The Morning After Obama’s Bad Night Before

18 Nov, (LPAC) There’s a lot Obama and his British controllers have to worry about, in the aftermath of the Friday closed-door congressional hearings with Gen. David Petraeus, yesterday. Not only is the Obama White House continuing to cover up and lie through its teeth, Lyndon LaRouche emphasized , but there is the simple fact that they deliberately left the four Americans to die during the Benghazi incident itself, after having security-stripped the consulate in the weeks and months leading up to the attack. The only explanation of these deliberate crimes, is that provided by LaRouche and EIR’s Special Report on the British-Saudi apparatus which ran the first 9/11, with the complicity of American traitors, and which is still operational in the ongoing 9/11-Two which played out in Benghazi.

There is widespread media coverage of Petraeus’s assertion at the Friday hearings that the CIA’s talking points memorandum about the Benghazi attack, stated that the attack had been carried out by al-Qaeda-linked terrorists; and that the memo had been modified by unnamed other government agencies (obviously the Obama White House), who then provided Susan Rice with the lying version she went with publicly on TV

Read more about Obama’s really bad morning after here



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