The IMF’s Obscene $350,000 Christmas Bash

The Washington Post article on the obscene 15 December, $350,000 Christmas Bash at their 700 19th St NW, Washington D.C. headquarters, shows a picture of some Troika victims in Greece who weren’t be invited. The caption reads: Greek Protestors likely won’t party at the IMF Saturday night. Well, neither will the Irish, and we certainly won’t be partaking of anything like what’s on the IMF’s posh four page menu at our own meager Christmas dinners. After all, we have to stay within the budget our government has set out for us, which even goes beyond what the Troika has dictated. Since you can’t afford the IMF’s snob-nob menu, you can console yourself by drooling over it when you read theWashington Post’s article about our rulers feeding at the trough. Our characterization of the IMF bash as obscene goes way beyond the repulsive, former IMF director, Dominic Strauss-Kahn’s addiction to orgies, rape and prostitutes.  Disgusting hypocrisy!  We’re fed up — and not with IMF caviar!

(Sakis Mitrolidis – AFP/Getty Im


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