Genocide Watch: Greek Schools Left without Heating, Endangering Children’s Lives

We urge you to read this article in full and pay particular attention to the last paragraph which encapsulates perfectly the contrast between the humanist outlook of Putin’s Russia and the viscous, British inspired, monetarist outlook of this present EU monstrosity.

Dec. 20 (EIRNS)–Millions of people in Greece are left without
home heating at the onset of winter, because they can no longer
afford heating oil or gas.  In a society where meat has become an
unaffordable luxury, families cannot adequately feed their
children.  One would expect the government to utilize the school
infrastructure to save the country’s children, but quite the
opposite has happened.  In order to make debt payments on time to
the Troika, Athens has failed to send funding to schools to heat
classrooms.  State-funded school meals for children ended long
ago, and now, the same children who freeze and are hungry at
home, find no relief in hours they spend in school.  They
continue to shiver, while many are known have fainted from
The Greek teachers federation has warned that schools may
have to close rather than allow students to freeze to death.
This is a very serious problem in the mountainous northern part
of the country, which is experiencing considerable snow and
below- freezing temperatures.
“Many schools are facing serious problems with heating oil
supplies, and it won’t be long before they will have to suspend
classes because of the cold weather,” the Greek Teachers
Federation (DOE) said in a statement quoted in today’s
{Kathimerini}.  The teachers also expressed strong criticism of
the Ministry of Interior and municipal authorities, who are
responsible for the schools’ operational needs, including
heating.  “The unjustified delays, the varying standards in the
funding of each school and the absence of any monitoring,” DOE
said, all suggest the need for a change in the legal framework.
Schools are still waiting for the fourth, EU20 million
installment to meeting operating costs, which the government has
yet to release.  The failure to forward the funding comes on top
of the decline of total funding for schools from EU110 million in
2011 to EU80 million this year, a more-than-25% cut.
With the constitutional failure of the Greek government,
which is now running a brutal bankers’ occupation, some
communities are depending on charity and voluntary aid from the
population to heat their schools.  For instance the city
administration of Thessaloniki is distributing free breakfasts to
860 schoolchildren who are suffering form undernutrition.  One
school in Thessaloniki solved its heating problems by using
recycled frying oil to run its central boilers.
The increased burning of wood in cities like Athens and
Thessaloniki has become a major health hazard.  Greece’s national
observatory reports that in Athens, air pollution has increased
by 400% because of the wood burning, which is dramatically
increasing the amount of fine and potentially dangerous particles
in the atmosphere.  Greek media are comparing it to the “The
Great Smog” phenomenon which covered London in 1952 and killed
4,000 people within a single month and a total of 8,000 by March
1953, from the dramatic increase in the burning of coal and wood.
The vast majority of those who died were children.
While the European Union is demanding its pound of flesh,
Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to the Greek websites
Defencenet and Hellasfrappe, has stated that Gazprom will
continue — and, if necessary, increase — its flow of natural
gas to Greece.  “Greece can consume as much natural gas as it
needs from Russia.  There is no question of cost or credit.  It
is unlimited.  Whatever quantities are required we will give
them,” Putin is reported to have said following a request by the
Greek government for an increase in gas supplies.

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