be read in this paper  and are further discussed in the following interview

The second point is that any notion of a return to rail transport should not be in any way driven by the green agenda.  Their ultimate policy objective is after all zero growth, and with an expanding world population that means only one thing – genocide, on a massive scale.  So, rather than pandering to them, the greenie’s great lie must be confronted head on and exposed for what it is.  Although the foot soldiers of that greenie movement may not know it, population reduction is the sole, deliberate intention of it principle architects, Prince Philip and his cohort, the Nazi Prince Bernhart of the Netherlands.

Rather, the intention behind an All Ireland rail network must be to raise our economic potential to a higher level by providing the most efficient transport infrastructure available for both freight and passengers.  For example, a reduction in the wasted time and unnecessary stress of the daily commute for many thousands of people and the reciprocal enhancement of family life would be one of the major benefits to society generally.  This, we believe, is the kind of objective which should drive the vision.

Here is Martina’s statement as originally posted on the Sinn Féin website

October 31, 2012

Following a very informative meeting recently with the ‘Western Arc’ Campaign group I have tabled an amendment for discussion of ‘Pre-identified projects to be included for consideration as potential projects in the next round of EU Funding for 2014-2020 which would go a long way to re-establishing an all-Ireland Rail Network.

The amendment if accepted would see the inclusion of that section of the Western Arc rail network (West/North West Region) extending from Belfast through Derry, Sligo, Knock, Galway to Shannon/Limerick, included in the next round of EU funding 2014-2020 as an EU CEF “Pre-Identified” project and part of the Trans European Network (TEN) in the new TEN-T Programme.

The re-establishment of an all-island Rail network would attract support from the EU. The Executive and the Irish government should develop joint proposals for the deployment of European Structural Funds for such an ecologically protective and economically productive venture. Such a project could form the basis for redressing the disastrous effects of the economic collapse of the banking and construction sectors throughout the island. The EU in its concern about the disastrous consequences of climate change is already considering radical proposals to reinstate rail as the preferred option for freight and passenger traffic in the future.

Politicians in Ireland continuously talk about investment in the rail ‘network’ as if such a network actually exists.  Well it doesn’t.  A century ago, Ireland had one of the most comprehensive rail networks in Western Europe.  Since then the ubiquitous motorcar and juggernaut lorries have replaced rail as the preferred mode of transport.

We need to accept that we do not have a ‘rail network’ but we need one and that is what this amendment is intended to achieve. What we have is a ‘line’ connecting Belfast to Dublin, a link to Larne and what passes for a link between Belfast and Derry which is so sub-standard the majority of commuters will not use it. Donegal, Sligo, Galway and much west of Shannon are no better served.

What is required is collaboration between Belfast and Dublin on a strategic plan, driven and co-coordinated at Ministerial level to create a proper all-island rail network. This should also enjoy the active support of all MEP’s – North and South – in lobbying for inclusion of this amendment for consideration in the next round of EU Funding for 2014-2020

If successful the end result would include a comprehensive reassessment of how we move freight as well as passengers. The use of an all-island rail passenger/freight network would reduce road traffic congestion and protect the environment by reducing toxic emissions.

It would reconnect the Southern system up with the lines in the North to establish a proper all-Ireland network. The economic benefits of regenerating an all-Ireland rail network should not be underestimated. It would address the infrastructural deficiencies that are often cited as the main factors for failure to attract sustainable investment to regions outside the Dublin/Belfast axis.

A lack of imaginative thinking is apparent on many fronts attached to transport policy such as the lack of train connections to airports despite rail lines passing within short distances from terminals. The Centre for Cross Border Studies should be tasked to firm-up  a cost analysis of such a project in preparation for presentation of a case to Europe.  We must think imaginatively. The linking of ports, airports and railways should be an essential element of a future transport network.

‘Strategic transport planning’ is one of the areas listed for co-operation and implementation under the All-Ireland Ministerial Council’s remit. The AIMC could lead the way in developing and implementing such a visionary transportation plan.

The Ministerial Council has the potential to effect fundamental and positive change for the benefit of all the people on this island. The re-establishment of the rail link from Derry joining with the Belfast to Dublin line at Newry, the extension of the Belfast/Derry link to Letterkenny/Sligo and beyond as part of the Western Arc rail network (West/North West Region) and the associated new investment would not only transform the economic fortunes of the North West of Ireland but would help strengthen the economic fabric of the island as a whole.

Sinn Féin is under no illusion about the massive financial investment a regeneration programme of this nature would involve. However, the Executive and the Irish government must realise that the solution to problems such as under-development, devastating damage to the environment, vandalism of our cultural heritage etc. lies in the development and implementation of long-term transportation strategies.  And there is much untapped financial assistance available at European level if the political will exists to present the project as an integral part of the Trans European Network (TEN).


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