Dec. 23 (LPAC)–A court has ordered Alexandra hospital in
Redditch, England, to pay out a total of £410,000 ($663,000) in
damages for starving, neglecting, and taunting those they were
{Russia Today} reported that UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt
described the accounts of neglect, revealed in the lawsuit, as
indicative of a policy of “normalization of cruelty” in the
country’s healthcare institutions. This policy is only one
feature of the overall Nazi “T-4” policy of intentional
population reduction pioneered by the British Empire’s NHS.
A lawyer representing victims and their families said
vulnerable patients were left starving and thirsty, with drinks
lying out of their reach, buzzers ignored and patients sitting in
their own waste. Out of 38 cases in the lawsuit, all but five
patients died in the hospital.
One 35-year-old father was left to starve, as medical
staffers did not know how to fit his feeding tube. Another
patient, unable to feed himself, was taunted by nurses who put
his food just out of reach, and then took it away uneaten.
Other patients were left to die in extreme pain,
unmedicated, or given drugs so over-strong as to choke the
patients out of the power to speak.

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